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Rewards for volunteering at ELR

By becoming a member of ELR, there is an expectation that you will assist in effective running and support of the club by volunteering. We can all do our bit through supporting events and through our club activities.

At the AGM held on 18 February 2020, the club approved a scheme to allow members to accumulate points for activities, and in return be rewarded. The reward at this time is to gain access to a preferential ballot for Guaranteed entry to the London Marathon.

The preferential ballot is for 5 of the ballot places to be drawn from those achieving a minimum number of volunteer points.

The points system will run from 1 October to 30 September each year. A minimum number of 4 volunteer points are required along with meeting the other criteria (see London Marathon pages).

For 2020/21 only : The scheme starts 1 September 2020 (as we return to track). If there is an allocation of ballot places for the 2021 London Marathon the number of points accumulated to the date of the draw (expected to be Spring 2021) will be used to determine eligibility, and the minimum number required to be calculated on a prorata basis.

The club will make efforts to record member volunteering activities, but the responsibility to evidence the accumulated points will be on the member.

General Criteria
Committee Member - 3 points (attending a minimum of 4 meetings per annum)
ELVIS or Winter League Captain - 2 points
Track Coach, Leader or Assistant - 2 points
Stretch & Conditioning Sessions - 2 points
Seminar(s) Leader - 2 points
Hill Sessions Leader - 2 points

Volunteer Criteria - Our Events
Big Half - 1 point
Chingford League Relays - 1 point
London Marathon - 1 point
Hackney Half - 1 point
Westminster Mile - 1 point
Pru Ride Saturday/Sunday - 1 point each day
Valentines Park 5k - 1 point

Wednesday Club Run Criteria
Run Leader or Support - 1 point
Stretching Leader - 1 point
Announcements - 1 point

Other Criteria
Helping Social Secretary at Social Events - 1 point
Family Member/Friend Volunteering instead of member who is running in same event (as above) - 1 point
Or to be determined by the Committee or Sub-Committee of ELR

The club will make efforts to record member volunteering activities, but the responsibility to evidence the accumulated points will be on the member.

2020 EVENTS (had it not been for a global pandemic!)

Volunteering Events through the year 2020

To the new members and a reminder to the existing members, we are currently planning the volunteering roles for the following events throughout the year:

The Big Half - 01/03/2020 - Marshalling the start gates

Wanstead Flats Relays - 07/03/2020 - Our 'home' event on the cross country calendar

Virgin Money London Marathon - 26/04/2020 100 - Volunteers required at the 20 mile water station

Hackney Half Marathon - 17/05/2020 - Volunteers required at the water station

Westminster Mile - 24/05/2020 - Volunteers wanted to 'give' out goodie bags and medals

Prudential Ride London - 16/08/2020 - An early morning to marshall the cyclists at the start line

Valentines Park Charity 5K and ELVIS race - 20/09/2020 - Our ELVIS race at Valentines Park relies on your help

Please get these dates in your calendar as we need your support at these fantastic events. Volunteering is one way you can give something back to our fantastic club. Through our efforts and hard work volunteering, the club is rewarded with places at the London Marathon and Prudential Ride London Sportive.

If you have any queries or questions, Michael Bamford is usually around on a Wednesday evening or track on a Monday night, or email volunteers@eastlondonrunners.org.uk

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