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Hell Down South OCR, Longmoor Camp, Hampshire. - Saturday 18th November 2017

Dan Senior1.26.4919th of 995.
Emily Clarke1.46.05135th, 10th lady of 278.
Sheetal Dandgey1.52.03211th, 21st lady

SEAA London Cross Country Champs - Saturday 18th November 2017

Chloe Millan29.16185th
Fiona Critchley29.51200th
Maud Hodson29.55202nd
Catherine Brett31.06220th
Catriona Hoult33.06242nd
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera33.29248th
Sarah Burns34.56258th
Maya Goodwin39.48272nd
Antonio Martin Romero39.1287th
Spencer Evans43.16231st
Ciaran Canavan43.25238th
Paul Marshall47.47372nd
Paul Thompson48.23390th
Calvin Bobin49.00404th
Stuart Norris50.42428th
James Creed50.50429th
Gareth Davies50.51430th
Peter Hatley52.09446th
John Healy54.43468th
Lance Fuller55.56475th
Maya reports: Parliament Hill XC.
Its a no messin kind of a race. Lots of skinny leggy women looking like they will be very speedy. And its always freezing cold. Often drizzling. And it starts at the bottom of a hill. You are excitedly anxious and the cow bells at the start remind you of a downhill slalom, except... we are going uphill. Fast. Right from the gun. BANG!!

Anyway, like I said, no messin. I messed. I could not find my trail shoes. I could not find my trail socks. Oh! Found them, everyone stop looking! Oh. Turns out I have not washed them since the Dursley Dozen. Dried mud showers the kitchen floor. Get dressed quickly. Walk to the station in trail shoes in an effort to bend out the dried mud and wear them in. Get sore feet by the time I am at the station.

Anyway. BANG. Run round, sore though. Must need a new sports bra. But get a PB by three minutes! Hurray!

Get home. Realise I had not switched bras. Did not run in my sports bra. Classy. And then realise the course was 0.3 miles shorter than last time. So not really a PB.

But I finished a no messin race, despite all the messin. So the pint in the pub was well deserved.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 18th November 2017

Eleanor Wilkinson21.35 debut43rd - 68.57% Greenpoint
Louis Le Roux21.50 debut2nd - 60.38% Hartbeespoort
Rachel Le Roux27.32 debut28th - 54.30% Hartbeespoort
Janet Bywater24.12 debut123rd - 71.01% Mile End
Michael Keefe41.33 debut133rd - 33.33% Wepre
Andrew Howard24.00 debut35th - 64.58% Clare Castle
Simon Thomas18.19 debut2nd - 71.25% Hove Promenade
Mark Moir19.54 (course pb)8th - 64.82% Sunderland
John Henry18.50 (course pb)13th - 71.42% Finsbury
James Nichols19.1025th - 68.43% Hackney
Kat Maskell23.59 (course pb)101st - 62.75% Hackney
Patrick Brown17.27 (1st +cpb)1st - 74.50% Walthamstow
Tim Aylett25.0431st - 54.06% Sittingbourne
Diana Rexhepaj27.5937th - 58.49% Beckton
Richard Potter24.3347th - 58.49% Gunpowder
Fiona Day28.02381st - 68.25% Sheffield Hallam
Lucy Barron26.1292nd - 56.49% Oak Hill
Dan Gritton18.253rd - 77.01% Roding Valley
Neil Gage20.327th - 66.96% Roding Valley
Stuart Kelly18.581st - 68.80% Valentines
Karen Levison20.275th - 82.97% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.0212th - 67.47% Valentines
Colin Dryland22.0514th - 64.68% Valentines
Maran Raju23.4427th - 63.13% Valentines
Annette Clark24.39 (course pb)42nd - 65.04% Valentines
Jason Levy26.1162nd - 54.55% Valentines
Paul Marshall28.3082nd - 45.79% Valentines
Eunkyung Lee28.44 debut86th - 51.74% Valentines
Katherine Harris30.00100th - 50.17% Valentines
Ravinder Bassi39.30178th - 39.54% Valentines
James Wilson18.085th - 75.83% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan19.2711th - 72.32% Wanstead
Robert Rayworth19.5814th - 68.86% Wanstead
Scott McMillan20.2717th - 67.73% Wanstead
Roger Stubbs21.3028th - 71.47% Wanstead
Lance Fuller23.3652nd - 65.11% Wanstead
David Hallybone23.5655th - 57.87% Wanstead
Katie Whitton24.41 (course pb)63rd - 59.96% Wanstead
Ellen Jones25.0365th - 59.15% Wanstead
Alex Jameson25.1067th - 57.22% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor25.1370th - 64.90% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi25.2071st - 59.14% Wanstead
Stuart Barton26.2689th - 54.92% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar26.2790th - 61.25% Wanstead
David Wyatt28.39136th - 57.48% Wanstead

Run In The Dark London 10km - Wednesday 15th November 2017

Stuart Norris46.57 pb248th

Sunday XC League, Race 2 - Trent Park. - Sunday 12th November 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes28.143rd
Antonio Martin Romero28.467th
James Nichols33.1395th
Mark Moir35.00147th
Michael Bamford35.31161st
Calvin Bobin36.12181st
Stuart Norris37.03205th
Gareth Davies37.51231st
Michael Wilson38.18245th
Tim Aylett40.34311th
Maud Hodson43.09376th
Doug Mansell44.01390th
Alex Jameson45.52428th
Dave Knight47.14449th
Kat Maskell47.20451st
Geoff Bench47.59467th
Roselin Boramakot49.03482nd
534 finishers, 326 men and 208 ladies.
Men A team 12th of 20, 14th overall.
Men Vets 16th of 20, 18th overall.
Ladies A team 18th of 20, 17th overall.
Ladies Vets 16th of 20, 16th overall.

Michael Wilson reports:-
Sunday Cross Country League Race 2 Results - Trent Park.
A record attendance for the second meeting in a row; over 530 runners turned up to race, including 17 from East London Runners. The field gathered at the start for a minute silence at 10.30am and then the race commenced.
The event was held over a two lap course taking in parts of the leafy forest and adjacent fields. The whole setting was very picturesque, however it was a cold morning with a biting wind and fallen leaves scattering everywhere. Heavy rain in the days leading up to the race, softened up the ground and made parts of the course slightly muddy. There were many good performances.
Stuart back running after a recent injury. Kat did well to catch up after arriving slightly late, having cycled around most of Trent Part looking for the pineapple area at the start! Stuart, Gareth, Michael, Mark, Geoff and Roselin all made their Sunday League debuts. First back for ELR were Thomas Grimes in 3rd position, Antonio Martin Romero (7th) and James Nichols (95th) overall. Maud returned for the ladies, finishing in 376th overall.
Thanks to everyone who turned up today. Don for the photo's and Mariana spectating. Also Alex for the tea at the end and Maud for driving. There was a lot of good banter on the way home! The next fixture is on Sunday 17th December at Willian.

Athens Marathon - Sunday 12th November 2017

Tom Woods3.55.023052nd
Half Marathon 1.56.56

Grand Union Canal Half Marathon - Sunday 12th November 2017

Janet Bywater1.53.31251st
Steven Bywater1.53.59219th

After Adoption 10km, Regents Park - Sunday 12th November 2017

Neil Gage42.4326th
David Wyatt1.02.11310th
379 finishers.

Mo Running 5km, Battersea Park - Sunday 12th November 2017

Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera25.43 pb100th of 337.
Diana Rexhepaj26.48121st
337 finishers.

Marathon Swims 2017, Aquatics Centre - Saturday 11th November 2017

Daniel Slipper23.231km, 31st of 85
Kat Maskell1.55.365km, 50th of 106.
Kat's 1km splits 20.58/21.11/22.20/22.08/22.12.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 11th November 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Frank Brownlie27.27debut128th - 61.69% Constantia Greenbelt
James Nichols21.1737th - 61.63% Finsbury
Kat Maskell24.39126th - 61.05% Hackney
George Georgiou24.38 debut74th - 58.93% Maidstone
Fiona Critchley27.22 debut33rd - 62.00% Trelissick
Thomas Grimes17.491st - 74.93% Gladstone
Jonathan Wooldridge21.43 debut11th - 65.77% Canons Park
Stuart Barton25.44 debut30th - 56.41% Clare Castle
Dan Gritton18.503rd - 75.31% Roding Valley
Peter Hatley22.0515th - 63.25% Roding Valley
Lauren Aston23.48 debut33rd - 62.18% Roding Valley
John Henry20.074th - 66.86% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater27.5534th - 53.67% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater27.5735th - 61.48% Walthamstow
Katherine Harris24.44 debut33rd - 60.85% Harrow Lodge
Dan Senior18.301st - 74.32% Valentines
Shahib Miah Ali19.515th - 65.32% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.129th - 71.29% Valentines
Calvin Bobin21.0212th - 77.58% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.3627th - 65.78% Valentines
Sheetal Dandgey22.50 debut32nd - 64.89% Valentines
Jason Levy26.5778th - 53.00% Valentines
Samia Choudhury36.58168th - 40.04% Valentines
Ravinder Bassi39.37186th - 39.42% Valentines
Patrick Brown17.211st - 74.93% Wanstead
James Wilson18.452nd - 73.33% Wanstead
Andrew Baxter19.454th - 73.50% Wanstead
Mark Moir20.468th - 62.12% Wanstead
Roger Stubbs21.4413th - 70.71% Wanstead
Andrew Howard22.2923rd - 68.94% Wanstead
Lance Fuller23.5341st - 64.34% Wanstead
David Hallybone24.3250th - 56.45% Wanstead
Suzanne Bench24.5155th - 69.15% Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.2259th - 62.61% Wanstead
Ellen Jones25.5563rd - 57.17% Wanstead
Alex Jameson26.0464th - 55.24% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.3971st - 61.41% Wanstead
Katie Whitton26.5073rd - 55.16% Wanstead
Nick Hoult27.0777th - 51.31% Wanstead
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera27.20 (course pb)82nd - 55.61% Wanstead
Caroline Moore27.2486th - 65.21% Wanstead
Geoff Bench27.5393rd - 53.92% Wanstead
Paul Marshall28.59106th - 45.03% Wanstead
Diana Rexhepaj29.09107th - 56.15% Wanstead
Helen McGuinness29.33116th - 53.24% Wanstead
Eunkyung Lee30.24 (1st parkrun)127th - 48.90% Wanstead
Claire Emery30.45136th - 52.68% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar30.51137th - 52.51% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi30.57138th - 48.41% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult31.41151st - 49.29% Wanstead
Maya Goodwin33.04166th - 48.49% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards35.50178th - 43.91% Wanstead
John Healy24.23109th - 57.28% Brockwell
Sat 11th Nov2017 - Constantia Greenbelt parkrun, Cape Town.
Frank Brownlie
Starting at 8am local time, 6am UK, this was a trail run with a few loops, lots of
tree roots and two small and one longer hill. Over 850 participants although many
were walking.
Finished in about 27:25 so will take that. Glorious weather as it has been this week
in the Cape and the previous week and a bit when we were walking in the Drakensburg Mountains.

Back on Monday to what I believe is slightly cooler weather. See you at the track!

Stuart at Clare parkrun: I loved Clare castle parkrun, Not just because my best mate lives
in Clare and I get free accommodation and breakfast but also the run. It is 3 laps with a mixture
of grass and paths it also has an out and back stretch so you get to see the fast people, The café
is very nice as well, Clare is a beautiful village and well worth a visit but if you don't wont mud
I would leave it until the summer, If you are going let me know as I will be going again.

53 parkruns at 13 venues, 3 first finishers, 9 debuts and 1 course pb.
First finishes for Thomas, Patrick and Dan Senior.
1st ever parkrun for Eunkyung Lee.
Course pb for Alexandra at Wanstead.
Age grade best for Ravinder.
5 ELR parkrun records.
Frank at Constantia Greenbelt , South Africa,
Fiona at Trelissick,
Jonathan at Canons Park,
Stuart at Clare Castle and
Katherine at Harrow Lodge.

Run Through Chase The Moon 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 8th November 2017

Dan Senior38.4011th
Emily Clarke41.2943rd, 2nd lady
Joanna Wood1.01.50346th
417 finishers.

Chingford League - Event 3 : Hog Hill 5km, Redbridge Cycle Circuit - Tuesday 7th November 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Karen Levison20.2412th
Sheetal Dandgey23.2736th
Alexandra Brown23.3740th
Chloe Millan23.4341st
Maud Hodson24.3251st
Katherine Harris25.0858th
Annette Clark25.3763rd
Katie Whitton25.5467th
Zuzana Urbanova26.0468th
Rachel Le Roux27.0974th
Caroline Moore27.4780th
Claire Emery28.1382nd
Anna Dingle28.4087th
Roselin Boramakot29.1090th
Diana Rexhepaj30.1395th
Euan Brown16.131st
Thomas Grimes16.455th
Patrick Brown16.588th
Dan Senior19.0235th
Thomas Burrard-Lucas20.0959th
Mark Moir20.4068th
Paul Marshall20.4469th
Neil Gage20.5879th
Gareth Davies21.5291st
Calvin Bobin21.5893rd
Peter Hatley22.51105th
Michael Wilson23.02107th
Tim Aylett25.07123rd
George Georgiou25.40128th
Men A 5th, 5th Overall
Men B 5th, 5th Overall.
Men Vets 5th, 5th Overall.
Women 4th, 3rd Overall.
Women Vets 4th, 4th Overall.

Marlow 7m - Sunday 5th November 2017

Thomas Grimes40.383rd
Thomas's time in 2016 was 2nd in 40.41 and in 2015 was 1st in 40.43.

Marathon des Alpes Maritimes Nice - Cannes - Sunday 5th November 2017

Dan Gritton2.59.31125th
Jonathan Wooldridge3.32.431061st
Colin Dryland3.58.23 (debut)2840th
Jonathan reports:- Marathon Alpes-Maritime | Nice - Cannes 2017.

I had no idea how today was going to go. It was in the diary since I ran here last year but circumstances meant Ive not had chance to get the long runs in and even then they were very lack lustre. My aim was sub 8 min miles and that would bring me in sub 3:30. The plan was good and worked well for the first 30km/20miles. But the Hill of All Hills took a lot out of me and I just didnt recover. I finished in 3:32:43.

Not that bothered as today is a great day having beaten my times from Malta and Boston earlier this year. Something I was worried about - I couldnt face another PW. It turned out to be my third fastest race overall so Ill take that and run, well maybe walk for the rest of the day today. The highlight for me was seeing fellow ELR Alexandra in Antibes, beaming and being as lovely as ever. Great to see you Alex thanks for the run-chat and encouragements. Thanks too to Bernard for the ever-reliable support - before, during and after the race.

Next up - Manchester and Chicago 2018

This is a great race, perfect set up and support along the way. Feed stations with so much food : bananas, oranges, dried fruit, chocolate and of course sugar lumps. Water, energy drinks and coke also served in paper cups. Half marathon and 6 leg relay options are available too. Definitively one to try. Generally much flatter than Beachy Head too and the views are just as stunning.

Thank you to all the amazing people who donated to Diabetes UK. The person who guessed my time accurately was Darren. Well done mate. You were far more optimistic than I was.

My page is still open to take donations if anyone feels generous enough. No prizes just very grateful thanks. https://www.justgiving.com/Jonathan-Nice2017

Now Im looking forward to lots of great niçoise cuisine and drinks later and hope to catch up with Dan who smashed 3 hrs, and Colin who joined the marathon family today!

Crescent City Fall Classic 5km, New Orleans - Saturday 4th November 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
John Booth17.3610th, 9th male, 2nd 35-39
Crescent City Fall Classic 5k in New Orleans. 17:36 for 10th.
Hot, 98% humidity, but very flat. American national anthem
(hands on hearts y'all) sung at the start. And for a race with
almost 2000 participants, no blinking bag drop!
("Can you leave it the trunk of your car, sir?) #OnlyInAmerica

Thames Meander Marathon (trail) - Saturday 4th November 2017

Peter Hatley3.39.0046th
259 finishers.

Thames Meander Half Marathon (trail) - Saturday 4th November 2017

Kat Maskell1.54.37190th
463 finishers.

QEOP 10km Winter Series - Saturday 4th November 2017

Simon Thomas38.5316th
542 finishers.

Loughton Vets Inter Club 5 mile Cross Country - Saturday 4th November 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Dan Senior31.013rd
Paul Thompson34.5215th
Calvin Bobin35.2217th
Nick Hoult36.1524th
Grant Conway36.3025th
John Healy39.4840th
Sarah Burns41.1146th
David Hallybone41.4748th
Katherine Harris42.1750th
Zuzana Urbanova42.5151st
Doug Mansell43.3552nd
Andy Bolderstone44.0954th
Tina Bennett45.5059th
Caroline Moore46.4763rd
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera48.0867th
Diana Rexhepaj48.1668th
Sheila Kennedy48.1969th
Maya Goodwin55.5075th
78 finishers, Men's team 3rd 59pts, Women's team 4th 60pts.
Well done to all our fabulous vets who ran for ELR this morning in the cross country vets cup at Loughton AC.
Fortunately, the heavy rain held off and conditions were good for the 5 mile run. I will post up when our hosts forward the results but as usual the event was well organised, marshalled and hosted by Loughton AC. The course was slightly different to usual owing to cattle taking over part of the course! I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

Maya Goodwin reports:- I was fairly indifferent to todays XC.
I wanted to do it, but I wasnt keen on Roding parkrun, and I knew it was in the same area. Added to the fact that I knew Id be really near the back, possibly even last in such a small race. But, you know, these things have to be tried....

And off we went. It was a bit speedy at the start, even at the back, it was faster than my 5k pace, I hoped it would settle down or I would feel totally demoralised. I was VERY grateful to see people walking over the bridge. And I settled in my pace, going round the fields for the first time. I liked how you never went very far before another turn. Round we went and finally we were back at the start, ready for the second lap. Except... OH. I dont remember this road bit... sigh. So its not even one lap done yet! But at least it was down. Two more turns, and NOW theres the bridge hurray! But you know what this means Maya, they will be lapping you now, no sneaky walk breaks.

And round they came, all the speedsters, galloping past me. Some seemed to glide over the ground. Some were less graceful. Some were very loud, panting and groaning. Some told me they had seen that walk break Maya!.

Third lap. They are weird, the races when you stop being lapped, it gets quite lonely at the back. I couldnt see anyone in front or behind for lots of the time, and it stops feeling like a race and feels like a training run. Except for the marshals who were lovely. My favourite was a lady who said not long now, and theres that hill in a minute, you get a little walk break, its what I always do.

I felt sorry for all the race numbers I saw on the course, all abandoned as they slowly got soggy and escaped their pins. I pulled mine off and held it, to be sure.

And then the finish line was in sight. It was a bit exposed. I know the Red Sea always waits for me and so theres no chance of walking, so I like to try and sneak in a quick walk just before the last push. No such luck. 800m of legging it. But I did get a grinning Tommo alongside me for the last 500m and Alex for the last 200m.

Checked my watch, ducked for the line and I hope I just made 56m dead. And Sarah had even saved me cake. That cake was lush. Ginger and pear. She would get my bake off vote every time.

And I am going to give Roding parkrun another go, I think I judged it to hastily.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 4th November 2017

Claire Emery31.39257th - 51.18% Bramhall
Sinead Ryan29.00235th - 54.25% Swindon
Andrew Howard23.14 debut19th - 66.71% Heartwood Forest
Stephen Swan24.3085th - 52.93% Kesgrave
Liam Dempsey25.2437th - 50.92% Brentwood
John Henry19.413rd - 68.33% Walthamstow
Tim Aylett24.15 (course pb)27th - 55.88% Gunpowder
Laura Woodhouse21.45 (course pb)51st - 68.05% Hackney
Roselin Boramakot27.42178th - 53.43% Hackney
Neil Gage20.436th - 66.37% Roding Valley
Paul Marshall22.029th - 59.23% Roding Valley
Katherine Harris27.4740th - 54.17% Roding Valley
Ashley Faria20.335th - 70.07% Valentines
Manjit Singh20.516th - 66.99% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.4313th - 65.44% Valentines
Ravinder Bassi40.24140th - 38.66% Valentines
Shahib Miah Ali19.5028th - 65.38% Mile End
Mark Moir20.0833rd - 64.07% Mile End
Samia Choudhury37.16303rd - 39.71% Mile End
James Wilson18.567th - 72.62% Wanstead
Mark Wyatt20.5323rd - 61.77% Wanstead
Louis Le Roux22.1335th - 59.34% Wanstead
Gareth Davies22.3141st - 64.99% Wanstead
Lance Fuller23.2448th - 65.67% Wanstead
Ellen Jones25.0466th - 59.11% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi25.5474th - 57.85% Wanstead
Rachel Le Roux26.0277th - 57.43% Wanstead
Katie Whitton26.4686th - 55.29% Wanstead
Alex Jameson26.4687th - 53.80% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult27.0092nd - 57.84% Wanstead
David Wyatt29.58132nd - 54.95% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards38.23170th - 40.99% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell38.26171st - 42.58% Wanstead
Scott McMillan44.21 (with Alma)180th - 31.23% Wanstead
Also 179th at Wanstead, Alma McMillan 44.20 first parkrun.
34 parkruns at 12 venues, 1 debut and 2 course pbs.
debut & ELR parkrun record for Andrew at Heartwood Forest,
Course pbs and Age Grade bests for Tim Aylett & Laura Woodhouse.
Also Age Grade bests for Mark & David Wyatt.

Sunday XC League, Race 1 - Cheshunt., Broxbourne Park - Sunday 29th October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes28.354th
James Nichols32.2470th
James Creed36.22173rd
Calvin Bobin37.21202nd
Michael Wilson39.03250th
Tim Aylett41.15306th
Kat Maskell43.01348th
Alex Jameson43.53364th
Zuzana Urbanova43.58369th
Doug Mansell45.17395th
Catriona Hoult47.40426th
491 finishers, 293 men and 198 ladies.
Combined team 15th of 20.
Ladies team 16th of 20.
Vet ladies 15th of 20.
Men's team 15th of 20.

Stort 30 - Sunday 29th October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Maud Hodson5.15.35112th, 26th lady, 6th V45
Suzanne Bench5.15.35113th, 27th lady, 3rd V50
Kirk Johnson6.50.04235th
247 finishers.

Maud reports:- Stort 30 race report

I came into this race short on both miles and confidence, hoping to get my ultra-running mojo back, while for Suzanne it was to be her first ultra, at the end of a great year of running. I was a little bit alarmed when she said she wanted to run with me, as she’s been so much quicker than me this year. Basically my role was to be the brake, and stop her from going off too fast.
We arrived in good time to collect our numbers, and while Suzanne remarked about what a small field it was, I actually thought it was pretty big. It was a nice surprise to see Kirk, who had let valour get the better of discretion and entered on the day, a week after the Chelmsford Marathon.
Anyway, not very much to report about the race itself, as it went exactly according to plan - which was to start off at no quicker than 10-minute-mile pace, and try to keep it steady all the way. It’s a very attractive rout - after about a mile of road (downhill on the way out…), it’s along the river all the way - an out-and-back course. There where checkpoints with a good choice of snacks and drinks every five miles, which breaks it up into very bite-size chunks. Runners didn’t have to stop at the intermediate checkpoints, but we wanted our refreshments.
The nice thing about an out-and-back route is that you pass all the other runners before or after the turn, and ultra runners are always very supportive of each other, calling out ‘well done’ or ‘great running’ as they pass. We saw Kirk looking strong about a mile after the turn. And as we kept our pace nice and steady, we were not overtaken by any other runners in the second half of the race, but must have gone past twenty or thirty. (I did have to tell Suzanne to cool it a few times, but it probably paid off…)
Suzanne was so strong in the last few miles, but I just about managed to tag along, and we finished hand-in-hand in 5 hours 15 minutes, which we were both pretty pleased with. And by the time we’d had a wee and got a cup of tea Don had already put our results up...

SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon - Sunday 29th October 2017

Declan McDonagh3.35.363408th
Sarah Moloney3.51.526945th

Worksop Halloween Half Marathon - Sunday 29th October 2017

Andrew Howard1.39.55445th - 69.19%
Andrew Howard I was a bit slower than I'd hoped today and had to dig deep at the end
to break the 100 minute barrier. I'll be back next year and for as many years as I can with
that target in mind. The Worksop Half Marathon has been my favourite race for a long time: Home town,
cheered on by family, through Clumber Park and a last mile downhill. From this year there is a bonus
because the tree that my mum had planted in Clumber Park in memory of my dad just happens to be on the route.

Run Through Finsbury Park 10km - Sunday 29th October 2017

Spencer Evans39.127th
Caitlin Diniz1.08.51386th
Laura Johnston26.0645th (5km)

Beachy Head Marathon - Saturday 28th October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Jennifer Ansell3.49.3590th, 9th lady
Regis Martin3.54.53116th
Nathaniel Dye4.10.21238th
Michael Bamford4.29.57394th
Louis Le Roux5.19.57972nd
Rachel Le Roux5.45.061264th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera6.00.521428th
Diana Rexhepaj6.00.581429th
Roselin Boramakot6.05.071457th
Helen McGuinness6.17.361594th
Geoff Bench6.27.311650th
Stuart Barton6.31.551704th
Victoria Charlesworth6.31.351706th
Sandra Hiller7.51.002015th
Stuart reports:- I have said it before and I will say it again, Marathons are stupid.

Stuart Stupot Barton reports:- It all started with a couple of glasses of wine like most good stories should. I was looking at the laptop and I noticed a advert for Beachy head marathon pop up(dam pop ups). I followed the link. The views looked amazing, A quick post on facebook asking what it was like and positive reports from Sally Faulkner made me think about it, I looked at the entry form and found myself filling it in, This was back in the spring I have ages to train I will be fine. That's it i'm in then others followed no backing out now. Hotel booked day off work booked now to start training, All good at first the work kicked in, Loads of travel and missing club run and Sunday socials.
I did a lot of training while on holiday in Kos this helped a lot as it was very hilly.
Friday I traveled down to the South coast with my sister and checked into Fawlty towers, A nice hotel with some strange guests, Although Michael Bamford seemed to make friends with one of them.
A nice meal out with all the gang on Friday night and then back to the room to get a restful nights sleep before the run,
A two mile walk to the start line settled my nerves, I met Geoff Bench to pass him his race number then off to bag drop.
Geoff Bench and I started together along with Louis Le Roux and Diana Rexhepaj, The start is a hill like nothing I have ever ran (and still haven't), we get to the top and we're off nice and flat for at least 1/2 a mile the more hills,
The next few miles were ok only ups, Please let me have flat bit,
The water stations are great well stocked with Mars bars and bananas,
We bumped into Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera and Roselin Boramakot at one of the water stations, They looked a lot better than me.
A few muddy bits in the forest but road shoes were still the correct choice Grant Conway thanks for the talk the other week on shoe choice.
We hit half way and I was feeling good, It's ok this marathon running I was thinking.
Then a few more ups then the stairs, OMG who in the name of all the is holy puts stairs on a marathon.
They hurt a lot, Then the small matter of the seven sisters( we don't call them sisters now) and I am sure I counted more than seven.
Cramp was setting in but the views were stunning, After the seven sisters still more hills one big one.
And the wind was picking up a bit of a chill in the air. I bumped into a parkrun tourist who had done the run before and he we chatted for a couple of miles before we decided to start running as only one mile to go.
This was a downhill with stairs(yes more stairs), At the bottom I could see the finish line and I got my name called over the speakers, But I got a louder cheer from Joanna Wood who was waiting for us all to finish, That was great to see a smiling face,
I got my medal and started a slow walk back to Fawlty Towers, A quick shower before the pub I'm on the second floor but we have a lift, no such luck as the lift was out of order.
climbing into the shower was a strange experience but a shower was so needed,
A couple of beers with the rest of the Beachy Head gang before heading out for a nice meal, Thanks Sonia Cheadle for you organisation skills.
A few cramps overnight but I am still walking and thinking of what to do next,
Beachy Head next year, only the 10k I think.
Thanks to all the Beachy Head gang we are all amazing.

Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera reports:- It all started with a couple of glasses of wine, not mine, Stuart's!
He registered early in spring followed by Jan and there I was… tempted… They sold it to me saying it was the Glastonbury of the marathon! The landscape looks awesome and I would be in amazing company so here we go, now let’s try to convince Helen too (sorry! smile emoticon:-) ). I had a training plan and I sticked to it, I am grateful to my body for carrying me through it without injuries as some of us haven’t been so lucky frown emoticon:-( (we missed you Lee!). I was confident till a week before but from the start of the week, I was getting more and more nervous!
It was good to see part of the group the night before, eat with Nathaniel and get my number from Stuart ( thanks, load)! We started the day with lovely balls that a friend of Regis gave us for promoting them (delicious!) and a famous picture on the stairs. The 30 mins walk to the start in the morning was fun, the queue at the loos a lot less therefore I lost pretty much everybody except Rachel that I caught just on time, and supportive Joanna who was cheering us at the start already! I was trying to get info about the others by posting messages at every checkpoint but I was clearly the only one posting (typical! 😃)
There, we started, the most vertical hill I have seen, there was nowhere in London where I could have trained for this (as reminded by a participant that I overtook telling me it must feel different to East London). There was no way we could run it, people in front of us or not, then in the mess we found Roselin! I was so happy to see her because I knew we were running at a pretty similar pace and I wanted to stick with her. Beachy head is so tough on you mentally and physically but also so amazingly beautiful, I certainly wouldn’t have enjoyed the race that much without her great fun company. We lost Rachel quickly, Louis caught up with us for a few miles then went, we found Diana but lost her till we met with Stuart and Geoff who were great company for a while till they probably stopped too long to eat sausage pies smile emoticon:-).
Psychologically, something happened in my mind at half point, I was not yet in pain and I knew I could finish this plus the Seven Sisters didn’t look that bad from far (I was so wrong!!!). The second set of stairs was a killer but the view from the top was worth it, I hated the however gorgeous Seven Sisters (seven, my a**…) but each up and down was carrying me to the finish and when I saw Diana, I decided that I could give one last push to finish with her. One thing I realized is how much I was attentive to my body for the entire 26,2 miles and once again, despite being in terrible pain today, I thank my body for carrying me through this.
So many amazing memories gathered during that race, many fun ones taking selfies with Roselin and jumping in the air, taking a pic with the French flag, being videotaped by a creepy older gentleman, the breath-taking views at every corner, giving some chewable electrolytes to a lady I was chatting with who started to cramp and how happy she was, the support from the local people and volunteers on the way, seeing Suzanne cheering us so warmly twice (what a beautiful surprise!), the last sprint finish and of course: Jo’s smile at the finish line… It wouldn’t have been complete without while going back looking for the others, I realized that it was Helen that I could see at the top of the hill arriving, I had been worried about her the whole race and she had simply been amazing! Once the last worry for Sandra were gone, we could all enjoy carbs reloading for dinner with our amazing bling around our necks!
Stuart, Jan, Sally and RELS: I thank you so much for making me do this and I am looking forward to our next adventure… Michael: you could take your new friend along 😂 Will rest for a few days and get ready for my next marathon in 6 weeks: Dawn to Dusk!.

Rachel reports: Beachy head marathon 5 hours 45 mins, first ever Marathon and last ever Marathon
that was torture I even cried at the end! Im glad that I've done it and can now finally say I've run a
Marathon but it's defo not for the faint hearted it is mentally and physically tough!
What a great weekend I've had with great company, lovely food, nice weather lots of laughing and some
tears to and some proper torture and that was just the Marathon, today I'm ache all over, very
and can't move much haha but can happily say I'm glad I did it but just as glad it's all over but it's
all thanks to ELR and the people in it who are all so supportive and amazing, honestly can't believe
I've ran a Marathon #ELR The Best!!

Beachy Head 10km - Saturday 28th October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Joanna Wood1.13.39533rd
Sonia Cheadle1.33.18692nd
Jan Webb1.42.23727th
Sally Faulkner1.42.24728th
751 finishers.
Joanna Wood:-
Well Beachy Head 10k done and a once in a life time opportunity for me to be the first ELR lady home! !!!
Unofficial watch time 1.13 which I'm chuffed with considering my last road 10k was 1.03 and instructions
said to expect 10-20mins longer than a road race!
Terrain good apart from a little muddy on the first hill and the course was packed for about 2 miles on
narrow paths between fields so couldn't break away but meant a steady pace was maintained.
The hills were STEEP!!!! And I certainly didn't feel bad walking them as EVERYONE was - the pics don't
do them justice! And when you think you can make up for it on the downs - THEY'RE JUST AS STEEP!!!
The pub with just 1mile to go was very tempting but I stopped at just taking a pic and not going in -
my plan is to make up for it later though! !!
The hill of doom was just as bad coming down to the finish line as it was at the start going up! You
can't let loose as tempting as it may be and Maud would have been proud of me and my aeroplane impression
the whole way down!!
A challenging course but I thoroughly enjoyed it and I definitely made the right decision to drop from
the marathon distance. I gave this a good go and am chuffed with my time, the marathon would have been
a different story but next year with the right training and hopefully injury free I'd definitely do the
marathon race.
Anyway I'm off for a shower and back to the finish line to cheer the others in!!

Jan Webb:-
My Beachy Head adventure started after seeing Stuart's post. Sally had already told us how beautiful the course was and joked that the Rear End Ladies should take on the challenge. Something clicked and I thought 'why not; if I train I could do this.'
The group formed, we planned runs, we trained and I slowly upped my mileage. Then during a Sunday run I felt a pain in my Achilles. I thought that with a bit of rest it would sort itself out. It didn't and long story short I had torn my Achilles tendon.

My marathon dream was over.

BUT. I rested. I did my physio. And I paid my sub to transfer to the 10k and I started to run again, never 6 miles but I was confident and excited.

A group of us (Sally, Sonia and Joanna) in the same 'injured but eager' boat pledged to support each other and with that in mind we set off off up a hill the like of which I'd never seen before. The thing about being at the back is that your job is always harder because you're wading through the mud churned up by the faster runners. But hey, it was never going to be easy getting up that hill anyway. Once at the top the course leveled out and we could start to find a rhythm. I had to walk the ups but we managed run and talk (I know, so unusual for me) and take in the breath-taking views. This must rate as one of the beautiful courses and it was worth turning around every so often to take it all in.
Sally and I watched as Sonia found a surge and flew off in front, clearly having a fabulous time and soon after we realised that we only had a mile and a bit to go. I've never wanted a race to just continue on so much. Eventually the finish line came into view but at the bottom of 'that' hill. I've never needed a tea tray to scoot down on so much! But I remembered a session with Grant and, leaning forward from my hips and sticking my elbows out I powered down. Sally, Flop the dog and I ran across the line together and were presented with our medals. I was so, so happy.

Coming back from injury has been a long and frustrating process but I couldn't have done it without the support and encouragement of the friends I've made in this club. I've still got work to do but I'm coming back and that 10k was a milestone. Thank you all.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 28th October 2017

Janet Bywater24.39 debut92nd - 69.71% Black Park
Mark Moir20.168th - 63.65% Sunderland
Jonathan Wooldridge22.16 debut29th - 64.15% Ipswich
Fiona Critchley24.57 debut72nd - 68.00% Ipswich
Ruel Ordonio28.34 debut162nd - 48.89% Ipswich
Kate Frost38.03 (course pb)373rd - 39.07% Moor Valley
Simon Thomas18.45 debut14th - 69.60% Northampton
Lucy Barron25.21 (course pb)65th - 58.38% Oak Hill
Richard Potter23.2921st - 55.86% Gunpowder
Thomas Grimes17.212nd - 76.95% Gladstone
Elizabeth ODonnell40.14 debut175th - 40.68% Seaton
Paul Marshall23.4164th - 55.10% Lancaster
Ellen Jones24.20 debut118th - 60.89% Hackney
Kat Maskell24.35128th - 61.22% Hackney
Maya Goodwin31.05225th - 51.58% Hackney
Dan Gritton18.382nd - 75.49% Roding Valley
Calvin Bobin21.4410th - 75.08% Roding Valley
George Georgiou23.40 debut24th - 61.34% Roding Valley
Peter Hatley25.0739th - 55.61% Roding Valley
Don Bennett33.18 debut88th - 47.35% Roding Valley
Aaron Browne18.32 (1st man)1st - 69.60% Valentines
Karen Levison19.55 (1st lady)6th - 85.19% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.159th - 71.11% Valentines
Shahib Miah Ali22.34 (with buggy)19th - 57.46% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.5421st - 64.92% Valentines
Craig Livermore22.5622nd - 56.25% Valentines
Emmet Fitzgibbon23.48 debut31st - 56.51% Valentines
Tim Aylett24.3942nd - 54.97% Valentines
Suzanne Cubitt26.5070th - 56.09% Valentines
Jason Levy28.5292nd - 49.48% Valentines
Samia Choudhury34.52153rd - 42.45% Valentines
Ravinder Bassi40.29192nd - 38.58% Valentines
Patrick Brown17.43 (1st & pb)1st - 73.38% Walthamstow
John Henry19.593rd - 67.31% Walthamstow
Jamie Xavier21.098th - 65.01% Walthamstow
Andy Kumar21.10 debut19th - 61.42% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater25.2128th - 59.11% Walthamstow
Scott McMillan18.467th - 73.80% Wanstead
Robert Rayworth19.09 (course pb)11th - 71.80% Wanstead
James Wilson19.4115th - 69.86% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan19.4216th - 70.90% Wanstead
Roger Stubbs20.19 (course pb)19th - 75.64% Wanstead
Mark Wyatt21.0923rd - 60.99% Wanstead
Felicity Price-Thomas22.01 (1st lady)32nd - 67.22% Wanstead
Andrew Fitzgerald23.23 (course pb)42nd - 56.09% Wanstead
Liam Dempsey23.27 (course pb)43rd - 55.15% Wanstead
Lance Fuller23.2844th - 65.48% Wanstead
Sarah Burns24.3360th - 62.66% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult27.2794th - 56.89% Wanstead
Caroline Moore28.20105th - 63.06% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards28.27108th - 55.30% Wanstead
Nick Hoult28.45118th - 48.58% Wanstead
Morag Campbell37.19175th - 42.97% Wanstead
Katie Whitton41.03180th - 36.05% Wanstead
Andrew Howard51.07 (tailwalker)193rd - 30.32% Wanstead
Stephen Swan23.5585th - 54.22% Kesgrave
56 parkruns at 16 venues, 4 first finishers.12 debuts & 7 course pbs.
Maud & Andrew both join the Volunteer 25 Club.
First finisher places for Felicity at Wanstead, Patrick at Walthamstow
and Aaron & Karen at Valentines.
7 Age Grade Bests for 2017 Ellen Jones,Tim Aylett,Liam Dempsey, Andrew Fitzgerald,
Mark Wyatt, Roger Stubbs and Kate Frost.
7 ELR parkrun records:-
Patrick Brown at Walthamstow, Liz ODonnell at Seaton, Lucy Barron at Oak Hill,
Simon Thomas at Northampton, Kate Frost at Moor Valley and Jonathan & Fiona C at Ipswich.

Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5km, Hyde Park - Friday 27th October 2017

Andrew Baxter18.5456th - 76.9%
Andrew Baxter:- Cheers, I'm super chuffed. 4 years since last broke 19
and pretty much resigned to it being a thing of the past. 25th anniversary of
this race so ridiculously strong field...101 of 270 finishers went sub 20!

Victoria Park 10km - Sunday 22nd October 2017

John Booth36.08 pb2nd
211 finishers.

Castle Ashby Duathlon - Sunday 22nd October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Michael Bamford1.25.33 (sprint)6th, 1st V50
Catriona Hoult1.59.10 (sprint) debut27th 0f 32
Nick Hoult2.46.00 (standard)relay3rd team
sprint duathlon 5k, t1, 22k bike, t2, 5k.
Michael Bamford 18.37,1.19, 46.02, 0.26, 19.19 = 1.25.33
Catriona Hoult 25.33, 0.40,1.06.16, 0.37, 26.04 = 1.59.10.

standard duathlon 10k, t1, 40k bike, t2, 5k
relay with Melvyn Hoddell
20.29/19.54, 0.42, 1.44.30,0.37,19.28 = 2.46.00

Catriona reports:- My first Duathlon survived. Pretty sure I was second from last in the sprint
distance (just under 5km run, 22 km bike, just under 5km run again), but I didn’t care because I actually
enjoyed it! (I never actually enjoy running while I’m doing it - just afterwards - but this one I did).

It helped that I felt no pressure because I know I’m rubbish on a bike (I only borrowed a road bike two
weeks before). It was a very windy day and we got pretty chilled waiting for the start, but after that it
was fun and a pretty route around a stately home in Northamptonshire. I was pleased to finish in 1.59.10.

Nick Hoult did the full distance as a relay with his brother in law and they were third team .
Michael Bamford also did the sprint distance in some super quick time, first in his age category.
I’d definitely do another Duathlon if I can borrow the bike again. I like the variety over just running
and one day I might not be overtaken by quite so many people!

Chelmsford Marathon - Sunday 22nd October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Manjit Bedi3.10.3632nd, 1st V50
Robert Rayworth3.22.49 pb63rd
Kirk Johnson5.27.23523rd
570 finishers.
Robert Rayworth:- Another PB this time for a marathon very pleased. I did no training
as I was concentrating on getting my 10km and Half Marathon PB's. Running marathons is a
different game all together. It's just relentless. Need to work doing longer runs. That's my
sorted for the year all goals this year have been achieved thank you ELR. Without your members
support I wouldn't have ever achieved just results.

Venice Marathon - Sunday 22nd October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Andy Bolderstone4.33.28 pb4608th
Venice Marathon 2017

This was my 3rd time doing this marathon. I love this race as it goes through some beautiful Italian countryside and ends in the most beautiful city; its cheap (40€ early bird price) and is at the beginning of half term (although annoyingly next year it is a week later!).

You need to get up very early. Buses take you to the start between 6.40 and 7.20. The start is in Stra on the mainland from where you run back to Venice. The start is at the grand Villa Pisani (where Hitler and Mussolini had their first meeting 🤔). The first half you run mainly along the Brenta riveria through picturesque towns such as Mira and Dolo and passes many grand palazios along the way. There is great support along the way and loads of live music (which I prefer to the dance music sound sytems in England that rumble through your core).
Halfway is a mile through an uninspiring industrial area and then onto Venice Mestre (the bit on the mainland where most Venetians live). Again great support although there's a weird bit when you run through an underpass that is the entrance to the train station. Onto San Guilliano park where the expo is held and onto the Ponta di Liberta - 3850 metre long bridge across to Venice. Once you are off this there's only about 3 and a half miles left. A run down the Guidecca Canal to a specially constructed floating bridge that takes you across the Grand Canal and into St Marks Square. From there it's 8 or 9 bridges (I lost count) passing the Bridge of Sighs til the finish at Riva Sette Martiri. A thoroughly recommended marathon (there is also a 10k). The previous races had long sleeve Asics shirts, this year it was a very tight skinny top (see pic - my shirt was a l/xl the largest available)

All week rain and thunderstoms and lightening were forecast but thankfully it was just cool and overcast. I had no great hopes re time but the first 9 miles felt good and comfortable. Then the marathon gremlins appeared asking me when would it be ok to have a little walk. Get to halfway and take a painkiller and reassess. Going into the second half some calculations and I realised 12 min miling (I had been doing 9.20 for the first half) would get me a pb by 1 min. I can do that even if it felt like I had run my 3 other marathons directly before this one. Oh how I ached. I started counting miles as if the years marathons were altogether "94 done, only 10 to go!".
Crossing the bridge to St Marks I knew the pb was on. I saw Annette and the girls "13 mins to get a pb " I shouted with fist pumps and airplane arms (pics on camera so will need to get home before uploading). Then up bridge, down bridge repeat repeat repeat etc. Back to sub 10 min miling, adrenaline pumping as I crossed the line. I had a pb by the gun time so I knew I had done it! My chip time was a pb by 5 mins. Nowhere near my start of year target time but 3 pb's in 4 marathons will do me. I will go for that target in Brighton next year. Thanks to everyone for their brilliant support this year.

Lausanne Marathon - Sunday 22nd October 2017

Dan Gritton3.05.4319th
1224 finishers.

Great South Run, Portsmouth - Sunday 22nd October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Eleanor Wilkinson1.10.57742nd
Roisin Archer1.16.041563rd
John Healy1.18.332151st

Cambridge Town & Gown 10km - Sunday 22nd October 2017

Katie Whitton51.49 pb598th

Maverick Inov-8 Oxfordshire - Saturday 21st October 2017

Sally Faulkner1.14.3963rd
Flop and I ran the Maverick Oxfordshire race yesterday. I had planned to run the long distance as our final run before beachy next weekend but injury has put a stop to that. Achilles not recovering as I want it to. So I just ran the 9km(supposed to be 8km) and will be doing the 10km option at beachy. Regardless Maverick sure do know how to put on a great race. The medal is actually a bottle opener and you get a bottle of yummy maverick beer at the end. I’ve probably done 7 or 8 maverick races over the years and highly recommend them. Always super scenery and well organised, ridiculously welcoming to all levels of runners, including ones with dogs. There is always a long, middle and short distance option, and it’s ok to choose on route if things aren’t going your way. I had to walk most of the race mostly due to the hills but even on the flat my achilles weren’t playing ball. But still a lovely day out and storm Brian stayed well away!

Chingford League - Event 2 - Jubilee Lodge (Eton Manor) - Saturday 21st October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Patrick Brown29.447th
Thomas Grimes29.5510th
Ciaran Canavan35.1170th
Regis Martin36.0178th
Karen Levison36.2279th
Michael Bamford37.4499th
Emily Clarke37.57101st
Nick Hoult38.11104th
Calvin Bobin38.36113th
Jonathan Wooldridge39.55129th
Louis Le Roux40.30135th
Michael Wilson40.32136th
Laura Woodhouse40.33137th
Tim Aylett42.02154th
Sheetal Dandgey42.16157th
Chloe Millan42.18160th
Lance Fuller42.50166th
George Georgiou43.51174th
Kat Maskell43.56175th
Lucy Barron43.59176th
Maud Hodson44.03177th
Kathryn Hertzberg44.22178th
Sarah Burns44.41181st
Fiona Critchley45.29185th
Alex Jameson46.30192nd
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera47.55201st
Caroline Moore48.03202nd
Anna Dingle49.15204th
Claire Emery50.20211th
Sheila Kennedy51.31215th
Sarah Pascal54.12221st
Roselin Boramakot54.41222nd
Helen McGuinness54.41223rd
Michael Wilson reports:-
Chingford League Report 2. Saturday 21st October 2017 - Jubilee Lodge, Leyton.

Although it was a bright and mild day, the heavy wind conditions kept most of the Runners firmly inside the sports pavilion until minutes before the start of the race. The course consisted of laps around the field, onto paths and then larger circuits with a steep grass bank to climb or crawl up! Running into the wind was a challenge and penalised those who had set off too fast!

In a close race for the top positions, Patrick Brown was first back for ELR in 7th place, just in front of his team mate Thomas Grimes in 10th. Karen Levison was First Lady to finish for ELR, followed by Emily Clarke. There was slight confusion close to the end with some Runners entering the finish funnel before completing the extra laps to complete the 5.2 mile course. Overall this was an enjoyable albeit windswept race.

Thanks to Eton Manor for hosting, all the marshals, including our own vociferous Jan Webb and Morag Campbell, (stopping us from colliding with Runners in the opposite direction)! and our supporters Billy Rayner and Dave Levison. Last but not least, the 30+ from East London Runners, who turned up and raced for the club on the day. Regis, Jonathan and Mike stayed behind after for a well earned coffee/tea/cake in Eton Manor's cafe. (Thanks Regis).

The next fixture in this series is on Tuesday 7th November 2017, back at Redbridge Cycle Circuit, Hog Hill, Hainault. See you there,

Mens team 6th, 4th overall.
Men's B team 5th, 5th overall.
Men's vets 5th, 5th overall.
Womens team 4th, 3rd overall.
Womens vets 4th, 3rd overall.

Suffolk Coastal Trail 26.8 miles - Saturday 21st October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Catherine Brett5.06.0054th, 1st V50
87 finishers.
Catherine Brett reports:-Suffolk Coastal Trail Marathon Race Report

I've always wanted to complete a marathon but have shied away from road racing as I had a lot of knee injuries in my 20s. On passing 50 I decided it was now or never, and after a further 2 years of putting it off finally entered the Suffolk Coastal Trail Marathon which was on Saturday. As the day approached and the dire warnings of Storm Brian and coastal destruction hit the media I was relieved to find that on the day 1) it was still on and 2) it was, actually, a beautiful bright, crisp Autumn Day, if a little breezy.

We set off from Dunwich Priory and headed up through the woods to our first beach section. With the strengthening breeze behind us, and the sand not too deep it felt fine. After the 4.2-mile checkpoint we then turned inland for a 4-mile loop through Tinker's marshes, on our way back experiencing the first headwinds and sticky marsh mud. From there we wended our way through the Walberswick Nature Reserve, through head high golden reeds which was stunning if a little difficult going as the wooden duck boards were coated with leaves and quite slippery. So far so good. I felt strong, the sun was shining however I was conscious that I was running faster than training but somehow couldn't find the will to keep to a slower pace... Trouble for the future.

Still slightly off the coast, the route took us up through the half way point in Dunwich Forest and then south and into the wind. Here, at around 18 miles I started to pay the price for the faster (by my standards!) start. The path headed sharply upwards through open land where the wind caught us and running became more like a shuffle for everyone. I was very glad to stock up on some jelly babies, crisps and banana at the 19-mile checkpoint! From here it was over one more hill back to the coast. At this point my watch battery died, so no more motivational ticking off the distance. Luckily, whilst the way was excellently sign posted I had taken a map, so I could still see progress! My legs were pretty dead by now and climbing over the stile at 22 miles needed careful negotiation! Then back north along the beach, some deeper sand sections but thankfully with a good tail wind. I had kept running all the way til then but was finally felled at 24 miles by a stretch of deep shingle that I staggered through. Then it was back to a run for one final hill, up through beech woods to the finish.

I finished in 5 hours 6 mins dead, just over half way down the field. As the winning time was 3 hours 21, I was very pleased with this, and delighted to find later than I was the first Vet Woman home (out of only 5 in total for both FV50 and FV45!).

I would highly recommend the race, if you are comfortable in your own space - I spent quite a few sections of it alone. It was well organised (by EnduranceLife), and the variety of the scenery was superb.

Run Through Velopark Half Marathon - Saturday 21st October 2017

Tom Timson2.02.16105th
155 finishers.

Run Through Velopark 10m - Saturday 21st October 2017

Tricia ONeill1.32.0425th
42 finishers.

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 21st October 2017 - Saturday 21st October 2017

James Nichols20.0229th - 65.47% - Hackney
Paul Marshall21.3847th - 60.32% - Hackney
Roselin Boramakot27.48165th - 53.24% - Hackney
Tim Aylett25.3824th - 52.86% - Roding Valley
Tim Le Rasle19.27 (equals course pb)2nd - 72.32% - Valentines
Ashley Faria20.499th - 69.18% - Valentines
Katherine Harris23.20 (1st woman)25th - 64.50% - Valentines
Shailesh Patel23.2126th - 63.67% - Valentines
Lauren Aston23.5330th - 61.97% - Valentines
Annette Clark25.5260th - 61.98% - Valentines
Frank Brownlie26.0165th - 65.09% - Valentines
Fiona Critchley26.41 (course debut)76th - 63.59% - Valentines
Suzanne Cubitt27.4995th - 54.10% - Valentines
Jason Levy28.20103rd - 50.41% - Valentines
Ravinder Bassi41.01214th - 38.07% - Valentines
Scott McMillan19.277th - 71.21% - Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan20.0810th - 69.37% - Wanstead
Roger Stubbs20.29 (course pb)13th - 75.02% Wanstead
Mark Wyatt22.1628th - 57.93% - Wanstead
Lance Fuller23.4842nd - 64.57% - Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi25.2165th - 59.11% - Wanstead
Katie Whitton25.30 (course pb)69th - 58.04% - Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor25.4176th - 63.72% - Wanstead
Suzanne Bench26.1681st - 65.42% - Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar26.2383rd - 61.40% - Wanstead
Catriona Hoult27.2699th - 56.50% - Wanstead
Maud Hodson28.07104th - 56.49% - Wanstead
Alex Jameson28.13107th - 51.03% - Wanstead
Jess Trayler-Moore29.46 (course pb)126th - 51.06% - Wanstead
Geoff Bench29.49128th - 49.86% - Wanstead
Andrea Waller29.50 (50th parkrun)129th - 51.56% - Wanstead
Sarah Burns30.17133rd - 50.80% - Wanstead
Jayne Browne30.46140th - 57.31% - Wanstead
David Wyatt31.36149th - 52.11% - Wanstead
Maya Goodwin32.32157th - 49.28% - Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell35.33177th - 46.04% - Wanstead
Mark Boulton17.041st - 76.46% - Gunpowder
Mark Moir20.294th - 62.98% - Barking
Shahib Miah Ali22.53 (with buggy)20th - 56.66% - Barking
Janet Bywater24.42 (course debut)40th - 69.57% - Barking
Steven Bywater25.13 (course debut)43rd - 59.42% - Barking
Carolyn Edwards26.53 (course debut)59th - 55.61% - Barking
Samia Choudhury35.31 (course pb)99th - 41.67% - Barking
John Henry19.513rd - 67.76% - Walthamstow
Fiona Day27.2152nd - 69.96% - Clair
Jonathan Wooldridge21.32 (course debut)33rd - 66.33% - Northala Fields
Ruel Ordonio26.59 (course debut)116th - 51.76% - Northala Fields
Andrew Howard22.57 (course debut)35th - 67.54% - Luton Wardown
48 parkruns at 10 venues. 2 first finishers.
50th parkrun for Andrea Waller.
7 debuts and 5 course pbs.
First finishes for Katherine at Valentine & Mark at Gunpowder.
Age Grade bests for Mark & David Wyatt, Annette Clark, Roger Stubbs,
Jessica Trayler-Moore and Katie Whitton.
parkrun record for Andrew at Luton Wardown from Shaun DeSena.

Simplyhealth Great Birmingham Run - Sunday 15th October 2017

Manjit Singh1.37.31450th
Kat Maskell2.01.213004th

Greenwich Tritons Relay Duathlon, Velopark - Sunday 15th October 2017

Michael Bamford39.02 (41.17)A
Louis Le Roux40.49 (43.37)A
Peter Hatley42.12 (42.15)C
Graham Peacock42.18 (40.22)B
Jason Levy46.25A
Anna Dingle46.54B
Sheetal Dandgey47.38A
Rachel Le Roux48.01 (51.15)C
Catherine Brett48.15C
Shaun DeSena51.16B
Emma Wing52.41B
Jayne Browne54.32A
Don Bennett54.33C
Each entrant runs 2 miles, cycles 6 miles and runs 1 mile.(Last year's times in brackets)
9th ELR Fun Boy Three 2.03.31
Michael Bamford - 6.19,7.07,13.27/2.54,2.56,2.57,2.54,2.55,3.46,18.24/7.09.
Graham Peacock - 7.02,8.11,15.13/ 3.05,3.08,3.07,3.04,3.00,4.07,19.35/7.28.
Peter Hatley - 6.56,7.16,14.12/3.14,3.29,3.30,3.26,3.23,4.07,21.11/6.48.
16th ELR Drax 2.20.32
Jason Levy - 7.42,8.36,16.18/3.22,3.23,3.23,3.27,3.33,4.22,21.30/8.32.
20th East London Triathletes 2.26.38
Louis LeRoux - 6.15,7.52,14.08/3.03,3.00,2.59,2.58,3.08,3.53,19.03/7.37.
Shaun DeSena - 8.49,9.57,18.46/3.32,3.34,3.42,3.41,3.41,4.31,22.43/9.45.
Don Bennett - 9.55,11.21,21.16/3.35,3.28,3.39,3.40,3.32,4.29,22.25/10.51.
22nd ELR Ladies 2.28.33
Sheetal Dandgey - 7.01,8.10,15.11/3.50,4.01,3.59,3.57,3.55,4.37,24.21/8.04.
Emma Wing - 8.33,9.54,18.28/3.39,3.43,3.50,3.55,3.55,5.22,24.26/9.46.
Catherine Brett - 8.36,9.30,18.06/3.29,3.27,3.32,3.26,3.28,4.23,21.49/8.18.
23rd ELR 3 Decades 2.29.28
Jayne Browne - 8.59,9.39,18.39/4.16,4.28,4.21,4.06,4.15,5.05,26.33/9.19.
Anna Dingle - 8.52,9.12,18.04/3.10,3.01,3.11,3.12,3.07,3.57,19.41/9.08.
Rachel LeRoux - 8.13,8.52,17.05/3.25,3.27,3.31,3.25,3.32,4.07,21.29/9.26.

