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Results 2013

Bryson City New Years Eve 5km, North Carolina - Tuesday 31st December 2013

Estimated time of 27 min. ( Only started my watch after 0.4 miles). Lorcan won the race in 18.20 min and enjoyed the experience of following the Sheriff's car, which was leading the way. I was 3rd in my age group. (It was a small field, so I was actually near the front for a change.). Very scenic race.

See you in the New Year.

Chingford League Event 4 - Alexandra Palace - Saturday 28th December 2013

Euan Brown32:414th
Patrick Brown33:579th
Andrew Baxter38:2143rd
Russell Price38:4349th
Michael Wilson42:3685th
David Baldwin42:5289th
Lee Wollaston42:5490th
Grant Conway44:09101st
Shahib Miah Ali47:34121st
Kieran Brown47:37123rd
Sarah Burns47:42124th
Maud Hodson48:24128th
Fiona Day50:47138th
Celia Payaneeandee52:29143rd

parkrun # 138 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 28th December 2013

Russell Price19.501st - 65.13%
Gavin Stebbing19.532nd - 68.15%
Lee Wollaston21.216th - 63.93%
Derek Wright21.518th - 63.92%
Sarah Burns25.18 (1st lady)18th - 59.49%
Claire Emery25.58 (2nd lady)20th - 60.14%
54 finishers.

other parkruns # - Saturday 28th December 2013

Amadeus Furlong19.353rd (Doncaster)
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea21.381st (Beckton)
Richard Guest22.293rd (Walthamstow)
Dan Spinks25.2667th (Gunnersbury)

parkrun # 137 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Wednesday 25th December 2013

Euan Brown18.271st - 69.92%
Mark Boulton18.462nd - 68.92%
Ciaran Canavan19.516th - 68.77%
Patrick Brown20.5511th - 61.67%
Derek Wright21.5612th - 63.68%
Manjit Singh22.2614th - 60.40%
Maud Hodson24.14 (1st lady)25th - 63.48%
Jonathan Wooldridge25.2727th - 54.42%
James Creed25.3229th - 51.37%
Fiona Day26.2930th - 68.34%
Sarah Burns31.4941st - 47.30%
Don Bennett40.1148th
48 finishers.

Torrington Christmas Caper - Sunday 22nd December 2013

Sarah Burns1.22.35118th
Featuring approx. 9.5 miles of the mud, forest trails, rivers and hills that you love!
The Caper – one of the most challenging multi-terrain runs in the South West ..........Previously voted Devon Race of the Year!

Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon - Sunday 22nd December 2013

Patrick Brown2.49.361st
Manjit Bedi2.59.0811th
Well done to Patrick for winning the Portsmouth Coastal Marathon and Manjit finishing in 11th place, both inside three hours. A great achievement. 1,165 runners finished.


It was a fight to the finish for Patrick Brown as he landed the Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon title.

From a field of more than 1,000 runners it came down to just two in contention for victory. Brown, from East London Runners, managed to hold off Robin Jones in the final stretch as the duo powered into the wall of wind that greeted the contestants on Southsea promenade.

Anyone who has conquered the Great South Run in Portsmouth will know the feeling – but that’s in the final stretch of a 10-mile race. This came at the end of a 26.2-mile battle with competitors dodging ankle-deep puddles, navigating tricky beach sections and trying not to fall over on slippery muddy trails.

Brown emerged a little windswept and muddy but largely unscathed as he took the victory in a time of 2hr 49min 36sec. Jones, from Herne Hill Harriers, pushed him to the line, crossing for second place in 2.50.02. It ensured Brown, who improved on his 10th-place finish in 2012, had to dig in all the way to the end.

He said: ‘The last four miles you run against the strong head wind. It’s tough, tough going. ‘You have just got to dig in really. ‘I knew he (Jones) was right behind and if I slowed down he would overtake me so I had that to drive me on – otherwise I would have been an extra five minutes!

‘Last year it was my brother’s 30th on the same day, so we came down for that.
‘We enjoyed it so we came back. Last year I finished 10th so I came back and came first this year. It’s not bad, is it?

‘This is my first big win so I’m happy with that. ‘It’s a good feeling. It’s nice knowing you have somebody on your tail and nice to have that sort of race.

‘In the London Marathon I wasn’t even in the top 500. It shows the difference.

‘The Portsmouth marathon is a fantastic event. The organisation is good, it’s friendly and all the marshalls are good.’

Jones was pleased with his second place but he couldn’t quite get on terms with Brown at any stage. He said: ‘I kept him (Brown) honest at least. ‘We never actually ran together for a step. ‘I think I got to about eight to 10 metres behind. ‘You need to get on someone’s heels. I just couldn’t quite get on his heels. ‘My legs just started going in that last mile or so. ‘I was hoping to have a good mile at the end to come back but he ran really well. He was really strong.

‘The course is quite cool. It was fun.’

parkrun # 179 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 21st December 2013

Euan Brown16.04 pb1st - 80.29%
Lee Wollaston19.549th - 68.59%
Claire Parker21.4716th - 67.94%
Alexandra Wilkinson22.2219th - 69.82%
Steven Bywater23.51 pb27th - 60.87%
Ninette Fernandes25.3932nd - 57.83%

parkrun # 136 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 21st December 2013

Gavin Stebbing20.345th - 65.88%
Derek Wright21.5610th - 63.68%
Fiona Day25.5024th - 70.06%
Sophie Edwards27.0529th - 56.49%
Maud Hodson31.23 (with camel)43rd - 49.02%
Regis Martin31.45 (with kids)46th - 43.31%
Claire Emery36.21 (with kids)57th - 42.96%

parkrun # 48 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 21st December 2013

Richard Guest23.234th - 58.37%
Phoebe Bowman27.2421st - 54.01%

other parkruns - Saturday 21st December 2013

Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea21.302nd (Beckton)
Sarah Burns22.51(1st lady)8th (Barnstaple)
Dan Spinks26.0292nd (Gunnersbury)
Katherine Harris49.46107th (Valentine)
Sarah Burns 1st lady and a course pb at Barnstaple

Up and Running Half Marathon, Milton Keynes - Sunday 15th December 2013

Samuel Browne1.28.0835th
Joseph Browne1.30.4655th
Jayne Browne2.04.54438th
624 finishers.
Just thought I would share with you our day in Milton Keynes running the Half Marathon yesterday
I didn't know what to expect, thought I would be running around roundabouts but was pleasantly surprised by this course
It was one lap around Milton Keynes which took you through the countryside, along woodland paths, over quaint bridges with streams running alongside, under bridges which if you are over 6 foot you would have to duck (as Joe did) and some of the course took you alongside the canal. Multi terrain and undulating. All in all a nice off road course. Very well marshalled event, medal and goodie bag and most importantly tea and cake afterwards. I liked this one - don't be put off by Milton Keynes.

Capital Runners Bushy Park 10km - Sunday 15th December 2013

Mark Boulton37.033rd
William Pearce39.20 pb9th
329 finishers.

CAFOD Nativity 10km, Clapham Common - Saturday 14th December 2013

Jamie Xavier45.0911th
65 finishers.

parkrun # 178 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 14th December 2013

Claire Parker20.46 (1st lady)11th - 71.37%
Lee Wollaston20.4712th - 70.13%
Alexandra Wilkinson21.42 (course pb)20th - 71.97%
Laura Jenkin24.0824th - 61.33%
Ninette Fernandes24.10 (course pb)25th - 61.38%
51 finishers.

parkrun # 135 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 14th December 2013

Patrick Brown17.322nd - 73.57%
Russell Price19.414th - 65.62%
Gavin Stebbing19.585th - 67.86%
Derek Wright21.2512th - 65.21%
Fiona Day25.0431st - 72.21%
Sophie Edwards26.2838th - 57.81%
Julie Greene28.5846th - 58.57%
61 finishers.

parkrun # 147 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 14th December 2013

Manjit Singh20.12 (course pb)4th - 67.08%
Katherine Harris24.3629th - 60.43%
Grant Conway37.5597th - 37.41%
11 year old Zac Conway ran his first parkrun finishing in 37.39 just ahead of his dad. His longest run ever and no stopping.

parkrun # 47 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 14th December 2013

Richard Guest21.494th - 62.57%
Steven Bywater24.46 (course pb)19th - 58.61%

other parkruns - Saturday 14th December 2013

Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea22.242nd (Beckton)
Dan Spinks23.1871st (Gunnersbury)

Christmas Party - Thursday 12th December 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery

Sunday League Cross Country Fixture 3 - Trent Park. - Sunday 8th December 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Russell Price 32.0949th
David Baldwin33.5482nd
Lee Wollaston35.42121st
Michael Wilson37.25159th
Maud Hodson41.37237th
Don Bennett51.38332nd
Men's team 11th out of 18. Women's team 13th out of 18, thanks to Maud finishing 61st out of 133 in the women's field. 356 finished in total.

Mike. A smaller team of runners today, but all credit to everyone who turned up to race for East London Runners in this Sunday League fixture. The course was run over two laps of the scenic Trent Park, mainly in the bone dry leafy woods and it's demanding hills. Russell Price was first home for ELR, breaking into the top fifty of a large field in 49th position. He was followed by David Baldwin in a very good 82nd place, then Lee Wollaston (121st), Michael Wilson (159th), Maud Hodson (237th) who was the sole member of the ladies team and Don Bennett (332nd). A lovely early winters day albeit with a cold breeze, but an enjoyable morning of running. Confirmation of times to follow.

Bedford Half Marathon - Sunday 8th December 2013

Euan Brown1.14.10 pb11th
Patrick Brown1.16.36 pb17th
Mark Boulton1.22.35 pb38th
Roberto Bruni1.34.39222nd
Grant Conway1.43.28418th
Sarah Burns1.43.48 pb432nd
Ramesh Pala1.44.40 pb473rd
Kieran Brown1.48.12574th
Jamee Gould1.48.15 PB576th
William Davies1.49.52624th
Celia Payaneeandee1.50.03 First Half Marathon636th
Frank Brownlie1:50:20639th
Alexandra Wilkinson1.51.02659th
Natasha Tweedie1.56.08781st
Ninette Fernandes1.56.23791st
Fiona Day1.57.47 PB837th
Trish Kelly1.58.11851st
Magda Stefanska2.01.46919th
1232 finishers.

Leaving home at 7.30am or earlier 18 members of East London Runners travelled by car to the ever popular Bedford Half Marathon. Parking in a local Industrial Estate the runners were convoyed to the Race H/Q in double decker buses. This race is extremely well organised and marshalled. Runners collected their chip timing devices and left their bags in the baggage hall. Adequate toilet facilities were on site and the race started at 10am prompt.

The weather was ideal for running, dry and cool, with a slight chill in the breeze. The route took us on mainly quiet undulating country roads through Bedfordshire and for a short time in Buckinghamshire. Some of the hills were of the long incline type particularly between 7 and 9 miles but were compensated by a long downhill stretch for two to three miles between 9 and 12. The last half mile or so was uphill to the finish with good support egging all the runners on.

A fantastic run by Euan Brown, who was a late substitute for Chloe Longstaff, who was ill and unable to run, saw him finish in a Championship qualifying time and in 11th place overall. His brother Patrick also finished in a personal best time in 17th place overall. PB's were also recorded by Mark Boulton, Sarah Burns, Jamee Gould and Fiona Day. Celia Payaneeandee also ran well in her first half marathon.

Overall, with the kind weather, scenic course, great and friendly organisation this race will remain a favourite with many East London Runners for many years to come.

parkrun # 134 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 7th December 2013

Euan Brown16.09 pb1st - 79.88%
Regis Martin20.5413th - 65.79%
Sarah Burns22.21 (course pb)29th - 67.34% 1st lady
Claire Emery24.0637th - 64.80%
Fiona Day27.36 (50th parkrun)51st - 65.58%
Julie Greene28.2656th - 59.67%
Diana Rexhepaj29.5560th - 52.59%

parkrun # 46 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 7th December 2013

Patrick Brown19.471st - 65.21%
Richard Guest21.185th - 64.08%
Steven Bywater24.5424th - 58.11%
55 finishers.

parkrun # 177 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 7th December 2013

Paul Quinton17.102nd - 76.41%
Russell Price20.0210th - 64.48%
Lee Wollaston20.1112th - 67.63%

other parkruns - Saturday 7th December 2013

Dan Spinks23.0649th (Gunnersbury)
Katherine Harris25.2946th (Valentine)
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea26.529th (Beckton)

The Regents Park Winter 10km Series Race 3 of 6. - Sunday 1st December 2013

Jamie Xavier43.3984th
Sophie Edwards53.05271st
455 finishers.

10km Red Run , Victoria Park - Sunday 1st December 2013

Steven Bywater49.17 pb22nd
Steve reports:- Another example of my "don't prepare, don't plan" strategy leading to results, I decided to do this race the night before, my first attempt at running fast (by my standards) around Victoria Park.

The race was a fundraiser for Positive East and it has to be said, they pulled out all the stops - chip timing, nice t-shirt, home baked cakes, tea and coffee before and after the race, no queues for the toilets, free massage, brilliant stewards, official time printed out for you straight after finishing, certificate. Victoria Park is a great place to run - there was definitely a nice stretch of downhill but I never noticed anything in the way of an ascent. This all meant that after 4 genuinely enjoyable laps, I reversed my recent trend for slower and slower Park Runs with my first ever sub 50 10K. This one is definitely a recommendation for 2014.

parkrun # 145 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 30th November 2013

Gavin Stebbing19.1611th - 70.33%
Manjit Singh20.1215th - 67.08%
Katherine Harris26.1262nd - 56.74%
145 finishers.

Essex Vets XC Championship, Claybury - Saturday 30th November 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Sarah Burns39.3929th
Maud Hodson42.2848th
Fiona Day43.5059th
Sheila Kennedy46.5276th
Michael Wilson37.05 V5052nd
Ramesh Pala38.34 V5062nd
Tom Woods42.04 V6082nd
Frank Brownlie42.36 V6084th
Manjit Bedi32.0330th
Andrew Baxter32.1333rd
Daniel Lee32.3135th
Ciaran Canavan32.3836th
Paul Thompson34.3052nd
Grant Conway37.2467th
Ladies Team 11th of 16.Men's MV50 14th of 17. Men's MV40 7th of 13.

Running conditions were good for this years race. A cool but still morning with a bit of give in the ground but very little mud to speak of. The 4.8 mile three lap course, within Claybury Park, with it's shortish sharp hills and undulations was challenging nonetheless.

The first race which included the Ladies Vets and the Mens over 50's had a very large field. Mike Wilson was first home for ELR followed by Ramesh, Tom and Frank. The ladies Team was led home by Sarah Burns with Maud, Fiona and Sheila following.

