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The 98th Orion Mercury 10 - Saturday 10th April 2021

Thomas Grimes1.03.502nd
Patrick Brown1.06.076th
John Henry1.07.057th
Catriona Hoult1.41.2565th

Chingford League - Event 3 - Hog Hill 5k (Redbridge Cycle Circuit) - Monday 5th April 2021

Fabrizio Stefanoni17.437th - 31st
Patrick Brown17.459th - 34th
Scott McMillan17.5510th - 37th
Robert Spread17.5812th - 38th
Billy Rayner19.0022nd - 62nd
Alexander Ward19.3927th - 81st
Thomas Burrard-Lucas19.4529th - 84th
Mark Wyatt19.5031st - 88th
Louis Le Roux20.0633rd - 95th
Mark Moir20.1835th - 97th
Andrew Baxter20.4339th - 102nd
Shahib Miah Ali20.4840th - 104th
Manjit Bedi20.4941st - 105th
James Nichols20.5742nd 108th
Karan Gadhia21.1045th - 113th
Jacob Stevens21.3648th - 125th
Calvin Bobin21.5153rd - 133rd
Neil Gage22.1654th - 143rd
Chloe Millan22.2355th - 20th
Clive Stephenson22.4960th - 143rd
Stuart Norris22.5262nd - 157th
Emily Clarke22.5263rd - 32nd
Michael Wilson22.5264th - 158th
Becky Evans22.5466th - 34th
Jonathan Shaw23.0168th - 160th
Grant Conway23.2870th - 169th
Kasia Stachowiak23.5272nd - 45th
Selina Vernal23.5373rd - 146th
Andy Bolderstone24.1274th - 178th
Daniel Peters24.1775th - 180th
Catherine Perry24.51 (elr debut)77th - 58th
Catriona Hoult24.5478th - 60th
Samir Younsi25.1380th - 187th
Katrina Betteridge25.32 (elr debut)83rd - 72nd
Richard Cravitz 25.3284th - 191st
Kathryn Hertzberg25.3586th - 75th
Sandra Preston25.3587th - 76th
Ford Cadiogan26.4694th - 202nd
Anne-Marie Kennedy26.5496th - 89th
Denys Vuika27.0397th - 97th
Alex Jameson27.2598th - 98th
Martin Quinlan27.3699th - 204th
Nathaniel Dye27.42100th - 210th
Susannah McLaren27.44101st - 94th
Lucy Barron27.57102nd - 97th
Isabella Allan28.01104th - 99th
Regis Martin28.41105th - 216th
Anna Dingle28.49106th - 106th
Kathy Morrissey29.12107th - 113th
Catherine Brett29.20108th - 113th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera30.52115th - 126th
Lauren Stevenson31.07116th - 127th
Diana Rexhepaj31.23117th - 128th
Sallyann Eyles32.47118th - 130th
Imran Mustak33.40120th - 229th
Samia Choudhury36.39121st - 138th
Total 232 men & 139 ladies. Positions above indicate position for
Race 3 men & women together, then position overall for men & women
in individual races.

Dorney Lake Marathon - Saturday 3rd April 2021

Tom Howourth2.43.4045th

Kempton Racecourse Half Marathon - Saturday 3rd April 2021

Paul Quinton1.15.377th, 2nd V40

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10km - Saturday 3rd April 2021

Mark Boulton36.0719th
Jamie Xavier43.2988th
Grace Turner51.13171st
Stuart Barton53.05186th
Isabella Allan58.51235th
Alice Barrett1.08.02265th
Stuart reports: A really well organised event at the Olympic park today,
cold and windy with a couple of hills thrown in as well. 4 laps with a staggered
start for Covid compliance. My time was 53:05 and I must say I’m very happy with
that as not run any races in a year. A nice bit of bling always puts a smile on my
face, great to see a few fellow ELR.

Mark Boulton: 1st race for 15 months, in 36.07. Hopefully enough to qualify
for Orion's Fast Friday.

ELR Virtual XC Race 5 - Pole Hill 5.2mi - Unofficial - March 2021

Caroline Frith43.281st
Chloe Millan48.062nd
Catriona Hoult49.013rd
Sandra Preston50.574th
Catherine Perry52.155th
Susannah McLaren57.186th
Anna Dingle60.137th
Sallyann Eyles64.188th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera67.369th
Karen Atkinson70.0710th
Fiona Day72.1111th
Robert Spread34.301st
Fabrizio Stefanoni35.102nd
John Henry35.123rd
Patrick Brown35.134th
Robert Dixon35.155th
Billy Rayner37.306th
Alexander Ward39.457th
Gareth Davies42.578th
Jacob Stevens44.559th
Calvin Bobin45.3310th
David Hallybone52.3911th
Peter Hatley53.4312th
Shahib Miah Ali54.0613th
Mark Moir54.0614th
Jonathan Wooldridge54.1415th
James Nichols54.4516th
Richard Cravitz 55.4117th
Michael Wilson56.1718th
Kirk Johnson59.2519th
Frank Brownlie66.2520th
John Atkinson69.4321st

ELR Virtual XC Race 4 - Claybury Park 5mi - Unofficial - February 2021

Caroline Frith40.521st
Chloe Millan45.092nd
Catherine Perry48.023rd
Sandra Preston48.534th
Catriona Hoult50.065th
Susannah McLaren53.356th
Fiona Day66.327th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera67.318th
Karen Atkinson68.579th
Robert Spread33.131st
Fabrizio Stefanoni33.202nd
Joseph Gunn 33.483rd
Patrick Brown34.024th
Tom Howourth34.225th
Robert Dixon34.556th
Billy Rayner35.117th
John Henry35.358th
Alexander Ward37.549th
Gareth Davies39.2610th
Calvin Bobin40.3611th
James Nichols40.5712th
Mark Moir43.0213th
Jacob Stevens44.1614th
Shahib Miah Ali46.5515th
Vinesh Kumar46.5616th
Michael Wilson47.5517th
Grant Conway47.5718th
David Hallybone48.5419th
Richard Cravitz 55.3020th
Jonathan Wooldridge57.1921st
Peter Hatley57.2022nd
Frank Brownlie58.0823rd
John White58.3024th
Nathaniel Dye59.4325th
Kirk Johnson59.5126th
John Atkinson68.5727th

ELR Virtual XC Race 3 - Oak Hill 4.7mi - Unofficial - January 2021

Caroline Frith38.191st
Catherine Perry42.012nd
Sandra Preston49.213rd
Catriona Hoult49.264th
Susannah McLaren52.095th
Anna Dingle53.536th
Fiona Day57.477th
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera58.008th
Karen Atkinson60.199th
Robert Spread31.401st
Joseph Gunn 32.062nd
Tom Howourth33.203rd
Patrick Brown33.224th
Robert Dixon33.285th
John Henry33.296th
Billy Rayner33.387th
Fabrizio Stefanoni33.468th
Gareth Davies38.029th
Jacob Stevens40.3510th
Calvin Bobin40.4411th
James Nichols40.5012th
Shahib Miah Ali42.1713th
Grant Conway43.0114th
Peter Hatley43.1915th
Michael Wilson44.3216th
Jonathan Wooldridge44.5117th
Alexander Ward45.2718th
David Hallybone45.3119th
Mark Moir49.1020th
Richard Cravitz 53.1421st
Frank Brownlie56.4522nd
Kirk Johnson56.5423rd
John Atkinson61.5324th

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