Manchester Half Marathon - Sunday 15th October 2017

Tim Aylett1.55.562989th
Roselin Boramakot2.08.28 pb4565th
7648 finishers.

Bedford Autodrome Duathlon, Standard Distance - Sunday 15th October 2017

Daniel Lee2.13.5365th
Ava Lee2.16.384th, 1st V40
Standard 10k run/t1/39k cycle/t2/5k run
Danny 39.10/0.50/1.12.15/ 1.00/20.36 = 2.13.53
Ava 41.18/ 0.54/1.12.00/ 0.50/21.34 = 2.16.38

Bedford Autodrome Duathlon, Sprint Distance - Sunday 15th October 2017

Sarah Burns1.11.3934th
Paula Bedford1.12.5041st
5k run/t1/ 20k cycle/t2/ 2.5k run
Sarah 22.21/ 1.03/34.56/0.59/12.17 = 1.11.39
Paula 20.08/0.55/ 39.13/ 0.48/11.44 = 1.12.50

Run The River 10km, Edmonton - Sunday 15th October 2017

Antonio Martin Romero34.561st
Paul Marshall44.0927th
Andrew Howard45.35
Janet Bywater50.11
Caroline McGirr55.59
236 finishers.
Antonio reports:- The race started off a bit fast, so I decided to go in the second group. I was after one mile in 6th place and not feeling great. After 4K I managed to catch the runner in 2nd place and the first one was around 15-20 seconds ahead of me and looking very strong. After the grass section, I was thinking I was going to die at some point. When we were back to the canal, with 4K to go, I thought 'ok, it is impossible to catch the first one, it is better to defend the 2nd place' because I was too tired, however, I was managing to go faster, with 1 mile to go I reached the leader and my legs were crying even more but my mind took over the control of my legs and managed to do the last km at 3:10 /km pace and finish in first place with an unexpected PB of 34:56, 1 minute 32 seconds faster than last year. Bring on the cross-country races now!

Metropolitan XC League, Claybury - Saturday 14th October 2017

Billy Rayner30.59154th
Regis Martin35.34327th
Dan Spinks44.06493rd

OCR World Championships, Canada (15km Main Event) - Saturday 14th October 2017

Joshua Stephens4.30.58220th/261
Josh Steqhens:- Tough tough tough! Wet, slippery ski slopes
and over 1000m of ascent in a 15km is fun! I spent 45 mins trying and
retrying Skull Valley (5 skull shapes climbing holds onto 6 monkey
bars onto 5 more skulls) but it wasnt my day! Awesome course, massive challenge

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 14th October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Mark Moir20.2112th - 63.39% Sunderland
John Henry19.1517th - 69.87% Finsbury
Steven Bywater25.28 debut143rd - 58.84% Brockwell
James Nichols19,573rd - 65.75% Roding Valley
John Booth17.416th - 75.49% Mile End
John Healy23.17104th - 59.99% Dulwich
Samia Choudhury38.2397th - 38.56% Barking
Janet Bywater28.4677th - 59.73% Walthamstow
Andrew Howard22.37 debut44th - 68.53% Castle Park
Judith Vonberg23.06 debut66th - 64.07% Hackney
Roselin Boramakot28.38162nd - 51.69% Hackney
Mark Boulton17.38 (1st man)1st - 74.01% Gunpowder
Richard Potter24.1736th - 54.02% Gunpowder
Jonathan Wooldridge23.18 debut43rd - 61.30% Yeovil Montacute
Fiona Critchley26.34 debut108th - 63.86% Yeovil Montacute
Stuart Barton27.13 debut132nd - 53.34% Yeovil Montacute
Shaun DeSena31.28 debut259th - 41.10% Yeovil Montacute
Ashley Faria20.254th - 70.53% Valentines
Shailesh Patel24.0331st - 61.82% Valentines
Suzanne Cubitt26.4067th - 56.44% Valentines
Jason Levy28.0487th - 50.89% Valentines
Ravinder Bassi42.59209th - 36.33% Valentines
Robert Rayworth19.4711th - 69.50% Wanstead
Scott McMillan20.2415th - 67.89% Wanstead
Nick Hoult21.03 (course pb)25th - 66.35% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan21.2127th - 65.42% Wanstead
Paul Drury-Bradey21.5036th - 60.72% Wanstead
Sharon Springfield22.4047th - 69.41% Wanstead
Lance Fuller23.3058th - 65.39% Wanstead
Gareth Davies23.5161st - 61.36% Wanstead
Sarah Burns25.0376th - 61.41% Wanstead
Alex Jameson25.1582nd - 57.03% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi25.1683rd - 59.30% Wanstead
Katie Whitton26.1797th - 56.31% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar30.33153rd - 52.48% Wanstead
Suzanne Bench30.34154th - 56.22% Wanstead
Caroline Moore30.34155th - 58.45% Wanstead
Morag Campbell38.02213th - 42.16% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell38.03214th - 43.01% Wanstead
Sally Faulkner42.53221st - 35.29% Wanstead
Jan Webb42.54222nd - 41.65% Wanstead
41 parkruns at 14 venues, 1 first finisher.
7 debuts and 1 course pb. Mark Boulton first place at Gunpowder.
Course pb for Nick at Wanstead.
Debuts for Steve, Andrew, Judith and the cowl crusaders at Yeovil Montacute parkrun.
2 Age Grade Bests for 2017 for John Henry and Judith Vonburg.
ELR parkrun records for Andrew at Castle Park and Jonathan at Yeovil Montacute.

Elvis Awards - The Duke, Wanstead - Friday 13th October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery

OCR World Championships, Blue Mountains, Canada (3km Prologue) - Friday 13th October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Joshua Stephens1.29.10196th
Josh reports:- 3km 'sprint' completed, tough tough tough!
Much harder than last year, and a huge step up from anything in the UK!
All hills and upper body, to the point that I needed a 15 minute rest before
'Skull Valley' as my hands couldn't close into a fist due to increasing fatigue
in hands/forearms.
All obstacles completed eventually, so band remained intact!
Now for nachos and beer to recover for the 15km tomorrow...

Capital Tri Velopark Duathlon - Tuesday 10th October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Paula Bedford31.441st (supersprint)
Rachel Le Roux36.252nd (supersprint)
Don Bennett39.525th (supersprint)
Louis Le Roux1.02.5012th (sprint)
Graham Peacock1.03.3514th (sprint)
Sarah Burns1.06.5117th, 1st (sprint)
Supersprint 1.6 run/8k cycle/1.6 run.(1 mile/5 mile/1 mile)
Paula - 7.38/ 17.11 /6.53 = 31.44
Rachel - 8.32/ 19.41/ 8.12 = 36.25
Don - 10.48/ 18.48 / 10.16 = 39.52

Sprint 3.4k run/16k cycle/3.4k run.(2 mile/10 mile/2 mile)
Louis - 15.27/31.39/15.43 = 1.02.50
Graham - 15.37/ 32.50/ 15.07 = 1.03.35
Sarah - 17.10/ 30.37/ 19.03 = 1.06.51

Ridgeway Run, Tring (9.6m off road) - Sunday 8th October 2017

Thomas Grimes56.032nd

Uniqlo 10km, Olympic Park - Sunday 8th October 2017

Paul Marshall42.35 pb59th
488 finishers.

Martlesham 10km - Sunday 8th October 2017

Stephen Swan52.11247th
432 finishers.

Virgin Sport Oxford Half Marathon - Sunday 8th October 2017

Shahib Miah Ali1.45.483225th
Awful start, buses took ages to drop us off to the start line, started 15/20 minutes after gun went,
finished strongly, however, all good training for upcoming marathon. Nice to then spend time with my
son on Oxford's cricket green!

Race For Life Half Marathon, Lea Valley - Sunday 8th October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Zuzana Urbanova1.58.13 debut
My first HF in 1:58:13, delighted. Many thanks to ELR club support over the past couple of weeks. I will keep up the hard work

Crystal Palace Triathletes Duathlon, Lea Valley Velopark - Sunday 8th October 2017

Sarah Burns53.011st lady, 1st V35
2 mile run/10 mile cycle/ 1 mile run.
15.45 / 29.29/ 7.46

Chicago Marathon - Sunday 8th October 2017

Carlton DSouza3.34.224488th
Carlton reports:- A hot Chicago 2017: Chicago is an amazing welcoming city do a marathon in, very well supported, with inspirational architecture to gaze at along the way- no boring bits! So, so happy to have started, finished and had a blast (albeit painful) in the process! Bit of a dodgy knee & related glute problems meant not ideal training prep. Had real concerns about being capable of running this marathon, but was determined to start-finish, albeit walking all the way, if need be... or even on a skateboard (although my sense of balance is pretty awful and anyway, I'm fairly sure the rules don't allow for this mode of transport !). Thanks for the support of ELR, especially those of you (you know who you are) who supported me and gave me the confidence to avoid thoughts of skateboarding, whilst running sensibly.....
So enough of my whinging tosh....One of my toughest runs (by 26 odd miles), but I can't believe I've just run the Chicago Marathon. The highlight of my run was at mile 10 & seeing the man in Red (alas, not Craig, but an Elvis impersonator)- I jest not!
4/6 Abbott Majors- Cracking! #elrstrong

Bournemouth Marathon - Sunday 8th October 2017

Jimmy Dale4.20.16 pb
Kate Frost5.59.43 debut1991st
Kate Frost:- IT band got the better of me and I had to walk the last 6 miles
but so happy to have finished my first marathon

Eindhoven Marathon, Holland - Sunday 8th October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Michael Wilson3.33.35696th
Hi, Well done to everyone who raced today and yesterday, there are a lot of results.
I am in Eindhoven, Holland for the weekend and completed the Marathon in a time of 3.33.35!
I don't normally drink, but will be having a beer with my meal later!.
I will write a report later Don!

,b.Mick's report:- Thoughts and reflections of a weekend in Eindhoven.

It is Saturday evening and I am leaving the excellent Tanita Tikarim concert, just a stones throw from my hotel across the town square. It is cold and the drizzle has turned into heavy rain. I wake Sunday morning feeling tense, tired and anxious. Down to breakfast for some muesli, crossaints and fruit tea cake. I go for a walk/jog around town to loosen my legs. It is warmer than the previous day. The Marathon hoardings are being set up. There are puddles everywhere. I return to my room for last minute preparations. I walk to the start, see Adam Wild and we wish each other good luck.

The first half.
My legs feel ok at the beginning and I ease into a comfortable pace. Not too fast. After 5k i get aching pains in my lower back. This has been bothering me again the last couple of weeks. I forgot to do my stretches this morning. I feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, the sun has disappeared and there is a breeze. And I am running against it. I feel slow. Being held back. Will I be able to finish? Finishing a marathon is an achievement in itself isn't it? Maybe I should concentrate on sub 4 hours now, if anything. Then it starts to rain! Songs spin through my mind during early parts of marathons. Those lyrics sweep through my head again - 'I'm losing on the swings, I'm losing on the roundabouts' (Marillion - Script of a Jester's Tear - Thank you Fish & Co)! I am losing faith, confidence and self belief. Forever the under achiever. I dig in. Just get to half way and re-evaluate.

The second Half.
21k. Only a half marathon to go now. That's not very far is it? I look at my time. 1.40. It is not slow after all. It is quite quick. Too quick, I will pay for it later. I do not have Strava to check my pace. I have felt 'good' the last few miles and I am in a steady rhythm. I take a gel out of my pocket and suck it for about 3 miles. Never taken gels before, well only a couple in training. Gives me something else to think about. No bad reaction from it. No need for other sugar intake. I have forgotten about my back ache. The KM's are passing quickly. 12, 11, 10km to go. Not far at all. I have slowed a lot but feel confident now. Just take it steady to the end. 5k and my legs are protesting. I am used to this. Dig in. The group with the 3.30 pacemaker passes me. I am unable to stay with them. I am back in the city centre with only 1km left to run. Crowds of people line the streets. Michael, Michael, c'mon they roar at me. I hold up my fist and shout back, c'mon, c'mon. I have no idea of my time. I see the finish line down the road. It is a glorious feeling. I cross the finish line and stop my watch. 3.33.35. Disbelief, relieved, I am ecstatic, emotional, laughing. I walk towards other Runners. We congratulate each other. We chat and shake hands. My back is fine now. I collect my medal. I have made it!

Perkins Great Eastern Half Marathon, Peterborough - Sunday 8th October 2017

Marc Akers1.56.16 pb1665th

Yorkshire Marathon - Sunday 8th October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Scott McMillan3.07.12 debut158th
Alex Day3.09.27176th
James Nichols3.35.10589th
James Nichols:- Was going really well on target at 30k but blew up. Testing course.
Still delighted to tick marathon number 6 off. Couple of out and backs meant I saw Alex
and Scott looking strong on the way round, really pleased for Scott after what happened last year,
cracking time - well done mate.
Marathon number 6 completed, 3 hours 35 minutes, bit disappointing - lesson from this one is not to
rely on taxis on the morning of a marathon, could've done without the 3.5 mile walking warm up -
although the lack of quality long runs during training probably a bigger factor in why I ran out of
gas with 12k to go. Happy enough though, enjoyable place to spend a weekend is York.
Next up - Paris in April next year.

Scott McMillan Yorkshire Marathon race report.
Where do I begin? Probably just under a year ago, when I was in the back of an ambulance somewhere near Chelmsford, barely able to remember my own name, and not having a clue where I was. "Do you have any idea what you were doing today?" the ambulance staff asked me. "Well, it looks like I'm wearing my running kit. Was I running in a race?".

It took four months to establish that there had been nothing more seriously wrong with me than epic levels of dehydration, which is when I decided I had to have another go. And next time, my kids would be getting a big hug at the finish line, not a FaceTime call from intensive care. And while not everything that went wrong that day was in my control, I knew there was a lot I could do better.

So this time round I threw away my training plan from last time, and instead improvised as I went, listening to my body and what it said it was capable of, week by week, day by day. I trained harder, putting in more miles, more quality miles, and especially more miles at marathon pace, so that race day would feel less alien and uncomfortable to me. And, finally, I practised drinking more while I was running. Well, duh.

So onto race day. I knew from a recent 5k PB that my form was better than last time, and physically I felt good, taper seemed to have sorted all my niggles, I'd slept well, and crucially I hadn't been ill in the run up this time around. But still, mentally, I had some pretty big doubts as to whether I could actually get the job done.

The great Yorkshireman Dickie Bird started us off, and I settled straight into a 7:08/mile pace, and it felt easy. The course took us through the city centre, past some bemused locals who were presumably only there because they were waiting for the shops to open, and then looped out into the countryside, through loads of pretty villages, where the residents were much more supportive. To help keep my mind from worrying, I was high fiving everything in sight. Some kids. An old man. A vicar. An entire troop of girl guides.

Before I knew it I was half way, a little ahead of schedule in around 1:33:30, at the first switchback, where my family were waiting to cheer me on, and I tried to wear an expression which said "I'm doing great, I'm drinking loads, I'm not going to die, honest!". The course was fast and flat, and after a long drag to the next switchback, I saw a couple of familiar faces coming the other way - James Nichols and Alex Day (hang on, I'm ahead of Alex Day? WHAT IS GOING ON?) - which broke up the monotony of this section.

The last 10k was back through some more scenic villages, with more high fives for the kids. But it was only when I passed 23.5 miles, where I failed so hard last time, that I started to believe I could do this; by this point I was picking off dozens of struggling runners, knowing how they must be feeling, and hoping they'd all stay upright.
Mile 25 was fast, mile 26 my fastest of the entire race, and I managed some sort of sprint to the line, to finish in a good for age time of 3:07:12 (an average of, yep, 7:08/mile) where my family were waiting for me. This time, I got to hug my kids with a marathon finisher medal round my neck, and it was one of the happiest moments of my entire life.

Royal Parks Half Marathon - Sunday 8th October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Daniel Lee1.23.3086th
Emily Clarke1.35.31 pb750th
Jamie Xavier1.37.101054th
Andy Kumar1.39.381441st
Laura Woodhouse1.47.47 pb3047th
Megan Cullis1.59.086404th
Robyn Turtle1.59.18 pb6471st
Andy Bolderstone2.03.387646th
Joanna Wood2.34.2814117th
Elizabeth ODonnell2.52.4715535th
Maya Goodwin3.07.4216028th
Joanna Wood reports:- Royal Parks Half Marathon race report.
Well what a race! Travel no issues, meeting up with Liz O'Donnell no issues. Bag drop no issues - toilets. ... well half an hour queue but we didn't have much else to do hanging around did we??
Start took about 30mins to get across the line, the sun just broke through the clouds and then we were off.
This was never going to be a PB course, for 2 reasons. I've struggled with my training and so purposely wasn't even attempting a PB. I always put too much pressure on myself and today was going to be different. Today was about enjoying the race whilst raising money for charity. Also the first 3miles were jam-packed with no room to break away even if you wanted to - but with a steady pace I was happy with that.
The sights were great, how often do we actually look at where we are?
Buckingham Palace made me feel quite patriotic and I know the Queen was cheering me on from her balcony, she text me last night saying she'd downloaded to app!!!
The Strand was great to run along and to be honest I had a great first half. My time was steady and I felt good and I'd even slowed down to chat to someone who was wearing my charity's top to find out his motivation for running today.
Now this is monumental as Marc & Jason will confirm as I NEVER talk and run! ! I am the most antisocial runner ever!
Then about mile 7 a game changer - my mum jumped out of the crowd cheering me on!! I wasn't expecting any spectators for me today so what a fantastic sight!! And she had no idea where I was as the app had crashed! What were the chances of us seeing each other?! I admit I stopped for about 5mins to talk to her and walk her to the next viewing point. I tried to take a pic but my phone was steamed up - that's how hard I was working! ! But I was so cuffed!
I saw her again a couple of miles later, yes another stop - in between I saw Mark Boulten shouting as I ran past which really gave me a boost!
By this stage I had also seen Andy twice - and blow me both times he caught me walking! Now in my defence the first time was because I had a wedgie and just had to readjust as discreetly as I could! The second time I had just got a bottle at the water station so took a 1minute walk whilst topping up. I promise Andy I did run in between!!! Honest!
Approaching mile 9 I saw a work colleague in the crowd (again what are the chances?!) and so stopped to talk to her. Approaching mile 10 I saw Maya and her friends - yes you've guessed it, I stopped again. The last 3 miles seemed endless but I saw my mum at 800m marker and tried a little sprint.
I think I probably added about 20mins to my time unnecessarily and would have finished around the 2hrs 15 mark had I not been gass-bagging! And that would only have been a few mins over a PB! (so the future looks good minus chatting next time 😁). But you know what? I had a great time and the money I've raised says it all!!
There were parts of the course that were so loud I couldn't wait to get there and see what was going on. And it was us!! The supporters were cheering, shouting, dancing, screaming all for us and I got quite emotional. They didn't care what top you had on, what charity you were running for or how fast or slow you were. They made us all feel like we were doing something extrodinary - and you know what? We did!
So a MASSIVE thank you for all those who have supported me (emotionally, financially with sponsorship and also those who've spent training time invested in getting me back on track).

Andy Bolderstone reports:- Royal Parks half
I was lucky to win a free entry to this race. I had already entered the Shoreditch 10k so had a choice to make. I think I made the right one😊. What a great race - route, organisation and supporting a worthwhile cause. The support was great most of the way round.
My race was boring. 2 weeks after Berlin and 2 before Venice- I just ambled along trying to run a steady 7 out of 10 pace (there was more in the legs, probably, not loads but a little bit). It's an odd feeling not pushing for a best time. It was busy so I was patient not weaving about . All in all it was a rather pleasant Sunday morning.
Royal Parks is now on my list of race ballots to enter. Loved it!

Definitely on my race list for next year!😁
Forgot to add pic taken yesterday - background shows my first half marathon 2 years ago - who'd have thought I'd be doing number 6 today and booked for a full one next year? I'd have lost mega bucks at the bookies if I'd put a bet on back then! !!

Liz ODonnell reports:- A quick report on the Royal Parks half marathon.
This was my first and it’s taken me a few years. I ran for the The National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, because I have RA and improvements in drugs over the last 10 years have meant I can enjoy being a "late onset runner". I had a horrible cold which really p*ssed me off as this was the culmination of 5 years’ effort, and because of the cold I was a quite stiff, but I decided that I would give it a go anyway and not worry about times. So with the target time plan out the window, 10 random things I learned on the day were:
1) It’s fab belonging to a running club because you can meet up with your friends when you get there and Joanna Wood and I could keep each other entertained in the long toilet queue
2) As I slowly pottered along I distracted myself my learning about loads of small charities I had never heard of - my favourite was called "Send a Cow" (https://www.sendacow.org/)
3) Joanna Wood and I, quite appropriately, queued to start the race behind two women each dressed as a massive breast for the "Coppa feel" breast cancer charity and this made us laugh (https://coppafeel.org/)
4) Seeing Maya Goodwin, Jo Bull and their amazing friend Fiona at Aldwych gave me a massive boost
5) Running at the same pace as a large plastic Tyrannosaurus Rex also provided a good distraction, especially when, because of the tiny T-Rex arms, she had to stop and get marshals to pour water into her mouth for her
6) Marshals are fab and it made me realise how important it is when we marshal and cheer people on
7) I do need to get faster and yes, Grant Conway going to track is the best way to do this, and when I can raise myself off the loo without grabbing onto a sink (its getting easier!) I will be back
8) Joining ELR remains one of the best decisions I ever made, starting with Don Bennett and his 5k beginners group got me going and where else would you get a medal for running a 35 minute 5k? Huge thanks to all of you for the encouragement.
9) Royal Parks is a really beautiful course, the weather was perfect and I’d recommend it to anyone
10) I can push myself much more than I think, just go out there, give it a go and chances are it will be fine-I can't wait to do the next one and improve my time x

Shoreditch City Run 10km - Sunday 8th October 2017

Mark Moir41.14215th
Craig Livermore42.38
Nick Hoult43.57496th
Kat Maskell51.091591st
George Georgiou51.201615th
Stuart Barton53.502028th
Caroline McGirr55.01 pb2269th
Rachel Le Roux55.092293rd
Louis Le Roux55.102297th
Tina Bennett55.21 pb2323rd
Sinead Ryan57.07 pb2627th
Sharon Lincoln1.00.453142nd
Stuart Barton reports:- A great 10k this morning, I met up with a few other ELR and we traveled
to hipster central, A well organized start (apart from the loos), We all got into our pens and before
we new it we were off, A lots of twist and turns around the residential area of Shoreditch, a few people
had ventured out to cheer us along, At 8k we hit some cobbles they were not nice. I never got a PB but
close, A good selection of goodies at the end and nice bit of bling. Next stop Beachy head,

Tina Bennett reports:- For those who know me well you’ll know how broken my body was after the London Marathon. I desperately tried to pull off the Newham 10km on the 2nd July only to hobble from 5km with a pulled calf and failed again to officially break the 1 hr. Today on the tail end of a chesty cough and a week on lemsip I lined up with minimal motivation for the Shoreditch city run 10km. I got round injury free and completely shocked myself with a PB of 55:21. Today is a good day. So wonderful also to meet up with you ELR lot, it’s been a while.

Craig Livermore reports:-
I headed off for 06:05 to catch the N8 into London, for the Adidas City Run: Shoreditch. Got there at 07:24, the race not starting until 09:00, talk about keen eh? I call it leaving room for compromise.
It was nice chatting with a few runners before the start, to understand what their goals were etc. To be honest I couldn't have felt anymore relaxed going into it this morning, kind of like my last race on Tuesday.

So before we headed off, we did a brief warm up with none other than 3 time Olympic gold medalist, Tom Daly. Talk about an awesome start to the morning, I thought "it can't get any better than this." How wrong I was, opening up with a 6:27 mile, I didn't feel like I was going that fast. I was only meant to 7:00 average, to get just under 44 mins.
Long story short, I didn't touch the 7min barrier until the 6th mile (7:02), gradually getting slower to hit my goal pace. I sprinted for the finish at (6:21 pace), but my reserves for any quicker than that were by and large, depleted. My provisional time is 42:50, but will update when I've got my official result.

I know this is a lengthy post, but so much has gone right this week that I can't help but be over the moon (pardon the pun in this instance). I'm more or less back now, just need to unlock some more speed and endurance and I should be fine, but we'll see.
I'd also like to thank all of those in and out of the club, for being there for me when I needed you all the most. And because I wasn't at the last ELVIS race, consider this my send off race for our good old comrade Roger Dixon. I'll miss him heaps, he had a profound effect on brining out the best in me and imparting invaluable advice that I can't thank him enough for.
I'll see you all Wednesday, as I'm hella exhausted!

Plymouth 10km - Sunday 8th October 2017

Michael Bamford42.46113th
2569 finishers.

QEOP 10km - Saturday 7th October 2017

Alex Bee37.386th
Laura Johnston53.04103rd
230 finishers.

Essex Cross Country Relays (approx 4.3km) - Saturday 7th October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Dan Senior16.3814th 0f 80
Karen Levison17.4123rd of 80
Eleanor Wilkinson18.5134th 0f 80
Ciaran Canavan18.1827th of 80
Fiona Critchley22.0171st of 84
Alexandra Brown19.3341st of 84
Rachel Le Rouxno time
Tricia ONeill21.4265th of 84
Sarah Burns21.1159th of 84
Maud Hodsonno time
Spencer Evans16.2960th of 162
Paul Thompson18.05111th of 162
Jonathan Wooldridge18.46128th of 162
Mark Moir18.28123rd of 162
Jonathan Shaw19.02136th of 162
Lance Fuller21.10154th of 162
Paul Marshallno time
Stuart Norrisno time
Shahib Miah Ali18.05110th of 162
John Healy20.23147th of 162
Louis Le Rouxno time
Shaun DeSenano time
Mixed team 5th place - 1.11.28

Women's teams 24th place
26th place

Men's teams 28th - 1.11.48
37th - 1.17.52
41st - 1.21.45

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 7th October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
John Henry19.1716th - 69.75% Finsbury
Calvin Bobin22.19 debut5th - 73.11% Tamar Trails
Dan Gritton18.173rd - 76.74% Roding Valley
Peter Hatley21.16 (course pb)11th - 65.67% Roding Valley
Sheila Kennedy59.44 (tailwalker)96th - 31.14% Roding Valley
Claire Emery29.24 debut267th - 55.10% Long Eaton
Patrick Brown17.44 debut2nd - 73.31% Hillsborough
Liam Dempsey25.4239th - 50.32% Brentwood
Shailesh Patel30.38230th - 48.53% Leicester Victoria
Tim Aylett24.5830th - 54.27% Sittingbourne
Stuart Barton26.07 debut686th - 55.14% - Bushy
Paula Bedford23.2287th - 66.83% - Hackney
Kat Maskell24.11 (course pb)101st - 62.23% - Hackney
Jakub Czeczotka27.22157th - 48.48% - Hackney
Aaron Browne18.441st - 68.86% - Valentines
Simon Thomas19.032nd - 68.50% - Valentines
Ashley Faria20.017th - 71.94% - Valentines
Lauren Aston23.31 (1st woman)33rd - 62.93% - Valentines
Maran Raju26.0066th - 57.63% - Valentines
Suzanne Cubitt26.1670th - 57.30% - Valentines
Paul Marshall26.1771st - 49.65% - Valentines
Abdirahman Adan28.1094th - 51.54% - Valentines
Sharon Springfield23.2445th - 67.24% - Wanstead
Alex Jameson24.30 (course pb)54th - 58.78% - Wanstead
Colin Dryland24.5464th - 57.36% - Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor25.3170th - 64.14% - Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi25.3672nd - 58.53% - Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar25.37 (150th parkrun)73rd - 62.59% - Wanstead
Catherine Brett26.0578th - 65.88% - Wanstead
Fiona Day26.4386th - 71.62% - Wanstead
Maud Hodson27.2196th - 58.07% -Wanstead
Sarah Burns27.2297th - 56.21% - Wanstead
Nick Hoult28.49121st - 48.47% - Wanstead
Caroline Moore29.04126th - 61.47% - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards31.13142nd - 50.40% - Wanstead
Gareth Davies31.14143rd - 46.85% - Wanstead
Shaun DeSena28.24 debut99th - 45.54% - Raphael
Sinead Ryan29.4298th - 52.97% - Gunpowder
John Booth18.0610th - 73.79% - Mile End
Mark Moir19.18 (course pb)20th - 66.84% - Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali27.17 (with buggy)186th - 47.53% - Mile End
Samia Choudhury33.44 debut258th - 43.87% - Mile End
Janet Bywater24.5839th - 68.83% - Walthamstow
Ravinder Bassi45.00 debut122nd - 34.70% - Walthamstow
Andrew Howard23.25 debut58th - 66.19% Wimpole Estate
45 parkruns at 17 venues, 2 first finishers for Aaron & Lauren, both at Valentines.
8 debuts and 4 course pbs.150th parkrun for Bernadett.
5 Age Grade bests for Kat Maskell, Abdirahman, Alex, Mark Moir and John Henry.
ELR parkrun records for:-
Calvin Bobin at Tamar Trails.
Andrew Howard at Wimpole Estate from Alan Branch.
Claire Emery at Long Eaton.