The second race was for Male Vets over 40 had 6 ELR competitors with the first 4 home counting in the team points scoring. All had good runs with Manjit Bedi leading for ELR closely followed by Andrew, Danny and Ciaran running as a Vet for the first time and in what was his first cross country race. Paul Thompson and Grant also ran well in what was a good turnout by ELR.

parkrun # 133 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 30th November 2013

Euan Brown16.331st - 77.95%
Derek Wright21.059th - 66.25%
Andrea Waller26.2739th - 56.90%
Sophie Edwards28.1249th - 54.76%
Julie Greene28.21 (course pb)50th - 59.85%
Don Bennett29.1553rd - 52.08%
Diana Rexhepaj29.3356th - 53.24%
Maud Hodson31.3760th - 48.66%
Sarah Burns33.1264th - 45.33%
Julie Creffield34.0767th - 43.82%
70 finishers.

parkrun # 176 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 30th November 2013

Paul Quinton18.072nd - 72.40%
William Pearce18.19 (course pb)3rd - 70.97%
Russell Price18.25 (course pb)4th - 70.14%
Claire Parker20.25 (= course pb)14th - 72.49%
Roberto Bruni20.26 pb15th - 69.90%
Ninette Fernandes24.4439th - 59.97%
72 finishers.

parkrun # 45 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 30th November 2013

Patrick Brown17.50 (course pb)1st - 72.34%
Richard Guest21.165th - 64.18%
Alex Haward23.1617th - 55.73%
Phoebe Bowman23.1718th - 63.56%
62 finishers.

other parkruns - Saturday 30th November 2013

Dan Spinks25.4392nd Gunnersbury
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea29.577th Beckton

Essex 10k, Chelmsford - Sunday 24th November 2013

Grant Conway43:35 pb122nd
Grant's race report - On Sunday 24/11/13 I ventured over to Chelmsford to run in the Chelmsford 10k (road race) which doubles up as the Essex 10k Championship. The race is hosted by Chelmsford AC. The club has good facilities with the clubhouse situated next to a nice stadium which hosts Chelmsford City FC and a track for the athletes to use. The race finished on the track which is always a nice touch. The course was made up of nearly all country roads taking you through pretty villages such as Chignel Smealy. The surfaces were good but the course was undulating and was made more difficult by a strong headwind against in the first 5k. The race was not chip timed but I only lost a few seconds before I crossed the start line.

I hoped to PB and fell just short of my aim to break 43 minutes but was happy with 43.41, about 40 seconds faster than my previous best and a shade under 7 minute miles. I finished 122nd out of 397 finishers which put me in the top 30% in a strong club orientated field and I was really happy at being 17th in my age category. My Age Grade was 67%. The winner was James Connor in a time of 30.32, that's two 15.16 5k's! I was in front of him at one point although that was on the jog down to the start. I had a word with him after and said he needed to pull his socks up and get under 30 minutes next time as well as inviting him down to Ashton Playing Field on a Monday night to see if he can get his times down!

Fergus AC 5km Road Race, Lissycasey. - Sunday 24th November 2013

Sarah Burns21.38 pb2nd Vet 35
Another pb for Sarah in a 5km time of 21.38, Sarah got another pb in this race in 2011 of 24.22.
Sarah said - I won my first running trophy. Even more special was that it was in my great uncle's 5k road race and he presented it to me. 2nd V35 (there may well have only been a few of us), plus new PB of 21:38. Just had to share. I'm still in shock.

City of Norwich Half Marathon - Sunday 24th November 2013

David Baldwin1.35.55 pb263rd
2166 finishers.

Sunday League Cross Country Fixture 2 - Grovelands Park, Southgate. - Sunday 24th November 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Mark Boulton30.1025th
Mark Wyatt31.0139th
Russell Price31.2344th
Andrew Baxter31.4559th
Michael Wilson34.57119th
Lee Wollaston35.04123rd
Helen Real36.12160th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea36.30 debut xc167th
Ramesh Pala37.35187th
Phoebe Bowman37.56200th
Alexandra Wilkinson38.45222nd
Celia Payaneeandee39.01227th
Tanbir Jasimuddin39.53245th
Maud Hodson41.07272nd
Dan Spinks41.47285th
William Davies42.51305th
Doug Mansell43.45319th
Don Bennett49.14377th
The Sunday League record set at Cheshunt of 387 didn't last long with 409 at this fixture. Both teams fielded a full team with the men coming in 10th of 18 and the Ladies 8th of 18.

parkrun # 175 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 23rd November 2013

Lee Wollaston19.36 pb (50th parkrun)11th - 69.64%
Claire Parker20.25 pb18th - 72.49%
Roberto Bruni20.27 pb19th - 69.85%
Laura Jenkin22.0826th - 66.87%
Lee Wollaston becomes the 11th ELR to get a 50 shirt and does it in a pb time of 19.36. Claire also did a course pb of 20.25.

parkrun # 44 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 23rd November 2013

Patrick Brown18.401st - 69.11%
Alex Haward20.122nd - 64.19%
Richard Guest21.264th - 63.69%
Jamie Xavier23.3514th - 57.03%
64 finishers.

parkrun # - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 23rd November 2013

Gavin Stebbing19.445th - 68.67%
Ajit Rehal25.2842nd - 63.53%
Katherine Harris26.5061st - 55.40%
141 finishers.

parkrun # 132 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 23rd November 2013

Euan Brown16.441st - 77.09%
Derek Wright21.369th - 64.12%
Claire Emery23.28 (2nd lady)20th - 66.55%
Fiona Day25.0132nd - 72.35%
Maud Hodson25.0534th - 61.33%
Julie Greene29.0354th - 58.41%
Diana Rexhepaj29.2256th - 53.58%
Sophie Edwards31.3666th - 48.42%
Julia Wildgoose32.4173rd - 51.91%
79 finishers. Euan went off fast from the start and finished more than 1 minute 40 in front of the 2nd place finisher. Fiona recorded her 49th parkrun to hope fully make it 50 next week.

other parkruns - Saturday 23rd November 2013

Amadeus Furlong18.047th Norfolk
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea23.093rd Beckton
Dan Spinks23.4064th Gunnersbury

A20 Paths N Downs Marathon - Sunday 17th November 2013

Peter Hatley3.33.1335th
213 finishers.Peter's comments It was a good event. First mile or so more or less single file then a very steep hill from mile 3 to 4. After that undulating on country lanes / tracks and occasionally on a pavement by the side of main roads. Plenty of fuel stations and finished at a Mercure hotel so hot showers, sauna and swimming pool at the end.

St Neots Riverside Half Marathon - Sunday 17th November 2013

Andrew Baxter1.23.45 pb61st
Phoebe Bowman1.42.26 pb374th
917 finishers.

After Adoption 10km, Regents Park - Sunday 17th November 2013

Mark Wyatt37.304th
David Wyatt51.36190th
501 finishers.

MoRun , Battersea Park 5km - Sunday 17th November 2013

Katrina Anderson28.53388th
749 finishers. Pretty well organised chip timed race supporting Movember and Prostate Cancer UK, started at 10.00am results published by 10.45am.

London Cross Country Championships, Hampstead Heath - Saturday 16h November 2013

Alexandra Wilkinson28.4690
Celia Payaneeandee28.4991
Patrick Brown35.1736
Euan Brown35.5942
Mark Wyatt37.3077
Mark Boulton38.36100
Russell Price40.31152
William Pearce42.20188
Paul Thompson42.54197
Lee Wollaston44.00215
Emmet Fitzgibbon44.42231
Dan Spinks56.15286
135 Ladies and 289 Men finished.
Men's team 11 out of 25. (P Brown, E Brown, M Wyatt, M Boulton).

Men's Health Survival of the Fittest, Battersea Power Station 10km - Saturday 17th November 2013

Tanbir Jasimuddin52.541042nd Wave 1
Harsh Pershad1.22.067149th Wave 25
8281 finishers.

parkrun # 143 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 16th November 2013

Gavin Stebbing19.07 (course pb)3rd - 70.88%
Ajit Rehal23.00 (course pb)23rd - 70.36%
131 finishers.

other parkruns. - Saturday 16th November 2013

Amadeus Furlong18.04 (course pb)4th (Norfolk) 71.40%
David Baldwin19.42 pb1st (Gunpowder Pk)
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea24.3954th (Mile End)
Dan Spinks29.2440th (Upton Court)

parkrun # 174 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 16th November 2013

Claire Parker21.07 (2nd lady)18th - 70.09%
Laura Jenkin21.53 (course pb)24th - 67.63%
Sarah Burns23.04 (course pb)27th - 65.25%
73 finishers.

parkrun # 43 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 16th November 2013

Richard Guest21.382nd - 63.10%
Patrick Brown21.444th - 59.36%
Jamie Xavier23.289th - 56.89%
Steven Bywater25.5528th - 56.01%
57 finishers.

parkrun # 131 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 16th November 2013

James Creed22.04 (course pb)15th - 59.44%
Henrik Hannus23.3425th - 54.74%
Claire Emery24.0132nd - 65.02%
Maud Hodson24.47 35th - 62.07%
Fiona Day25.5641st - 69.79%
Sophie Edwards26.0443rd - 58.70%
Diana Rexhepaj29.1967th - 53.67%
Julia Wildgoose31.59 (course pb)78th - 53.05%

Marathon des Alpes Maratimes - Nice to Cannes. - Sunday 10th November 2013

Paul Thompson3.31.19 pb1168th
French Riviera marathon completed in 3:31. 2 minutes outside a pb, but we had some very strong headwinds in the last 10k that the organisers reckon was putting 8-10 minutes on everyone's time even the elite runners. Got bad cramp yet again in the final 3k. Despite that feel pleased and what a stunning setting for the race with unbelievable views of the coast all along the route. Well organised race with some nice goodies at the finish, tech short, backpack etc. this is definitely my last marathon and no I won't be tempted back. Thanks again for all the ELR support and see you all soon. Off out tonight for some well deserved beers and wine :)

Grand Union Canal Half Marathon - Sunday 10th November 2013

Jamie Xavier1.46.02225th
872 finishers.

Bexhill Poppy Half Marathon - Sunday 10th November 2013

Samuel Browne1.26.0216th 1st U23
Joseph Browne1.31.4245th 1st U20
Sarah Burns1.45.04 pb190th
Colin Purvis1.47.21225th
Wayne Kelly1.50.14 pb283rd*
Ian Cooper1.59.09428th
Message from Jayne.
Just thought I'd let you know, my Joe has just received a beautiful trophy through the post for being first in his age group at the Poppy half marathon in Bexhill.
Apparently we should of stayed for the presentation but we didn't know, shame but never mind the trophy is really nice.

other parkruns - Saturday 9th November 2013

Amadeus Furlong18.18 (course pb)4th (Norwich)
Dan Spinks25.1219th (Wormwood Scrubs)
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea26.2212th (Beckton)

parkrun # 42 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 9th November 2013

Patrick Brown18.352nd - 69.42%
Steven Bywater25.3721st - 56.67%
43 finishers.

parkrun # 173 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 9th November 2013

Richard Guest20.26 pb10th - 66.80%
Phoebe Bowman22.2222nd - 66.17%
Ninette Fernandes24.2031st - 60.96%
76 finishers.

parkrun # 130 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 9th November 2013

James Wilson18.373rd - 71.71%
Mark Wyatt18.424th - 68.98%
Russell Price19.17 (course pb)5th - 66.98%
Gavin Stebbing19.567th - 67.98%
Lee Wollaston20.3510th - 66.32%
Emmet Fitzgibbon20.56 pb12th - 62.66%
Regis Martin21.2815th - 63.59%
Sarah Burns23.07 (course pb)32nd - 65.10%
Ajit Rehal23.4434th - 68.19%
Claire Emery23.4935th - 65.57%
Maud Hodson25.1746th - 60.84%
Katherine Harris29.1671st - 50.80%
Diana Rexhepaj29.2272nd - 53.58%
Julie Greene29.2473rd - 57.71%
Don Bennett31.2783rd - 48.44%
95 finishers. A wet & muddy course saw 3 pb's from Russell, Emmett and Sarah.
A close battle at the front between James & Mark. A couple of visitors, Ajit & Katherine from the cancelled Valentines run helped to increase the field. Thanks to Fiona & Kieran for volunteer duties.

Civil Service Athletic Association XC Championship, Parliament Hill - Wednesday 6th November 2013

Andrew Baxter40.4322nd
Course very muddy this year and with some added twists and turns around trees that came down in last week's storm - those doing the London Championships weekend after next be warned!
cheers Andrew)

Chingford League Event 3 - Hog Hill 5km, Redbridge Cycle Circuit - Tuesday 5th November 2013

Euan Brown17.2614th
Thomas Grimes17.4417th
Patrick Brown17.5219th
William Pearce19.4063rd
Russell Price19.5366th
David Baldwin20.4794th
Lee Wollaston21.03103rd
Michael Wilson21.18 course pb110th
Grant Conway21.45 pb127th
Emmet Fitzgibbon21.50128th
Claire Parker22.32144th
Phoebe Bowman22.33145th
Jamie Xavier22.55160th
James Creed23.32176th
Kieran Brown23.33177th
Shahib Miah Ali23.34178th
Jamee Gould24.02184th
Celia Payaneeandee24.03185th
Lauren Kelly24.24192nd
Sarah Burns24.29198th
William Davies25.20205th
Maud Hodson25.20206th
Fiona Day25.48213th
Sheila Kennedy26.54224th
Team results Men 5th of 11, vets 7th of 11. Ladies 4th of 11, vets 5th of 11.

The ING New York Marathon 2013 - Sunday 3rd November 2013

Ciaran Canavan2.50.16283rd
Tom Woods3.59.4415,700th
Ciaran's report:- Hills and headwind. For the next 24 hours at least. "Never again". 283rd overall and 2nd place representing Ireland.
Well done to Tom Woods who again dipped under 4 hours after doing Chicago only 3 weeks ago in a pb of 3:53. Tom Woods That was really tough , will sleep like a log on the flight back this evening , Tokyo next up!.

Ciaran and Tom in previous races.

Bideford 10 miler - Sunday 3rd November 2013

Sarah Burns1.18.45 pb133rd
Billed as the flattest 10 miler in Devon.
Sarah's report if this is the flattest i'd hate to see the hilliest.

Regents Park 10KM Winter Series - Sunday 3rd November 2013

Russell Price39.4324th
Ninette Fernandes52.51192nd

Billericay 10km - Sunday 3rd November 2013

Sheila Kennedy52.31327th
592 finishers.

other parkruns - Saturday 2nd November 2013

Grant Conway21.15 (1st parkrun)12th - Barking
Sarah Burns22.5721st - Barnstaple.
Dan Spinks24.03102nd - Aylesbury
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea25.4715th - Beckton
1st parkrun for Grant, Sarah runs again at Barnstaple before the Bideford 10 next day.
Dan runs at the launch of Aylesbury parkrun.

parkrun # 129 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 2nd November 2013

Euan Brown17.321st - 73.57%
Thomas Grimes19.245th - 67.27%
Gavin Stebbing20.119th - 67.13%
Emmet Fitzgibbon21.2417th - 61.29%
Derek Wright21.4118th - 63.87%
Henrik Hannus23.32 (course pb)29th - 54.82%
Claire Emery23.4931st - 65.57%
Kieran Brown24.1836th - 63.79%
Maud Hodson24.4043rd - 62.36%
Fiona Day25.3949th - 70.57%
Katherine Harris28.5670th - 51.38%
Julie Greene29.2272nd - 57.78%
Diana Rexhepaj29.5575th - 52.59%
100 finishers.

parkrun # 41 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 2nd November 2013

Patrick Brown19.032nd - 67.72%
Richard Guest21.589th - 62.14%
Steven Bywater25.2724th - 57.04%
48 finishers.

parkrun # 172 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 2nd November 2013

Mark Wyatt17.54 pb3rd - 72.07%
Russell Price19.248th - 66.58%
Claire Parker20.54 pb22nd - 70.81%
Lee Wollaston20.5523rd - 65.26%
Laura Jenkin22.15 pb32nd - 66.52%
David Wyatt25.2346th - 62.64%
61 finishers. Mark goes sub 18 minutes for the first time with pb's for Claire & Laura as well.

Airtricity Dublin Marathon 2013 - Monday 28th October 2013

Kieran Brown4.25.528,095th
Fiona Day4.25.52 pb8,097th
Jane Iordanou5.09.3110,852nd
Fiona reports:- Dublin is a beautiful city to run round especially in the autumn and we were lucky with the weather cool and sunny with a bit of wind now and then. The organisation of the marathon couldn't have been better, clear instructions on where to go and what to do from marshals and over load speaker and a comical chat from the MC by the wave pens got us off to a good start, pacers at 10 minute intervals took some of the guesswork out of what our finish time would be and there were more water, sports drinks, gel stations and
toilets than you could use. Other runners were friendly and chatty - that's
how we found out that Airtricity is a wind farm company. The constant
support and encouragement from spectators all the way round was
surprisingly helpful. Thanks to ELR for all the help with our training and
helping me get a PB.

