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Joanna Wood

****BREAKING NEWS****DEcember 2018****

Club Person of the Year 2018 and Winner of the Roger Dixon Shield

Joanna Wood

Joanna started running on her own approx 4 years ago, the impetus being to complete her first ever race - a 10k Race for Life for Cancer Research. This had been an item on her "bucket list" of things to do before hitting 40, along with passing her driving test, going to Vegas and losing 5 stone!

With 5 months before the big 40 and having never run before (not even for a bus) she started training - admittedly she started with walking on a treadmill, gradually building up the speed and duration, eventually taking the leap to slow jogging and then running. Outdoor running was a totally different challenge but she completed her first ever 10k, 5 days before her 40th, along with having passed her driving test, booked Vegas for later that year to celebrate her 40th and losing 4 1/2 stone. Not bad going.

She then set her sights on another challenge and entered the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon the following March. Every training run ended with the mantra "I hate running and can't wait til I can stop after this race!!!". 18 months later, having done several more races (and obviously not stopped) she took the plunge to attend an ELR track session - 6 months of logging onto the website and umm-ing and aarr-ing she eventually plucked up the courage to attend. The infectious friendly reception she received from the runners meant no second thoughts on attending her first Wednesday night Club Run that same week. Running with Jonathan Wooldridge and Andrew Howard for her first 5k club run was a great introduction to the club and she's never looked back, with her most recent challenge being the completion of her first ever marathon, Dawn to Dusk, in December 2017.

By her own admission running doesn't come easy and she's not always a very sociable runner - breathing AND talking are a challenge even for her multi-tasking skills!

Having been a member of ELR for almost 18 months now Joanna has represented ELR in numerous races including the Elvis series (thinking for her first race everyone had to dress up as Elvis - doh!). She's also won the Christmas Jumper Competition at the ELR Christmas party in 2016 and 1st place in the ELR Bake Off in 2017.

Ever in pursuit of a PB she hopes to win a club accolade that's actually running related in 2018!

Joanna has recently been accepted as a new member of the ELR committee and is now looking forward to finding new ways to support the Club.

Winner Christmas Jumper Competition 2016

1st place ELR Bake Off 2017

First Half Marathon - Silverstone 2015 (the Right Said Fred look was due to doubling my sponsorship target and shaving my hair off)

First full Marathon - Dawn to Dusk, December 2017

Joint Club runner of the Month - April 2018
Joanna completed the Brighton Marathon on 15th April in a time of 5.28.29, despite suffering a cracked rib and illness in the weeks leading up to race day. Joanna achieved a PB which was 49 minutes faster than her previous marathon; Sikhs in the City - Dawn to Dusk. A keen competitor for East London Runners, she has also completed a number of 5km, 10km and Half Marathons since joining the club in 2016. Joanna is always in pursuit of a new PB and works hard in training to achieve this result. She is a valued member of the club, enjoys attending and helping out at club functions and is an outstanding baker of cakes! Joanna has recently joined the committee and says she is looking for new ways to support the club.