Chingford League - Event 1 - Hog Hill 5km, Redbridge Cycle Circuit - Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Karen Levison20.0712th
Eleanor Wilkinson21.1121st
Emily Clarke21.1522nd
Paula Bedford21.4326th
Sheetal Dandgey23.2645th
Alexandra Turnbull23.3548th
Laura Woodhouse23.4551st
Lauren Aston24.0356th
Chloe Millan24.0957th
Maud Hodson25.2469th
Kat Maskell25.4774th
Tricia ONeill25.5775th
Katie Whitton25.5976th
Zuzana Urbanova26.0577th
Catherine Brett27.1484th
Claire Emery27.3386th
Caroline Moore27.4887th
Catriona Hoult28.2692nd
Caroline McGirr28.2793rd
Anna Dingle29.1697th
Sheila Kennedy29.50101st
Helen McGuinness30.04102nd
Sinead Ryan30.13103rd
Sarah Pascal30.55106th
Maya Goodwin32.16108th
Thomas Grimes16.294th
Euan Brown16.355th
Patrick Brown17.1515th
Billy Rayner17.5425th
Alex Bee18.0131st
Stuart Kelly18.5447th
Dan Senior19.0349th
Simon Thomas19.1457th
Spencer Evans19.2061st
Aaron Williams19.5370th
Mark Moir20.1477th
Paul Marshall20.4087th
Neil Gage20.4892nd
Michael Bamford21.0095th
Grant Conway21.1197th
James Creed21.28102nd
Peter Hatley21.41105th
Regis Martin21.42106th
Craig Livermore21.58110th
Calvin Bobin22.37120th
Stuart Norris23.03128th
Michael Wilson23.17131st
John Healy24.23141st
Maran Raju24.52145th
Alex Jameson24.54146th
Gareth Davies25.27150th
Tim Aylett25.39156th
Jason Levy26.09160th
Shaun DeSena29.24168th
Men's A Team 3rd 8pts
B Team 4th 7pts
Vets 5th 6pts
Ladies Team 2nd 9th
Ladies Vets 3rd 8th

Mike Reports.ELR turned up in force for the first race in the Chingford League calendar, with a record 54 Runners taking part. The formidable Karen Levison was first for ELR in the ladies race with a time of 20.07 to take 3rd place. Ellie Wilkinson and Emily Clarke (9th and 10th place respectively) and Paula Bedford (12th) also impressed.
Thomas Grimes looked to have taken 3rd position in the men's race in very close finish, but was ultimately placed 4th with both athletes given the same time of 16.29. Not far behind was Euan Brown in 4th place, whilst his brother Patrick was 15th and Billy Rayner 25th.
There were many debuts and fine performances - too many to mention. Thanks to all our Runners, also our marshalls and spectators who turned up on the night.

Harold Wood Charity Run 10km - Sunday 1st October 2017

Victoria Charlesworth47.36111th
154 finishers.

XIX Carrera Urbana Villa De El Gastor (8km Trail) - Sunday 1st October 2017

Antonio Martin Romero28.372nd

Stewarts Moor Park 10km - Sunday 1st October 2017

Thomas Grimes35.102nd
501 finishers.

Cardiff Half Marathon - Sunday 1st October 2017

Julie Creffield3.04.5218,478th

Middlesex 10km Championship, Victoria Park - Sunday 1st October 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Mark Boulton36.4562nd
Dan Gritton37.2675th
Robert Rayworth39.41129th
Laura Johnston55.34283rd
296 finishers.

Robert and Dan pictured at the race!

35th Anniversary Party - Saturday 30th September 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery

Run Through Velopark 10m - Saturday 30th September 2017

Tim Le Rasle1.10.155th
Rachel Le Roux1.37.0546th
Diana Rexhepaj1.37.0547th
78 finishers.

Run Through Velopark 10km - Saturday 30th September 2017

Jamie Xavier43.2617th
126 finishers.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 30th September 2017

Aaron Browne19.08 debut8th - 67.42% Grovelands
Roisin Archer21.5735th - 68.56% Grovelands
Ijeoma Anozie25.34149th - 59.84% Hackney
Ruel Ordonio26.07158th - 53.48% Hackney
Roselin Boramakot27.18 (course pb)178th - 54.21% Hackney
Calvin Bobin20.597th - 77.76% Roding Valley
Tim Aylett25.4747th - 52.55% Roding Valley
Shaun DeSena28.39 debut217th - 45.14% Bedford
Peter Hatley22.49 debut74th - 61.21% Highbury Fields
Michael Bamford22.50 debut75th - 65.11% Highbury Fields
Jonathan Wooldridge25.40 debut138th - 55.65% Highbury Fields
Stuart Kelly18.542nd - 69.05% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.095th - 71.46% Valentines
Shahib Miah Ali20.106th - 64.30% Valentines
Clive Mehew22.00 debut12th - 64.47% Valentines
Lauren Aston23.4332nd - 62.40% Valentines
Victoria Charlesworth27.3677th - 57.55% Valentines
Samia Choudhury34.01140th - 43.51% Valentines
Ravinder Bassi42.32186th - 36.72% Valentines
Shailesh Patel56.55 (tailwalker)207th - 26.12% Valentines
Stuart Barton27.06 debut30th - 53.14% Westmill
Ciaran Canavan19.196th - 72.30% Wanstead
Scott McMillan19.518th - 69.77% Wanstead
Mark Moir20.0810th - 64.07% Wanstead
Roger Stubbs21.01 (course pb)14th - 73.12% Wanstead
Paula Bedford21.24 (course pb & 1st lady)17th - 72.98% Wanstead
Felicity Price-Thomas22.2129th - 66.22% Wanstead
Sarah Burns23.3955th - 65.05% Wanstead
Andrew Fitzgerald23.52 (course pb)58th - 54.96% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar25.0476th - 63.96% Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.0577th - 63.32% Wanstead
Ellen Jones25.5392nd - 57.24% Wanstead
Carolyn Edwards25.55 (course pb)93rd - 57.68% Wanstead
Fiona Day26.52104th - 71.22% Wanstead
Nick Hoult27.03113th - 51.63% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards29.32156th - 53.27% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult30.40165th - 50.54% Wanstead
Lucy Williams34.02188th - 44.96% Wanstead
Don Bennett34.03189th - 46.30% Wanstead
Katie Whitton51.53 (tailwalker)224th - 28.53% Wanstead
Paul Marshall21.05 debut14th - 61.90% Raphaels
Fiona Critchley26.53 debut62nd - 63.11% Billericay
Richard Potter24.19 (50th parkrun)32nd - 53.94% Gunpowder
Sinead Ryan28.5566th - 54.41% Gunpowder
Patrick Brown17.34 (course pb)5th - 74% Mile End
John Booth18.2111th - 72.75% Mile End
Graham Peacock22.1987th - 59.82% Mile End
Thomas Grimes17.19 (course pb)1st - 77.09% Gladstone
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera25.59 (course pb)51st - 58.50% Barking
Andrew Howard23.56 debut9th - 64.76% East Grinstead
Janet Bywater25.3027th - 67.39% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater28.0249th - 53.45% Walthamstow
James Nichols20.568th - 62.34% Brentwood
Alexandra Wilkinson26.0247th - 62.23% Hockley Woods
54 parkruns at 18 venues, 2 first finishers,8 course pbs and 10 debuts.
First finishers for Thomas at Gladstone and Paula at Wanstead.
50th parkrun for Richard Potter.
Age Grade Bests for this year from Victoria, Andrew, Carolyn, Lucy and both Alexandra's.
ELR parkrun records for:-Shaun DeSena at Bedford, Stuart Barton at Westmill,
Thomas at Gladstone and Andrew Howard at East Grinstead.

Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5km - Friday 29th September 2017

Andrew Baxter19.1134th - 75.7%
209 finishers.

Go Tri Duathlon, QEOP Velopark - Tuesday 26th September 2017

Sarah Burns1.00.551st woman (sprint)
Paula Bedford1.02.272nd woman (sprint)
Louis Le Roux1.00.2612th man
Graham Peacock1.04.0316th man
Rachel Le Roux36.362nd supersprint
Shaun DeSena36.484th supersprint
Sprint Duathlon 3.4k run, 16k cycle, 3.4k run.
Sarah 16.00, 29.00,15.54 = 1.00.55
Paula 14.30, 33.18, 14.38 = 1.02.27
Louis 16.23, 27.15, 16.47 = 1.00.26
Graham 15.26, 33.50, 14.47 = 1.04.03
also Michael Bamford 14.20, 22.35, 15.54 = 52.50 (puncture)

Supersprint Duathlon 1.6k run, 8k cycle,1.6k run.
Rachel 8.38, 19.13, 8.43 = 36.36
Shaun 8.52, 18.30,9.24 = 36.48
Don 10.39, 2 lap cycle, 1 mile run(untimed) (mechanical)

Next events are on Tuesday 10th October & Tuesday 7th November 2017

Disneyland Paris Half Marathon - Sunday 24th September 2017

Julie Creffield3.23.336047th

Yes To Life 10km, Victoria Park - Sunday 24th September 2017

Ashley Faria42.37 pb1st
28 finishers.

Elvis 7 - Valentines Park 5km hosted by East London Runners - Sunday 24th September 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes16.52 (15.54)2nd - scorer
Patrick Brown17.27 (17.26)4th - scorer
John Booth17.36 (17.34)*pb5th - scorer - 76.38%
Billy Rayner17.42 (17.40)6th
Alex Bee18.05 (18.01)*9th - 72.06%
Dan Senior18.22 (18.21)14th - scorer
Daniel Lee18.31 (18.30)*15th - scorer - 78.56%
Spencer Evans18.40 (18.36)16th
Ciaran Canavan19.05 (19.01)*19th - scorer - 73.62%
Jennifer Ansell19.20 (19.17)22nd - 2nd scorer
Tim Le Rasle19.36 (19.31)30th - 28th
Mark Moir19.42 (19.37)*31st - 29th - 66.19%
Karen Levison20.01 (19.58)35th - 4th scorer 1st V45
Ava Lee20.10 (20.06)36th - 5th scorer 1st V35
Nick Hoult20.35 (20.28)*pb43rd - 38th - 68.40%
Paul Thompson20.41 (20.32)45th - 40th
Paul Marshall20.46 (20.38)*46th - 41st - 63.65%
Manjit Singh20.48 (20.47)*47th - 42nd - 67.36%
Eleanor Wilkinson20.51 (20.45) =pb48th - 6th scorer
Roger Stubbs20.55 (20.47)*pb49th - 43rd - 73.78%
Peter Hatley21.14 (21.06)*54th - 48th - 66.35%
Grant Conway21.20 (21.13)55th - 49th
Neil Gage21.21 (21.11)56th - 50th
Matthew Sharpe21.35 (21.28)*61st - 54th - 60.95%
Jonathan Shaw21.38 (21.36)*62nd - 55th - 64.81%
Caroline Frith21.52 (21.45)65th - 8th (Elvis debut)
Stuart Norris22.00 (21.51)* pb68th - 60th - 59.42%
Richard Potter22.05 (21.49)69th - 61st
Graham Peacock22.12 (22.02)*71st - 62nd - 60.89%
Shailesh Patel22.20 (22.08)73rd - 64th
Sheetal Dandgey22.36 (22.30)76th - 10th
Richard Guest22.53 (22.44)80th - 70th
Rotimi Oyegunle22.59 (22.52)*82nd - 72nd - 60.35%
Gareth Davies23.36 (23.13)94th - 81st
Chloe Millan23.39 (23.27)96th - 14th
David Hallybone23.43 (23.27)99th - 85th
Lance Fuller23.45 (23.29)100th - 86th
Jay Sangha23.49 (23.35)103rd - 88th
Andrew Fitzgerald23.54 (23.43)*105th - 89th - 54.74%
John Healy23.55 (23.44)106th - 90th
Katherine Harris24.05 (23.47)108th - 17th
Julie Campbell24.23 (24.14)114th - 20th
Joanna Neville24.25 (24.13)*116th - 21st - 61.53%
Stephen Swan24.27 (24.10)*118th - 97th - 54.00%
Kat Maskell24.51 (24.35)125th - 24th
Stuart Barton24.52 (24.34)126th - 102nd
Zuzana Urbanova24.55 (24.51)*129th - 27th (Elvis debut)59.96%
Lucy Barron24.56 (24.42)130th - 28th
Ramesh Pala24.59 (24.42)135th - 103rd
George Georgiou25.06 (24.50)136th - 104th
Kathryn Hertzberg25.14 (25.00)*136th - 31st
Tricia ONeill25.18 (25.08)137th - 32nd
Alex Jameson25.26 (25.07)* pb140th - 106th - 57.40%
Bernadett Kalmar25.30 (25.13)139th - 33rd
Viktor Szabadi25.41 (25.22)143rd - 107th
Suzanne Taylor25.43 (25.31)142nd - 35th (Elvis debut)
Mary Connolly26.06 (25.49)144th - 37th
Liam Dempsey26.10 (25.56)148th - 109th
Suzanne Cubitt26.12 (25.56)*pb147th - 38th - 57.71%
Katie Whitton26.18 (25.58)148th - 39th
Robyn Turtle26.21 (26.05)*149th - 40th - 56.61%
Katherine Gardner26.39 (26.21)*155th - 43rd - 56.99%
Rachel Le Roux26.41 (26.32)156th - 44th
Caroline Moore27.00 (26.41)*159th - 46th - 66.98%
Caroline McGirr27.07 (26.59)* pb161st - 47th - 55.22%
Anna Dingle27.47 (27.27)*pb173rd - 54th - 55.92%
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera27.47 (27.36)174th - 55th
Diana Rexhepaj27.58 (27.50)176th - 57th
Catriona Hoult28.29 (28.13)186th - 65th
John Atkinson28.34 (28.17)187th - 122nd
Helen McGuinness28.34 (28.23)188th - 66th
Sandra Hiller28.50 (28.33)*pb190th - 68th - 63.47%
Sarah Pascal28.58 (28.42)*pb192nd - 70th - 56.84%
Joanna Wood29.35 (29.18)200th - 76th
Jason Levy29.37 (29.18)201st - 125th
Victoria Charlesworth30.02 (28.09)207th - 82nd
Katy Taylor35.03 (34.43)*237th - 101st - 44.55%
249 finishers.
Team results - Men 1st ELR - Thomas, Patrick & John.
Team results - Ladies 1st ELR - Jenny, Karen & Ava.
Elvis team results - Men 1st ELR & as above plus Dan Senior, Danny Lee & Ciaran.
Elvis team results -Ladies 1st ELR & as above plus Ellie.
Elvis round-up
159 ELR's took part in at least one Elvis race, 7 completed all 7 races,18 completed 6 events and
23 completed 5 races. 48 made the final results with 5 races or more.
The 7's Danny Lee 90pts (2nd V40), Paul Thompson 249pts, Caroline Moore 275pts, Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera 317pts,Shailesh Patel 408pts, Rotimi Oyegunie 513pts and Stuart Barton 621pts.

The 6's Thomas Grimes 12pts (1st overall), Ava Lee 17ps (1st V35, 3rd overall),Dan Senior 92pts (3rd V40),
Ellie Wilkinson 41pts (4th overall), Katherine Harris 94pts (4th overall), Patricia ONeill 158pts(3rd V45),
John Atkinson 732 pts(2nd V70),Spencer Evans 132pts, Mark Moir 198pts, Grant Conway 291pts, Ramesh Pala 448pts,Marc Akers 614pts, George Georgiou 570pts, Jason Levy 651pts, Rachel LeRoux 227pts, Fiona Day 225pts,Diana Rexhepaj 306 pts and Sarah Pascal 406pts.

5 events Jenny Ansell 6pts(1st lady overall), Patrick Brown 26pts (3rd overall), Billy Rayner 33pts (4th overall),Scott McMillan 102pts (4th V40),
Suzanne Bench 99pts (2nd V45), Julie Campbell 161pts (2nd V55),Sheetal Dandgey 89pts, Sarah Burns 150pts,Chloe Millan 122pts, Helen McGuiness 411pts, Sandra Hiller 436pts, James Nichols 153pts, Shahib Miah Ali 275pts, Ashley Faria 278pts, Jonny Shaw 310pts, Paul Marshall 344pts, Andrew Howard 387pts, John Healy 452pts, Nathaniel Dye 479pts, Andy Bolderstone 535pts, David Hallybone 538pts, Kieran Brown 539pts and Frank Brownlie 697pts.

Berlin Marathon - Sunday 24th September 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Paul Quinton2.51.44832nd
Jakub Czeczotka3.52.1111835th
Andy Bolderstone4.52.4924029th
Roselin Boramakot4.57.02
Berlin Marathon report by Andy Bolderstone

A month or so ago I decided to forget about times and just realize that 4 marathons in one year for someone like me (slow and with 3 marathons in 4 years previously) is a feat in itself. Had to keep reminding myself today though.
Today Berlin was grotty - grey skies, intermittent rain and cold (it said 15degrees but felt colder)

It is a busy race. So many people running. I was in the last pen which meant waiting around in the rain showers. It was so busy up til halfway that it was hard to find space to pass people. All my times were 10+ mins a mile (usually my second half pace). And a confession I neglected my core work and boy did it tell. My back was sore that in the second half of the race I walked roughly .2 of a mile for a lot of the second half to get some respite. Mile 19 - duh! I remembered I had painkillers so I got to the next water station and took some. Mile 25 was my quickest of the whole race at 9.30 ish and the final .6 at 9.17 pace. Oh well. I've learnt lots this year so I hope to put that into practise for Venice next month (mid race I was adamant I wasn't doing it).

My race weekend could have been more conducive to a good race (I travelled late on Friday evening, rented a room as I was on my own and really missed Annette and the girls) and the weather was miserable ( I had been fearing an Indian summer but it seems the sun chose wisely and shined on ELR today).

Berlin was a course that could be great for fast times. If you're an elite runner. Every 3 miles us slowies had to run through mountains of plastic cups (cups not bottles! Come on Berlin you're meant to be a major marathon).

If I had been in a higher starting pen I reckon I could have knocked a min a mile of my first half (maybe 🤔) which would have brought me close to a pb but I didn't merit one to be honest. Four weeks to improve my core before Venice!! Oh and I brought up 1000 miles in 2017 mid race😁

3 marathons (2 pb's) down, 1 left this year.

Paul Quinton:- Berlin Marathon 2:51:45. Gutted, but I wont stop until that 2:45 barrier is broken! Thanks to my long suffering wife for being so understanding when I go running for hrs on end every weekend!

Berlin marathon race report by Rosalind.

I didn't have a great lead up to the race, a sprained ankle and illness meant my taper was extended to 5 weeks. September was restricted to sporadic 5ks and my longest run being the 10k club run the week of the marathon! I was nervous, worried but excited!

It was a mad rush to get to the Expo to pick up my number on Saturday. Thankfully, going last minute meant no queues! Expo was underwhelming. After paying over 100 euros for the registration, I forked out another 27 for the finishers t-shirt! 😨 Left with a yucky khaki coloured shirt as all the nice tops had sold out, YES sold out! I had to get some memento for the event though so had to make do.

It was a good 5km walk from the nearest station to the start line for me and my feet were already throbbing from all the sightseeing. Conditions were wet and humid. The first 10 miles flew by, my foot and ankle was hurting but tolerable. I aimed to get to half way by 2 hrs 20 to have any hope of finishing under 5 hours and got there around 2 hrs 16 (PB at slow marathon pace so can't wait for my next half!). Wheels came apart at 17 miles, my fitness felt fine but I lost the mental battle and decided my foot was just in pieces by that point. I hated life and regretted signing up to the damn thing! I was constructing my bail out excuses to the Beachy Head gang at this point 🙈😅 and had to adapt run/walk for the next 9 miles, using the water stations as my breaks.

The water stations were disappointing, tapped water into plastic cups and no large bins for runners to chuck their waste in meant for 500m of wading through mountains of rubbish, slipping, sliding and dodging puddles. I guess the walking was pretty sensible in the end!

The atmosphere was buzzing, the band's and supporters were magnificent and kept me going all the way! I got to mile 20 and knew I would finish, only a club run left! 23 miles and only a parkrun left! I really tried to run it all the way but my foot and ankle was just screaming at me. Got my second wind at 40km and decided it was now or never for a sub 5hrs so tried to pick up the pace, turned the corner and could see the Brandenburg Gate in sight. Kicked too soon and ran out of steam when I reached it so jogged another 100m before sprinting towards the finish line! Felt so emotional on that last stretch and pretty sure I had a smile on my face the last 2kms! All in all, I had a bloody fantastic time and so happy to have finished with a PB of 1hour 5 mins! Know I have so much more in me though so really excited for the next road marathon!

Note to people running this next year...the finish line is a good 200m AFTER the Brandenburg Gate 😂 hold off that sprint finish!

Berlin Marathon race report by Jakub Czeczotka

Berlin Marathon is particularly interesting for me as I could combine the race with a trip back home to visit my parents. With cheap and short flights it’s a genuinely great excuse for a city break (just watch out for Ryanair cancellations!). Also, it’s probably the easiest Worlds Major to get into with only 2 persons for a place in the ballot. The route itself is brilliant - it’s one of the flattest marathons out there, has major landmarks (Reichstag, finish through the Brandenburg Gate), great support from the crowd and markers every kilometre (+half). We were in Berlin since Wednesday so could experience the build-up as we saw the marathon zone being set-up in Tiergarden, crossed countless times the three blue lines painted on the streets (marking the shortest route) and seen thousands running addicts at the expo (quick number pick up, great event t-shirt and jacket).

This was going to be my third marathon with two previous attempts going disastrously bad due to either injury or illness. In a way it was either third time lucky or just leave the marathon game altogether. Training has been relatively ok, I didn’t manage to get the desired volume but still experienced good progress and in the process PB’ed in 5k, 10k and half marathon so the prospects were good.

My intention was to run mostly on my heart rate which, if everything worked out, would put me on track for a 3:50-4:10 finish time. I hadn’t predicted how excited I was going to get on the start line when I was surrounded by thousands of people doing Icelandic Viking chant for warm up and watched shots of the front group including Kipchoge, Bekele and Kipsang doing some world class running.

There were definitely things that could be improved. With over 43000 participants I was prepared for toilet queues but these were the worst I’ve ever experienced. Drink stations were serving water and isotonic in cups which made drinking next to impossible while running so I had to walk to rehydrate. To me the major issue was confusion with waves, as on sign up they had asked about previous results rather than the time I’d be aiming for. So I ended up in the last wave with pacers for 4:15 and slower and I knew I had to run my own race. Sadly, I ended up weaving around slower people from previous wave for most of the race.

To my surprise I never actually hit the wall, things were simply becoming more and more difficult but this was a slow decline rather than an abrupt halt. In the first 25k I had to slow myself down a lot, from 25k to 35k things were just right and after 35k I started putting more effort with every km. I kept telling myself how close I am, measure the distance in parkruns rather than kilometres and trying to visualise the route around Hackney Marshes as a reference. There was the promise of beer (Erdinger Alkoholfrei) and a very serious medal on the finish line so I had to play the mental game with myself as in the last few kilometres things were getting rather painful. Someone told me before that if my head can go the legs will follow so I tried to keep my head busy and pump my arms to maintain the pace.

At some point I realised I’m finally on Unter Den Linden with Brandenburger Tor few hundred metres away and the finish line just after. I tried to “sprint” the last stretch so when I crossed the line I had to lean on one of the volunteers for support. Well above my expectation (I was quietly hoping for just under 4 hours) I clocked 3:52:11! This has been an all round great experience! I loved the build-up to the event, carb-loading on European-style bakery products, the Expo swamped with all things running, the overwhelming excitement of the start line and sheer determination to keep going in the last few kms.

So after all, I will carry on with marathons as I know now if the training is good the race will be good too!

Many thanks to Grant for the training plan, track sessions and support!
Cheers, Jakub

Robin Hood Marathon - Sunday 24th September 2017

Suzanne Bench4.08.49403rd
Nottingham marathon race report
Many of you will know that I was apprehensive about this event as I hadn't put in the training. I also had a cold last week and felt a bit under the weather.
Right from the start I just didn't feel right. I had a stitch from mile one and by Mile 10 was already struggling. The first half was really well supported and it was great to see Geoff and Sophie at a few points- they were cycling around the route in support. I also got support from lots of Sophie's university friends which kept me going. The route went through Woollaton park, which was beautiful but also quite hilly. The weather was also warm and started to take its toll. The worst part was at 13 miles when the half marathoners split to finish and the relatively few marathoners carried on to what was a fairly lonely but pretty route along the canal and out on to the racecourse. By 20 miles it crossed my mind that I might need to pull out as was really flagging- decided at that point to allow myself to walk through each water station. That got me to the end and I was very glad to cross the finish line. Target was 4 hours but pleased just to have got round. Would I recommend this race? The half yes, full marathon not so sure- some pretty bits but also some nasty bits on busy roads and very few people in support. Next year I think I'll be a spectator!

10km for Crohns, Hyde Park - Sunday 24th September 2017

Marc Akers50.3726th
95 finishers.

Barns Green Half Marathon - Sunday 24th September 2017

Fiona Day2.09.54783rd

Ealing Half Marathon - Sunday 24th September 2017

Shahib Miah Ali1.39.48610th
Sheila Kennedy2.06.442578th
Samia Choudhury2.53.054093rd

Pleshey & Essex Half Marathon - Sunday 24th September 2017

Robert Rayworth1.35.56108th

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 23rd September 2017

Roisin Archer21:24 - (course PB & 1st woman)15th - 70.33% - Grovelands
Eleanor Wilkinson20.12 - (course PB & 1st woman)38th - 73.27% - Hackney
Kat Maskell24.3196th - 61.39% - Hackney
Ijeoma Anozie24.46103rd - 61.78% - Hackney
Maya Goodwin31.02217th - 51.66% - Hackney
Stephen Swan24.42 (course PB)55th - 52.50% - Ipswich
Calvin Bobin20.56 (course PB)9th - 77.95% - Roding Valley
Paul Marshall22.2320th - 58.30% - Roding Valley
Katherine Harris23.45 (course debut)33rd - 63.37% - Roding Valley
Peter Hatley29.0371st - 48.08% - Roding Valley
Sheila Kennedy45.14 (tail walker)116th - 41.12% - Roding Valley
Aaron Browne18.491st - 68.56% - Valentines
Manjit Singh20.515th - 66.99% - Valentines
Michael Bamford21.07 (course PB)6th - 70.40% - Valentines
George Georgiou25.1743rd - 57.42% - Valentines
Maran Raju26.1365th - 57.15% - Valentines
Frank Brownlie26.1866th - 64.39% - Valentines
Jason Levy29.59113th - 47.64% - Valentines
Ravinder Bassi42.52200th - 36.43% - Valentines
Colin Dryland22.45 (course debut)32nd - 62.78% - Chester
Andrew Howard22.49 (course debut)8th - 67.93% - Hoblingwell
Shailesh Patel24.4835th - 59.95% - Barking
John Henry19.31 (course PB)4th - 68.40% - Walthamstow
Andrew Baxter20.01 (course PB)6th - 72.52% - Walthamstow
Stuart Barton29.17 (course debut)52nd - 49.47% - Queen Elizabeth
Janet Bywater26.39 (course debut)52nd - 64.48% - Brentwood
Steven Bywater27.09 (course debut)63rd - 55.19% - Brentwood
Tim Aylett26.0531st - 51.95% - Sittingbourne
Scott McMillan17.45 (course PB)4th - 78.03% - Wanstead
James Wilson18.536th - 72.82% - Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan19.1310th - 72.68% - Wanstead
Felicity Price-Thomas22.0532nd - 67.02% - Wanstead
Lance Fuller23.1845th - 65.95% - Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.0164th - 63.49% - Wanstead
Nick Hoult25.2872nd - 54.84% - Wanstead
Alex Jameson25.40 (course PB)78th - 56.10% - Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi25.5282nd - 57.93% - Wanstead
Sarah Burns26.2790th - 58.16% - Wanstead
Fiona Day26.3895th - 71.84% - Wanstead
Rachel Le Roux28.24127th - 52.64% - Wanstead
Caroline Moore28.37130th - 62.43% - Wanstead
Sophie Edwards29.43 (200th parkrun)144th - 52.94% - Wanstead
Lucy Williams34.27192nd - 44.41% - Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell35.51195th - 45.19% - Wanstead
Morag Campbell39.53207th - 40.20% - Wanstead
Mark Moir20.17 (course debut)21st - 63.60% - South Shields
Antonio Martin Romero17.12 (course debut)1st - 75.19% - Gunpowder
47 parkruns at 15. 4 first finishers.a 200th parkrun,
First finishes for Roisin, Ellie, Antonio and Aaron.
7 parkruns at Age Grade bests for 2017 from Ellie, Kat, Maya, Stephen, Calvin, Scott, Alex & Lucy.
ELR parkrun records for:- Mark at South Sheilds ,Stephen at Ipswich,
Colin at Chester and Andrew at Hoblingwell.