South Molton Struggle - 7.8 miles - Sunday 27th October 2013

Sarah Burns1.04.4183rd
South Molton Struggle
(and it was a struggle) 7.8 miles of mud and hills. Finished in 1:04:41 in 83rd position out of 209. My favourite race of the year so far. Super friendly marshall, 20 types of cake to choose from (only managed to sample 3) and the best goody bag with local honey and other treats, plus spot prize of another bag full of goodies. Weirdly there was a girl called Tracy from Dagenham 88 who was down there on holiday running it too (small world).

Sunday League Cross Country Fixture 1 - Cheshunt - Sunday 27th October 2013

Patrick Brown30.148th
Andrew Baxter32.2436th
Russell Price34.4983rd
Lee Wollaston36.12115th
David Baldwin36.40125th
Emmet Fitzgibbon36.52129th
Shailesh Patel37.04135th
Michael Wilson37.30147th
Ramesh Pala40.07202nd
Phoebe Bowman40.34213th
Celia Payaneeandee40.53221st
Maud Hodson43.50279th
Doug Mansell47.51342nd
387 finishers which is aleague record. 250 men, 134 ladies , 3 guests. Men's team 10 of 18, vets 8 of 18. Ladies team were 14th of 18.
A very good turn out for the men's team of which the first eight score.The ladies were two runners short of a full team of five, but their scores still count. A mild, sunny day with a fairly strong breeze - the course consisting of three laps which were not too demanding in the way of hills! Celia, Maud, David, Shailesh, Lee, and Emmet were all making their Sunday league debuts. Let's see this turnout continue over the remaining four fixtures and hope also that the ladies can field a full team. An outstanding run from Patrick who finished in 8th position, only a week after running the Amsterdam Marathon and also Andrew in 36th position. It was good to see Doug return after a long lay off due to injury.

Great South Run 10 mile, Portsmouth - Sunday 27th October 2013

Henrik Hannus1.29.105059th
Maggie Tomlin1.48.588832nd

Other parkruns - Saturday 26th October 2013

Sarah Burns23.01 (3rd lady)19th (Barnstaple)
Ajit Rehal26.3463rd (Valentines)
Dan Spinks26.37129th (Gunnersbury)

Beachy Head Marathon - Saturday 26th October 2013

William Davies4.58.42 624th
A very good run from William who completed the Beachy Head marathon in under 5 hours, although he did not get an official time due to failure of his chip. Clock time 4.59.02. 1,557 finishers.
William reports.
I did the Beachy Head marathon on Saturday, it was difficult and challenging but really scenic as we
went all along the South Downs. We had to run through mud, on a stony path and on grass.
We also had to run up lots of steep steps, cliffs and hills. There were also lots of gates which we had to pass through and it was quite windy. Taking all this into account, I was really happy to beat the five hour mark although I was disappointed not to get an official time due to a problem with my chip. They gave us plenty of food and drink along the way, this included cakes, chocolates, biscuits and bananas, orange juice, apple juice and water. While running I saw sheep, cows, horses, fields,
water, forests and fantastic coastal views. I am hoping to do the Beachy Head marathon next year
and if you like a cross country run and are not worried about a P.B. this is for you.

Snowdonia Marathon - Saturday 26th October 2013

William Pearce3.27.29143rd
134th man of 1787 finishers.

parkrun # 128 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 26th October 2013

Mark Boulton18.021st - 71.63%
Mark Wyatt18.504th - 68.50%
Emmet Fitzgibbon21.03 pb16th - 62.31%
Derek Wright21.2519th - 64.67%
Regis Martin21.4621st - 62.71%
Sharon Springfield22.01 (2nd lady)22nd - 69.49%
Maud Hodson24.5435th - 61.78%
Sophie Edwards25.2037th - 60.39%
Julie Greene29.03 (course pb)50th - 58.41%
Diana Rexhepaj29.4951st - 52.77%
Julia Wildgoose34.20 (course pb)59th - 49.42%
64 finishers.

parkrun # 40 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 26th October 2013

Samuel Browne19.286th - 66.27%
Ninette Fernandes25.0736th - 52.16%
David Wyatt26.1540th - 60.57%
58 finishers.

parkrun # 40 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 26th October 2013

Lee Wollaston21.111st - 64.44%
Phoebe Bowman24.1512th - 61.03%
Don Bennett30.0038th - 50.78%
51 finishers. great first finish place from Lee Wollaston. My first real parkrun at Walthamstow barring the longest parkrun in June. Challenging course with that deceptive hill. Mentions for Patrick Brown and Steven Bywater before the run for there times at Amsterdam & Birmingham. Special thanks for the volunteers including Maggie as RD, Jamie on timer and Alex on marshalling & photos.

Cape Cod Half Marathon - 25th October 2013

Lucy Jarvis1:51:49

Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5km, Hyde Park. - Friday 25th October 2013

Andrew Baxter18.3934th - 75.4%

BUPA Great Birmingham Run - Sunday 20th October 2013

Steven Bywater1.56.295338th

Amsterdam Marathon 2013 - Sunday 20th October 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Patrick Brown2.48.50 pb180th
Manjit Bedi2.50.08202nd
Michael Wilson3.48.113556th
John Atkinson4.17.428127th
11,291 finished.
Manjit reports:- Myself, Patrick and his wife Julie arrived in Amsterdam on Wednesday night. We spent 4 days looking round this beautiful city staying in the Botel a floating hotel for the first 2 nights, then 2 nights in the centre of Amsterdam.
We met John and Mick in the Olympic stadium just before the start of the marathon.
The course itself was flat the weather cool, ideal conditions. The race was well organised and supported well by the locals and visitors. At times it felt we were back in the UK judging by the number of UK vests we saw in the race. The race itself was hard work for both me and Patrick, however Patrick finished with a PB and I completed my first international marathon. Overall a great experience well worth it.

Mike. A very enjoyable weekend spent in Amsterdam for my first foreign marathon (not including Dublin). I arrived at my 'hotel' on the Saturday morning and checked in to my room, which was above a sports bar. Basic accommodation but comfortable and I was able to meet up with John who was staying only a 5 minute walk away. An early start for the journey to the Olympic stadium by underground metro on Sunday, meant we left our hotels well before breakfast was served. I need a breakfast, but had to make do with a couple of Jaffa cakes, a scone and a cereal bar. We managed to buy a cup of tea and coffee at the petrol station next to the stadium. Once inside the stadium we met Manjit and Patrick and then made off to our start zones. The course is flat and ideal for a fast time if you are fit and have done the training. There was a lovely park we ran through at about 2/3 km (where I saw some English supporters who noticed my club shirt) and then back again near the end at 40k. The lake and country park between 14k and 25k were very pleasant as well. The water stations were only placed on the right hand side of the course which resulted in runners charging over like a herd of elephants, bumping into each other and water flying in the air. There were banana portions given out at the later stations (and at the finish) which was a nice touch. I jogged the last few miles and was very happy with my time, as I had considered pulling out only a week or two before the race. This was only 7 weeks after my last marathon and I had struggled with a heavy cold in between. Went for a nice meal and beer or two with John in the evening at a decent restaurant followed by a short walk to a fun fair, which boasted a Ferris wheel to rival the London eye. Then back to the hotel for a nightcap before returning home on Monday morning. I would definitely recommend this weekend for a first overseas marathon. The flight is short - Approx 40 minutes, and flights/accommodation can be obtained cheaply. The people are friendly and English is spoken as well (helpful when you need directions etc) and I am pleased I made the trip to this great city to run their marathon.

Pembrokeshire Coastal Challenge - Friday 18th - Sunday 20th October 2013

Roberto Bruni5.12.2415th - day 1
Roberto Bruni5.48.2014th - day 2
Roberto Bruni6.24.1219th - day 3
Roberto Bruni17.25.0613th - overall
Jimmy Hartwell5.59.1527th - day 1
Jimmy Hartwell7.20.5741st - day 2
Jimmy Hartwell7.39.5336th - day 3
Jimmy Hartwell21.00.0532nd - overall
Trish Kelly7.16.4651st - day 1
Trish Kelly8.29.5651st - day 2
Trish Kelly8.56.5248th - day 3
Trish Kelly24.43.3443rd - overall
Day 1: Dale - Newgale. The kindest, flattest day for the legs. The comfortable wandering coast path passes the point where Henry Tudor landed 4000 men and marched to victory at the Battle of Bosworth (possibly a new event idea for 2013...).
Roberto reported:- Jimmy and I are back, in one piece, chilling in our lovely cottage. No sign of the the Kelly yet.
Day 2: Newgale - Porthgain. The fun really starts on this stretch of coast, remote and inspiring.
Roberto Provisional Day two results, RB: 5.45, JH: 8.00, TK: 8.30. Not sure if it was hell or heaven, harder than yesterday, but more enjoyable. If this was heaven, however, we are all in trouble, the pain is just easing off, three hours later.
Trish Kelly:- From a normal person perspective - i.e.: not Roberto - Yesterday was horrid - rain, high winds etc. very, very difficult. Today, I'd agree - generally tougher due to climbs etc, but no rain! terrain more varied and got to time to actually appreciate the scenery. I think Jimmy's time was actually 7 hrs, as we finished just behind him, but he started an hour later. Oh yeah, that was interesting - first 2 miles today in darkness, running with head torches!.........

Day 3: Porthgain - Pwllgwaelod. More remote and even more inspiring then day 2! Cliffs, spectacular scenery and tough running are to be expected on the last day. The route passes the beautiful little Welsh town of Fishguard before the last 10km to the finish.
Roberto:- It's all over for us, third day completed. It was meant to be the shortest day, but I ended up doing 29M, Jimmy and Trish 27.5. overall we did more than 80M in three days. Dead tired but the prosecco is helping. off to the pub now for well earned dinner and drinks till closing time.
Trish Kelly:- Thanks to everyone for their encouragement over the weekend! It was really tough - not many photo's as most of the time was too wet and windy to get the camera out, but as you can see, the coastline was pretty spectacular. We all had an average of around 27.5 miles each day, so well over what we anticipated. Only 46 finishers out of the 69 starters, so even though I was 43rd, still chuffed I made it through! Rob did really well coming 13th - he got lost yesterday and did over 29 miles so I reckon he could've been further up the field. Well done to Jimmy too, even though he told me I still had 6 miles to go when I only had 4, as he overtook me on day 2!! Nearly threw myself off the cliff at that point!

parkrun # Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 19th October 2013

Ajit Rehal25.4850th - 62.73%

parkrun # 127 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 19th October 2013

James Wilson19.302nd - 68.46%
Gavin Stebbing19.393rd - 68.49%
Russell Price20.455th - 64.85%
Jonathan Shaw21.0510th - 63.27%
Emmet Fitzgibbon21.3715th - 60.69%
Regis Martin22.1320th - 61.44%
Sarah McCrea22.49 (1st lady)27th - 64.86%
Kieran Brown23.1730th - 66.57%
James Creed23.4733rd - 55.00%
Fiona Day24.34 (course pb)40th - 72.79%
Andrea Waller25.4750th - 58.37%
Maud Hodson25.5251st - 59.47%
Sophie Edwards29.2168th - 52.13%
Julie Greene30.19 (1st parkrun)70th - 57.06%
Diana Rexhepaj31.5173rd - 49.40%
Julia Wildgoose35.4379th - 47.50%
Claire Emery36.0082nd - 43.38%
83 finishers.

parkrun # 170 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 19th October 2013

Lee Wollaston19.38 pb5th - 69.52%
Claire Parker21.38 (2nd lady)11th - 68.41%
David Wyatt26.1934th - 60.42%
Great pb for Lee as he crack's sub 20.

parkrun # 1 - Fulham Palace 5km - Saturday 19th October 2013

Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea24.48111th - 52.71%
Dan Spinks24.55113th - 54.38%
The very first Fulham Palace parkrun and Dan get's to wear his 50 vest.

parkrun # Southend 5km - Saturday 19th October 2013

Sarah Burns22.26 pb23rd - 67.09%
Only 2nd lady this week but another pb for Sarah.

parkrun # 55 - Woodley 5km - Saturday 19th October 2013

Allan Todd20.0913th - 66.75%
First parkrun for ages, good to see Allan getting back from injury.

parkrun # 39 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 19th October 2013

David Baldwin21.184th - 61.27%
Record turnout this week of 89 finishers.

Stroke Association Resolution 15km, Hyde Park - Sunday 13th October 2013

Jamie Xavier1.08.56

Bank of America Chicago Marathon - Sunday 13th October 2013

Tom Woods3.53.16 pb9593rd
A great time by Tom taking over 10 minutes off his previous pb of 4.03.57.
38,269 finishers.

Perkins Great Eastern Half Marathon, Peterborough - Sunday 13th October 2013

Euan Brown1.15.09 pb40th

Oxford Half Marathon - Sunday 13th October 2013

Natasha Tweedie1.47.38 pb1167th
Laura Jenkin2.17.192711th
3507 finishers.

Ware 10 - Sunday 13th October 2013

Mark Boulton1.02.395th - 71.28%
Sarah McCrea1.12.56 pb41st - 67.66%
Grant Conway1.17.52 pb64th - 61.14%
Phoebe Bowman1.20.1284th - 61.57%
Alexandra Wilkinson1.23.09117th - 63.17%
The Ladies team were awarded 1st team trophy.

Chingford League Event 2 - Loughton AC XC - Saturday 12th October 2013

Patrick Brown27.0010th 16pts
Andrew Baxter29.4256th
Lee Wollaston33.12104th
Peter Hatley33.49118th
Emmet Fitzgibbon34.02122nd
Grant Conway35.01138th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea36.32159th
Michael Wilson36.46163rd
Celia Payaneeandee36.47164th
James Creed36.51165th
Sheila Kennedy41.31197th
Alexandra Wilkinson41.32198th
Don Bennett47.21219th
Patrick is currently 6th in the senior's with Euan at 10th place after 2 events. Men's team finished 8th of 11 and Ladies 6th of 11.

parkrun # 38 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 12th October 2013

Alex Haward19.531st - 65.21%
Richard Guest21.034th - 64.85%
47 finishers

Other parkruns - 5km - Saturday 12th October 2013

Amadeus Furlong18.43 course pb7th Norwich
David Baldwin20.18Norwich
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea23.397th Beckton
Dan Spinks24.2919th Osterley
Ninette Fernandes25.0627th Hackney Marshes
Katherine Harris27.5477th Valentine

parkrun # Barnstaple 5km - Saturday 12th October 2013

Sarah Burns22.59 pb 1st lady18th - 65.48%
49 finishers.

parkrun # 126 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 12th October 2013

Euan Brown17.501st - 72.34%
James Wilson19.126th - 69.53%
Laura Jenkin22.52 pb 1st lady19th - 64.72%
Maud Hodson25.1031st - 61.13%
Fiona Day25.4335th - 70.38%
Jayne Browne26.3441st - 63.11%
Claire Emery38.2571st - 40.65%
72 finishers.

Bournemouth Half Marathon - Sunday 6th October 2013

Harriet Tice1.49.11529th

Greenwich 10km - Sunday 6th October 2013

Katrina Anderson1.05.59284th
323 finishers.