Race History

5K34.53135thRun Through Chase The Sun 5km, QEOP10 Jul 2019
5K28.02/ 27.28 (course pb)314th - 109thElvis 3 - East End Road Runners Midsummer 5km, Olympic Park18 Jun 2019
5K28.0949thChase The Sun 5km, Victoria Park12 Jun 2019
5K27.24 pb105th - 57.42% Valentinesparkrun - all venues4 May 2019
5K32.21 debut216th - 48.63% Wansteadparkrun - all venues5 Jan 2019
5K31.54 debut17th - 49.32% Darndaleparkrun - all venues.13 Oct 2018
5K34.17102ndChingford League - Event 1 - Hog Hill 1, Redbridge Cycle Circuit2 Oct 2018
5K29.21136thRun Through Chase The Moon 5km, QEOP14 Feb 2018
5K28.4781st - 54.26 Valentinesparkrun - all venues.16 Dec 2017
5K29.35 (29.18)200th - 76thElvis 7 - Valentines Park 5km hosted by East London Runners24 Sep 2017
5K28.4671stRun Through QEOP 5km16 Sep 2017
5K28.49114thRun Through Chase The Sun 5km, QEOP13 Sep 2017
5K29.47151st - 52.43% Valentinesparkrun - all venues.9 Sep 2017
5K29.3053rdParallel 5km , QEOP3 Sep 2017
5K30.28251st - 92ndElvis 6 - Barking Road Runners 5km, Barking Park28 Aug 2017
5K31.2666thOrion's 5km On The Rides23 Aug 2017
5K30.2280thOrion's 5km On The Rides16 Aug 2017
5K28.02167th - 54.76%Sri Chinmoy Races. 5km, Silver Starlings 5km, Battersea Park17 Jul 2017
5K29.0296th - 53.20% Valentinesparkrun - all venues15 Jul 2017
5K42.3997thOrion Harriers Fell Race23 Jun 2017
5K28.44*282nd - 99th 53.42%Elvis 3 : East End Road Runners Olympic Park 5km21 Jun 2017
5K29.09109th - 53.17% Valentinesparkrun - all venues.10 Jun 2017
5K29.38122nd - 52.31% Valentinesparkrun - all venues.20 May 2017
5K30.16131st - 51.21% Valentinesparkrun - all venues.13 May 2017
5K30.55153rd - 50.13% Valentinesparkrun - all venues.6 May 2017
5K32.29520thSupernova 5km1 Apr 2017
5K30.16102nd - 51.21% Valentinesparkrun - all venues28 Jan 2017
5K29.0953.17% Valentines5km Age Grade Chart for 2016 31 Dec 2016
5K29.09108th - 53.17% Valentinesparkrun - all venues8 Oct 2016
5M48.07 pb222nd, 72ndElvis 2 _ Havering Midweek 5m, Raphael Park6 Jun 2017
10K56.09 pb206thChase The Sun10km, Victoria Park1 May 2019
10K1.01.10Cancer Research UK Winter Run 10km4 Feb 2018
10K1.00.01481stWorld Aids Day Red Run 10km, Victoria Park26 Nov 2017
10K1.01.50346thRun Through Chase The Moon 10km, QEOP8 Nov 2017
10K1.13.39533rdBeachy Head 10km28 Oct 2017
10K1.02.58860th - 49.50%Pride 10km, Victoria Park12 Aug 2017
10K1.03.14 (29.54)3633rdSimply Health Great Newham 10km2 Jul 2017
HM2.25.47351stClacton Half Marathon18 Aug 2019
HM2.16.15 (Course pb by 13 mins)13777thVirgin Sport Hackney Half Marathon19 May 2019
HM2.29.2513302ndVirgin Sport Hackney Half Marathon20 May 2018
HM2.34.2814117thRoyal Parks Half Marathon8 Oct 2017
HM2.34.151580thSouthend Half Marathon9 Jul 2017
HM2.31.575,664thSilverstone Half Marathon12 Mar 2017
HM2.42.50527thRoding Valley Half Marathon26 Feb 2017
Mar5.28.29 pb9846th, by 49 mins.Brighton Marathon15 Apr 2018
VolunteerChurch Hall teamVirgin Money London Marathon Volunteers28 Apr 2019
VolunteerBaker (not present)Chingford League Relays - Volunteers9 Mar 2019
XC58.42141stEssex Cross Country Championships, Claybury7 Jan 2017
XC31.16233rdChingford League, Race 3 - Hog Hill 5k, Redbridge Cycle Circuit 1 Nov 2016
Du41.46117thLondon Aquathlon, London Aquatic Centre18 Aug 2018
Other 3 laps, ELR SpittersSpitfire Scramble 24 hour race. 14 Jul 2019
Other1.15.05123rdJohn West Great East Swim - 2 mile22 Jun 2019
Other3.27.51Jubilee River 10km Swim9 Jun 2019
Other52.0050m breaststrokeEssex County Masters Championships 2019, Basildon Sporting Villiage2 Mar 2019
Other44.042nd , 50m freestyleEssex County Masters Championships 2019, Basildon Sporting Villiage2 Mar 2019
Other30.48.306th of 8Barnet Copthall Swimming Club Masters 1500m Freestyle Event24 Nov 2018
Other2.00.1952nd/129, 30th female of 78.Marathon Swims 5km, Queen Elizabeth Aquatic Centre11 Nov 2018
Other8.50Sri Chimnoy Battersea Park Relays (3 x 1 mile)30 Jul 2018
Other36.3738th of 68, 1500mDock 2 Dock swim28 Jul 2018
Other54.01 ASA London Region 2018 Open Water Championships 2km - Surrey Docks30 Jun 2018
Other8.43682nd adultVitality Westminister Mile27 May 2018
Other6.18.0844th, 21 laps. marathonSITC Dawn to Dusk races17 Dec 2017
Other8.15 pb25thOrion Harriers Mad Mile30 Aug 2017
Other8.30101stVitality Westminister Mile28 May 2017
Other442 pts (team)FairlopCentral Line Street O - Race 3 - Fairlop plus 1 & 224 Nov 2016