Half Ironman 70.3 , Weymouth - Sunday 17th September 2017

James Creed6.45.23
Iron man Weymouth 70.3
James Creed:- Finish time: 6:45.23
1.2 mile swim - 48.55
T1 : 10.49
56 mile bike - 3hr 44 min 53
T2: 7.37
1/2 marathon run - 1hr 53 min 10

Purbeck 16 - Sunday 17th September 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Lucy Barron3.10.39109th
179 finishers
The Purbeck Running Festival 2017 (Marathon/16)

I signed up for this event for 2 reasons 1. its 5 minutes from my Parents House 2. The Views!

Considering they rate this event as 'Hard' on the website I probably should of trained a bit harder but alas life happens, although Im not overly keen on trail running (mainly because its knackers you out a lot quicker than road running) I fancied signing up as I am very familiar with this particular area of Dorset and I absolutely adore it so fancied a challenge and fortunately I was able to rope Jenny in for another go at the Marathon and me the 16.

We took a selfie on the pier and wished each other luck with a slight look of fear in both our eyes and Jenny set off for the Marathon. A short while later I gathered with the 16 Mile group for the briefing and then we began.

The race starts in Swanage immediately heading UP the hill towards Durlston and then past Anvil Point, this was about a 4.5 mile clamber along the cliff where we eventually turned off and headed UP.....AGAIN along the coastal path towards Worth Matravas (FINALLY AN ACTUAL ROAD) up through Kingston and onwards to Corfe Castle where there was a water station which to my delight also had Jaffa Cakes on offer (to say I was excited about the sight of a jaffa cake after 11 miles of trail is an understatement), once through Corfe we ran across and began the assent up to Ballard Down where I was relieved to discover plenty of people walking as this went on for a good few miles. Eventually I reached the top where I could enjoy the descent back down to Swanage along the Sea Front and up to the finish.

Shortly after I had finished and was tucking in to a less than impressive orange my mum lept to her feet shouting "8 THEY SAID 8 THATS JENNY" I hobbled over to the finish where my mum was still keen to get her attention I pointed out that she might be a tad delirious after nearly 27 miles of trail running in under 4 hours (especially after finding out you were 1st lady).

A great event that was well sign posted with plenty of marshals along the way, although It was incredibly challenging I wouldn't say no to doing it again as It was the most scenically beautiful route I have ever experienced.

Mayors Charity Fun Run 10km, Enfield - Sunday 17th September 2017

Thomas Grimes35.201st
214 finishers.

Hatfield Forest Half Marathon - Sunday 17th September 2017

Natasha Howard2.28.26290th
352 finishers.
Natasha Howard:- Oh no! I was hoping no-one at the club would find out about this
- it was a total mud bath and my worst time ever!

Purbeck Marathon - Sunday 17th September 2017

Jennifer Ansell3.49.1010th, 1st lady

Descente London Half Duathlon - Sunday 17th September 2017

Andy Kumar1.32.10
Rachel Le Roux1.54.17
Andy - 5k run 30.45, t1 3.08, 22k bike 45.52, t2 1.56, 5k run 20.39.
Rachel - 5k run 26.21, t1 2.08, 22k bike 55.51, t2 1.13, 5k run 28.44.

Deep River Rock Belfast Half Marathon - Sunday 17th September 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Ciaran Canavan1.29.05201st / 3500
Deep River Rock Belfast Half Marathon this morning. A Lillie longer than the 2k runs currently allowed
by the Physio, and suffering a little from a hilly Rostrevor parkrun yesterday too.
Started slow and got quicker, with my last 5k being my quickest. 1:29:05 (confirmed).
201st overall out of circa 3,500

Descente London Duathlon - Sunday 17th September 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Jonathan Wooldridge2.36.18
Michael Bamford2.38.17
Peter Hatley2.47.03
Graham Peacock2.55.46
Louis Le Roux2.55.48
Duathlon 10k run, t1, 44k bike, t2, 5k run.
Jonathan 43.16, 2.15, 1.27.02, 1.50, 21.55
Michael 43.18, 1.57, 1.28.05, 1.26, 23.31.
Peter 44.04, 3.37, 1.34.18, 2.43, 22.21.
Graham 48.16, 3.16, 1.35.31, 2.33, 26.10.
Louis 45.59, 3.23, 1.33.19, 2.00, 31.07.

Descente London Ultra Duathlon - Sunday 17th September 2017

Nathaniel Dye5.27.03
20k run 1.34.21, t1 5.50,77k bike 2.46.08,t2 7.52,10k run 52.52.
That was loooooong!
London Ultra duathlon complete and really recommended.
20k run
77k bike
10k run
....and I never want to see another gel again, even the gu ones!

Descente London 10km - Sunday 17th September 2017

Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera54.46 pb
Diana Rexhepaj57.52
You know you are addicted to running and your ELR mates when you wake up at 5ham on a Sunday morning for a race ! Diana and i did a great 2 miles warm up from Richmond station, necessary cause it was pretty cold. I started the first mile quite fast but it went up hills quite quickly for the first 3k and when i looked at my watch and my pace, i started giving up the idea of a PB! Thought it was fine and i could enjoy watching the deers but once the hills finished , i saw my pace improving more and more downhills and went for a PB halfway on km5! Realised i could still go for it and when my legs started to complain at kilometer 6, i told them: come on, you carried me for a 20 miles last Sunday, stop moaning, you are not gonna let me down now... 54mins 46s: a new PB ! Really pleased with that ! It was lovely to then hang around with Diana and Rachel afterwards and cheer on for the guys doing the Duathlon! Sorry i couldn't stay longer for your duathlon, Rachel ... Diana and I finished with a 2.5 miles warm down to the station ( I am chasing a 100miles mileage this month after all ) ! Richmond is a long way but it was worth it !!!

ITU World Championship Triathlon, Rotterdam (Age Grade Final) - Sunday 17th September 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Ava Lee2.25.3428th (40-44)
89 finishers
1500m swim - 27.56, t1 5.07, 40k bike - 1.10.35, t2 2.06, 10k run - 39.51.

ITU Age Group World Championships, Rotterdam, Ava Lee 2:25, 28th out of 89
in age category - triathletes from all over the World! Amazing, huh?!

St Albans Duathlon - Sunday 17th September 2017

Dan Senior2.23.01 debut4th, 3rd man
10k run - 42.00,t1 1.08, 40k bike - 1.18.39,t2 0.57, 5k run - 20.16

Brighton & Hove Triathlon - Sunday 17th September 2017

Kat Maskell3.12.01 debut
1500m swim - 34.45, T1 - 4.04, 40k bike - 1.34.50, T2 - 2.07, 10k run - 56.18

My first one! Very well organised and highly recommend this event!
Now a hot shower and the biggest roast I can find in this city!

Baden Marathon, Karlsruhe, Germany - Sunday 17th September 2017

Dan Gritton3.06.5533rd

Reigate Half Marathon - Sunday 17th September 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Robert Rayworth1.29.23 pb
Reigate Half Marathon 1:29:23 Finally Sub 1:30 Hurray!

Richmond Half Marathon - Sunday 17th September 2017

Paula Bedford1.45.25467th
2404 finishers.

Great Run Local 5km, QEOP - Sunday 17th September 2017

Stuart Barton25.462nd - 54.7%
Jess Trayler-Moore30.564th
Maya Goodwin31.436th - 50.1%
Great Run Local. I really enjoyed it! It was really low key, only 6 of us
including Stuart Stupot Barton and Jessica Trayler-Moore , and we got the
route completely wrong and muddled, it didn't matter though, in fact it
made me run faster as I didn't want to get lost or left behind! It did mean
we didn't really run home like we'd planned too, the lure of toast in EAT
was tooooq tempting!

Serpentine Swim /London Classics - Saturday 16th September 2017

Anna Dingle1.17.44 (2 mile)378th lady, 110th age group.
Fiona Day56.54 (1 mile)872nd lady, 88th age group.
Super chuffed. Completed the Swim Serpentine 2 mile race today to
become one of the first people in the London Classics Hall of Fame
having completed the London Marathon and the Ride London 100.
Nice bit of bling too!

Kew Gardens 10km/Richmond Running Festival - Saturday 16th September 2017

Katherine Harris44.45 pb128th
2,315 finishers.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 16th September 2017

Alexandra Wilkinson34.4375th - 46.66% Hadleigh
Roisin Archer21.56 (debut & 1st lady)17th - 68.62% Grovelands
Stuart Kelly18.127th - 71.70% Hackney
Lauren Aston23.4798th - 62.23% Hackney
Roselin Boramakot27.43 (course pb)167th - 53.40% Hackney
Ciaran Canavan20.33 (course pb)3rd - 67.96% Rostrevor
Lance Fuller24.37 (debut)13th - 62.42% Rostrevor
Peter Hatley21.20 (debut)6th - 65.47% Roding Valley
Aaron Browne18.563rd - 68.13% Valentines
James Nichols19.24 (course pb)6th - 67.27% Valentines
Karen Levison19.479th - 85.76% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.1013th - 71.40% Valentines
Colin Dryland20.54 (debut)15th - 68.34% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.4927th - 65.16% Valentines
Gareth Davies25.04 (debut)62nd - 57.91% Valentines
Tim Aylett25.5575th - 52.28% Valentines
Saheed Shabbir28.18126th - 46.35% Valentines
James Wilson18.07 (100th parkrun)5th - 75.90% Wanstead
Scott McMillan18.306th - 74.86% Wanstead
Roger Stubbs21.3826th - 71.03% Wanstead
David Hallybone24.5164th - 55.73% Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.0968th - 63.15% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi25.2875th - 58.84% Wansyead
Catherine Brett25.5783rd - 66.22% Wanstead
Alex Jameson26.1689th - 54.82% Wanstead
Caroline Moore27.53114th - 64.08% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards28.21123rd - 55.50% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar29.16144th - 54.78% Wanstead
Jess Trayler-Moore30.06 (debut)152nd - 50.50% Wanstead
Claire Emery30.07153rd - 53.79% Wanstead
Nick Hoult30.41170th - 45.52% Wanstead
Maya Goodwin31.42179th - 50.58% Wanstead
Don Bennett33.24192nd - 47.21% Wanstead
Lucy Williams36.44206th - 41.65% Wanstead
Diana Rexhepaj28.18 (debut)167th - 57.83% Mile End
Thomas Grimes17.31 (1st man)1st - 76.21% Gladstone
Jonathan Wooldridge20.55 (debut)44th - 68.29% Burgess
Ruel Ordonio25.38 (debut)155th - 54.49% Burgess
Mark Moir19.56 (course pb)2nd - 64.72% Barking
Andrew Howard22.35 (debut)44th - 68.63% Huntingdon
Marc Akers23.59 (course pb)20th - 58.65% Clacton Seafront
Stephen Swan24.45105th - 52.39% Kesgrave
Jakub Czeczotka20.58 (course pb)17th - 62.88% Kolobrzeg
Paul Marshall23.12 (debut)41st - 56.25% Ally Pally
John Henry19.12 (course pb)20th - 69.53% Finsbury
Andrew Baxter20.43 (debut)5th - 70.07% Walthamstow
Alex Haward23.1517th - 56.70% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater25.3131st - 58.72% Walthamstow
48 parkruns at 18 venues, 3 first finishers.
7 course pbs and 13 debuts, 100th parkrun for James Wilson,
First finishes for Thomas at Gladstone, Karen at Valentines and Roisin at Grovelands.
Age Grade bests for 2017 for Roselin, Peter Hatley, Karen, Saheed, Jess, Lucy,
Stephen, Jakub and John Henry.
parkrun records for:-
Ciaran at Rostrevor, Thomas at Gladstone, Andrew at Huntingdon,
Jakub at Czeczotka and Marc at Clacton Seafront.

Run Through QEOP 5km - Saturday 16th September 2017

Joanna Wood28.4671st
197 finishers.

Run Through Chase The Sun 5km, QEOP - Wednesday 13th September 2017

Joanna Wood28.49114th
Runthrough Chase the Sun race at the Olympic Park.

**SPOILER ALERT*** No PB tonight...but what a fab race!!!

The organisers were friendly, enthusiastic and encouraging from the off. How fab to be remembered by the "man in charge" Matt Wood (no relation but what a great name) - considering the last Runthrough race I did was 2 years ago!!

The course was ACE!!! Flat, fast and quite a bit downhill - so why no PB I hear you screaming at your phone/tablet/laptop?? What more does this woman want??????

Well having done almost 13 miles on Sunday I was perhaps slightly deluded in my abilities tonight - plus now being referred for physio for my poorly arm as been in pain for days 😣. Also today was my second 0430hrs alarm call. Put it all together and it's not ideal.

Anyway, I'd entered the 10k but 5k started at the same time. Mile 1 I was flying (for me) and had to slow down - yep SLOW DOWN - to try and keep a steady pace. 9.09 for mile 1. Considering 8.15 is my PB I was grinning already. Mile 2 a steady 9.27 but my arm and legs did not share my joy.
2.5 miles in I decided a good 5k would do me and so cut the race short. Last mile still under 10mins and a sprint finish saw me just 50secs away from a PB! If I'd have started with the intention of doing 5k I'm pretty sure I'd have done a PB. But for once I'm pleased with my efforts.

Coming into the finish line Matt was calling out over the mic and I had the crowd cheering me on. The shame of how chuffed I felt overtaking a 10 year old boy was quickly forgotten as he smuggly - actually VERY smuggly - made a comeback and sprinted over the line before me!!

Waiting on the other side were 2 more of Matt's team ready to congratulate me, ask how I found it and genuinely make me feel like I was a winner!!

It was great to cheer my work running buddy over the finish line and seeing him get a 10k PB of 45 mins! !! His perplexed look that I was finished before him was priceless!!

To sum it up - a fab course, a fab atmosphere, fab support team, fab organisers who made me feel fab!! I drove home grinning the whole way....and am now about to book another race.

Runthrough?? FAB! FAB! FAB!

Great Run Local 5km, QEOP - Sunday 10th September 2017

Paul Marshall21.164th - 60.1%
Sheetal Dandgey21.40 pb6th - 66.6%
Katherine Harris22.388th - 65%

Langham 10km - Sunday 10th September 2017

Graham Peacock49.10224th
699 finishers.

London City Race - Short Distance Urban: Victoria Park (Orienteering) - Sunday 10th September 2017

Mike Brett16.482nd Vet 40, 12th overall
Don Bennett51.1463rd Vet 55, 136th overall
Course A - Mike 5.38 4th Vet 40, 12th overall.
Course A - Don 15.52 63rd V55, 136 overall.
Course B - Mike 5.55 2nd Vet 40, 10th overall.
Course B - Don 19.51 64th V55, 138th overall.
Course C - Mike 5.15 2nd Vet 40, 12th overall.
Course C - Don 15.31 62nd V55, 136th overall.

Back from day 3 at Victoria Park this morning. Today was a series of 3 sprints.
Each about 1km with 23 - 25 markers. These had a map for each course with the marker
you had to register , but no number telling you if you were right. A man made maze
with about 16 markers in was at the start or the finish of each leg. 30 second penalties
if you made an error.
While I was doing about 11 mins for a leg, the experts were doing half that time.
Averaging about 4 mins in errors for each leg.
Met up with Kate's husband Mike Brett. He was doing well and hopefully qualifying for
the later finals. I didn't hang around for the later finals or the mass race about 1.15pm.
All in all I've enjoyed it and will keep an eye out for next years series.
The Central Line series will be back in October, more details in a few weeks.

Woburn Abbey Sprint Triathlon - Sunday 10th September 2017

Daniel Lee1.16.5226th overall, 1st V45-49.
Ava Lee1.17.493rd lady, 1st V40-44
Julie Campbell1.55.20125th lady , 5th age group.
750m swim, T1 , 20k cycle , T2 , 5km run.
Danny 15.34, 2.43, 39.50, 0.52, 17.53 = 1.16.52
Ava - 13.01, 2.32, 42.13, 1.20, 18.42 = 1.17.49
Julie - 19.00, 6.46, 1.00.02, 3.41, 25.50 = 1.55.20

Woburn Abbey Triathlon Report:
First part of the Woburn Abbey Triathlon. Swam in a pond / lake, which was quite reedy. Kept feeling things rubbing against my feet. Yuck. Quite cold, but ok. Felt good, but my feet were freezing. Will wear swim shoes next time. Transition was hard, as found it hard to take off the wet suit with cold, wet hands. It got stuck at the elbows. T1 was 6:46, very slow.
2nd part of the triathlon - 20km bike ride. Very cold, rainy and windy conditions. Had to contend with 1 steep ish hill, strong gusts, speed bumps and cattle grids. Very pleased with the time as it was 5 mins faster than Henley Tri in June. T2 was 3:41, which was slower than June. Cold hands, as had forgotten to put on my gloves.
OMG: as I was pulling on my shoes for the final session, who did I see, but Ava Lee, with her stuff packed, coat on and ready to head home. How does she do it? My heart sank!!

Last section - 5KM run. Flat out and back final run. Felt fine, up to the 3rd lap. The rain really came down, pouring. Ham string felt very tight. Had to stop to shake it out. After a minute or two was able to finish the race, even though the finish was up hill. Not nice. Pleased with the time as I was exhausted. About 30 s quicker than June's Tri run. Overall, 1 hour, 55mins, 20 secs. Under 2 hours, so quite pleased, but could do better. Need to work my swimming and transitions.

Well organised triathlon with cheerful and helpful marshals. Great to see so many women taking part.
But there was nowhere to really keep warm and dry, whilst waiting for your race. Also, no real goody bag, just a bottle of water and a sachet of recovery powder. Lovely medal, though. Nonetheless, will do it next year to improve my time. Well done to Ava and Danny for such a fast finish. Nice to see a friendly face in the crowd.Julie Campbell

Great North Run - Sunday 10th September 2017

Manjit Singh1.36.061841st
Shaun DeSena2.17.3922817th
Michael Keefe2.35.4434774th
Katy Taylor2.50.1536598th

London City Race - Full Distance Urban: Barbican (Orienteering) - Saturday 9th September 2017

Catherine Brett53.0828th/63 W Vet 40
Don Bennett1.30.2119th Newcomers.
London City Race - day 2 Barbican (Full Distance Urban)
Day 2 was amongst the maze of concrete estates of the Barbican. I checked in , collecting my
number and tshirt and made my way to the start.
At the start I met up with fellow ELR Kate Brett , who had also been at Wapping the night before
( but never met) . Once the challenge started to find 19 checkpoints I headed first towards St Pauls
and the Guildhall then towards the Barbican. Moving up from the ground level to overhead corridors
then back to ground level, passed Kate a couple of times going quite well up to point 14 (44 mins)
back up to an overhead level again.
Point 15 was a nightmare, spending nearly 35 minutes searching the levels finding at least another
6 checkpoints none were the right one. Found 16 (85 mins) then did a backtrack to try and find 15 from
a another direction, failed again. Plenty of others running round looking lost. Finished the course
with ease then to spend about 90 mins and 1 checkpoint missing. Would definitely try again if only to
finish the course. Last day today at Victoria Park. Knee's like yesterday are painful but once I
started running yesterday were fine during the run.

Run Through Clapham Common 10km - Saturday 9th September 2017

Claire Drakeford1.02.06390th
499 finishers.

Essex Cross Country Series - Weald Park 10km - Saturday 9th September 2017

Ian Cooper1.02.35153rd
198 finishers.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 9th September 2017

Mark Moir19.59 (course pb)12th - 64.55% Sunderland
Euan Brown16.44 (1st man)1st - 77.09% Hackney
Sheetal Dandgey22.2072nd - 66.34% Hackney
Lucy Barron24.20110th - 60.82% Hackney
Calvin Bobin21.1511th - 76.78% Roding Valley
Dan Senior18.403rd - 73.66% Valentines
Spencer Evans18.465th - 68.83% Valentines
Simon Thomas19.126th - 67.97% Valentines
Tim Le Rasle19.27 (course pb)8th - 72.32% Valentines
Aaron Browne19.339th - 65.98% Valentines
Michael Bamford21.26 debut17th - 69.36% Valentines
Jonathan Wooldridge21.4919th - 65.47% Valentines
Marc Akers23.5543rd - 58.82% Valentines
Tim Aylett25.3862nd - 52.86% Valentines
Shailesh Patel26.0271st - 57.11% Valentines
Suzanne Cubitt27.34118th - 54.59% Valentines
Roselin Boramakot27.58 debut124th - 52.92% Valentines
Jason Levy29.38146th - 48.20% Valentines
Joanna Wood29.47151st - 52.43% Valentines
Maya Goodwin38.54236th - 41.22% Valentines
Rotimi Oyegunle25.0990th - 54.67% Lloyd Park,Croydon
Andrew Howard22.32 debut18th - 68.79% Burnham On Crouch
Steven Bywater24.49 29th - 60.38% Pymmes
John Booth18.035th - 73.96% Mile End
Sally Faulkner31.01 (course pb)226th - 48.79% Mile End
Paul Marshall21.34 debut54th - 60.51% Burgess
Katherine Harris23.03 debut86th - 65.29% Burgess
Peter Hatley24.5765th -55.98% Cleethorpes
Stephen Swan24.01 86th - 53.99% Kesgrave
Alexandra Wilkinson26.4170th - 60.71% Hockley Woods
Shaun DeSena30.54 debut80th - 41.86% Gedling
Scott McMillan18.265th - 75.14% Wanstead
Andrew Baxter19.4914th - 73.25% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan20.3019th - 68.13% Wanstead
Roger Stubbs21.27 (course pb)25th - 71.64% Wanstead
Jakub Czeczotka23.0644th - 57.07% Wanstead
Lance Fuller23.1648th - 66.05% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi24.2362nd - 61.45% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar25.0877th - 63.79% Wanstead
Ellen Jones25.1579th - 58.68% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.0194th - 62.91% Wanstead
Maud Hodson26.0395th - 60.97% Wanstead
Sarah Burns26.1597th - 58.60% Wanstead
Katie Whitton27.34116th - 53.69% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards29.39153rd - 53.06% Wanstead
Claire Emery30.21162nd - 53.38% Wanstead
Caroline Frith22.21(1st lady)18th - 68.01% Roding Valley
John Henry19.20 (course pb)9th - 69.05% Finsbury
Sinead Ryan27.49121st - 56.56% Wanstead
47 parkruns at 14 venues, 2 first finishers.
4 course pbs and 6 debuts.
First finishes for Euan at Hackney and Caroline at Roding Valley.
Course pb for Mark (Sunderland), Tim (Valentines), Sally (Mile End), Roger (Wanstead)
Best Age Grades of 2017 so far for Roselin, Sally, Stephen, Alexandra and Roger.
parkrun records for : Mark at Sunderland, Andrew at Burnham on Crouch,
Katherine at Burgess Park and Shaun at Gedling.
New member Caroline takes Roding Valley and Pymmes parkrun.

London City Race - Prologue : Wapping (Orienteering) - Friday 8th September 2017

Catherine Brett36.295th/8 W V40
Don Bennett68.417th Newcomers.
London City Race - day 1 Wapping. (Friday Prologue)
Friday night I headed up to my old workplace in Wapping for day 1 of a 3 day orienteering event.
286 entrants. This was my first time doing a proper orienteering event , the others being street
events looking for road names, signs or numbers with clues.
These signs were marked by the regular orienteering boxes with a scanner to check in at each one.
Based at the John Orwell Sports Centre we headed about 700m to Wapping Woods for the start. Just
in time for a short burst of rain to soak you as you get ready to start. Some were tricky as I
found with the first one, heading to the right corner searching everywhere to eventually find it
up a flight of stairs to a first floor balcony.
Most were tied to tree's or railings in small estates or along the canals or Thames Path by
St Katherines Docks.
I had daylight for the first 50 minutes or so then darkness came in making the last few harder
to find. I did find all 17 markers but not in the right order, unfortunately the printed results
showed as 2 missing. You have to check them in the right order. Good fun and I'll know for tomorrow.
19 signs around the maze of the Barbican with 812+ entries. Day 3 at Victoria Park.

Woodford Green Open, Ashton Playing Fields - Tuesday 5th September 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Euan Brown4.382nd

Congratulations to Euan Brown of East London Runners in finishing second in a fantastic time of 4:38 despite running in unorthodox running gear!

Bovingdon Parish 10km - Sunday 3rd September 2017

Thomas Grimes34.292nd
186 finishers

Essex Way Relay - Sunday 3rd September 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Aaron Williams17th
Stuart Norris30th, B Team
Maud Hodson51st
Grant Conway45th
Dave Knight51st
Paul Thompson15th
Fiona Critchley45th
Peter Hatley26th
Michael Bamford
Jonathan Wooldridge42.3113th
Carlton DSouza26th
##STAGE 3 GOOD EASTER - LITTLE LEIGHS 9.5 miles 10.15am
##STAGE 4 LITTLE LEIGHS - CRESSING 10.1 miles 11.30am
##STAGE 5 CRESSING - GREAT TEY 9.4 miles 12.45pm
##STAGE 7 WEST BERGHOLT - DEDHAM 11.2 miles 2.40pm
##STAGE 8 DEDHAM - BRADFIELD 8.0 miles 4.15pm
##STAGE 9 BRADFIELD - RAMSAY 5.3 miles 5.15pm

Regents Park 10km Summer Series - Sunday 3rd September 2017

Ian Cooper1.01.40403rd
526 finishers.

Bala Standard Distance Triathlon - Sunday 3rd September 2017

Sarah Burns2.34.40266th
545 finishers.
1500m swim 30.58
t1 - 1.16
39k cycle 1.10.15
t2 - 1.12
10k run 50.59

Parallel 10km, QEOP - Sunday 3rd September 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Paul Marshall42.42
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera54.22122nd
Rachel Le Roux55.40
Diana Rexhepaj55.14
Helen McGuinness
Mark Moir
Maya Goodwin1.06.48262nd
Some PBs at the Parallel run in London with a great ELR team !
Great atmosphere and cause to run for ! Quite emotional actually
to run with amazing athletes in their wheelchair !
Thank you so much again for making me August #CROTM cause that's
all i was thinking about when my legs really started hurting in
the last 2 miles and it allowed me to do a PB and finally get under
1h on a 10k ! And it also pushed me to run back home now instead
of taking the bus 😁!

Parallel 5km , QEOP - Sunday 3rd September 2017

Joanna Wood29.3053rd
480 finishers. Jo Wood reports:-
29.30. Not a PB but how fab to hear Maya shouting me on with
500m to go and then the resounding cheers from my fellow ELRs
at the last turn to the home straight!!! And a sprint finish
overtaking someone right at the last minute - spectators fantastic!!!

Harlow 10m - Sunday 3rd September 2017

Andy Bolderstone1.33.38170th
Sheila Kennedy1.36.05183rd
254 finishers.

Wissey Half Marathon - Sunday 3rd September 2017

Marc Akers1.56.21 pb116th
220 finishers.
Run report for today's Wissey Half Marathon

Got there at 9.30 to collect my numbers & to the loo's (lots as nerves kicked in )
I went for a slow mile warm up with some of my werrington joggers that I use to run with.

We walked to the Start which was 5mins away & a very narrow country lane I lined up in the
sub 2hr line
We had the obligatory safety talk & then we were off
I started off at 9 mile pace & then gradually picked up my pace to 8:40 & kept this pace
for as long as possible which was to mile 11.

The race was advertised as fast & flat I would definitely disagree with flat.

Crossing the line in 1hr 56 & a PB made it all worth while.