Red Bull Steeplechase - Sunday 6th October 2013

William Pearce3.27.0595th stage 3 18m
William Pearce1.21.59,45.31,1.19.35
Russell Price3.47.43108th stage 3 18m
Russell Price1.26.53,43.41,1.37.09
Lee Wollaston2.22.24163rd stage 2 12m
Lee Wollaston1.31.27, 50.57.
Jamee Gould3.20.4755th stage 2 12m
Jamee Gould1.42.23, 1.38.24.
Ninette Fernandes3.20.4956th stage 2 12m
Ninette Fernandes1.56.49, 1.24.00.
Neil Mackinnon1.38.00224th stage 1 8m

Royal Parks Half Marathon - Sunday 6th October 2013

Mark Wyatt1.28.57322nd
Alex Bee1.28.57323rd
Jamie Xavier1.41.481839th
Katherine Jones1.44.59 pb2530th
Tanbir Jasimuddin1.49.17
Roger Stubbs1.50.023823rd
Maggie Tomlin2.17.5111'173rd

RDP Vodafone Rock n Roll Half Marathon,Lisbon, Portugal - Sunday 6th October 2013

Julie Creffield3:02.434539th
Posted by fattymustrun on October 7, 2013 - http://thefatgirlsguidetorunning.com/2013/10/07/the-lisbon-rock-n-roll-half-marathon.

I have always fancied a race with a dramatic bridge crossing, but nothing prepared me for the pure spectacle that today’s race provided. My friend and fellow fattymustrun recruit Mary warned me that the organisation for this run would be super, as the Portuguese are great at these things apparently, and when we went to pick up our race packs at the Expo I saw what she meant. Despite the fact we had used a Lisbon address when registering, our packs were waiting in the international collections area with English speaking staff…Perfect.
Mary lives like a twenty minute drive from the start, so bright and early in the morning after parking up we walked the 5 minutes to the square outside the main metro station in Lisbon where the pick up point for the buses to the start could be boarded. We arrived at about 8am and it was already busy, a great buzz with the half marathon and mini marathon athletes meeting up with friends, having pictures taken and generally just enjoying the lead up to the run. I was pleasantly surprised to see runners of all shapes and sizes, and lots of families running together which was nice, including some really tiny tots.
The bus took us from Gare do Oriente station across the Vasco da Gama bridge before looping underneath it and coming back across to drop us at the half way point, the start of the race. We arrived with plenty of time, went to the loo (of which there were plenty dotted along the bridge). Traffic was still moving across the bridge, in fact cars were travelling in both directions on one carriageway, with many cars beeping in support of what we about to do.
The sun was already out at this point, we were prepared with our factor 50 and busied ourself by munching on a banana and sipping our water. If truth be known we were also admiring the fine selection of iberian men in the line up, from behind the safety of our sunglasses of course. And then bang on time we were off.
The views across the bridge were out of this world and the sight of 17,000 runners just added to the spectacle. Mary and I ran together at a real steady pace allowing for the ever so competitive men to barge past us. We had already had the “run your own race” chat as although we both run at a similar pace, I never know how I’m gonna hold up and I didn’t want to put pressure on Mary in her first half to have to keep up with me, or wait for me.
We ran the first 5k in about 35 minutes at a real steady pace that we both felt comfortable with, but after the first water station and a few small hills, I started to fall back a bit. The heat was really getting to me. By 6k I could just about see Mary up ahead and by 7k I was struggling big time, desperate for a powerade station. I was flagging and giving myself a hard time about it too. I know I can run 10k without stopping, in fact I ran the first 11 miles of my last race without a problem. It had to be the heat and possibly my nutrition. I’d had my normal jam on toast for brekkie and a banana half hour before we started, but I was close to an hour in now and I simply hit the wall. I felt delirious, nauseous and any other ous you can think of.
So at about 8k I started walking. By now the route was taking us along a very long and boring industrial road, an up and back route to make things worse, so I could see the faster runners already heading back. I walked for a bit and then remembered something Mary had said she does in training, she allows herself to walk if she must but never for longer than 60 seconds. So that’s what I did. By 11k there was still no sign of an energy drink stop and I feared I might pass out. But at 12k I spotted Mary running towards me with a gel. She had picked up two hoping she would see me and knowing I would need it.
I told her how awesome she was and I guess I got my second wind. For the next 8k or so I continued with my walk run strategy, and now it seemed there were water and nutrition stops at every kilometre, powerade, gels, bananas, oranges it was fab. By now though I was clearly with the walkers, there was nobody on the other side of the road and I feared the dreaded sweeper van. But I kept plodding on.
As we headed towards the city centre again the atmosphere picked up as the crowds became a little more dense, as until now crowd support had been pretty low on the ground. And the Portugese are not like the Brits, we love an underdog which is why I get so much support and encouragement, but I was pretty much ignored on this race, the Portugese instead applauding the elite and that was about it. Maybe I am being a little harsh, as in the last kilometre I got a bit of cheering but by this point I was hunched over, making gasping noises and looking like a beetroot.
The last kilometre seemed to go on for miles, and by the time I reached the cobbled home straight I had nothing left. My legs were moving but my brain was somewhere else. I crossed the finishing line in 3 hours 4 minutes and moments later saw the huge grin of Mary up ahead. But as I waved and walked in her direction I knew I was in a bad way. I was dizzy, my hearing was weird and I couldn’t string a sentence together.
We wandered around the post race festival for a bit but neither of us were in any shape to be rocking out, so instead we headed to the air conditioned oasis of the huge shopping centre nearby, where we rehydrated, updated our Facebook statuses and took real joy in relaying our race experiences.
Mary completed her first half marathon in 2.41 and I am so incredibly proud of her. She joined the programme in May and struggled to run 5k. She is now a member of the 13.1 club, and fast approaching the 26.2 club – well if I have anything to do with it.
I am proud of myself today too for finishing and for not being too hard on myself for walking when I needed to. The temperature today was 29 degrees at points and there was no shade. I have been doing this for long enough now to know that somedays it’s just not your day and the sensible side of me knew I couldn’t maintain that pace.
Would I do this race again in the future? In a word NO!! The route was uninspiring, the rock bands were too few and far between (although the one at the finish line was pretty awesome), and also the crowd support wasn’t great. Would I do another run in Portugal? Without a shadow of doubt. I saw some amazing running routes and the county is stunning. I can see why Mary loves it so much.
The other thing to note is just how cheap races are here, and what value for money they represent with, in this case great organisation, well thought through logistics, a technical Adidas T-shirt, post race ice cream and a packed goodie bag all for less than £20
Whilst waiting at the airport to board my flight home I got chatting to some blokes about the race, they were in fact official photographers and they were interested in my take on the event. They were surprised to hear this wasn’t my first half marathon. I am keen to check out my race photos now cos I know they are not gonna be pretty, in fact the very last one will be horrendous… I knew he was there and that he was aiming his lens at me but I had no control over my limbs or my facial expressions. Let’s just wait and see hey?

Wimpole Half Marathon - Sunday 6th October 2013

Peter Hatley1.36.0014th of 152
The route is a multi-terrain course around the picturesque National Trust property, Wimpole Hall. The route will include short stretches of country lanes as well as footpaths, woodland and meadows. Wimpole Hall is nestled in rolling countryside and some moderate hills form part of the course. The very nature of the terrain means the route can be muddy in places. Trail shoes are recommended.

Regents Park 10km Winter Series - Sunday 6th October 2013

Richard Guest42.34 pb48th
152 finishers.

Copped Hall 5 - Sunday 6th October 2013

Sheila Kennedy44.021st lady 45
110 finishers. Copped Hall is a fine Georgian mansion that is currently under restoration. It is sited on a ridge overlooking its landscaped parkland. The mansion and gardens are situated on a site of ancient human habitation. The Copped Hall Trusts main aim is to permanently protect the site, to carefully restore Copped Hall and its gardens for educational and community benefit. Copped Hall and its gardens are strictly private but can be visited by appointment and on specific days or by entering the 5 mile run.

Ironman 70.3 Triathlon , Lanzarote - Saturday 5th October 2013

Samuel Browne5.44.24154th of 401.
1.9km swim-35.30, T1-5.22, 90.1km cycle-3.25.27,T2-2.49,21.1km run-1.35.17.

parkrun # 125 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 5th October 2013

Euan Brown16.472nd - 76.86%
Gavin Stebbing19.197th - 70.15%
James Wilson20.169th - 65.87%
Thomas Grimes20.1710th - 64.34%
Derek Wright20.5215th - 66.37%
David Irwin24.3536th - 58.10%
Maud Hodson25.0639th - 61.29%
Sophie Edwards30.5771st - 49.43%
82 finishers.

parkrun # 37 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 5th October 2013

Patrick Brown18.072nd - 71.21%
David Baldwin20.48 5th - 62.50%
Steven Bywater24.5723rd - 58.18%
54 finishers.

Other parkruns - Saturday 5th October 2013

Ajit Rehal26.13 61.73% Valentines
Katherine Harris27.48 53.48% Valentines

parkrun # 161 - Norwich 5km - Saturday 5th October 2013

Amadeus Furlong19.0013th - 67.89%
381 finishers.

ELVIS Series - 2013 - Final placings - Friday 4th October 2013

Patrick Brown24pts (7)3rd - 3rd Senior
Daniel Lee90pts (5)10th - 2nd V40
Amadeus Furlong94pts (6)11th - 9th senior
Andrew Baxter97 pts (7)12th - 3rd V40
James Wilson98pts (6)13th - 10th senior
Shailesh Patel191pts (5)20th - 7th V40
Russell Price198pts (5)21st - 12th senior
Richard Potter210pts (5)22nd - 13th senior
Richard Guest234th (6)25th - 9th V40
Lee Wollaston244pts (6)27th - 10th V40
Peter Rains244pts (5)28th - 3rd V50
Michael Wilson251pts (5)29th - 4th V50
David Baldwin276pts (5)33rd - 17th senior
Jonathan Wooldridge290th (6)35th - 12th V40
Grant Conway309th (6)37th - 14th V40
Ramesh Pala320th (6)39th - 6th V50
Tom Woods421pts (7)46th - 4th V60
Dave Knight484pts (5)50th - 10th V50
David Wyatt493pts (6)53rd - 12th V50
Don Bennett565pts (5)59th - 15th V50
Ava Lee12pts (5)2nd - 2nd V35
Sharon Springfield24pts (6)4th - 3rd V35
Natasha Tweedie(6)9th -
Chloe Longstaff60pts (7)10th - 7th V35
Alexandra Wilkinson66pts (6)12th - 8th V35
Phoebe Bowman78pts (5)13th - 5th senior
Laura Jenkin123pts (5)16th - 8th senior
Fiona Day133pts (7)17th - 2nd V55
Jamee Gould134th (5)19th - 9th senior
Sheila Kennedy136 pts (6)20th - 2nd V45
Ninette Fernandes138 pts (6)21st - 10th senior
Diana Rexhepaj(7)

Chingford League Event 1 - Hog Hill 5km, Redbridge Cycle Circuit - Tuesday 1st October 2013

Euan Brown17.188th
Patrick Brown17.2512th
Alexandra Wilkinson24.32168th
David Baldwin21.0487th
Lee Wollaston21.0989th
Michael Wilson21.31107th
Grant Conway22.04118th
Sarah McCrea22.20123rd
Jonathan Wooldridge22.54134th
Phoebe Bowman23.00137th
Claire Parker23.00138th
Jamie Xavier23.43150th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea23.52156th
William Davies24.15164th
Chloe Longstaff24.22165th
Celia Payaneeandee24.32169th
Kieran Brown24.36171st
Sheila Kennedy26.40199th
Men 6th of 11 - 6 Team points
Ladies 4th of 11 - 8 Team points
Vets teams both 6 of 11.

Zaragoza Marathon 2013 - Sunday 29th September 2013

Miguel Martinez4.57.46862nd
I ran a marathon yesterday. It was hard as I was injured. My left calf muscle gave me a hard time from the start, but I reduced the speed and I finished.

Hever Castle Triathlon - Sunday 29th September 2013

Samuel Browne2.10.087th of 300.
800m swim 16.29, T1 2.13, 40km bike 1.18.16, T2 3.28, 8km run 31.40.

Sam did the Hever castle tri on Sunday results below he came 7th out of 300 finishers - technical bike ride, hilly so he could practice for Lanzarote next Saturday with his extra new gears he has had fitted and off road run.

Paris Versailles Grand Classique - Sunday 29th September 2013

Jonathan Wooldridge1.31.2711,162nd
Jonathan reports:- The full results are now available - turns out that I came 11162 out of 21565 - not bad for a gentle recovery run, I guess.

It may be worth adding - "A race through both city and forest from Paris city centre to the suburb of Versailles. �With a strict 350 people being started every minute, it's no surprise that I didn't get started until 10.45am. Forty-five minutes after the elite runners, and just 2 minutes before they had finished. �But the staggered start made well for no bunching and a smooth transition through some really lovely parts of Paris. �For just 26 Euro, it was a really well organised race with good quality T-shirt and smart medal, it was well worth the trip. �My poor time is nothing to write home about, but considering I am still recovering from injury, I think I should be pleased with a great weekend away. Definitely one for the diary for next year; I just hope the ELVIS doesn't clash."

Ealing Half Marathon - Sunday 29th September 2013

Jamie Xavier1.41.48841st - 57.72%
Lucy Jarvis1.50.341382nd - 58.96%
Ashley Newburn1.55.561823rd - 55.79%

ELVIS 7 / Valentine Park 5km - Sunday 29th September 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Patrick Brown16:53 pb3rd Overall
Thomas Grimes17:107th
Mark Boulton17:2410th
Ciaran Canavan17:4914th
Amadeus Furlong18:3319th
James Wilson18:3420th
Mark Wyatt18:4621st
Andrew Baxter18:5323rd
Russell Price19:05 pb26th
Shailesh Patel19:4635th
Tim Le Rasle20:0039th
David Baldwin20:0440th
Saheb Yousefi20:1844th
Derek Wright20:2947th
Peter Hatley20:37 pb49th
Sharon Springfield20:5453rd - 1st FV35
Emmet Fitzgibbon21:11 pb57th
Michael Wilson21:22612st
Grant Conway21:2965th
Ramesh Pala21:4971st
Roger Stubbs21:5172nd
Sarah McCrea21:5574th
Kieran Brown21:5976th
Claire Parker22:1782nd
Chloe Longstaff22:22 pb84th
Emma Warburton22:2985th
Alexandra Wilkinson22:4591st
Tom Woods22:51 pb92nd
Claire Emery23:02 pb96th
William Davies23:0899th
Laura Jenkin23:24 pb103rd
Celia Payaneeandee23:39106th
Natasha Tweedie23:44108th
Fiona Day24:02 pb113th
David Wyatt24:49125th
Joanna Graham24:56 pb127th
Sheila Kennedy25:04129th
Maud Hodson25:10132nd
Mary OBrien25:44135th
Doug Mansell26:15144th
Mary Connolly26:17145th
Bryony Hewer27:05158th
Lee Wollaston28:24170th Guiding Blind Runner
Diana Rexhepaj32:05194th
Julie Creffield34:36208th
213 Finishers.

Full Race Results available here.

Berlin Marathon - Sunday 29th September 2013

Paul Quinton2.58.211,199th
Richard Guest3.34.30 pb7,938th
Richard's report:- I arrived in Berlin hoping for a 3 hour 30 time or failing that a pb and race day dawned sunny but cold with the sun struggling over the Reichstag near the starting area.The race began at 8.45 and I was quickly into my stride being near the front of the second of three starting waves. However at about 3k I hit congestion as we caught the back markers from the first wave and as we headed back towards the Reichstag I dropped over a minute behind my target time and this continued for the next few kilometres as the route headed out towards the old Eastern half of the city. I needed to pick up my pace and sensed my opportunity to do this as the course veered away from the Fernsehturm TV tower towards Karl Marx Allee, a wide boulevard with tower blocks each side straight out of the old communist days. I gradually hauled myself back to and within my target 5 minute kilometres and continued my momentum over and beyond the half way point. I hit several Danish runners at this stage and decided they are the most liked nation on Earth with frequent shouts of ''Come on Denmark'' from the crowd but got a few ''Come on Richard'' shouts too to keep me going. Carlton had planned to be stationed at the 23k point with energy supplies but unbeknown me had been diverted from 23k to 24k so I missed him but luckily the course was well supplied with water, energy drink and fruit stations so I was able to take on board all I needed throughout the race which was much needed as I began to tire approaching and past the 30k stage. By this point I had got under my 5 minute kilometre target but as my calves tired my times dropped back and as I headed back towards the Mitte district where the race finished I fell back to exactly 5 minute kilometres at the 36k mark. I knew now that a sub 3 hour 30 was going to be beyond me but was determined to still make a pb and put my foot down for the next 2k to try and give myself some buffer for the final effort. As I passed the Sony Centre I knew I was on track for a pb and put my head down for one last burst along with several other tiring runners all around me. It was a relief to turn the final corner and catch sight of the Brandenburg Gate and pass through it and towards and over the finish line and a pb of 3 hours 34 minutes 30 secs and the chance to sink a good, proper German beer in a nearby bar.Also running from ELR was Paul Quinton who completed the course in a fantastic time of just under 3 hours. Well done Paul.

parkrun # Gunnersbury - Saturday 28th September 2013

Dan Spinks23.4679th - 57.01%

Other parkruns 5km - Saturday 28th September 2013

Manjit Singh20.45 9th - 65.30% Valentines
Ramesh Pala21.26 9th - 69.91% Barking
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea24.59 10th - 52.50% Beckton
Colin Purvis27.02 23rd - 50.49% Harrow Lodge

parkrun # 36 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 28th September 2013

Patrick Brown22.227th - 57.68%
Steven Bywater25.1618th - 57.45%
47 finishers.

parkrun # 124 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 28th September 2013

Euan Brown17.052nd
Thomas Grimes18.154th
Gavin Stebbing19.227th
James Wilson19.5811th
Mark Wyatt20.33 (50th parkrun)14th
Derek Wright20.5119th
Emmet Fitzgibbon21.14 pb23rd
Lee Wollaston22.0931st
Sarah McCrea22.4435th
Celia Payaneeandee23.2940th
Jayne Browne26.3860th
Maggie Tomlin27.2366th
Sophie Edwards28.5172nd
Don Bennett29.0775th
Claire Emery36.0789th
91 finishers.

Richmond Half Marathon - Sunday 22nd September 2013

Julie Creffield3.08.251109th
1110 finishers.

Tonbridge Half Marathon - Sunday 22nd September 2013

Mark Boulton1.25.2824th
1011 finishers.

East London's Lightning Boult!

Teach First 10km, Potters Field - Sunday 22nd September 2013

Saheb Yousefi43.0157th
Katherine Jones48.44 pb219th
1237 finishers.

New Forest Half Marathon - Sunday 22nd September 2013

Jonathan Shaw1.53.43430th

Anglian Water Triathlon - Sunday 22nd September 2013

Samuel Browne2.15.54173 of 508
Sarah Burns2.34.06 pb358 of 508
Roger Stubbs3.24.58506 of 508
I had a really good race today and wanted to share my race report...

1500m Swim, 40K bike, 10k run

I picked Sam Browne up at 5.45 am and we headed down to Grafham Water. After changing Sam's inner tube which blew after being pumped up (there's always a last minute drama) we set up transition and headed down to the waterfront. The race was a European qualifier so I'd prepared myself for a tough race. I put myself at the front of swim and gave as good as I got in the bitchfest that lasted most of the swim. Sighting the final boy was difficult with the sun in your eyes but i was pleased to exit the swim in 28mins 13 secs. The sun continued to shine on the bike course which although described as undulating was quite hilly. I worked my butt off literally on the bike, pushing hard down on the tri bars to finish in 1hr 11mins 44 secs. A quick change into my trainers and i headed off on the run. I picked up a drink at the water station about 50m out of tranisition and realised I'd left my inhaler on the floor. I managed to get the attention of a marshal who kindly hot footed it over the transition area to grab my inhaler, an error which cost me about a minute and a half. Slightly frustrating but couldn't have run without it. The run was as undulating as the bike, but I got in to my stride and gradually managed to pass about 5 other girls en route. I dug deep for the final 2 miles and finished the run in 51.02 (despite inhalergate). My overall time was 2hrs 34mins 6 secs. My fastest time to date and on a much tougher course than my previous fastest time in London. The weather was kind, the shrimp were kind (there was a shrimp infestation in the lake) and it was a great race. Luckily Sam only had to wait about an hour for me after he stormed round in some silly time (big respect).
Sarah Burns:- 28.13,1.37,1.11.44,1.29,51.02 = 2.34.06
Samuel Browne 27.37,1.43,1.07.02,1.07,38.24 - 2.15.54
Roger Stubbs 46.32,3.37,1.33.21,1.07,1.00.21 = 3.24.58

New Forest Marathon - Sunday 22nd September 2013

William Davies4.25.16 315th
A tough multi terrain/road race. William's 2nd marathon. 506 finishers.

parkrun # 67 - Beckton Park 5km - Saturday 21st September 2013

Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea57.2433rd
Mohammed's report. I ran at Beckton Parkrun yesterday, only my 15th parkrun in total and finished in 57:24. Would it be at all possible to make a special mention of my son Muhammad Yusuf who ran his first ever parkrun yesterday having turned only 4 years old earlier this month. He completed the full two-lap 5K course in 57:22. On the advice of the run director on the day though, I won't be allowing him to run the full 5K again for a long while.

My brother Muhammad Ismail at the same event ran his 50th parkrun, at the age of 9, he had a new PB to boot too on the Beckton course. His picture is in the photo gallery on the ELR website, ELVIS 7, 2012, as below.

parkrun # 123 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 21st September 2013

Samuel Browne17.58 (course pb)4th - 71.80%
Lee Wollaston20.11 (course pb)11th - 67.63%
Derek Wright20.4314th - 66.85%
Richard Potter20.4715th - 62.23%
Sharon Springfield21.3022nd - 71.16% 1st lady
Emmet Fitzgibbon21.31 pb23rd - 60.96%
James Creed22.44 (course pb)36th - 57.70%
Kieran Brown23.1939th - 65.90%
Russell Lines-Jobling24.4950th - 58.03%
Maud Hodson24.5851st - 61.62%
Andrea Waller25.2255th - 59.33%
Sophie Edwards25.5559th - 59.04%
David Wyatt26.1165th - 60.73%
Fiona Day26.1266th - 69.08%
Jayne Browne26.4871st - 61.82%
Claire Emery34.50 (with kids)100th - 44.83%
103 finishers.

parkrun # 35 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 21st September 2013

Patrick Brown17.59 (course pb)1st - 71.73%
Richard Guest20.554th - 65.26%
Jamie Xavier21.33 (course pb)5th - 61.95%
Jonathan Wooldridge24.0017th - 57.71%
50 finishers.

parkrun # 166 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 21st September 2013

Claire Parker21.26 pb9th - 69.05% 1st lady
Ninette Fernandes24.4528th - 59.93%
59 finishers.

parkrun # 137 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 21st September 2013

Manjit Singh19.535th - 68.15%
Katherine Harris27.1561st - 54.56%
166 finishers.

5km Your Way, Hackney Marshes - Wednesday 18th September 2013

Steven Bywater24.42189th
David Wyatt25.11202nd-4th for Leyton.
814 finishers.

Bristol Half Marathon - Sunday 15th September 2013

Manjit Bedi1.20.17 pb113th
1,500+ finishers.

Eton Dorney Lake Duathlon & Triathlon - Sunday 15th September 2013

Jayne Browne1.34.3294th of 121.
Samuel Browne1.14.256th of 698
Joseph Browne1.21.1245th of 398
Paul Browne1.30ish
Jayne done the Duathlon.
Run 5km - 24.49, T1 1.36,Bike 21.2km 53.44, T2 1.38,Run2 2.5km 13.05.
Samuel, Joseph and Paul done the Triathlon.
Samuel - Swim 750m 14.46,T1 1.50,Bike 21.2km 38.36,T2 1.13,Run 5km 17.58.
Joseph - Swim 16.08,T1 3.35,Cycle 41.07,T2 1.28,Run 18.54.
Paul lost his timing chip after the swim but finished in 1.30.00ish.

Great North Run 2013 - Sunday 15th September 2013

So far just a couple of ex members namely Roison Archer in 1.43.36 and Nicola Mensah in 2.00.36.

Orion Harriers 10m Trail Race - Sunday 15th September 2013

Harriet Tice1.45.008th of 20.
Harriet Tice:- I really enjoyed the 10 mile Orion Harriers trail race this morning. Quite suprised myself with my map reading skills and the bread pudding at the finish was ace! Many thanks Bob.

London Duathlon, Richmond Park - Classic Distance & Ultra Distance - Sunday 15th September 2013

Mark Boulton2.27.20
Tanbir Jasimuddin6.15.52
Mark Boulton Run 1 ,10km - 39.37,T1 1.55,Bike 44km - 1.24.24,T2 1.51,Run 2, 5km - 19.33.
Tanbir Jasimuddin Run 1,20km - 1.48.50, T1 2.33, Bike 80km - 3.08.38,T2 5.56,Run 2, 10km - 1.10.55.

Purbeck Trail Marathon - Sunday 15th September 2013

Russell Price4.24.1564th of 223
Russell reports:- 4 hours 24 mins for my first trail marathon! Family supporting, beer and ice cream and the finish, awesome marshals including one who genuinely said 'don't scare the cows' ace day at Purbeck Marathon! Oh and I beat the rain, feel sorry for others still out there now!

parkrun # Gunnersbury - Saturday 14th September 2013

Dan Spinks23.2670th - 57.82%

Pru Health Triathlon, Hyde Park - Olympic Distance - Saturday 14th September 2013

Ninette Fernandes2.53.0990th
Olympic Distance - Open Event Swim 1500m 29.48, T1 5.14,Bike 40km 1.20.24, T2 5.25, Run 10km 52.21

Race report:- Over the moon!.

parkrun # 136 - Valentine Pk 5km - Saturday 14th September 2013

Manjit Singh20.216th - 66.58%

parkrun # 60 - Barking Pk 5km - Saturday 14th September 2013

Ramesh Pala21.347th - 69.47%
43 finishers.

parkrun # 66 - Beckton Pk 5km - Saturday 14th September 2013

Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea24.5514th - 52.64%
31 finishers.

parkrun # 34 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 14th September 2013

Patrick Brown20.211st - 63.39%
Richard Guest21.324th - 63.39%
Jamie Xavier22.367th - 59.07%
George Georgiou22.478th - 61.74%
Steven Bywater25.0514th - 57.87%
Maggie Tomlin27.16 (course pb)25th - 54.28%
42 finishers.

parkrun # 122 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 14th September 2013

Samuel Browne18.224th - 70.24%
Mark Wyatt19.337th - 65.98%
Lee Wollaston20.5713th - 65.16%
Derek Wright21.1315th - 65.28%
Sarah McCrea22.1928th - 66.32%
James Creed23.5736th - 54.77%
Fiona Day24.4339th - 73.23%
Russell Lines-Jobling24.4740th - 58.10%
Maud Hodson25.0543rd - 61.33%
Claire Emery34.3679th - 45.13%
81 finishers.

The Marathon Talk Magic Mile 2013 - Sunday 8th September 2013

Thomas Grimes4.53 (4.50)76.9% - track
Patrick Brown4.59 (5.05)74.5% - track
Mark Boulton5.08 (5.03)72.3% - track
Alex Bee5.22track
Mark Wyatt5.31track
Andrew Baxter5.31track
Paul Thompson5.41track
Richard Potter5.42 (5.53)track
Russell Price5.55 (6.08)62.7%
Sarah McCrea6.07track
Derek Wright6.08trail
Claire Parker6.2964.7% - track
Natasha Tweedie6.43track
Harriet Tice6.52track
Celia Payaneeandee7.0059.9% - track
Katherine Jones7.03track
Ninette Fernandes7.06 (7.59)59.4% - track
Wayne Kelly7.09track
Kate Buranska7.18track
Fiona Day7.20 (8.16)73.6% - track
Sheila Kennedy7.2371.1% - trail
Jamie Xavier7.30road
Maud Hodson7.38trail
Don Bennett7.54 (7.37)55.5% - track
How fast can you run a single mile?
This year you had to run a mile between Saturday August 24th and Sunday 8th September and log your time on Marathon Talk.

Run To The Beat Half Marathon 2013, Greenwich - Sunday 8th September 2013

Daniel Lee1.22.23 pb25th
William Pearce1.26.2384th
Alex Bee1.26.23
Ava Lee1.29.45 pb204th
Alex Haward1.30.02 pb220th
Amadeus Furlong1.46.581789th
Laura Jenkin1.51.302510th
Claire Parker1.52
Sarah McCrea1.53
Natasha Tweedie1.53.002838th
Ninette Fernandes2.06.005460th
Maggie Tomlin2.14.457096th
David Wyatt2.14.45
Julie Creffield2.54.00
also Lorcan Murphy in 8th place in 1.17.24th.

UFD Hackney Half Marathon. - Sunday 8th September 2013

Gavin Stebbing1.37.58

Maidenhead Half Marathon - Sunday 8th September 2013

Jamie Xavier1.40.01436th
1672 finishers.

Middlesex & Open 10km, Victoria Park - Saturday 7th September 2013

Simon Martin47.48223rd
Sarah Burns48.34234th
Straight after running a 5km at Wanstead Flats parkrun in the morning with her nephew doing his 10th run in a pb time Sarah went to Victoria Park in the afternoon to do her first 10km. All her previous 10km runs had been in triathlons and this was her first 10km run.

parkrun # 135 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 7th September 2013

Manjit Singh20.339th - 65.94%
201 finishers.

parkrun # 121 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 7th September 2013

Patrick Brown17.371st - 73.23%
Thomas Grimes18.172nd - 71.38%
Samuel Browne18.234th - 70.17%
Mark Wyatt19.255th - 66.44%
Russell Price19.266th - 66.38%
Derek Wright20.5515th - 66.22%
Ashley Newburn24.15 (2nd lady)40th - 61.03%
Maud Hodson25.46 (3rd lady)54th - 59.70%
Andrea Waller26.04 (4th lady)59th - 57.74%
Jayne Browne26.5167th - 61.70%
Sarah Burns27.0171st - 55.71%
Caroline Meaby27.1373rd - 55.85%
Peter Hatley28.5686th - 46.83%
Diana Rexhepaj29.00 pb 1st parkrun87th - 54.25%
Claire Emery34.57 (with kids)113th - 44.68%
A record turnout of 118 finishers.

parkrun # 33 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 7th September 2013

Amadeus Furlong20.221st - 63.60
Richard Guest21.196th - 64.03%
Phoebe Bowman22.5612th - 64.53%
52 finishers.

parkrun # 34 - Harrow Lodge - Saturday 7th September 2013

Colin Purvis24.0020th - 56.46%

The Essex Way - Sunday 1st September 2013

Although ELR did not field a team for this event, William Davies representing the club ran the first two stages - Epping to Ongar and Ongar to Good Easter.

William reports
I did the first stage of the Essex way on Sunday 1st September from Epping to Ongar, it was
really scenic and enjoyable. I did get a bit lost so I waited for the people behind me to catch up, then I decided to follow them. I then decided I wanted to do the second leg from Ongar to Good Easter,
but the others had already gone. So my father drove me down some country lanes where I was able
to catch up with the others. On the drive back from Good Easter, we came across this lovely Church all on its own in the middle of the fields in a place called Beauchamp Roding. We got out of the car and had a look around the church. I would highly recommend the Essex Way to everyone next year and hopefully we can get a team together.

Weymouth Classic Triathlon - Sunday 1st September 2013

Samuel Browne2:29:16 Olympic distances32nd of 107
Paul Browne1:46:26 Sprint distances53rd of 74
Report from Jayne Browne.
What a beautiful place the event took place in, Bowleaze Cove. We had to be there at 6.15am to register! The swim was in the sea and because the weather was so good it was lovely to see the sun come up.