Middlesborough 10km - Sunday 3rd September 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Muhammad Iqbal1.02.581995th

St Neots Triathlon - Standard Distance - Sunday 3rd September 2017

Roger Stubbs3.15.09101st man
1500m swim 37.40
t1 - 2.21
45k cycle 1.42.56
t2 - 1.31
10k run - 50.40

Reading Triathlon - Olympic Distance - Sunday 3rd September 2017

Dan Senior2.43.3912th V40
swim 32.27
t1 2.09
44k bike 1.22.50
t2 47
10.8km run 45.25

Northampton Half Marathon - Sunday 3rd September 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Robert Rayworth1.32.2892nd
Nick Hoult1.38.20133rd
Catriona Hoult2.10.54476th
667 finishers.

Maidenhead Half Marathon - Sunday 3rd September 2017

Paul Quinton1.19.5942nd
Dan Gritton1.21.2150th

Asda Foundation Leicester 10km - Sunday 3rd September 2017

Shaun DeSena58.15606th

Andrew Carter Memorial Mile, Ealing - Saturday 2nd September 2017

Thomas Grimes4.591st

QEOP 10km Summer Series - Saturday 2nd September 2017

Spencer Evans39.3711th
Alex Bee39.3812th
Jayne Browne58.22121st
289 finishers, also 3rd place Sam Browne 35.44

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 2nd September 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Patrick Brown17.14 debut6th - 75.44% Bushy
Alexandra Wilkinson27.11 debut24th - 59.60% Hadleigh
Shaun DeSena28.40 debut109th - 45.12% Grovelands
Lucy Barron24.49120th - 59.64% Hackney
Paula Bedford25.26132nd - 61.40% Hackney
Richard Potter25.2231st - 51.71% Roding Valley
Ashley Faria20.3212th - 70.13% Valentines
Paul Marshall24.3444th - 53.12% Valentines
Katherine Harris25.2850th - 59.10% Valentines
Jason Levy29.52109th - 47.82% Valentines
James Wilson17.45 (99th parkrun)3rd - 76.90% Wanstead
Scott McMillan18.04 (300th parkrun)4th - 76.66% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan20.5524th - 66.77% Wanstead
Michael Bamford21.2931st - 69.20% Wanstead
Roger Stubbs21.47 (course pb)34th - 70.54% Wanstead
Paul Drury-Bradey22.3037th - 58.59% Wanstead
Gareth Davies22.5442nd - 63.39% Wanstead
Lance Fuller23.4658th - 64.66% Wanstead
Kieran Brown23.5361st - 66.57% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi24.2869th - 61.24% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor25.4384th - 63.64% Wanstead
Fiona Day26.1892nd - 72.75% Wanstead
Katie Whitton26.2093rd - 56.20% Wanstead
Tina Bennett27.09104th - 56.35% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar27.10105th - 59.02% Wanstead
Caroline Moore28.58127th - 61.68% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards29.41134th - 53.00% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell35.52181st - 45.17% Wanstead
Morag Campbell36.45184th - 43.22% Wanstead
Claire Emery39.12192nd - 41.33% Wanstead
Mark Moir19.39 (course pb)22nd - 65.65% Mile End
Eleanor Wilkinson20.57 (course pb)33rd - 70.64% Mile End
Stuart Barton25.16 (course pb)143rd - 56.99% Mile End
Anna Dingle28.16 debut213th - 54.83% Mile End
Maya Goodwin32.17 (course pb)265th - 49.66% Mile End
Sally Faulkner34.02 (course pb)285th - 44.47% Mile End
Katy Taylor36.10 debut305th - 43.18% Mile End
Shailesh Patel22.3414th - 65.88% Barking
Jamie Xavier23.5327th - 57.57% Walthamstow
Steven Bywater25.3643rd - 58.53% Walthamstow
Peter Hatley26.1954th - 53.07% Walthamstow
Tim Aylett26.5658th - 50.31% Walthamstow
Janet Bywater27.1660th - 63.02% Walthamstow
Andrew Howard21.58 debut29th - 70.56% Didcot
James Nichols19.37 debut13th - 66.53% Blandford
Tricia ONeill24.05 debut78th - 67.27% Krakow
Simon Thomas19.08 debut5th - 68.21% Gunpowder
Ijeoma Anozie25.0860.88% Hackney Marshes
John Henry19.572nd - 66.92% Walthamstow
47 parkruns at 14 venues, 300th parkrun for Scott McMillan.
9 debuts and 5 course pbs.
East London Runners pass the 5000 finishes at Wanstead Flats.
Age Grade bests for 2017 by Alexandra, Scott, Roger, Mark, Anna,
Sally and Katy.
ELR parkrun records for:-
Patrick at Bushy, Alexandra at Hadleigh, Ellie at Mile End,
Andrew at Didcot, James at Blandford and Tricia at Krakow.

Orion Harriers Mad Mile - Wednesday 30th August 2017

Marc Akers6.35 pb12th
Joanna Wood8.15 pb25th
So tonight was sold to us as a "fast, flat mad mile". But were Orion Harriers'
idea of a fast flat race the same as us ELRs who are used to tarmac and the
less undulating the better in my case???
Well smiles and a warm welcome for Marc and I made us feel at ease upon arrival,
a mile jog to the start and then we were off. Fast, flat and mad sums it up for
some of the speeds people ran!!! The course was downhill and great. I had the
luxury of a couple of backmarkers to keep me going - how can a mile be soooooooo
tough when I've run much longer distances?
Luckily I was supported the whole way and although finishing last it was great
having all those cheers to the finish line! Marc got a PB.
Oh and my time? At 8.15 it's a PB by 15 SECONDS !!! Chuffed considering I'm finding
it tough to get my mojo back. What a great run and a great welcome over the last 3 weeks.
Thanks Orion Harriers.

Capital Tri Velopark Duathlon - Tuesday 29th August 2017

Daniel Lee53.454th
Ava Lee56.271st lady
Sprint Duathlon
Danny 12.42/ 28.47/ 12.15.
Ava - 13.17/29.58/13.11
3.2k run/16k cycle/3.2k run.

Elvis 6 - Barking Road Runners 5km, Barking Park - Monday 28th August 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes16.43 (16.48)4th scorer
Euan Brown16.535th scorer
Patrick Brown16.556th scorer
Billy Rayner17.06 (17.20)7th
Mark Boulton17.098th
John Booth17.42 (17.58)12th
Dan Senior18.10*(18.24)20th scorer - 75.96%
Scott McMillan18.2323rd scorer
James Nichols18.28*25th - 71.12%
Jennifer Ansell18.39*26th, 1st lady scorer - 79.18%
Daniel Lee18.46*27th scorer - 32nd 77.44%
Spencer Evans19.0434th - 32nd
Robert Rayworth19.09 (19.20)35th - 33rd
Tim Le Rasle19.3042nd - 39th
Andrew Baxter19.32*(19.58)44th - 41st 74.40%
Thomas Burrard-Lucas19.34* (elvis debut)45th - 42nd 66.70%
Karen Levison19.35*(20.31)46th, 4th lady,1st V45 scorer 85.43%
Aaron Williams19.4952nd - 48th
Ava Lee19.5455th, 5th, 1st V35 scorer
Mark Moir19.58*56th - 51st 65.03%
Paul Thompson20.07*(20.41)59th - 54th 72.25%
Ashley Faria20.2767th - 62nd
Jonathan Wooldridge20.4375th - 69th
Grant Conway20.56*(21.34)80th - 74th 69.43%
Colin Dryland20.57 (elvis debut)81st - 75th
Nathaniel Dye20.58*82nd - 76th 62.24%
Paul Marshall21.14*(22.55)85th - 78th 61.46%
Regis Martin21.4393rd - 85th
Richard Guest21.47*94th - 86th 64.73%
Andrew Howard22.15103rd - 92nd
Shailesh Patel22.36108th - 95th
Sheetal Dandgey22.39110th, 15th scorer
Katherine Harris22.54119th - 20th
Suzanne Bench22.54120th - 21st
Kieran Brown22.55 (23.03)122nd - 101st
Lance Fuller23.13 (23.56)129th - 106th
David Hallybone23.15*(24.46)130th - 107th 59.78%
Chloe Millan23.18*(24.47)132nd - 25th 63.38%
Rotimi Oyegunle23.23*135th - 109th 59.02%
Julie Campbell23.52*144th - 29th 75.93%
Marc Akers24.05149th - 120th
Stuart Barton24.45 (25.21)159th - 124th
Sarah Burns24.47160th - 36th
Tricia ONeill25.00167th - 38th
Mary Connolly25.15172nd - 40th
Kat Maskell25.27*173rd - 41st 58.81%
Maud Hodson25.35174th - 42nd
Viktor Szabadi25.42178th - 139th
Kathryn Hertzberg26.08183rd - 47th
Lucy Barron26.09184th - 48th
Frank Brownlie26.10185th - 137th
Suzanne Cubitt26.20189th - 49th
Fiona Day26.35191st - 51st
Carolyn Edwards26.47 (elvis debut)192nd - 52nd
Rachel Le Roux26,47193rd - 53rd
Catriona Hoult27.02197th - 55th
Katie Whitton27.19202nd - 57th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera27.22204th - 59th
Geoff Bench27.26206th - 147th
Caroline Moore27.43210th - 63rd
John Atkinson27.46*212th - 148th 67.53%
Sheila Kennedy28.41232nd - 77th
Diana Rexhepaj28.42233rd - 78th
Victoria Charlesworth28.52234th - 79th
Sarah Pascal29.12239th - 82nd
Shaun DeSena29.35243rd - 158th
Roselin Boramakot30.27250th - 91st
Joanna Wood30.28251st - 92nd
Maya Goodwin33.51272nd - 108th
Don Bennett34.15278th - 166th
Sonia Cheadle35.12279th - 113th
Elizabeth ODonnell35.43282nd - 116th
293 finishers,
Also joining us today was Thomas Burrard-Lucas 45th 19.34
Joining later this week is Andrew Fitzgerald 160th 24.47
and Carolyn Edwards 191st 26.35.
Also Peter Goodwin 258th 31.30.

1st lady Jenny Ansell
1st V35 Ava Lee
1st V45 Karen Levison
Ladies team - Jenny, Ava & Karen
Mens team - Thomas, Euan & Patrick
Elvis team Ladies as above plus Sheetal.
Elvis team Men as above plus Dan Senior, Scott McMillan & Danny Lee.

Run Through Velopark 10km - Saturday 26th August 2017

Laura Johnston58.0356th
136 finishers.

Run Through Velopark Half Marathon - Saturday 26th August 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Nathaniel Dye1.40.37 pb25th
Jakub Czeczotka1.44.0833rd
Katherine Harris1.45.5137th, 2nd lady
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera2.09.49 pb by 9 mins108th
Wayne Kelly2.14.21114th
182 finishers.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 26th August 2017

Nick Hoult21.23 debut61st - 65.32% Woodhouse Moor
Thomas Grimes17.362nd - 75.85% Grovelands
Robert Rayworth19.0521st - 72.05% Hackney
Sheetal Dandgey22.3177th - 65.80% Hackney
Simon Thomas18.367th - 70.16% Braunstone
Dan Gritton18.15 (course pb & 1st man)1st - 77.08% Roding Valley
Calvin Bobin21.3812th - 75.42% Roding Valley
Sheila Kennedy30.5849th - 60.06% Roding Valley
Dan Senior18.43 debut6th - 73.46% Milton Keynes
Paul Marshall22.10 debut49th - 58.87% Highbury Fields
Karen Levison19.39 (course pb & 1st lady)1st - 85.33% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.3710th - 69.85% Valentines
Maran Raju23.5431st - 62.69% Valentines
Rotimi Oyegunle24.4455th - 55.59% Lloyd Park,Croydon
Scott McMillan20.08 (299th parkrun)17th - 68.79% Wanstead
Kieran Brown22.5646th - 69.33% Wanstead
Lance Fuller23.0048th - 66.81% Wanstead
Sharon Springfield23.3958th - 66.53% Wanstead
David Hallybone23.4459th - 58.36% Wanstead
Suzanne Bench23.5365th - 71.95% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar25.2589th - 63.08% Wanstead
Ellen Jones26.0796th - 56.73% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor26.2097th - 61.52% Wanstead
Maud Hodson26.2398th - 60.20% Wanstead
Katie Whitton26.35102nd - 55.67% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult26.58108th - 57.48% Wanstead
Claire Emery29.24141st - 55.10% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi29.24142nd - 50.96% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards31.12162nd - 50.43% Wanstead
Fiona Day31.12163rd - 61.32% Wanstead
Tina Bennett34.49190th - 43.94% Wanstead
Andrew Howard21.43 debut34th - 71.37% Abingdon
Eleanor Wilkinson21.02 debut46th - 70.36% Mile End
Sarah Burns31.35232nd - 48.71% Mile End
Maya Goodwin33.07242nd - 48.41% Mile End
Sally Faulkner35.31263rd - 42..61% Mile End
Colin Dryland21.16 debut7th - 67.16% Barking
Jonathan Wooldridge22.07 debut60th - 64.58% Southwark
Stuart Barton25.17 debut99th - 56.95% Lowestoft
Janet Bywater25.35 debut29th - 67.17% Dolgellau
Steven Bywater25.47 debut32nd - 58.11% Dolgellau
Patrick Brown18.00 (1st man)1st - 72.22% Walthamstow
Ijeoma Anozie24.5061.61% Hackney Marshes
John Henry19.15 (course pb)9th - 69.35% Fountains Abbey
42 parkruns at 17 venues, 3 first finishers, 2 course pbs
10 debuts. 6 Age grade pbs of 2017.
First finishers for Karen at Valentines with 19.39 and grade 85.33%
Also Dan Gritton at Roding Valley with a course pb of 18.15 and
Patrick Brown at Walthamstow in 18.00.
Age Grade bests for 2017 for Karen, Dan, Simon, Rotimi, David and Sally.
ELR parkrun records for:-
Simon Thomas at Braunstone, Dan Senior at Milton Keynes,
Andrew Howard at Abingdon, Ellie Wilkinson at Mile End,
Stuart Barton at Lowestoft and Janet Bywater at Dolgellau.

Wimbledon Hercules 5km - Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Mark Boulton16.28 pb7th - 79.76%

Orion's 5km On The Rides - Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Thomas Grimes16.372nd
Billy Rayner16.583rd
Spencer Evans19.129th
Chloe Millan23.5635th
Marc Akers24.4737th
Maud Hodson25.0043rd
Alex Jameson26.2050th
Stuart Barton27.0458th
Joanna Wood31.2666th
Sonia Cheadle33.5070th
78 finishers.

Run Through Chase The Sun 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Katherine Harris48.26159th
Ellen Jones52.56233rd
Clive Mehew58.57335th

XVII Cross Of Sanlucar 8km, Spain - Sunday 20th August 2017

Antonio Martin Romero30.082nd - 3.46 av per km
166 finishers.
Antonio reports:- It is always a pleasure to run in Spain.
Taking advantage I was here on holidays, I signed up for the Cross
of Sanlucar on the beach (5 miles). I shouldn't have run it because
I am still in the pre-season but well, I don't have many chances
during the year. 2nd overall and first M30.

Isle Of Wight Half Marathon - Sunday 20th August 2017

Jonathan Wooldridge1.39.2672nd
348 finishers.
Not as fast as last year. Definitely a tougher route though.
Starting at the bottom of a hill, feeling rubbish for the first
3 miles I only really enjoyed the race from mile 7 - so wasn't
the most enjoyable of runs. This year the amendments meant it
was about 40% trail

Cross Minero Llano Del Beal, Murcia, Spain (8,450m) - Saturday 19th August 2017

Steven Bywater51.22272nd
Janet Bywater53.29289th
Steve reports:- This race was methodically planned for:

1. Janet & I arrive in Spain 2 weeks beforehand to enable a harsh daily regime of "hydration" and carb loading.
2. "Booking" our places by failing to complete the online form, missing the deadline and then resorting to Google Translate and emails with our final instruction being "You're registered -ask for Toni when you get here"
3. Anxiously warming up on race day by lying on a beach.

Llano Del Beal is a little mining town not far from the coast in Murcia, South East Spain. When we arrived it had been taken over for a festival of running. Although it's up in the hills, the evening temperatures were in the high 20s. Everyone apart from us was in their running kit. After failing to find "Toni" and a last minute change in a pub toilet, we emerged in our iconic red vests and joined the start from which we were soon sent on our way.

After a short circuit of the town, envying the spectators with their cold cans of beer, we headed for the hills on (hot) dusty brown trails, strewn with stones, in and out of ditches. After about 2k I could see the start line again as we headed black into town. This was met with a mixture of panic ("We must have started in the wrong race, ours was supposed to be 8.5k!") and relief ("Where can I get one of those beers?") but then we were sent off up yet another (hot) hill in a cloud of brown dust to more abandoned coal mines and spectacular views of the coastline.

The reward for doing hilly races is usually the chance to let the brakes off for the downhill stretches. There were a few of those in Cross Minero, but just as many (hot) downhills covered with loose rubble and signs saying "peligroso" where the brakes were well and truly applied. However, with what I thought was about a kilometre to go, there was a long, wide and fairly sure footed (hot) stretch back towards the town. At last the end was in sight. Or was it? Nope - another twist to the left and one of the steepest climbs of the whole course. Muchos gracias amigos!

After one last peligroso downhill (including a slight disagreement between my big toe and a semi-hidden rock which could have ended in tragedy), the finish line was finally crossed. I have to say this was one of the hardest races I'd done. When hills, rough terrain and heat gang up on you, it's not always fun, but I had a good sense of achievement as we collected our generous goody-bags (including the usual chicken soup and a melon). After another failed attempt to find "Toni", we drove off for some recovery nutrition and rehydration (well I think that's what "tapas y cana" means).

p.s. did I mention it was hot?

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 19th August 2017

Mark Moir20.10 (course pb)13th - 63.97% Sunderland
Roisin Archer21.3349th - 69.84% Hackney
Sheetal Dandgey22.4573rd - 65.13% Hackney
Julie Campbell23.55102nd - 75.68% Hackney
Lucy Barron25.07135th - 58.93% Hackney
Ruel Ordonio26.41163rd - 51.91% Hackney
Calvin Bobin22.157th - 73.33% Roding Valley
Simon Thomas18.52 (1st man)1st - 69.17% Valentines
Emily Clarke20.46 debut (1st lady)8th - 71.59% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.499th - 69.18% Valentines
Eleanor Wilkinson21.2914th - 68.89% Valentines
Craig Livermore22.2525th - 57.55% Valentines
Marc Akers24.0548th - 58.41% Valentines
Shailesh Patel25.5785th - 57.29% Valentines
Katherine Harris29.19139th - 51.34% Valentines
James Wilson18.222nd - 74.32% Wanstead
Scott McMillan18.313rd - 74.80% Wanstead
Colin Dryland20.50 (course pb)11th - 68.56% Wanstead
Lance Fuller23.5847th - 64.12% Wanstead
Kieran Brown24.24 (100th parkrun)59th - 65.16% Wanstead
Sarah Burns24.2762nd - 62.92% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar24.3366th - 65.31% Wanstead
David Hallybone25.1975th - 54.71% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor25.4981st - 62.75% Wanstead
Maud Hodson26.1287th - 60.62% Wanstead
Katie Whitton26.3891st - 55.57% Wanstead
Caroline Moore30.12132nd - 59.16% Wanstead
Fiona Day30.34141st - 62.60% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult31.32156th - 49.15% Wanstead
Don Bennett35.50174th - 44.00% Wanstead
Lucy Williams40.16179th - 37.75% Wanstead
Elizabeth O'Donnell51.30197th - 31.46% Wanstead
Paul Marshall23.07 debut97th - 56.45% Huddersfield
Shaun DeSena28.19 debut214th - 45.67% Long Eaton
Jonathan Wooldridge21.4124th - 65.87% Medina IOW
Grant Conway21.48 debut29th - 67.13% Raphael
John Booth18.578th - 70.45% Mile End
Jakub Czeczotka22.34 (course pb)70th - 58.42% Mile End
John Healy22.4683rd - 61.35% Dulwich
Alex Day17.41 debut4th - 74.18% Bryn Bach
Patrick Brown18.55 debut6th - 68.72% Bryn Bach
Shahib Miah Ali19.30 (course pb &1st man)1st - 66.50% Barking
Samia Choudhury35.58 (course pb)94th - 41.15% Barkring
Julie Creffield39.15 debut102nd - 38.73% Barking
Stuart Barton25.52 debut84th - 55.67% Northala Fields
Andrew Howard22.20 debut26th - 69.40% Buckingham
Stephen Swan24.5598th - 52.04% Kesgrave
Fiona Critchley26.50 debut51st - 63.23% Harlow
Dan Gritton18.22 debut8th - 76.59% Tooting Common
Tim Le Rasle19.11 (course pb)13th - 72.81% Worthing
Molly Pinkus24.47 debut110th - 63.01% Worthing
Nick Hoult21.35 debut85th - 64.71% Cannon Hill,Birmingham
52 parkruns at 20 venues, three first finishers, 13 debuts and 6 course pbs.
8 Age Grade pb's for 2017. 100th parkrun for Kieran Brown.
First finisher's at Barking for Shahib and for Simon & Emily at Valentines.
Age Grade Bests for Julie Campbell, Colin Dryland, Alex Day, Stephen Swan,
Dan Gritton, Tim le Rasle, Molly Pinkus and Lucy Williams.
parkrun records for the following:
Mark Moir at Sunderland,
Shaun DeSena at Long Eaton,
Alex Day at Bryn Bach, even though the unknown at 3rd place was probably Euan.
Fiona Critchley at Harlow,
Dan Gritton at Tooting Common from Andrew Howard,
Molly Pinkus at Worthing.
Stuart hold's onto Kesgrave from Stephen by 4 seconds.

Orion's 5km On The Rides - Wednesday 16th August 2017

Thomas Grimes16.491st
Aaron Williams20.0411th
David Hallybone23.5133rd
Marc Akers24.3042nd
Jason Levy26.1551st
Helen McGuinness29.5977th
Joanna Wood30.2280th
Sonia Cheadle33.4889th
92 finishers

Capital Tri Velopark Duathlon - Tuesday 15th August 2017

Michael Bamford57.147th
13.57/ 28.47/ 14.28
Sprint Duathlon
3.2k run/16k cycle/3.2k run

Hillingdon Duathlon - Sunday 13th August 2017

Michael Bamford1.17.462nd
Hillingdon Duathlon. 6k run 25k cycle. 27.45/ 50.01
2nd Michael Bamford 1.17.46.

Hoad Hill Half Marathon - Sunday 13th August 2017

John Healy2.11.1640th
Note:- Hoad Hill Marathon follows a mixture of trail, coastal path,
canal towpath and quiet country lanes giving stunning views of the beautiful
South Lakes and Morecambe Bay. The route starts and finishes at Ford Park,
Ulverston with an inevitable climb to the iconic Sir John Barrow monument
on top of Hoad Hill.

John Healy reports:-
Race Report: Hoad Hill Half Marathon. Firstly, the Lakes are a long way to go for a race,
particularly solo and driving there and back over a weekend. Ulverston where the race
starts and finishes is in the South Lakes not too far from Morecombe Bay. The weekend was
a running festival called The Hoad Hill Festival of 2 Feet and is all based around the
Hoad Hill Monument that sits atop a high point. The Monument itself was bulit in memory of
Sir John Barrow, born locally and the fella that stuck Napoleon into exile. I picked this
race randomly as I needed to get out of London and was in a bit of a running funk. I really
enjoy trail halves, particularly in the Lakes and usually aim for around two hours in these
events depending on fitness and terrain. I drove up on the Saturday after Stuart Bartons
100th PR at Wanstead and camped overnight for £10.00. It is a fairly small local race (only
104 Half marathon runners) with a marathon running 1/2 hour earlier. With a 10.00 am start
there is plenty of time to get organised and prepared with dedicated runner parking (£3.00)
at the base of the monument. The race itself includes a real mix of terrain with road, hills,
trail, beach and forest, a real all rounder with some stunning views of Morecombe Bay, and
also the monument itself that you can see from most of the course. I started steady and
intended to keep it that way so as not to kill myself on the ascents and pretty much stuck
to the plan, as well as keeping the runner in front in view so as not to get lost, for which
I have a habit, taking in the views and enjoying myself. Running with those views in lovely
sunny weather was a real tonic. Unfortunately, it is not actually a half marathon as it ran
13.65 miles, the last mile of which is an ascent and descent to the monument that was really
punishing, particularly when your expecting to finish and have already run 12.5 miles
(Flashbacks of Snowdon). I was on course to sneak in under 2 hrs before i realised the last
bit was mountaineering and that it ran long and got back in about 2.11 proudly sporting my
ELR vest. They had a really strange timing system in that they give you a chip on a lanyard
that you have to click in and out with like an Oyster. This meant that the girl that beat me
by a few seconds (chivalry is not dead ha ha) and I were listed at 40th equal, even though
she crossed the line before me. I hung around to see the first marathoner back, and he came
in about 3.22 to very little fanfare indeed, an amazing time round that course in my opinion.
I think the half was won in about 1.38. The course was very well flag marked with lots of
volunteer marshalls and a couple of good hydration stations at good points. I would recommend
the race if you fancy an adventure, but make it a long weekend. I broke up the drive back with
a roast dinner by the canal in Lancaster, and it took me 6.5 hrs to get back home by which point
id forgotten who I was.

Clapham Common Half Marathon - Sunday 13th August 2017

Scott McMillan1.28.312nd
Scott reports:- Second across the line in a shambolic Clapham half marathon today.

Thanks to some confusing course design and shoddy marshalling, I took a slight wrong
turning on the first lap, and then a big wrong turning on the second, meaning by lap three
I found myself undeservedly in the lead.

I didn't know what to do, I was so angry that this had been allowed to happen, and felt so
guilty about my false position, that it affected my ability to focus on my running. It was
awful. So I decided I'd run past the finish line and do another half lap to try to bring my
distance up to somewhere near the right number (it was actually 12.99 miles, best I could do),
and making sure that the deserving winner won.

I then tried to give the runner up trophy I was given as I crossed the line to the guy who came
third (about three minutes behind), but it turns out he'd went wrong twice on the course too,
so he refused to take it.

Anyway, to cut a long story short: a race to avoid in future.

Run Dorney Half Marathon, Dorney Lake - Sunday 13th August 2017

Aaron Browne1.33.5627th, 22nd man
Roisin Archer1.40.1344th, 8th lady

Roseland August Trail, Red Rat 20 miles, South Cornwall - Saturday 12th August 2017

Andrew Baxter4.11.5540th of 222 finishers.
Andrew reports:- It's a brilliantly organised event, stunning scenery and
a course that's as hard as nails. Had a solid run, starting very slow towards back
of pack as was worried about lack of miles and hills in my legs. But all went ok
apart from a nasty bout of cramp halfway up an evil stepped climb a mile from the end.
Had to go up rest on all fours to get to top to stretch it out. Other than that it was
incident free and I loved every minute of it....really is a special event.

Thames Meander Marathon (trail) - Saturday 12th August 2017

Dan Gritton3.12.215th, 1st V40

Pride 10km, Victoria Park - Saturday 12th August 2017

Patrick Brown34.5712th - 77.13%
Billy Rayner35.3418th - 75.80%
Mark Boulton35.4719th - 75.33%
Euan Brown36.4229th - 73.50%
Spencer Evans38.3457th - 69.70%
Andy Kumar39.1666th - 68.60%
Jonathan Wooldridge43.12 pb167th - 67.07%
Michael Bamford44.17213th - 68.19%
Colin Dryland44.20 pb214th - 65.45%
Katherine Harris46.13295th - 66.24%
Chloe Millan47.18 pb332nd - 62.78%
Kieran Brown49.55465th -
Lance Fuller50.03472nd - 61.34%
Marc Akers51.16502nd - 55.38%
Ruel Ordonio54.39623rd - 50.86%
Joanna Wood1.02.58860th - 49.50%
995 finishers.

Race report Pride 10k race.
Joanna Wood:-
A long walk from Mile End stn, through Victoria Park to probably the furthest point in the park eventually led us to the bag drop, however the start was about a mile back in the direction we'd just come from!! Bags dropped and the obligatory toilet stop Marc and I then made our way to the start, meeting a smiley Katherine Harris along the way.
Just prior to the start line I saw the beaming face of my mum who had turned up by surprise to cheer me on!! What a fantastic welcomed sight!
The race was 3 laps, flat and fast (fast for most people) but as my first race and longest distance since my injury I wasn't all out for a PB.
A packed course for the first mile, unfortunately not helped by those wearing headphones (when instructions said not to) and totally unaware of people trying to pass them but the crowd soon thinned out.
Marshals great and very encouraging, I was passed by the fastest runners at about mile 2, saw Spencer pass me soon followed by Andy calling out as he passed, stopped to give my mum a big sweaty kiss about mile 4 and soon after got caught by Jonathan taking a sneaky breather (damn!) - shouting at me got me moving again but by mile 6 I was struggling. Every footstep was pounding through my poorly arm and so I did walk on and off for a lot of this last mile. I saw Patrick Brown and Mark Boulten on their cool down lap - TWICE- both shouting encouraging words my way which was great!
I managed a sprint finish with Marc and my mum cheering me on and managed to overtake 2 runners who had been in my sights!. Cheers & whoops from strangers as the finish line of my little sprint was in sight felt fab and I'd never encountered it before and although 3mins away from a PB I didn't do too bad.
A well organised event and great bling. A couple of celebratory beers afterwards made for a great event! Oh and now at our local for a couple more!! In the words of Scooter, "It's good to be back!!"