We had a great day on the beach after supporting Hubby and Sam so all turned out well. Fish chips and ice cream what could be better!

Sam - Olympic event
Swim 24.55 T1 2.08 Bike 1.20.36 T2 1.10 Run 40.27 (5th place in his run, Sam was well pleased) position 32nd out of 107 finishers

Paul Sprint event
Swim 22.51, T1 3.40 Bike 54.20 T2 1.34 Run 24.01 Overall 1.46.26 Position 53 out of 74 finisherswe had to be there at 6.15am to register

The Regent's Park Summer 10k Series Race 6 of 6 - Sunday 1st September 2013

Sophie Edwards54:46392nd

Fosters Law Kent Coastal Marathon - Sunday 1st September 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Michael Wilson3.42.2862nd - 63.8%
A pleasant weekend spent in Margate, staying in a guesthouse overnight which was less than a mile from the start of the race. Quite a tough but enjoyable marathon, a shame about my time. 220 finishers.

parkrun # 32 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 31st August 2013

Patrick Brown18.01 course pb1st
David Baldwin20.36 course pb2nd
Richard Guest21.003rd
Alex Haward21.407th
Phoebe Bowman24.4217th
Steven Bywater25.1620th
Maggie Tomlin28.0428th
50 finishers.

parkrun # 134 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 31st August 2013

Manjit Singh20.284th
188 finishers.

Eton Manor Centenary Relays 4 x 2 miles - Saturday 31st August 2013

Natasha Tweedie14.521st leg
Laura Jenkin14.492nd leg
Claire Parker14.393rd leg
Sarah McCrea14.014th leg
A special event to celebrate the Centenary Celebration's of Eton Manor AC.
Four ELR Ladies came 2nd in the female event in 58.21 for 8 miles.

Great London Swim - 31st August 2013

Andy Burke31:51700th
Ninette Fernandes32:38798th
Ninette's report - Really happy as I managed to get a massive cut in my foot just before the swim, blood everywhere! Awful, I thought I was going to be sick! This year the swim was at a different venue - Millwall Dock, which surprisingly was great. Good water temp and the course was fine to follow.Glad I went first though as it was much warmer later!! 4 mins quicker than last year so really can't complain.

parkrun # 120 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 31st August 2013

Thomas Grimes17:521st
Gavin Stebbing18:433rd
Russell Price20:0211th
Lee Wollaston20:5814th
Emmet Fitzgibbon22:1221st
Kieran Brown22:3126th
Fiona Day25:5348th
Claire Emery34:4392nd

ELVIS 6 - Barking Park 5km - Monday 26th August 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Patrick Brown16.58 pb8th scorer
Euan Brown17.1512th scorer
Amadeus Furlong18.4724th scorer
Andrew Baxter19.0029th scorer
Shailesh Patel19.31 pb34th scorer
David Baldwin19.55 pb45th
Mark Wyatt20.1250th
Lee Wollaston20.20 pb54th scorer
Richard Guest20.27 =pb57th
Jonathan Wooldridge21.00 pb63rd
Russell Price21.1368th
Derek Wright21.1569th
Sharon Springfield21.1870th scorer
Manjit Singh21.2371st
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea21.2973rd
Grant Conway21.3576th
Ramesh Pala21.3877th
Kieran Brown21.54 pb82nd
Michael Wilson22.2891st
Chloe Longstaff22.29 pb92nd scorer
Joanne O'Sullivan23.08107th scorer
Jamee Gould23.09108th scorer
Sarah Burns23.28 =pb113th
Tom Woods23.38115th
Frank Brownlie23:54 pb119th
Sheila Kennedy24.28 pb126th
Fiona Day24.31 pb128th
Sophie Edwards24.51132nd
Angela Morley25.10 pb138th
Ninette Fernandes25.12139th
David Wyatt25.16141st
Maud Hodson25.23145th
Susannah McLaren25.45153rd
Don Bennett28.18172nd
Diana Rexhepaj29.48 pb181st
Harsh Pershad29.59182nd
215 finishers.

Mel Batty 10km. Grays,Thurrock - Sunday 25th August

Ramesh Pala45.36 pb53rd
Roger Stubbs47.52 pb66th
132 finishers. The return of the Mel Batty , used to be a 10 miler which featured large in East London Runners history. Now it returns as a 10km.

parkrun # 133 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 24th August 2013

Manjit Singh21.069th - 64.22%
Colin Purvis22.1915th - 60.72%
135 finishers.

parkrun # - Barking Park 5km - Saturday 24th August 2013

Amadeus Furlong19.047th - 67.66%
61 finishers.

parkrun # 119 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 24th August 2013

Patrick Brown17.13 pb1st - 74.95%
Samuel Browne18.325th - 69.60%
Gavin Stebbing18.396th - 72.12%
Lee Wollaston21.0111th - 64.95%
Kieran Brown22.2924th - 68.75%
Sarah Burns24.2631st - 61.60%
Fiona Day25.5036th - 70.06%
Maud Hodson25.5438th - 59.40%
Sophie Edwards26.0439th - 58.70%
63 finishers.

parkrun # 31 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 24th August 2013

Richard Guest21.055th - 64.74%
Jonathan Wooldridge22.088th - 62.58%
49 finishers.

parkrun # 162 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 24thth August 2013

Mark Wyatt22.06 (sling)12th - 58.37%
David Wyatt25.1923rd - 62.80%
41 finishers.

Isle of Wight Half Marathon - Sunday 18th August 2013

Patrick Brown1.25.4515th
Jonathan Wooldridge1.45.1299th
Jonathan Wooldridge reports: Isle of Wight half marathon finished. Didn't quite make the PB I wanted. But finished as 31st VM40 out of 69 and 99th overall. Time 1:45:12. Patrick Brown finished in 15th place in 1:25:45. I think this was the hardest race I have ever run. An "undulating course" has to be an understatement - 12 miles of hills with about 1 mile on the flat. It could eat the Roding Valley HM for breakfast. Being an Islander I thought I knew the course and that it was ok. But I must have been away for too long. Brilliant day out though. — at Ryde Sea Front.

Bassenthwaite Lakeland Triathlon - Saturday 17th August 2013

Samuel Browne2:40:0759th
1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run.

Swim 34.03 - T1 34 Seconds
Bike 1.21.50 - T2 1 min 55
Run 40.21

Total Time 2.40.07 - Overall position 59th out of 270 Finishers - Conditions -
Cold, Wet and Windy!!

Pride 10km, Victoria Park - Saturday 17th August 2013

Paul Quinton36.2917th - 74.77%
Alex Bee38.0734th
Amadeus Furlong42.43106th - 63.09%
Lee Wollaston43.35 pb142nd - 63.48%
Simon Martin47.32290th - 56.19%
Claire Parker48.38321st
Jonathan Thompson49.42359th - 53.77%
Ninette Fernandes51.50422nd - 57.18%
Maggie Tomlin57.44598th - 51.46%
Katrina Anderson1.03.42718th - 50.38%
Full results not available yet. TBC

parkrun # 51 - Hilly Fields 5km - Saturday 17th August 2013

Richard Guest21.1315th - 64.34%
81 finishers.

parkrun # 132 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 17th August 2013

Matthew Jones23.3420th - 55.37%
Katherine Harris25.5546th - 57.36%
169 finishers.

parkrun # 56 - Barking Park 5km - Saturday 17th August 2013

Ramesh Pala21.2615th - 69.91%
53 finishers.

parkrun # 93 - Gunpowder Park 5km - Saturday 17th August 2013

David Baldwin20.3911th - 62.95%
76 finishers.

parkrun # 118 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 17th August 2013

Gavin Stebbing18.472nd - 71.61%
Russell Price20.134th - 63.81%
Sharon Springfield21.15 (1st lady)9th - 72.00%
Kieran Brown22.19 (course pb)15th - 68.86%
Miguel Martinez23.57 (course pb)23rd - 56.16%
Sarah Burns24.0525th - 62.49%
Fiona Day24.38 pb29th - 73.48%
Sophie Edwards25.0131st - 61.16%
Sheila Kennedy25.37 (course pb)33rd - 68.84%
Andrea Waller25.3734th - 58.75%
Julie Creffield35.4971st - 41.74%
76 finishers.

Cambridge Duathlon - Sunday 11th August 2013

Sarah Burns2.21.45113th
The Cambridge Duathlon was supposed to be a triathlon but plenty of blue green algae on the lake meant the swim was called off. In it's place was a duathlon of 6km run, 40km bike and a 6km run. Sarah's time's were 31.18, 1.17.04, 33.23 for a total of 2.21.45.

Brixton 10km, Brockwell Park - Sunday 11th August 2013

Jonathan Wooldridge44.32 pb41st
Lee Wollaston44.50 pb44th
Roger Stubbs51.07100th
Katherine Jones51.17102nd
Saheb Yousefi51.19103rd
217 finishers.

parkrun # 29 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 10th August 2013

Alex Haward19.432nd - 65.77%
David Baldwin21.004th - 61.90%
Jonathan Wooldridge21.02 pb5th - 65.85%
Phoebe Bowman23.2716th - 63.11%
53 finishers.

parkrun # 160 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 10th August 2013

Mark Wyatt20.21 (with sling)10th - 63.39%
David Wyatt25.3829th - 62.03%
54 finishers.

parkrun # 50 - Hilly Fields 5km - Saturday 10th August 2013

Lee Wollaston21.4216th - 62.90%
81 finishers.

parkrun # 131 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 10th August 2013

Mark Boulton18.406th - 69.20%
Simon Morgan20.06 (Tiptree)8th - 70.56%
Derek Wright22.24 (with buggy)20th - 61.83%
157 finishers.

parkrun # 117 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 10th August 2013

Patrick Brown17.221st - 74.28%
Gavin Stebbing18.555th - 71.10%
David Irwin23.5635th - 59.26%
Russell Lines-Jobling24.12 (course pb)39th - 59.50%
Jayne Browne26.2553rd - 62.71%
79 finishers.

Prudential Bike Ride - London/Surrey 100 mile - Sunday 4th August 2013

Sarah Burns5.27.36
Tanbir Jasimuddin7.29.06
Great cycle by our Ironwoman to finish in 5.27, but mechanical issues for Jasimuddin added about an hour & 20 minutes to his time.

Mornington Chasers 10km, Regents Park - Sunday 4th August 2013

Jamie Xavier44.14

parkrun # 184 - Frimley Lodge 5km - Saturday 3rd August 2013

Richard Guest20.5147th - 65.47%
427 finishers.

parkrun # 24 - Cheltenham 5km - Saturday 3rd August 2013

Katherine Harris25.23108th - 58.57%
212 finishers.

Orion Forest Five Series - Race 3 - Saturday 3rd August 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Mark Boulton31.5319th
Paul Thompson34.0531st
Richard Potter35.2340th
Lee Wollaston37.2160th
Kieran Brown39.3981st
Ninette Fernandes42.58100th
Fiona Day43.00101st
Sheila Kennedy43.03102nd
Grant Conway43.11104th
163 finishers.

parkrun # 116 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 3rd August 2013

Samuel Browne18.01 (course pb)4th - 71.60%
Gavin Stebbing19.047th - 70.54%
Joseph Browne19.3010th - 69.23%
Derek Wright21.2715th - 64.57%
Sarah Burns23.28 pb27th - 64.13%
Ashley Newburn23.3529th - 62.76%
Maud Hodson24.5933rd - 61.57%
Anna Charlton25.1335th - 58.96%
Jayne Browne26.4342nd - 62.01%
Claire Emery37.37 (with kids)70th - 41.70%
74 finishers.

parkrun # 28 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 3rd August 2013

Steven Bywater25.1815th -
41 finishers.

parkrun # 79 - Mile End 5km - Saturday 3rd August 2013

Julie Creffield35.14 (course pb)84th - 42.43%
87 finishers.

parkrun # 30 - Harrow Lodge 5km - Saturday 3rd August 2013

Colin Purvis22.56 (course pb)13th - 59.08%

parkrun # 27 - Carlisle Park 5km - Saturday 3rd August 2013

Sarah McCrea23.2422nd - 63.25%
99 finishers.

Harlow 10m - Sunday 28th July 2013

Patrick Brown1.01.2616th
Manjit Bedi1.02.54 pb19th
Sheila Kennedy1.27.38 pb153rd
249 finishers.

Virgin Active London Triathlon - Olympic distance - Sunday 28th July 2013

Andy Burke2.26.42
Andy Burke32.32, 1.02.02, 45.59.
Ninette Fernandes2.56.42 pb
Ninette Fernandes32.27, 1.22.13, 53.35.
1500m swim, t1,40km bike, t2, 10km run.
Ninette reports:-
The swim was horrendous start, we seemed to be treading water for longer than usual and in general it was very rough as people swam over me and one girl had hold of my leg for at least 100m! Bint! I had thought I had been very lucky in previous years to not have experienced any roughness... I did 32.27 (32.46 last year so a small improvement, I would have expected this to be under 30 this time round so pretty disappointed but never mind).

Bike was better but I need to do more work on it - felt very tough - and boring! I managed to stay relatively close to a few other girls, quite a few other Boardmans too but overall I struggled and was worried about tiring my legs out. I ate a whole packet of bloks, two at a time in places. I have never been in such high need of a tissue, was pleased to see I wasn't the only one. did 1.22 (1.32 last year)

The run was great as so many people were there to support me - 53 something (1.00 last year)...The second lap felt very laboured but picked it up for the third and actually enjoyed the last mile! So 2.56 overall. I am over the moon and looking forward to September....

Virgin Active London Triathlon - Sprint distance - Saturday 27th July 2013

Samuel Browne1.18.4326th
Samuel Browne15.17, 36.38, 20.26.
Paul Browne1.27.02204th
Paul Browne20.53, 23.09, 28.40.
750m swim,t1, 20km bike, t2, 5km run.

parkrun # 53 - Barking Park 5km - Saturday 27th July 2013

Ramesh Pala21.14 pb16th - 70.57%

parkrun # 129 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 27th July 2013

Derek Wright22.26 with buggy)16th - 61.74%
Katherine Harris25.3040th - 58.30%
137 finishers

parkrun # 115 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 27th July 2013

Gavin Stebbing18.39 (course pb)5th - 72.12%
Joseph Browne18.44 (course pb)6th - 72.06%
Mark Boulton18.487th - 68.71%
Russell Price19.5811th - 64.61%
Sarah McCrea21.42 (course pb)20th - 68.20% 1st lady
Kieran Brown22.23 (course pb)28th - 68.65%
Claire Parker23.20 pb32nd - 63.43%
Maud Hodson24.59 (50th parkrun)48th - 61.57%
Regis Martin25.5051st - 52.84%
Russell Lines-Jobling25.52 (course pb)52nd - 55.67%
Fiona Day26.0653rd - 69.35%
David Wyatt27.1057th - 58.53%
Jayne Browne27.2159th - 60.57%
Sarah Burns31.1874th - 48.08%
Claire Emery35.4981st - 43.60%
Julie Creffield36.0682nd - 41.41%
87 finishers.

parkrun # 27 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 27th July 2013

Alex Haward19.511st - 65.32%
David Baldwin20.423rd - 62.80%
Patrick Brown21.00 (pacer)5th - 61.43%
Lee Wollaston21.16 (course pb)6th - 64.18%
Phoebe Bowman23.1314th - 63.75%
Steven Bywater24.5123rd - 58.42%
Julie Brown31.52%40th - 48.01%
56 finishers.

Clapham Common 10km - Sunday 21st July 2013

Gavin Stebbing40.15 pb6th
I did the Clapham Common 10k this morning in 40.15 mins, finishing in 6th place.
'2 laps round the scorched earth of Clapham Common. The first 2k or so was a bit congested due to the 10k starting only 2 mins after the 5k race. Overall a well organised event though. Had hoped to break 40 mins but couldn't quite nail it. Still a PB nonetheless.'

National Lottery Anniversary 5 mile - Olympic Park - Sunday 21st July 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes28.0825th
Patrick Brown29.1266th
William Pearce30.33 pb122nd
Alex Bee31.42214th
Allan Todd32.54 pb346th
Peter Hatley34.16 pb547th
Carlton DSouza35.43895th
Lee Wollaston36.101024th
Jonathan Shaw36.151042nd
Andrew Baxter36.261094th
Regis Martin36.311120th
Dan Spinks36.521220th
Shailesh Patel37.011274th
Jonathan Wooldridge37.02 pb1275th
Saheb Yousefi37.031284th
David Baldwin37.291425th
Ramesh Pala37.35 pb1459th
Roger Stubbs38.061628th
Claire Parker38.25 pb1745th
Tom Woods38.40 pb1851st
Lucy Leddy38.491907th
Carrine Jay39.052009th
Sarah Burns39.15 pb2072nd
Chloe Longstaff39.202100th
Paul Braithwaite39.242130th
Grant Conway39.332181st
Sheila Kennedy41.23 pb2949th
Steven Bywater41.31 pb2991st
Fiona Day42.11 pb3273rd
Caroline Meaby42.573607th
Jamee Gould43.053679th
Ninette Fernandes43.123750th
Russell Lines-Jobling44.13
Katherine Harris45.014632nd
Don Bennett46.305316th
Elaine Connolly46.545470th
Maggie Tomlin47.445908th
Sophie Edwards50.017027th
Emiko Priest51.507843rd
Paola Cimenti53.228512th
Laraine Fallows54.1910358th
Julie Creffield1.01.1410651st

parkrun # 26 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 20th July 2013

Richard Guest21.002nd - 73.50%
Derek Wright21.384th - 64.02%
Phoebe Bowman23.3412th - 62.80%
David Irwin24.2115th - 58.25%
Sarah Burns24.3116th - 61.39%
Julie Brown43.01tailrunner
61 finishers. Maggie Tomlin was Run Director, Patrick was timer and Russell was marshalling.

parkrun # 52 - Barking Park 5km - Saturday 20th July 2013

Ramesh Pala21.318th - 69.64%
45 finishers.

parkrun 28 - Harrow Lodge 5km - Saturday 20th July 2013

Colin Purvis23.0413th - 58.74%
84 finishers.

parkrun 114 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 20th July 2013

Thomas Grimes17.301st - 74.57%
Gavin Stebbing19.116th - 70.11%
Sarah McCrea22.3920th - 65.34%
Ashley Newburn23.23 (course pb)26th - 63.29%
Fiona Day26.4541st
Claire Emery34.08 (with kids)67th - 45.75%
74 finishers. Don was Run Director, Lee was timer and Sophie was assisting on registration.

Lee Valley 10km - Sunday 14th July 2013

Alex Haward41.2715th
Julie Creffield83.24347th
360 finishers.

Elvis 5 - Eton Manor 5km - Sunday 14th July 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes17.403rd scorer
Patrick Brown18.265th scorer
James Wilson18.438th scorer
Andrew Baxter18.5611th scorer
Daniel Lee19.0813th scorer
Tim Le Rasle20.1024th
David Baldwin20.2025th
Richard Potter20.3732nd
Shailesh Patel20.3933rd scorer
Peter Hatley20.4434th
Ava Lee20.4835th - 2nd lady
Michael Wilson20.5839th
Carlton DSouza21.0141st
Lee Wollaston21.1446th
Richard Guest21.3547th
Jonathan Wooldridge21.4449th
Ramesh Pala21.4851st
Roberto Bruni21.4952nd
Peter Rains21.5355th
Sharon Springfield22.0758th - 1st V35 lady
Grant Conway22.0959th
Alexandra Wilkinson22.2762nd scorer
Sarah McCrea22.4367th scorer
Phoebe Bowman22.5271st
Chloe Longstaff23.0074th
Dan Spinks23.0175th
Kieran Brown23.0576th
Tom Woods23.14 pb77th
Natasha Tweedie23.4179th
Celia Payaneeandee23.4782nd
Laura Jenkin23.5183rd
Sarah Burns24.0488th
Dave Knight24.4791st
Katherine Jones24.5193rd
Ninette Fernandes25.1095th
Steven Bywater25.1196th
Sheila Kennedy25.4097th
David Wyatt25.49100th
Fiona Day25.51101st
Sophie Edwards27.13110th
Maggie Tomlin28.16118th
Don Bennett28.24121st
Trish Kelly29.26125th
Diana Rexhepaj31.01130th
144 finishers.

British 10km London - Sunday 14th July 2013

Jamie Xavier48.25904th
Russell Lines-Jobling57.344,480th
Katrina Anderson1.09.25

parkrun # 57 - Beckton 5km - Saturday 13th July 3013

Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea28.2115th - 46.43%
22 finishers.

parkrun # 89 - Gunnersbury 5km - Saturday 13th July 2013

Dan Spinks22.4252nd - 59.69%
211 finishers.

parkrun # 25 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 13th July 2013

Patrick Brown18.531st - 68.31
Lee Wollaston21.26 (course pb)5th - 63.69%
Julie Brown31.4729th - 48.14%
38 finishers.

parkrun # 113 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 13th July 2013

Gavin Stebbing19.414th - 68.33%
Kieran Brown23.0824th - 66.43%
David Irwin24.4531st - 57.31%
Fiona Day26.3139th - 68.26%
Claire Emery36.39 (with kids)73rd - 36.39%
80 finishers.

parkrun # 176 - Cambridge 5km - Saturday 13th July 2013

Sheila Kennedy25.39163rd - 68.25%
344 finishers.

parkrun # 127 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 13th July 2013

Tim Le Rasle20.106th - 67.19%
136 finishers.

parkru # 51 - Barking Park 5km - Saturday 13th July 2013

Ramesh Pala21.16 pb4th - 70.45%
37 finishers

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, 5.6km - Battersea Park - Wednesday 10th July 2013

Richard Potter23.03523rd

Walthamstow Open Track Meeting - Wednesday 10th July 2013

Thomas Grimes12.764th - 100m
Patrick Brown30.484th - 200m
Thomas Grimes57.691st - 400m
Patrick Brown2.18.303rd - 800m
Thomas Grimes4.52.843rd - 1 mile
Patrick Brown5.00.115th - 1 mile

The Outlaw Ironman Triathlon, Nottingham - Sunday 7th July 2013

Sarah Burns13.47.41636th
Patrick Farren1.10.56swim only - relay
Roberto Bruni4.04.00marathon only - relay
Sarah comments:- I am an "Outlaw" Iron Distance Triathlete albeit a very tired and sunburnt one). Total time 13:47:41 (Swim 1.10.20 , T1 10.34, Cycle 6.22.48, T2 15.30, Marathon 5.49.19). I've had quite enough of summer now thank you very much.
Thanks guys I was just glad to finish. Obviously spent too long in T2 chatting. Roberto Bruni also managed to fit in a sneaky marathon as part of team who lost a runner on Friday. So ELR were well represented! Great support from Trish Kelly in the absence of having Roberto shooting at me.
Ended up having to walk the last 8 mile of the marathon just to ensure I didn't self-combust from the heat and to try and stay hydrated! It was hot, hot, hot!

Orion Forest Five Series - Race 2 - Saturday 6th July 2013

Thomas Grimes28.584th
Patrick Brown31.0616th
Paul Thompson34.1932nd
Richard Potter36.0246th
Lee Wollaston36.2851st
Fiona Day44.48105th
Sophie Edwards45.25109th
142 finishers.

parkrun # 112 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 6th July 2013

James Wilson18.445th - 70.82%
Russell Price19.24 (course pb)7th - 66.49%
Samuel Browne19.5812th - 64.61%
Gavin Stebbing20.4117th - 65.03%
Derek Wright20.4819th - 66.59%
Sarah McCrea22.58 29th - 64.44% 1st lady
Ashley Newburn23.36 (course pb)35th - 62.71% 2nd lady
David Irwin24.1540th - 58.49%
Don Bennett28.4256th - 53.08%
80 finishers.

parkrun # 24 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 6th July 2013

Alex Haward19.30 (course pb)2nd - 66.50%
Richard Guest21.554th - 62.28%

parkrun # 126 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 6th July 2013

Tim Le Rasle20.066th - 67.41%
Katherine Harris25.0547th - 59.14%
169 finishers.

ELVIS 4 - Newman Hilly 5 miles - Wednesday 3rd July 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes28.133rd
Patrick Brown29.47 (31.16)9th
Daniel Lee31.09 (32.42)19th
Amadeus Furlong31.11 pb20th
James Wilson31.30 (33.01)21st
Andrew Baxter31.55 (32.06)24th
Alex Bee33.3336th
Russell Price33.4638th
Paul Thompson34.1041st
Alex Haward34.1843rd
Ava Lee34.38 (36.21)46th
Derek Wright34.5848th
Richard Guest35.03 pb (39.17)49th
Richard Potter35.1852nd
Lee Wollaston35.3357th
Jonathan Shaw35.4858th
Tim Le Rasle35.4959th
Sharon Springfield35.5160th
Roberto Bruni35.5962nd
Peter Rains36.3568th
Carlton DSouza37.1781st
Jonathan Wooldridge37.2484th
Dan Spinks38.1892nd
Andy Burke38.2794th
Natasha Tweedie38.5597th
Claire Parker38.5598th
Alexandra Wilkinson39.13102nd
George Georgiou39.18104th
Phoebe Bowman39.23105th
Chloe Longstaff39.41109th
Paul Braithwaite39.45111th
John White40.24118th
Simon Martin40.28119th
Tom Woods40.29120th
Celia Payaneeandee41.01122nd
Laura Jenkin41.05123rd
Dave Knight41.25125th
Jamee Gould41.53128th
Fiona Day42.37 pb140th
Ninette Fernandes42.48141st
Sarah Burns42.53 (44.21)141st
Joanna Graham43.55148th
Russell Lines-Jobling44.09149th
Susannah McLaren44.57155th
Maggie Tomlin45.45159th
David Wyatt46.04163rd
Trish Kelly47.38173rd
Michael Rose47.39174th
Don Bennett50.13185th
Diana Rexhepaj51.57190th
Harsh Pershad54.20 pb194th
Draft results subject to verifying by the clubs. Just for comparisons we have to go back to 2011 for the same course and those who have improved.

Woodford Open Track event - Tuesday 2nd July 2013

Thomas Grimes12.70s (100m)2nd - race 5
Thomas Grimes57.43s (400m)3rd - race 3
Patrick Brown1m.8.2 (400m)6th - race 2
Patrick Brown4m.36.05 (1500m)3rd - race 3.
Amadeus Furlong1m.06.89 (400m)5th - race 2.
Amadeus Furlong5m.14.80 (1500m)1st - race 2.

West Mersea Round The Island 12.2 miles - Sunday 30th June 2013

Regis Martin1.35.0524th
Peter Hatley1.44.4163rd
Steven Bywater2.02.34147th
Steve Bywater reports:- The Mersea Round the Island Race is an annual 12.2 mile event which was one of Essex's "best kept secrets" until it got a plug in a recent Runner's World article. I thought I'd be breaking new ground for ELR by taking part but it then turned out that Frank Brownlie and Patrick Farren had already done it. Patrick went on to strike fear into my heart by telling me it was not a gentle jog around an island but "very tough".

Peter Hatley, Regis Martin and myself made the trip down to eastern Essex on what turned out to be the hottest Sunday of the year. The race started on the beach of a quiet seaside resort with over 250 runners. And "tough" it certainly was. Apart from a few stretches on the road, the terrain was mainly coastal paths overgrown with grass, sea walls and most sapping of all, beaches covered in shingle which sloped down towards the sea. Thankfully there were no hills apart from the occasional short sharp tracks off the beaches. As it was the first time I'd run 12.2, I got an automatic PB (2:02:34) even though it was over 10 minutes slower than my best time for a half marathon on normal roads. Regis and Peter had kindly run off ahead to trample down some of the grass for me finishing in 1:35:05 and 1:44:48 respectively.

Although it was the toughest terrain I think I've run on, the Round the Island Race was well organised, friendly and very satisfying to complete. The route might make a nice alternative for a spring time long slow distance run one Sunday for those who are doing marathon training. Mersea's hard to get to by train but it's worth driving out to - there's a famous sea food restaurant and the island's own brewery for that all important "refuelling".

parkrun # 111 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 29th June 2013

James Wilson18.33* (course pb)3rd - 70.19%
Amadeus Furlong19.04*5th - 66.72%
Samuel Browne19.19*6th - 66.78%
Joseph Browne19.20*7th - 68.47%
Gavin Stebbing19.268th - 69.21%
Lee Wollaston20.55*15th - 65.26%
Peter Hatley21.0117th - 64.47%
Claire Emery22.49 (course pb)29th - 67.93% 1st lady
Kieran Brown24.1739th - 63.28%
Sophie Edwards24.5847th - 61.28%
Fiona Day25.2449th - 71.26%
David Irwin25.3150th - 55.58%
Julie Creffield37.08*94th - 39.99%
96 finishers.

parkrun # 23 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 29th June 2013

Patrick Brown18.271st - 69.42%
Alex Haward19.482nd - 65.49%
Maggie Tomlin27.22 (course pb)15th - 54.08%
38 finishers.

parkrun # 125 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 29th June 2013

Derek Wright22.12 (with buggy)22nd - 62.39%
162 finishers.

parkrun # 154 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 29th June 2013

Sarah Burns33.4645th - 44.57%
57 finishers.

Serpentine Last Friday of the month 5km - Friday 28th June 2013

Andrew Baxter18.3134th - 76.0%
My return after 17 month absence,to the Serpentine last Friday 5k for me. It was run the 2 lap 'b' course because of usual round of summer concerts in the park affecting the normal route.

I had hoped to get closer to 18 minutes but just this wasn't to be on a wet but very humid Friday lunchtime - I will just have to do it at Eton Manor instead!
207 finishers.

longest parkrun - North East London - Sunday 23rd June 2013

Paul Thompson22.05Walthamstow
Paul Thompson22.10Wanstead Flats
Paul Thompson22.16Valentine
Paul Thompson22.05Barking
Paul Thompson22.02Beckton
Paul Thompson22.24Mile End
Paul Thompson21.40Hackney Marshes
Russell Price22.31Walthamstow
Russell Price22.10Wanstead Flats
Russell Price22.16Valentine
Russell Price22.15Barking
Russell Price22.02Beckton
Russell Price22.24Mile End
Russell Price21.40Hackney Marshes
Lee Wollaston26.06Walthamstow
Lee Wollaston23.53Wanstead Flats
Lee Wollaston23.15Valentine
Lee Wollaston23.55Barking
Lee Wollaston23.33Beckton
Lee Wollaston22.52Mile End
Lee Wollaston22.08Hackney Marshes
Tanbir Jasimuddin24.24Walthamstow
Tanbir Jasimuddin24.52Wanstead Flats
Tanbir Jasimuddin24.16Valentine
Tanbir Jasimuddin26.54Barking
Tanbir Jasimuddin27.14Beckton
Tanbir Jasimuddin32.06Mile End
Tanbir Jasimuddin27.12Hackney Marshes
Don Bennett29.43Walthamstow
Don Bennett15.39 (1 lap)Wanstead Flats 2.5km
Don Bennett14.58 (1 lap)Valentine 2.5km
Don Bennett15.37 (1 lap)Barking 2.5km
Don Bennett30.22Beckton
Don Bennett16.55 (1 lap)Mile End 2.5km
Don Bennett35.41Hackney Marshes
Fiona Day27.41Walthamstow
Fiona Day27.44Wanstead Flats
Fiona Day27.22Valentine
Fiona Day27.26Mile End
Fiona Day27.06Hackney Marshes
Richard Guest22.40Walthamstow
Richard Guest22.10Wanstead Flats
Richard Guest22.16Valentine
Richard Guest21.40Hackney Marshes
Jonathan Wooldridge23.09Barking
Jonathan Wooldridge24.36Beckton
Jonathan Wooldridge24.34Mile End
Jonathan Wooldridge26.15Hackney Marshes
Julie Creffield40.00 estWalthamstow
Julie Creffield39.40Wanstead Flats
Julie Creffield44.00Valentine
Shailesh Patel23.00Barking
A great turnout with Paul, Russell, Lee, Phoebe and Tanbir doing all 7 events. Don ran in all 7 but 4 were only 2.5km's. Fiona (5),Richard (4),Ashley (4),Jonathan (4)after doing Triffic Trail 10km at Trent Park in the morning. Julie Creffield (3), Shailesh (1) and Claire (1) with her daughter.