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 12th August 2017

Calvin Bobin21.369th - 75.54% Roding Valley
Caroline McGirr30.4452nd - 48.64% Roding Valley
Karen Levison19.51 (1st lady)6th - 84.47% Valentines
Ashley Faria20.5511th - 68.84% Valentines
Manjit Singh21.1915th - 65.52% Valentines
Craig Livermore24.3344th - 52.55% Valentines
Jason Levy24.4446th - 57.75% Valentines
Maran Raju26.2570th - 56.72% Valentines
Suzanne Cubitt27.1176th - 55.36% Valentines
Robyn Turtle27.3586th - 53.72% Valentines
Dan Senior18.303rd - 74.32% Wanstead
Mark Moir20.1617th - 63.65% Wanstead
Felicity Price-Thomas22.4838th - 64.91% Wanstead
Andy Bolderstone24.0964th - 57.83% Wanstead
Sarah Burns24.55 (25m pacer)71st - 61.74% Wanstead
Suzanne Bench24.57 (25m pacer)72nd - 68.87% Wanstead
Stuart Barton25.17 (100th parkrun)78th - 56.95% Wanstead
John Healy25.1879th - 55.20% Wanstead
Tricia ONeill25.4186th - 63.08% Wanstead
Fiona Critchley25.5087th - 65.68% Wanstead
Andrea Waller26.02 (49th parkrun)91st - 59.09% Wanstead
Alex Jameson26.4198th - 53.97% Wanstead
Rachel Le Roux27.24111th - 54.56% Wanstead
Shaun DeSena28.13123rd - 45.84% Wanstead
Helen McGuinness30.08141st - 51.83% Wanstead
Sandra Hiller30.14142nd - 59.87% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor33.43171st - 48.05% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards36.52190th - 42.68% Wanstead
John Booth17.4210th - 75.42% Mile End
Paul Marshall22.20110th - 58.43% Mile End
James Nichols19.19 (course pb)38th - 67.56% Burgess
Shahib Miah Ali19.45 debut6th - 65.65% Barking
Samia Choudhury38.32 debut97th - 38.41% Barking
Tim Aylett26.3138th - 51.10% Walthamstow
Thomas Grimes18.44 debut2nd - 71.26% Lyme Park
Andrew Howard21.54 debut14th - 70.78% Harwich
Shailesh Patel23.3247th - 63.17% Leicester Victoria
Tim Le Rasle19.36 (course pb)20th - 71.26% Worthing
Diana Rexhepaj28.3256th - 57.36% Beckton
Ijeoma Anozie25.0261.12% Hackney Marshes
39 parkruns at 13 venues, 1 first finisher, 2 course pbs and 4 debuts.
100th parkrun for Stuart Barton, first finish for Karen at Valentines.
Course pbs for James Nichols and Tim leRasle.
Debuts for Samia & Shahib at Barking, Thomas at Lyme Park and Andrew at Harwich.
One Age Grade best for 2017 for Tim le Rasle.
ELR parkrun records for Thomas at Lyme Park, Andrew at Harwich and Tim at Worthing.

Ricky's Race, Matlock (7km fell race) - Thursday 10th August 2017

Thomas Grimes31.032nd of 151 finishers.
Report from Club Captain, Colin Davenport : Matlock AC

The 20th anniversary run of 'Ricky's race' took place on the evening of 10th August,
with 151 runners taking to the start line to be sent on their way by Ricky Wood himself.

Local knowledge and navigational skill certainly played their part, with Matlock's own
Ben Cartwright taking 1st place after a strong showing on the 7km course that takes in
Clough woods and Will Shore's tree on the hillside above Darley Bridge. Thomas Grimes
of East London runners took 2nd place, with Paul Sorrell of Ripley taking 3rd place
and the male Vet 40 prize. For the ladies, Beth Pascall led the way, with Lucy Taylor
(Ripley) and Ruth Keeley (Belper Harriers) shortly behind.

Bradwell fell race, Peak District (approx 6km) - Tuesday 8th August 2017

Thomas Grimes27.287th
Found a 'nice' fell race in the Peak District last night. First mile and
a bit was virtually straight up but then we came down, which was quite fun.
Enjoy this fell running lark. Happy with my 7th, 27:28, approx 6k.
101 finishers
Date & time: Tue 8th Aug 2017 at 19:30
Country: England
Region: Peak District
Category: BS
Distance: 6km / 3.7m
Climb: 230m / 755ft
Venue: Opposite Samuel Fox Inn, Bradwell.
Grid ref: 175818

Regents Park 10km Summer Series - Sunday 6th August 2017

Jon Brombley36.4019th
Grant Conway45.52133rd, 30th vet.
574 finishers.

Run Norwich 10km - Sunday 6th August 2017

Katie Whitton54.511636th
Suzanne Cubitt55.331760th
4704 finishers.

QEOP 10km Summer Series - Saturday 5th August 2017

Aaron Browne42.1750th
Roselin Boramakot59.05226th
344 finishers.

Elvis 5 - Orion's Forest Five Series - Event 3 - Saturday 5th August 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes28.33 (29.03)4th scorer
Patrick Brown28.40 (29.15)5th scorer
Paul Quinton29.10 course pb7th scorer
Mark Boulton29.369th
Euan Brown30.33 course debut13th
Scott McMillan31.17 (32.29) course pb18th scorer
Daniel Lee31.32 (32.11)20th scorer
Dan Senior31.33 (32.15)course pb21st scorer
Jennifer Ansell31.40 course pb (1st lady)24th scorer - 1st
Simon Thomas31.41 ELR pb25th - 24th
Spencer Evans32.25 course pb31st - 30th
James Nichols32.30 (35.11)pb34th - 33rd
Aaron Williams33.37 (35.22)45th - 41st
Robert Rayworth33.43 (35.20)course pb48th - 44th
Ava Lee34.07 (34.35)53rd scorer - 5th
Shahib Miah Ali34.24 course debut55th - 50th
Karen Levison34.38 (1st V45)60th scorer - 8th
Paul Thompson34.58 (35.59)63rd - 55th
Jonathan Wooldridge35.15 (37.03)course pb68th - 58th
Michael Bamford35.26 course debut69th - 59th
Ashley Faria36.08 course debut82nd - 67th
Richard Potter36.3793rd - 78th
Eleanor Wilkinson36.52 (39.42)course pb95th scorer - 16th
Stuart Norris37.59 pb105th - 84th
Peter Hatley38.39113th - 90th
Suzanne Bench39.36 course debut129th - 27th
John Healy39.50132nd - 104th
Ramesh Pala40.19138th - 110th
Angus Nicholls40.30142nd - 112th
David Hallybone40.39 pb?143rd - 113th
Andy Bolderstone40.47146th - 115th
Shailesh Patel41.32157th - 123rd
Katherine Harris41.36 course pb158th - 35th
Nathaniel Dye41.37 course debut159th - 124th
Rotimi Oyegunle42.12 pb?168th - 128th
Kieran Brown42.18 (42.36)171st - 130th
Marc Akers42.26 course debut173rd - 132nd
George Georgiou43.06 (45.50)181st - 137th
Tricia ONeill43.54 (44.04)188th - 48th
Frank Brownlie44.05190th - 141st
Stuart Barton44.14 (47.32)course pb192nd - 143rd
Kat Maskell44.22 debut 5m ELR195th - 51st
Fiona Critchley45.05 (49.43)204th - 57th
Maud Hodson45.09 (45.21)205th - 58th
Jason Levy45.21209th - 150th
Fiona Day45.56216th - 64th
Caroline Moore47.59 (50.18)234th - 74th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera48.03 course debut236th - 76th
Geoff Bench48.47 course debut243rd - 163rd
John Atkinson50.49 course debut262nd - 170th
Helen McGuinness50.57264th - 94th
Anna Dingle51.00 ELR debut265th - 95th
Anita Lomax52.09 debut 5m ELR275th - 101st
Jess Trayler-Moore53.51 ELR debut285th - 110th
Sonia Cheadle55.05 pb288th - 113th
Don Bennett58.39302nd - 181st
Sophie Edwards61.47311th - 127th
Elizabeth O'Donnell61.51 (62.35)312th - 128th
58 ELR's
( ) Last year's times in brackets.
Series Analysis
Thomas 28.28, 28.03, 28.33.
Jenny 32.50, 32.09, 31.40.
Jonathan 36.18, 35.17, 35.15.
Ramesh 39.57, 40.54, 40.19.
Andy B 41.33, 40.17, 40.17.

142 ELR's have taken part in the first five Elvis events. 15 have taken in all the races
so far. A further 59 can still be included in the Final Overall Results if they take part
in any of the remaining fixtures.

Jessica Trayler-Moore - I just wanted to say thanks for your support on my first
club run this morning. I passed a man wearing a 'running sucks' T-shirt towards the
end of the race and thought how laughably wrong he is as I approached the cheering
sea of red at the finish line. Thanks guys. I had a lovely first Elvis.

Anna Dingle - I just wanted to say thank you to all of the East London Runners today who
made me feel very welcome and at ease when taking part in my first race at the ELVIS
Forest 5 today. I really enjoyed the run; the ups and the downs; and the cheering at the end.
I loved it. Hopefully the first of many races.

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 5th August 2017

Sheetal Dandgey22.16 (course pb)73rd - 66.54% Hackney
Laura Woodhouse22.2275th - 66.17% Hackney
Sarah Burns23.54106th - 64.37% Hackney
Stephen Swan25.29 (course pb)108th - 50.75% Ipswich
Andrew Howard22.10 debut69th - 69.92% Oxford
Dan Gritton18.34 (course pb)1st - 75.76% Roding Valley
Tim Aylett25.5435th - 52.32% Roding Valley
Kathryn Hertzberg26.1137th - 56.65%Roding Valley
Caroline McGirr34.0670th - 43.84% Roding Valley
Calvin Bobin51.28188th - 31.70% Valentines
Paul Marshall23.42 debut65th - 55.06% Colchester Castle
Morag Campbell36.16157th - 43.80% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult31.10 debut168th - 49.73% Chester
Lauren Aston24.33 debut45th - 60.29% Gunpowder
John Booth17.4713th - 75.07% Mile End
Katie Whitton29.36 (course pb)253rd - 50.00% Mile End
Alexandra Turnbull25.4443rd - 57.51% Haigh Woodland
Nick Hoult20.37 debut40th - 67.74% Stretford
Jayne Browne29.39 debut10th - 58.74% Treviso, Italy
Colin Dryland21.01 (1st parkrun)28th - 67.96% Wanstead
Ijeoma Anozie25.4359.49% Hackney Marshes
19 parkruns at 13 venues, 1 first finisher, 4 course pbs and 6 debuts.
Dan Gritton , course pb and 1st place at Roding Valley. More course pbs for
Sheetal at Hackney, Stephen Swan at Ipswich and Katie Whitton at Mile End.
ELR debuts at Oxford, Colchester Castle, Chester, Gunpowder, Stretford and Treviso,Italy.
Age grade bests for 2017 for Sheetal, Laura and Nick.
ELR parkrun records for :-
Stephen Swan at Ipswich from Stuart Barton. Andrew Howard at Oxford, Nick Hoult at
Stretford and Jayne Browne at Treviso, Italy.

Chase The Sun 10km, Crystal Palace - Wednesday 2nd August 2017

John Healy49.2952nd

Ride 100 Surrey/London - Sunday 30th July 2017

Ava Lee5.51.40
Daniel Lee6.02
Eleanor Wilkinson6.25.08
Andy Kumar6.51.32
Suzanne Bench7.54.46
Geoff Bench7.54.46

Ride 46 London - Sunday 30th July 2017

Rachel Le Roux2.41.45
Sheetal Dandgey2.54.35
Shaun DeSena3.17.27
Stuart Barton3.19.27
Susannah McLaren3.20.46
Katy Taylor3.26.53
Ride 46 completed! Feeling pretty chuffed with myself having only been cycling for 2 months! All together a fabulous experience with no punctures, mechanical issues and I even managed not to cause a crash! Thanks to Carlton for persuading me to take part in the first place and ELR friends for fantastic support on the day! Susannah McLaren

Maldon Triathlon - Sunday 30th July 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Robyn Turtle3.40.50 debut32nd , Olympic Distance
Dan Senior2.00.3535th, Sprint Distance
Maldon Triathlon
Olympic Distance debut.
1.5k swim,t1, 45k bike, t2, 10k run
Robyn Hase Turtle 3.40.50 32nd, 7th lady, 3rd Age Cat
42.18, 2.49, 1.51.19, 1.31, 1.02.53
Robyn:- First Olympic Distance Triathlon done, a very early start but I exceeded my 'gold' target by 4 minutes!

Sprint Distance
750m swim, t1, 28k bike, t2, 5k run
Dan Senior 2.00.35 35th, 29th man, 16th Age Cat.
7.48, 1.32, 1.18.42, 0.46, 21.45
Dan Senior:- I thought it was great fun. 3.45am alarm, kicked in the face on the swim, wrong turn/2k detour
and puncture on the bike, worst 5k time ever... but still loved it!

Wellingborough 5m - Sunday 30th July 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Robert Rayworth31.23 pb39th
281 finishers.

Dock 2 Dock 5km swim - Saturday 29th July 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Ava Lee1.54.2844th, 14th lady
Daniel Lee2.23.882nd
Yesterday Danny and I did the Dock 2 Dock 5k swim. A first for both of us -
5k goes on FOREVER when you're swimming. Me in 1.54 and Danny in 2.24.
Yes, they did make us wear the orange inflatables - one step up from arm bands.
119 finishers.

Twilight Marathon (including 50k Ultra and Half Marathon) - Saturday 29th July 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Michael Wilson4.07.058th, 1st MVet 55
Kirk Johnson5.58.4718th
Michael reports:- Yesterday afternoon Kirk Johnson and myself Run in the Twilight Marathon at Redbridge Cycle Centre, Hainault. I was looking for a different challenge this time and was pleased to have Kirk for company as well. A sub 4 hours was never on the cards for me due to the difficulty of the course, but I was very happy with 4.07.06 tbc. (Last year I ran 2.05 for the half, so there has been improvement).
All credit to Kirk who only fairly recently returned to running and his only preparation in his words, was the Hilly 5 race (and Wednesday Club runs). He finished in 5.58.43 and wanted to run some extra laps at the end, but the organisers wouldn't let him as they were starting to pack up! He should have started in the 50k which was at 10.00am. There was almost constant rain and the hill was horrendous, but it was great fun. You don't have to be crazy to be a runner, but it helps!

Run Through Velopark Half Marathon - Saturday 29th July 2017

Katherine Harris1.52.1361st
146 finishers, 12th lady of 58, 2nd V35 of 8.

Breca Buttermere Sprint - Saturday 29th July 2017

Janet Bywater3.54.0043rd, 30th Mixed Team.
Breca Buttermere Sprint - Run: 15km | Swim: 3km | Transitions: 10 | Total length: 18km
Janet Bywater in a mixed team with Peter Bitten.
Janet Bywater:- Hey, you must check out swim run events, they are totally awesome. I did one in the
Lake District this weekend, 3.4km swimming and 15 km running, in and out of the water 6 times. You run in your wetsuit and
swim in your trainers. It's both brilliant and bonkers at the same time. Check out Love Swimrun or Breca events. J

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 29th July 2017

Calvin Bobin21.2015th - 76.48% Roding Valley
Kathryn Hertzberg26.2747th - 56.08% Roding Valley
Simon Thomas18.46 (50th parkrun)2nd - 69.54% Valentines
Aaron Browne19.444th - 65.37% Valentines
Karen Levison20.13 (1st lady)7th - 82.93% Valentines
Ashley Faria21.0712th - 68.19% Valentines
Jason Levy24.0836th - 59.19% Valentines
Suzanne Cubitt27.0882nd - 55.47% Valentines
Patrick Brown16.54 (1st man)1st - 76.92% Wanstead
Billy Rayner16.57 (course pb)2nd - 76.70% Wanstead
Scott McMillan18.304th - 74.86% Wanstead
Paul Drury-Bradey21.4018th - 60.85% Wanstead
Andy Bolderstone23.5142nd - 58.07% Wanstead
George Georgiou24.2249th - 59.58% Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.2961st - 62.33% Wanstead
Andrea Waller27.1983rd - 56.31% Wanstead
Stuart Norris27.4186th - 46.60% Wanstead
Caroline Moore28.0793rd - 63.54% Wanstead
Alex Jameson28.1997th - 50.85% Wanstead
Katie Whitton28.2098th - 52.24% Wanstead
Jayne Browne29.00104th - 60.06% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards37.05162nd - 42.43% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell37.15165th - 43.49% Wanstead
Catriona Hoult37.26167TH - 41.41% Wanstead
John Booth17.456th - 75.21% Mile End
Shahib Miah Ali19.4521st - 65.65% Mile End
James Nichols20.4236th - 63.04% Mile End
Steven Bywater28.0028.00 - 53.51% Walthamstow
Thomas Grimes17.07 (1st man)1st - 77.99% Clarisford ROI
Claire Emery33.59106th - 47.67% Lyme Park
Tim Aylett26.3355th - 51.04% Sittingbourne
Andrew Howard22.46 debut56th - 68.08% Newbury
Paul Marshall22.37 debut68th - 57.70% Perth
Stuart Barton25.54 debut58th - 55.60% Upton Court
Alexandra Turnbull25.11 debut33rd - 58.77% Haigh Woodland
Shailesh Patel25.5540th - 57.36% Barking
Holly Simon27.05 (course pb)82nd - 58.65% Wanstead
36 parkruns at 13 venues, 3 first finishers, 1 course pbs and 4 debuts.
First finishes for Patrick at Wanstead, Thomas at Claris ford and Karen at Valentines.
Course pb for Billy at Wanstead, debuts for Andrew, Stuart, Paul and Alexandra.
Age Grade bests for 2017 from Billy, Alexandra and Jason Levy.
ELR parkrun records for Andrew at Newbury, Paul at Perth and Alexandra at Haigh Woodland.

Clare Athletics 5km Summer Series - Thursday 27th July 2017

Thomas Grimes16.324th

Chase The Sun 5km, Victoria Park - Wednesday 26th July 2017

Jon Brombley17.351st
Dan Senior18.396th

Chase The Sun 10km, Victoria Park - Wednesday 26th July 2017

Jennifer Ansell38.1721st, 2nd lady
Spencer Evans38.4224th
Aaron Williams41.0548th
Eleanor Wilkinson43.28 pb80th, 10th lady
Katherine Harris46.50134th
Marc Akers50.29198th
Kathryn Hertzberg53.05246th
Alexandra Turnbull54.30281st

Standard Chartered Great City Race - 5km - Monday 24th July 2017

Graham Peacock23.241669th

London Triathlon - Olympic Distance - Sunday 23rd July 2017

Ava Lee2.20.25 pb189/ 2356, 8th lady, 2nd vet
Daniel Lee2.29.50502/ 2356
James Creed2.42.38 debut1117/2356
Dominic Dragonetti2.51.541516/ 2356
Jason Levy3.17.01 pb2092/ 2356
London Triathlon - Olympic Distance
1.5k swim, t1, 37.5k bike, t2, 9.9k run
Ava Lee 2.20.25 = 28.28, 2.53, 1.06.30, 2.03, 40.34 8th lady, 2nd age group
Danny Lee 2.29.50 = 34.42, 3.39, 1.08.31, 2.58, 40.01
James Creed 2.42.38 = 36.16, 06.11, 1.12.09, 03.53, 44.10
Dominic Dragonetti 2.51.54 = 30.44 , 4.07, 1.25.17, 2.43, 49.06
Jason Levy 3.17.01 = 49.29, 8.14, 1.21.38, 2.58, 54.44

Jason Levy:- this was a pb by just over 11 minutes

Ava:- another couple of results for London Triathlon today. Me in 2.20.25 ( a 6 minute pb ) and Danny in 2.29.50.
Both very pleased!

2,356 finishers. 463 ladies with Ava finishing 8th.

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 22nd July 2017

Thomas Grimes17.001st - 78.53% Grovelands
Jakub Czeczotka21.40 (course pb)45th - 60.85% Hackney
Steven Bywater24.57 debut20th - 60.05% Roding Valley
Karen Levison20.08 (1st lady)6th - 83.28% Valentines
Jonathan Wooldridge20.24 (100th parkrun)9th - 70.02% Valentines
Ashley Faria21.0714th - 68.19% Valentines
Craig Livermore22.2518th - 57.55% Valentines
Shailesh Patel23.2126th - 63.67% Valentines
Calvin Bobin24.0837th - 67.61% Valentines
Marc Akers24.2339th - 57.69% Valentines
Frank Brownlie25.2653rd - 66.58% Valentines
Suzanne Cubitt26.13 (course pb)68th - 57.41% Valentines
Jason Levy29.40109th - 48.15% Valentines
Maya Goodwin34.35161st - 46.36% Valentines
Rotimi Oyegunle25.2349th - 54.17% Lloyd, Croydon
Patrick Brown17.202nd - 75.00% Wanstead
Scott McMillan18.154th - 75.89% Wanstead
Aaron Williams19.4910th - 70.48% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan20.3012th - 68.13% Wanstead
Robert Rayworth20.5016th - 66.00% Wanstead
Felicity Price-Thomas22.03 (1st lady)28th - 67.12% Wanstead
Paul Drury-Bradey22.0829th - 59.56% Wanstead
Angus Nicholls22.4331st - 62.44% Wanstead
Lance Fuller23.2239th - 65.76%Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi25.1057th - 59.54% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar25.2560th - 63.08% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor25.5263rd - 62.63% Wanstead
Alex Jameson26.01 (course pb)65th - 55.35% Wanstead
Ellen Jones26.4071st - 55.56% Wanstead
Katie Whitton29.39107th - 49.92% Wanstead
Claire Emery32.15138th - 50.23% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards41.20171st - 38.06% Wanstead
Elizabeth ODonnell41.21172nd - 39.18% Wanstead
Kieran Brown26.44 debut (99th parkrun)116th - 59.48% Bury St Edmunds
Fiona Day27.14 debut124th - 70.26% Bury St Edmunds
Andrew Howard22.28 debut79th - 68.99% Brighton & Hove
James Nichols20.46 debut4th - 62.84% Billericay
Shahib Miah Ali19.35 debut16th - 66.21% Mile End
Katherine Harris22.21 (1st lady) debut17th - 67.34% Barking
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera27.5555th - 54.45% Barking
Stephen Swan25.33 debut29th - 50.62% Brandon
Stuart Barton26.12 debut31st - 54.96% Brandon
Dan Gritton18.2510th - 76.38% Southwark
Sarah Burns23.13 (course pb)39th - 66.26% Bideford
44 parkruns at 14 venues, 4 first finishers, 5 course pbs and 9 debuts.
First finishes for Thomas at Grovelands, Karen at Valentines, Felicity at Wanstead and Katherine at Barking.
100th parkrun for Jonathan in a course pb 20.24 and 70.02% at Valentines.
More course pbs for Jakub at Hackney, new member Suzanne at Valentines, Alex at Wanstead and Sarah at Bideford.
Debuts for Steve at Roding Valley, Katherine at Barking, Andrew at Brighton & Hove, James at Billericay, Shahib at Mile End, Stephen & Stuart at Brandon and Kieran, his 99th parkrun, & Fiona at Bury St Edmunds.
ELR parkrun records for Kieran at Bury St Edmunds, James at Billericay and Sarah at Bideford.

SOAR Summer Mile, Battersea Park - Friday 21st July 2017

Billy Rayner4.41.68 pb2nd Race 8 79.65%
Mark Boulton4.56.10 pb2nd , Race 7 76.05%

Panshanger 5m - Wednesday 19th July 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes28.061st

Run Through Chase The Sun 10km, QEOP - Wednesday 19th July 2017

John Booth38.1511th
337 finishers.

Sri Chinmoy Races. 5km, Silver Starlings 5km, Battersea Park - Monday 17th July 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
James Nichols18.32 pb53rd, - 70.86%
Emily Clarke19.54 pb85th, 5th lady - 74.29%
Eleanor Wilkinson20.4592nd, 7th lady
Lucy Barron23.54 pb140th - 61.79%
Joanna Wood28.02167th - 54.76%
Also Russell Price 34th, 17.43

Wycombe 10km - Sunday 16th July 2017

Thomas Grimes37.531st
Ran a 10k in Wycombe today, really tough course so hilly, mainly up as far as I remember!

Just about managed a 1st place, toughest 10k I've done though!

St George's 10 mile , Newport Isle of Wight - Sunday 16th July 2017

Michael Bamford1.22.3540th, 3rd V50
148 finishers.
Michael Bamford:- One of the toughest races I have ever done, mostly up hill in the heat and sun, no energy left in the legs half way around, second wind with two miles to go but I didnt enjoy it for a second.

Spitfire Scramble, Hornchurch Country Park - Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th July 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Jason Levy23.33.1925 laps - average 56.32
Katherine Harris23.33.1925 laps - average 56.32
John Healy23.33.1925 laps - average 56.32
Julie Creffield24.07.167 laps - 3.26.46 average
Katherine Harris:- My report of the Spitfire Scramble. What an amazing experience! I loved it, it far exceeded all my expectations. The atmosphere in camp was so chilled and fun with lots of familiar faces from ELVIS and parkrun. I had such a blast. I was part of a fantastic team and with Jason coordinating us and retiming our handovers when we were running an hour and 40 minutes ahead of schedule ensured we all knew roughly what times we were up and kept things running smoothly.
Stuart and Dave/Pixie set up camp with us and were a very welcome addition to the team (particularly Dave, sorry Stuart but she is just so cute!). So lovely to see Jo and Jonathan as well when they came to visit and support us. ELR really is the best.
Thank you to Jonathan for dragging me around my fifth lap and whilst I do blame you for me finally breaking down on my final lap it was great to have your company on this lap (although the fly you swallowed probably wouldn't agree).
24 hour food, massages and support on site. A really well organised event.
If anyone has doubts and is unsure about trying this event, I say do it. A fun but challenging weekend. I will most definitely be back.

Results:- ELR/Drax 6th of the Mixed 3-5 teams. 25 laps
Julie Creffield 7 laps.
6 25 23:33:19 ELR-DRAX
311 Jason Levy 1 01:00:36 312 Katherine Harris 2 00:52:21 315 John Healy 3 00:44:24
314 Daniel Cogan 4 00:43:20 313 Tara Wilkinson 5 01:03:33 311 Jason Levy 6 00:57:14
312 Katherine Harris 7 00:50:00 315 John Healy 8 00:45:40 314 Daniel Cogan 9 00:47:31 313
Tara Wilkinson 10 01:11:15 311 Jason Levy 11 01:03:27 312 Katherine Harris 12 00:53:36
315 John Healy 13 00:49:07 314 Daniel Cogan 14 00:51:34 313 Tara Wilkinson 15 01:19:15 311
Jason Levy 16 01:07:03 312 Katherine Harris 17 00:55:23 315 John Healy 18 00:52:12 314
Daniel Cogan 19 00:52:41 313 Tara Wilkinson 20 01:21:08 311 Jason Levy 21 01:06:11
312 Katherine Harris 22 00:46:45 315 John Healy 23 00:50:18 314
Daniel Cogan 24 00:55:55 312 Katherine Harris 25 00:52:50
12 7 24:07:16 Julie Creffield
143 Julie Creffield 1 01:28:27 143 Julie Creffield 2 01:42:23 143 Julie Creffield 3 02:07:27
143 Julie Creffield 4 04:36:04 143 Julie Creffield 5 02:33:29 143 Julie Creffield 6 08:24:44
143 Julie Creffield 7 03:14:42

parkrun - all venues - Saturday 15th July 2017

Thomas Grimes17.462nd - 75.14% Grovelands
Eleanor Wilkinson20.35 (course pb)40th - 71.90% Hackney
Saheb Yousefi23.1593rd - 56.42% Hackney
Lucy Barron24.10 (course pb)105th - 61.24% Hackney
Nick Hoult21.11 debut17th - 65.93% Colwick
James Nichols20.49 (course pb)19th - 62.69% Hampstead Heath
Jonathan Wooldridge21.36 debut29th - 66.13% Hampstead Heath
Ruel Ordonio22.38 debut45th - 61.19% Hampstead Heath
Dan Gritton18.454th - 75.02% Roding Valley
Andy Kumar19.02 (course pb)5th - 68.30% Roding Valley
Gareth Davies22.17 debut24th - 65.15% Roding Valley
Kathryn Hertzberg25.3144th - 58.13% Roding Valley
Caroline McGirr28.22 (course pb)70th - 52.70% Roding Valley
Tim Le Rasle19.473rd - 70.60% Valentines
Karen Levison20.10 (1st lady)4th - 83.14% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.5921st - 64.68% Valentines
Craig Livermore25.3047th - 50.59% Valentines
Joanna Wood29.0296th - 53.20% Valentines
Stuart Barton25.39 debut71st - 56.14% Oak Hill
Andrew Howard22.1727th - 69.56% South Norwood
Patrick Brown17.071st - 75.95% Wanstead
Scott McMillan18.123rd - 76.10% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan19.047th - 73.25% Wanstead
Robert Rayworth19.4914th - 69.39% Wanstead
Mark Moir21.1018th - 60.94% Wanstead
Louis Le Roux21.1721st - 61.94% Wanstead
Felicity Price-Thomas21.34 (1st lady)23rd - 68.62% Wanstead
Lance Fuller23.1037th - 66.33% Wanstead
Andy Bolderstone23.3742nd - 58.65% Wanstead
Viktor Szabadi24.3349th - 61.03% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar24.4051st - 65.00% Wanstead
Paul Marshall24.4152nd - 52.87% Wanstead
Fiona Day25.0559th - 76.28% Wanstead
Ellen Jones25.1662nd - 58.64% Wanstead
Maud Hodson25.4769th - 61.60% Wanstead
Alex Jameson26.1672nd - 54.82% Wanstead
Mike Brett28.2797th - 53.13% Wanstead
Catherine Brett28.27 (100th parkrun)98th - 59.64% Wanstead
Caroline Moore29.05108th - 61.43% Wanstead
Don Bennett33.49140th - 46.62% Wanstead
Jennifer Ansell18.53 2nd lady & debut3rd - 78.38% Billericay
Claire Emery27.56 debut68th - 58.00% Gunpowder
Diana Rexhepaj27.4632nd - 58.34% Beckton
Liam Dempsey24.0327th - 53.78% Brentwood
John Booth18.046th - 73.89% Exeter Riverside
Stuart Kelly19.05 debut7th - 68.38% Great Cornard
Suzanne Cubitt26.2160th - 57.12% Valentines
46 parkruns at 15 venues, 3 first finishers, 5 course pbs and 7 debuts.
A 100th parkrun for Catherine Brett.
First finishes for Patrick and Felicity at Wanstead and Karen at Valentines.
Course pbs for Ellie & Lucy at Hackney, James Nichols at Hampstead, Andy and Caroline at Roding. Debuts at Colwick, Hampstead, Roding, Oak Hill, Billericay, Great Cornard and Gunpowder.
12 Age grade bests:- Ellie, Lucy, Nick, Ruel, Caroline, Tim, Ciaran, Felicity, Viktor, Alex, Mike and Jenny.
ELR parkrun records for Nick at Colwick, Andrew at South Norwood and Jenny at Billericay. Also Stuart Kelly at Great Cornard.

Essex 10,000m Championships, Billericay - Wednesday 12th July 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Paul Quinton34.41.47th
Patrick Brown36.40.914th
Mens Team Results
Colchester Harriers A 66.51.1
Springfield Striders 69.38.2
Colchester Harriers B 70.31.5
4th East London Runners 71.22.3
Southend 72.10.6

Elvis 4 - The Newman Hilly 5 - Wednesday 12th July 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes27.282nd scorer
Antonio Martin Romero28.12 (course pb)5th scorer
Mark Boulton29.017th scorer
Alex Bee30.0711th
James Wilson31.0014th scorer
Joseph Browne31.0015th
Daniel Lee31.13 (31.13)18th scorer
Scott McMillan31.17 pb (32.26)19th scorer
Stuart Kelly31.4321st
Ciaran Canavan32.04 (33.16)25th
Spencer Evans32.09 course pb (32.31)26th
Jennifer Ansell32.15 (44.35)28th, 1st lady scorer
James Nichols32.31 pb (36.40)32nd - 31st
Aaron Williams33.06 (33.01)34th - 33rd
Simon Thomas33.0835th - 34th
Ava Lee33.17 (34.14)36th, 2nd lady scorer
Daniel Slipper33.1737th - 35th
Mark Moir34.3541st - 38th
Emily Clarke34.42 43rd, 4th scorer
Robert Rayworth34.44 (34.49)44th - 40th
Shahib Miah Ali34.52 (38.08)46th - 42nd
Paul Thompson35.1350th - 46th
Michael Bamford35.52 (35.58)59th - 55th
Manjit Singh35.5860th - 56th
Paula Bedford36.02 (course pb)61st,5th, 1st V35 scorer
James Creed36.0862nd - 57th
Grant Conway36.14 (course pb) (38.22)65th - 59th
Louis Le Roux36.3870th - 64th
Eleanor Wilkinson36.41 (course pb)(37.52)71st-7th
Nick Hoult37.09 pb76th - 69th
Richard Guest37.1477th - 70th
Jonathan Shaw37.22 (37.33)78th - 71st
Gareth Davies37.3382nd - 74th
Andrew Howard37.5086th - 76th
Nathaniel Dye37.5287th - 77th
Craig Livermore38.3396th - 81st
John Healy38.3897th - 82nd
Stuart Norris39.00101st - 86th
Ramesh Pala39.01102nd - 87th
Andy Bolderstone39.23 (course pb)108th - 91st
Lauren Aston40.12121st - 22nd
Angus Nicholls40.39124th - 102nd
David Hallybone40.48125th - 103rd
Shailesh Patel40.49126th - 104th
Suzanne Bench41.17133rd - 24th
Kieran Brown41.40136th - 111th
Lucy Barron42.09 (44.35)140th - 29th
Rotimi Oyegunle42.21143rd - 113th
Katherine Harris43.01147th - 31st
Julie Campbell43.15150th - 32nd
Maud Hodson43.22152nd - 34th
Sarah Burns43.41159th - 38th
Mary Connolly43.52162nd - 40th
Fiona Day43.57 (44.08)164th - 42nd
Marc Akers44.00 (course pb)165th - 123rd
Janet Bywater44.12168th - 44th
George Georgiou44.14 (45.53)169th - 125th
Jason Levy44.27 (45.01)171st - 127th
Rachel Le Roux44.50175th - 46th
Simone Fonseca44.51176th - 47th
Frank Brownlie45.06180th - 132nd
Alex Jameson46.04191st - 139th
Robyn Turtle46.10194th - 54th
Stuart Barton46.44 (course pb)201st - 145th
Diana Rexhepaj47.36207th - 60th
Caroline Moore47.44208th - 61st
Geoff Bench48.16 (48.41)214th - 150th
Kirk Johnson48.33217th - 152nd
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera48.36218th - 66th
Katie Whitton48.38219th - 67th
John Atkinson49.21231st - 157th
Jayne Browne49.28232nd - 75th
Roselin Boramakot50.54240th - 81st
Shaun DeSena51.36241st - 160th
Helen McGuinness52.28247th - 85th
Sandra Hiller54.26 (54.25)255th - 91st
Sarah Pascal54.50258th - 94th
Maya Goodwin55.57264th - 98th
( ) Last years time in brackets.
2nd man - Thomas Grimes
Men's team 1st Thomas, Antonio & Mark
1st lady - Jenny Ansell
2nd lady - Ava Lee
1st V35 - Paula Bedford
Ladies team 1st Jenny, Ava & Emily.
Elvis team Men - 1st ELR Thomas, Antonio, Mark, James, Danny & Scott 67pts.
Elvis team Ladies - 1st ELR Jenny, Ava, Emily & Paula 12pts.

Ware 10km - Sunday 9th July 2017

Tom Timson47.5430th
258 finishers.

Southend Half Marathon - Sunday 9th July 2017

Andy Bolderstone2.05.35883rd
Marc Akers2.07.19926th
Catriona Hoult2.13.121122nd
Caroline McGirr2.23.451393rd
Joanna Wood2.34.151580th
1'825 finishers.
Andy B reports:- Southend Half

This was my second time doing this race. I wanted a half as part of my prep for Berlin in September. It's a cheap, well organised race so an obvious choice.

All week I have been melting in this heat. I seriously dont do well in heat, but the forecast was cloudy and 21 degrees. The forecast was wrong.

Catriona Davies and I got to the start as the second wave just started ( the queues into the car park are long and slow). We saw Marc Akers and Joanna Wood , said our hellos and off we went. By the time we got to the seafront the sun was out in full effect. The majority of the race is 2 laps along the seafront so you get to see people as you double back. Marc was looking strong and pasted me about 6 1/2 miles in. It was getting too hot for me and I needed lots of speed walk breaks to keep at it and drink water that was provided in cups. I walked for 0.2 miles then run for at least another. The organisers had loads of sponges available which is a great touch and one I which I wish more would do. At 11 miles you leave the seafront and take a detour through a nature reserve, where I saw Marc again, turn a corner and you're finished. They name check everyone on the p.a as you approach!

The support and organisation along the way is very good (although cups of water !!). I finished drenched from continually trying to cool myself down. My time was my worst since joining ELR but I am not too worried as the weather was brutal and oppressive. I do need to find a way to deal with the heat though. Looking forward to the shade of the Hilly 5 on Wednesday.

Joanna reports:- - Southend half marathon race report - HOT.
Having spent the week demoralised about my Newham 10k last week and all the work Marc & Jason had put in with me I tried to take a different approach to todays race. I still felt pressure leading up to it (only from myself and no one else), so much so that I told my family I didnt want them to come along as I knew I wouldnt do a good time and felt I'd be letting them down going all that way for what I felt would be a bad performance. They were sad I felt like that but promised a celebratory pint once back home - regardless of my time I'm a champ to them!!
So at the start line I was with Marc (my chauffeur for today) and just managed to say Hi to Andy and Cat before we were off. Already it was heating up.
First half went well and only 1 min away from my 10k PB which I was pleased with but then the heat kicked in and I started to wilt - Marc was passing me in the opposite direction on part of the 2 lap course and I could just about muster "I'm stuffed!". So I decided to slow down and try to enjoy the people and scenery. I was able to chat to a few runners as we kept catching each other up and then slowing down - and that's an achievement in itself as anyone who's run with me knows I can't run, breath AND talk!! I'm very mono-sylabic when running and not much fun!
The sun just didnt let up (my Rudolph nose is testament to that) but with so many water stations and fantastic marshals sponging us down it certainly helped.
The last 3miles seemed to take an eternity - did i say it was hot??? But I made it. Marc was a welcomed sight on the finish line and Andy & Cat who had finished much earlier were also there which was really nice!!
Group pic and obligatory grumbles about the heat exchanged!!
My time? Hmmm a hot 2.33 hrs not a PB but it WAS a course PB as it was over 10mins faster than last year - AND HOTTER!!
I think I might have actually enjoyed a race for once and to be honest for someone who did a Race for Life a couple of years ago and never intended to run again I've got to think of the positives. Attached is a pic I've not shared before - I wasn't at my biggest (as I used to avoid photo opportunities at ALL costs) but to see the difference between then and now, regardless of times, I think I'm doing ok.
Anyway the month is not over and efforts are still underway for me to try and achieve a PB so watch this space....

Virgin Sport British 10km, Westminister - Sunday 9th July 2017

Jamie Xavier43.21237th
Robert Rayworth44.32
Jakub Czeczotka45.37402nd
Diana Rexhepaj57.592212th
Jayne Browne59.413096th

Essex Cross Country Series - Thornton Park - Saturday 8th July 2017

Julie Campbell56.3584th, 17th lady 1st V55
161 finishers.
2nd race for me in this series. On trail paths, some quite rough with large stones. Fairly undulating, 479 feet of climbing, with one steepish hill that outwitted me, so I walked.... twice. Warm conditions, but thankfully shady in many places. Will do this again to improve my time. Bit slow... but I was the fastest woman in my age category! In fact I'm so old, I was the only woman in my category. Lol. Anyway, I'm not going to beat myself up too much, because I would have had the 3rd best time if I was in the 45-54 year olds. Plus it was a hilly run. Last 2 miles were getting faster as it was mostly downhill. The sting in the tail is that the finishing straight was uphill. If you enjoy cross country, this is definitely one to look out for next year.

Mens Health Survival of the Fittest OCR, Wembley - Saturday 8th July 2017

Joshua Stephens54.05tbc
Survival Of The Fittest 10km OCR around Wembley Stadium today. Unsure of position, but 54.05 for the 10km.
Last race in my league season so hopefully pushed up the table to finish strong!
Now 8 weeks to rest my battered ankle before 20+ miles up and down Snowdon...

Run Through Regents Park 5km - Saturday 8th July 2017

Jon Brombley17.391st

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 8th July 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
John Healy22.32 (50th parkrun)54th - 61.98% Brockwell
Dan Gritton19.415th - 71.46% Roding Valley
Tim Le Rasle19.582nd - 69.95% Valentines
Eleanor Wilkinson21.25 debut10th - 69.11% Valentines
Katherine Harris21.5614th - 68.39% Valentines
Lucy Barron24.51 debut40th - 59.56% Valentines
Jason Levy25.1146th - 56.72% Valentines
Robyn Turtle27.2877th - 53.88% Valentines
Diana Rexhepaj27.34 debut78th - 58.77% Valentines
Steven Bywater26.20 debut84th - 56.90% South Norwood
Andrew Howard22.53 debut30th - 67.73% Harcourt Hill
Liam Dempsey23.5514th - 54.08% Brentwood
Patrick Brown17.451st - 73.24% Walthamstow
Shailesh Patel22.195th - 66.62% Barking
Dominic Dragonetti22.44 debut64th - 60.04% Hilly Fields
James Wilson17.423rd - 77.12% Wanstead
John Booth17.59 debut4th - 74.24% Wanstead
Scott McMillan18.055th - 76.59% Wanstead
Andy Kumar18.23 (course pb)7th - 70.72% Wanstead
Ciaran Canavan19.1712th - 72.43% Wanstead
Felicity Price-Thomas21.39 (1st lady)31st - 68.36% Wanstead
Stuart Norris23.28 (course pb)46th - 54.97% Wanstead
Tricia ONeill24.0854th - 67.13% Wanstead
Lance Fuller25.1965th - 60.70% Wanstead
Catherine Brett25.2770th - 66.67% Wanstead
Bernadett Kalmar25.3774th - 62.59% Wanstead
Ellen Jones25.4676th - 57.50% Wanstead
Annette Clark25.48 (course pb)77th - 61.56% Wanstead
Fiona Day26.2184th - 72.61% Wanstead
Maud Hodson27.2295th - 58.04% Wanstead
Sarah Burns27.3296th - 55.87% Wanstead
Caroline Moore28.06 (50th parkrun)104th - 63.58% Wanstead
Helen McGuinness28.54 (course pb)112th - 54.04% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards35.04151st - 44.87% Wanstead
Mark Moir48.40 (tailwalker)178th - 26.51% Wanstead
Jonathan Wooldridge20.46 debut3rd - 68.78% Fontainbleau
Fiona Critchley23.59 debut +1st lady9th - 70.74% Fontainbleau
Stuart Barton25.59 debut13th - 55.42% Fontainbleau
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera28.10 debut15th - 53.96% Fontainbleau
Suzanne Cubitt26.3466th - 56.65% Valentines
Holly Simon27.36 (1st parkrun)98th - 57.55% Wanstead
also Stuart Norris 46th 23.28 54.97% Course pb.
39 parkruns at 11 venues, 3 first finishers, 11 debuts and 3 course pbs,
2 50th parkruns.

Patrick 1st at Walthamstow, Fiona at Fontainbleau and Felicity at Wanstead.
Debuts for Ellie, Lucy and Diana at Valentines. Steve Bywater at the first South Norwood parkrun. Andrew at Harcourt Hill, Domonic at Hilly Fields and John Booth at Wanstead.Debuts also for our tourists, Jonathan, Fiona, Stuart and Alexandra at Fontainbleau.
Course pbs for Andy, Annette and Helen at Wanstead.
50th parkruns for Caroline at Wanstead and John Healy at Brockwell.
8 age grade bests for 2017 from Tim, Ellie and Katherine at Valentines, Scott, Andy, Felicity, Catherine and Annette at Wanstead.
ELR parkrun records for Steve at South Norwood and Andrew at Harcourt
Finally the ELR list at Wanstead reaches 200 runners, with 46 with 50 shirts, 21 with 100 shirts and 2 with 250 plus.
Still awaiting results for Fountainbleau in France.

Wimbledon Trail Series - Event 3 - 8 miles/ 12.9km - Wednesday 5th July 2017

Thomas Grimes46.022nd - 80.58%
also 9th Sam Browne 49.03 73.50%

Woodford Green & Essex Ladies Open Graded Meeting , 3000m - Tuesday 4th July 2017

Antonio Martin Romero9.31.35 pb2nd, 3000m

Bassingbourn Braintrust Half Marathon - Sunday 2nd July 2017

Victoria Charlesworth2.07.35196th
303 finishers.

Simply Health Great Newham 10km - Sunday 2nd July 2017

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes34.23 (17.12)3rd
Alex Bee37.47 (18.46)43rd
Ciaran Canavan38.42 (19.37)62nd
Stuart Kelly40.28 (20.07)113th
Aaron Williams41.25 (20.42)150th
Mark Moir41.31 (20.37)154th
Robert Rayworth42.33 (20.32)215th
Shahib Miah Ali42.43 (21.29)224th
Jamie Xavier43.02 (20.58)247th
Nathaniel Dye43.51 (21.55)307th
Andrew Howard44.24 (22.09)361st
Nick Hoult44.24 (21.58)363rd
Louis Le Roux45.28 (22.16)465th
Katherine Harris45.38 (22.51)488th
Dominic Dragonetti46.13 (22.47)556th
Paul Marshall46.26 (22.34)584th
Jakub Czeczotka47.06 pb (23.48)678th
David Taylor49.11 (24.32)965th
David Hallybone51.55 (24.59)1394th
Lauren Aston52.00 (25.24)1409th
Lance Fuller52.47 (24.18)1551st
Kathryn Hertzberg52.51 (26.14)1565th
Jason Levy53.19 (25.40)1650th
Rachel Le Roux54.47 (27.02)1938th
Stuart Barton55.00 (26.29)1980th
Faye McCarthy55.14 (26.56)2027th
Caitlin Diniz55.14 (26.35)2029th
Alex Jameson57.35 (28.16)2498th
Diana Rexhepaj57.43 (28.39)2527th
Michael Keefe57.43 (28.45)2530th
Robyn Turtle57.57 (28.28)2584th
Simone Fonseca1.00.27 (28.57)3138th
Joanna Wood1.03.14 (29.54)3633rd
Tina Bennett1.04.20 (28.29)3815th
Sandra Hiller1.04.27 (31.04)3850th
David Wyatt1.07.15 (31.56)4258th
Don Bennett1.12.05 (35.19)4904th
Maya Goodwin1.12.07 (35.33)4908th
Sonia Cheadle1.13.51 (36.51)5064th
Jan Webb1.18.43 (36.26)5442nd
Samia Choudhury1.18.56 (40.18)5457th
Julie Creffield1.23.53 (40.55)5695th
6,116 finishers. ( ) 5k splits.
Maya reports:- Yesterday I ran a 5 mile race in the dappled shade of Epping Forest. There were hills. I ran up most of them. I had control over my cough and I had determination.

Today I ran 6.22 miles in shadow of the Olympic Stadium. There wasnt any shade though. And I walked the hills. My wheezing was so loud a stranger offered me his water with a worried look at 3k... I blame that Louis Le Roux. Id spotted him running his wave as we crossed the bridge to our start and I used the last of my dying vocal cords to shout out his name. (He heard me. I have standards, dying voice or not)

Seeing Julie was ace - you looked strong coming up that hill Julie! And I spotted the lovely Cara Walls at the velodrome, your first ever 10k Cara, and in a really good time too - you are going to rock the GNR. Maddie West spotted me as she passed looking Daisy Fresh at 3.5k - it was ace to see you Madge - next time we need prosecco and heels please, not sweat and trainers.

I shared a shower with Don Bennett, not many can boast that, and I crossed the finish line with him and the Ever Smiling Sonia.
That race beats me every time. Its hot, its relentless and its hard work. But I keep going back. Because its the Olympic Park, and its local, and the atmosphere so fantastic. And one day, Ill kick its arse.

Jan Webb:- Ill definitely do this one again but the heat was phenomenal. If only we had had yesterdays weather I wouldnt have felt quite so light-headed at the end. Thanks to Sandra & Sonia who stretched and strolled with me afterwards. Lovely to be an Angel with Maya for Don (Mrs Dons chocolate brownies are to die for) and to yack with Stuart, Joanna (your Ma & Pa are terrific) Ciarán and Lance. X

Samia:- Luckily Im slow and Shahib is fast, so he could run and I take care of baby with enough time to swap and start running myself with my twin!
Completed the Great Newham Run with my best friend by my side and husband cheering me!

Brentwood/Essex 10km - Sunday 2nd July 2017

Patrick Brown34.3110th
James Nichols40.3867th
310 finishers.

The Great Swim, Excel Centre - Saturday 1st July 2017

James Nichols36.42215th - 1 mile
Dominic Dragonetti1.07.302 miles

Orion Forest Five Series - Race 2. - Saturday 1st July 2017

Thomas Grimes28.033rd
Ciaran Canavan31.3313th
Jennifer Ansell32.09 (1st lady)15th
Daniel Slipper32.5018th
Jonathan Wooldridge35.1734th
Eleanor Wilkinson36.5147th
Gareth Davies36.5548th
Andy Bolderstone40.1767th
Ramesh Pala40.5473rd
Fiona Critchley41.1676th
Sarah Burns41.3578th
Ruel Ordonio46.31110th
Maya Goodwin56.19137th
Karen Levison56.20138th
Frank Brownlie56.21139th
141 finishers.
Maya's report:- Cough cough. Oh I'm so annoying.
But the cough won't go and so I'll make it come with me instead. I signed up for the Forest Five this week, fresh with Colworth glow.

The 2014 ELVIS Forest 5 was my first race in a club vest. I do love this race, it's so pretty. But I'm idle. A respectable 51:19 my first year, and then 57:07 and 60:13. A hill gives me an excuse to walk. Hmmm.

Anyway. I knew this would be a tougher field as it's not an ELVIS, so more chance of being last. On Wednesday night, the mighty Karen Levison offered to run with me. An injured Achilles meant she needed to take it easy. 'But no walking Maya, ok? I mean it.' Cor blimey. Well it's not often you get the chance to run a race with one of the greats. I was terrified and delighted in equal measure. And then this morning, Frank Brownlie said he'd be running with us too. So we are at the start. I take up my normal position, lingering at the back. I figure I always end up there anyway, at least this way I'm not underfoot. Karen looks agitated. 'Really Maya? Right at the back? Come on. Let's get up there with the others at least!' And so we wriggle in. And we're off.

No where to hide Maya. Stop coughing, no one cares. Just focus on your breathing and keep going. And don't even consider stopping - you just can't. Frank and Karen chatted to each other. I listened. No talking. I was concentrating too hard on not letting my breathing get panicked. If that happened I was sunk. Breathe in, breathe out, don't cough.

The first hill wasn't as long as I remembered, I didn't walk! I was dead proud of myself. The second hill was steeper than I remembered. I did walk a few meters. But I kept my strides long and kept up a running pace. We'd caught up some Dagenham 88ers going up the hill, I was pleased. But then they sped away on the flat. Karen and Frank kept telling each other how much they loved this last mile, how pretty it was and how it was a down incline. They weren't wrong - it was pretty - and it was down. But I couldn't enjoy it, cos I KNEW what was at the end, and I was broken.

Anyway. We finally got to that last uphill. I knew it was nearly the end, but I just couldn't find the energy to run up it. I walked a bit, and lovely Karen tapped me on the back. 'Come on Maya, it's just twice round the track now. Visualise it' I tried. But all I could see was uphill. And then the down, and then the last stretch, and I'm finished. Frank and Karen graciously get me come in before them, and I stole all their cheers too 😄 56:18. My second fastest time, and something to aim for for ELVIS. I'm dead chuffed.

In retrospect, I think I let that hill beat me before I'd even got to it. I worried about how I'd get up it so much I didn't enjoy that last half mile through the forest. And it also just goes to show, though, I can do much more than I think. I would have let myself walk so many times, but knew I couldn't because Frank and Karen were there. I just need to work out how to ring them as a hologram to flank me at every ELVIS now!
Thank you both so much xx

parkrun - all venues. - Saturday 1st July 2017

Richard Potter21.30 (course pb)11th - 61.01% Roding Valley
Lucy Barron25.06 debut33rd - 58.96% Roding Valley
Robyn Turtle27.05 debut48th - 54.65% Roding Valley
Simon Thomas18.51 (49th parkrun)2nd - 69.23% Valentines
Tim Le Rasle20.117th - 69.20% Valentines
Saheb Yousefi22.2814th - 58.38% Valentines
Shailesh Patel22.2915th - 66.12% Valentines
Marc Akers24.1831st - 57.89% Valentines
Molly Pinkus24.5740th - 62.76% Valentines
Jason Levy25.4744th - 55.40% Valentines
Mary O'Brien27.1650th - 73.23% Valentines
James Wilson18.163rd - 74.73% Wanstead
Mark Moir20.3213th - 62.82% Wanstead
Felicity Price-Thomas21.5725th - 67.43% Wanstead
Rotimi Oyegunle23.0032nd - 59.78% Wanstead
Paul Marshall23.1133rd - 56.29% Wanstead
Louise Thompson23.48 (1st parkrun)45th - 62.18% Wanstead
Tricia ONeill23.5746th - 67.64% Wanstead
Suzanne Taylor25.3054th - 63.53% Wanstead
Helen McGuinness29.20 debut96th - 53.24% Wanstead
Sophie Edwards34.06138th - 46.14% Wanstead
Morag Campbell36.09143rd - 43.94% Wanstead
Claire Emery37.12147th - 43.10% Wanstead
Patrick Brown18.171st - 71.10% Walthamstow
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera27.15 (course pb)36th - 55.78% Barking
James Nichols19.43 debut4th - 66.19% Beckton
Diana Rexhepaj28.0243rd - 57.79% Beckton
John Booth17.37 (course pb)4th - 75.78% Mile End
Jakub Czeczotka25.16114th - 52.18% Mile End
Andrew Howard22.30 debut30th - 68.89% Barnsley
Stuart Barton25.28 debut62nd - 56.54% Ellebrook Fields
Bernadett Kalmar24.06 debut51st - 66.53% Northala Fields
Viktor Szabadi25.54 debut92nd - 57.85% Northala Fields
Fiona Day27.04 debut86th - 70.69% Keswick
Steven Bywater25.48 debut45th - 58.07% Melton Mowbray
Caroline Moore29.24 debut (49th parkrun)15th - 60.77% Fountainbleau
Michael Bamford22.3230th - 65.98% Medina IOW
36 parkruns at 14 venues, 1 first finisher, 3 course pbs, 12 debuts.
First finish for Patrick 18.17 at Walthamstow, Course pbs for Richard Potter at Roding, John Booth at Mile End and Alexandra at Barking.
First parkrun for Louise Thompson at Wanstead and 49th parkruns for Simon Thomas and Caroline Moore. Debuts for Lucy & Robyn at Roding, Helen at Wanstead and James at Beckton.
8 Age Grade Bests for the year so far:- John Booth, Alexandra, Morag, Louise Thompson, Molly Pinkus, Tim leRasle, Robyn Turtle and Richard Potter.
ELR parkrun records Andrew Howard at Barnsley, Stuart at Ellenbrook Fields, Bernadett at Northala Fields, Fiona Day at Keswick, Caroline Moore at Fountainbleau France and Steve Bywater takes Shaun deSena's record at Melton Mowbray.

QEOP 10km Series - Saturday 1st July 2017

Dan Senior39.3911th, 2nd V40
Susana Da Costa E Silva1.07.46230th

Run Through Olympic Park Velo Half Marathon - Saturday 1st July 2017

Sarah Pascal2.21.51112th