Colworth Marathon Challenge - Final placings. - Sunday 23rd June 2013

Thomas Grimes2.42.322nd overall
Patrick Brown2.44.493rd overall
Manjit Bedi2.55.139th overall
Grant Conway3.47.5294th overall
6th place Alex Day in 2.51.45. Team placing:- 1st East London Runners 20 points.

Report by Manjit Bedi.
This was our second year at the Colworth Challenge to defend our title from last year. The team was the same as last year with one exception, Manjit Bedi as Captain, Thomas Grimes, Patrick Brown, Grant Conway and new to the team Alex Day- Patrick’s brother.

The Challenge consists of three races over three days; a 5 miler on the Friday night, an 8.1 cross country race on the Saturday and an off road half marathon on the Sunday the total distance equals a marathon. This is a fun social event organised by the Colworth Striders running club, with free camping onsite which many runners including ourselves took up, this adds to the challenge.

I thought after our performance last year we could not improve on that, how wrong I was. Thomas Grimes came second in the whole event taking 2 second places and a third in the individual races. Patrick Brown came third in the whole event taking third in the 5 mile race. Alex was incredible with a debut 6th place in the whole event. For myself I managed course PBs in all 3 races this was my third time at this event. Grant came in a credible 93rd in the challenge.

A special thanks goes out to Julie and Laura who gave incredible support to the team in what were windy and often rainy conditions with few supporters around to cheer the runners.

It is a great event and we will be off next year to defend our title and meet up with our friends from other running clubs.

Colworth Challenge Marathon - Day 3 - Half Marathon - Sunday 23rd June 2013

Thomas Grimes1.22.413rd
Patrick Brown1.22.434th
Manjit Bedi1.28.0111th
Grant Conway1.56.03147th
Also Alex Day in 1.26.16. Team result:- 1st East London Runners 29 pts.

Trent Park Triffic Trail 10km - Sunday 23rd June 2013

Gavin Stebbing42.1113th
Jonathan Wooldridge46.49 45th
Shailesh Patel46.4946th
Saheb Yousefi46.5248th
Roger Stubbs49.5290th
Katherine Jones55.18182nd
351 finishers.
Katherine reports:-
> I've not been running as much this last year as I previously have and certainly not competing in many runs at all, but I'm trying to get back on track so felt the Trent Triffic Trail 10k was as good a place as any to start. I was egged on by Saheb Yousefi, Jonathan Wooldridge and Shaleish Patel who had also signed up.
I forgot how nervous I get on race mornings, but once I got to the park and told myself I wouldn't be winning the race so what was I worrying about I was fine and thought 'I'm just going to enjoy this'.
For those that may not have heard of the race before, it's organised by the Trent Park running club, situated (as the title may suggest) in Trent Park, which is a short distance from Cockfosters station and about a 25 minute drive from Wanstead. It also has a junior run before for those that might have children and interested next year.
> The course was pretty tough with a mix of terrain, but mainly on gravel through the woody plains. I was a bit naive to think that there wouldn't be many hills - there certainly were. But I always try to remember that what goes up must go down again soon enough. And in fact I decided to try a new tactic which was not to fully sprint down the hills like I usually do but instead to increase my speed slightly, but to reserve my energy to power up hill.

> Generally this worked well, apart from the very last hill which was definitely a bit of a killer as it was by far the longest hill of the course and just before the 9k marker.
> Overall I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the race. The setting was lovely with some stunning views when out in the open. There were plenty of marshals and the route was very well signposted which meant I didn't get lost by not following sawdust like on some previous trail runs I've done. It was organised efficiently and the goody bag and T-Shirt at the end were welcomed.
> Sarah Burns I did you proud - I even baked a banana loaf in preparation which was portioned out at the end.
> Well done Jonathan, Shaleish, Saheb, Roger and Gavin for your fantastic runs.
> I will definitely sign up for this race again and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good old trail run. Hope to see you there next year.

Three Peaks Challenge - Saturday 22nd June 2013

Samuel Browne
Jayne Browne:- Just to let you know as it was a running event
My son Sam did an event organised by the Fire Service this weekend just gone.
In a team of 6 he ran up the 3 peaks, Ben Nevis, Scarfell Pike and finished the challenge at the top of Snowdon.
His team came 2nd out of 28 teams and because the whole challenge was a sub of 17 hours they were awarded a platinum medal each.
They haven't got exact split times yet but Sam timed it as Ben Nevis 2.51, Scarfell Pike 2.16 and Snowden ? - he did say tho that they had to run at the pace of the slowest runner in the team which was a man in his 50's (how fit is he!!!).
At the start of Ben Nevis a man playing the bag pipes started the race and he said it was very well organised with Marshalls at dangerous points on the mountains and on the top taking times.He loved it.

Colworth Marathon Challenge - Day 2 - 8.1 Trail run - Saturday 22nd June 2013

Thomas Grimes51.052nd
Patrick Brown52.435th
Manjit Bedi56.2114th
Grant Conway1.11.55113th
250 finishers .....plus Alex Day in 7th place in 54.53. Team placings:- 1st East London Runners 32 pts.

parkrun # 153 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 22nd June 2013

Alexandra Wilkinson22.10 pb25th - 69.92%
David Wyatt23.57 pb32nd - 66.39%
Ninette Fernandes24.2633rd - 60.71%
55 finishers.

parkrun # 22 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 22nd June 2013

Richard Guest21.395th - 63.05%
Phoebe Bowman24.1712th - 60.95%
39 finishers.

parkrun # 86 - Gunnersbury 5km - Saturday 22nd June 2013

Dan Spinks21.3342nd - 62.88%

parkrun # 73 - Mile End 5km - Saturday 22nd June 2013

Julie Creffield38.2090th - 39.00%
92 finishers.

parkrun # 124 - Valentine Park 5km - Saturday 22nd June 2013

Manjit Singh21.4215th - 62.44%
146 finishers.

parkrun # 110 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 22nd June 2013

Amadeus Furlong18.13 1st - 70.81%
Andrew Baxter19.063rd - 73.65%
Derek Wright20.53 (100th parkrun)11th - 66.32%
Lee Wollaston21.1113th - 64.44%
Claire Emery23.07 (course pb)25th - 67.05% - 1st lady
Laura Jenkin23.45 (1st parkrun)31st - 62.32% - 3rd lady
Ashley Newburn24.06 (=pb)35th - 61.41% - 4th lady
Sophie Edwards25.3740th - 59.73%
Caroline Meaby25.5841st - 58.54%
Andrea Waller27.5454th - 53.76%
88 finishers.

Colworth Marathon Challenge - Day 1 - Colworth 5m - Friday 21st June 2013

Thomas Grimes28.462nd
Patrick Brown29.233rd
Manjit Bedi30.5112th
Grant Conway39.54161st
375 finishers....also Alex Day 8th in 30.36. Team placings:- 1st East London Runners 29pts.

John Clarke Memorial Fell Race, Orion Chingford - Friday 21st June 2013

Russell Price27.2329th
Jonathan Wooldridge30.2944th
Sarah McCrea30.3445th
Ramesh Pala31.3957th
Ninette Fernandes35.3484th
Sheila Kennedy39.2598th
103 finishers.

South Downs Way 100 - Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th June 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Jimmy Hartwell29.21.36133rd
Another super effort from Jimmy Hartwell to complete the 100 miles in under the 30 hour time limit. Jimmy came 133rd of 141 finishers from the 250 original entrants.
Checkpoint 2 QECP 22.6 miles - 4.29.00
Check 4 Cocking 35.1 - 7.42.44
Check 7 Washington 54 - 13.15.11
Check 10 Clayton Windmills 69 - 19.05.52
Check 12 Southease 83.3 - 24.11.00
Finish Eastbourne 100 - 29.21.36

parkrun # 152 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 15th June 2013

Paul Quinton17.272nd - 74.79%
David Wyatt24.22 pb29th - 65.25%
56 finishers. Second place for Paul Quinton in 17.27 and an age grade record for David Wyatt as he moves over 65% by setting a course best of 24.22.

parkrun # 109 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 15th June 2013

Thomas Grimes18.333rd - 70.35%
James Wilson19.214th - 68.56%
Gavin Stebbing19.315th - 68.92%
Sarah McCrea21.52 (1st lady)22nd - 67.68%
Suzanne Bench25.4948th - 63.40%
Sheila Kennedy26.00 (1st parkrun)50th - 67.82%
Andrea Waller26.2756th - 56.71%
Claire Emery33.19 (with kids)93rd - 46.52%
106 finishers. Don:- Thomas comes 3rd in 18.33 with James in 4th place not showing any after-effects from his ankle injury at Tuesday's ELVIS.
Sarah McCrea was 1st lady in 21.52, also an appearance from Suzanne and Andrea continues to improve on her comeback. Sheila Kennedy makes her parkrun debut as son Lorcan comes first place in 17.34. A great turnout of 106 runners to mark the 2nd biggest ever turnout, beaten only by the 1st Anniversary run of 111.

parkrun # 123 - Valentines 5km - Saturday 15th June 2013

Tim Le Rasle20.513rd - 64.00%
Derek Wright22.41 (with buggy)15th - 61.06% 99th run.
William Davies22.59 1st parkrun18th - 56.13%
164 finishers.

Derek: The results that were initially published were incorrect, but they were republished correctly on Sunday.Don:- Derek completes his 99th parkrun and will be returning to Wanstead Flats soon to complete his 100th, William Davies does his first ever parkrun. Great 3rd place from Tim.

parkrun # 37 - Woodley 5km - Saturday 15th June 2013

Allan Todd18.43 pb3rd - 71.86%
140 finishers. Another pb for Allan.

parkrun # 47 - Barking 5km - Saturday 15th June 2013

Lee Wollaston20.36 (1st timer)7th - 66.26%
53 finishers. Lee continues his tour, this week at Barking.

parkrun # 21 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 15th June 2013

Richard Guest21.117th - 64.44%
42 finishers.

parkrun # 85 - Gunnersbury 5km - Saturday 15th June 2013

Dan Spinks23.07110th - 58.62%
286 finishers.

parkrun # 72 - Mile End 5km - Saturday 15th June 2013

Julie Creffield37.24 1st timer92nd - 39.97%
97 finishers. Julie completes her 1st ever run at Mile End and her report:- thefatgirlsguidetorunning.com/2013/06/15/fallingover/

ELVIS 3 - Havering 90 Joggers 5km - Harrow Lodge Park - Tuesday 11th June 2013

Patrick Brown17.323rd - 72.04%
Paul Quinton18.095th - 70.40%
Ciaran Canavan18.227th - 72.23%
Alex Bee18.5411th - 66.83%
Amadeus Furlong19.0012th - 66.48%
Daniel Lee19.0913th - 71.38%
Andrew Baxter19.2917th - 70.70%
Peter Rains20.3732nd - 29th 71.46%
Ava Lee20.5136th - 4th 70.31%
Richard Potter20.5337th - 33rd 60.63%
Michael Wilson20.5438th - 34th 70.22%
Lee Wollaston20.5740th - 36th 63.79%
Sharon Springfield21.0845th - 6th 71.05%
Roberto Bruni21.10 pb46th - 40th 66.10%
Richard Guest21.1247th - 41st 63.04%
Shailesh Patel21.1449th - 43rd 66.40%
Saheb Yousefi21.1850th - 44th 59.45%
James Wilson21.3854th - 48th 60.01%
Jonathan Wooldridge21.4457th - 51st 61.96%
Ramesh Pala21.4959th - 53rd 67.27%
Carlton DSouza22.1167th - 58th 65.09%
Grant Conway22.1469th - 60th 62.43%
Sarah McCrea22.2871st - 11th 64.22%
Chloe Longstaff22.38 pb76th - 13th 65.09%
Phoebe Bowman22.4477th - 15th 63.46%
Alexandra Wilkinson22.46 pb79th - 16th 67.04%
Dan Spinks22.4980th - 64th 58.14%
Paul Braithwaite22.5781st - 65th 60.48%
Simon Martin23.0082nd - 66th 55.81%
William Davies23.0283rd - 67th 54.83%
Andy Burke23.0384th - 68th 57.55%
Natasha Tweedie23.3190th - 18th 61.35%
Claire Parker23.39 pb91st - 19th 61.00%
Kieran Brown23.4898th - 77th 63.21%
Tom Woods24.14104th - 82nd 64.80%
Laura Jenkin24.28 pb?108th - 25th 58.97%
Dave Knight24.53114th - 87th 61.50%
Fiona Day25.08 pb118th - 30th 71.11%
Sheila Kennedy25.28122nd - 32nd 69.24%
Ninette Fernandes25.30123rd - 33rd 56.74%
Laraine Fallows25.55127th - 35th 64.56%
Joanna Graham25.56 pb?128th - 36th 56.81%
David Wyatt26.07133rd - 96th 59.61%
Susannah McLaren26.10134th - 38th 62.35%
Jamee Gould26.18136th - 40th 54.86%
Roger Stubbs26.56144th - 99th 54.05%
Emiko Priest27.14146th - 46th 53.41%
Trish Kelly28.05152nd - 50th 63.64%
Don Bennett29.00163rd - 105th 51.45%
Diana Rexhepaj30.40170th - 62nd 50.23%
Derek Wright21.50no place.
200 limit.
Men:- 1st Ilford 1 - 65pts,2nd ELR 2 - 74pts, 3rd Barking 3 - 175pts.
Ladies:- 1st Eton Manor 1 - 23pts,2nd Ilford 2 - 29pts,3rd ELR 3 - 34pts. After 3 Events:- Men 2nd 7 - 305pts Ladies:- Equal 1st with Ilford, Ilford 6 - 120pts v ELR 6 - 126pts.

Video footage from "Carry On Running" available here and here

Al-Tsharah Deaf Run, Mile End Park - Sunday 9th June 2013

Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea14.301st
Mohammed reports:-
I hope 'you' are well. I was going to opt out of the Al-Isharah Deaf Run, but was persuaded to run it at the last moment, it was for a worthy charity cause after all. There were a lot more people this year, organiser said close to 1000, so probably 950ish or more. I completed the 2.5 miles course in 14:30 and finished in first place. I won the same event last year, which took place at a slightly shorter distance of 2 miles.

I'm pleased to have won, because I'm coming back from an achilles injury and BAD diet! It was a fantastic day with all the runners in their blue T-shirts being led off from the front by a local resident/personality who had a silver Paralympic torch from his torch relay last year. I was expecting to get comprehensively beaten as there were a lot of fit-looking youths, some of whom were my current students and one or two previous students! I was pushed hard this year, my closest rival was only 15 yards behind me at one point. The numerous hills of the Mile End park run course I think took it's toll on him towards the end as he finished 30 seconds or more behind me. Being familiar with and mentally ready for this course gave me the edge at the end, but I was exhausted too.

Zaragoza 10km, Spain - Sunday 9th June 2013

Miguel Martinez45.09692nd - 60.77%
2,803 finishers. Just a couple of day's after returning home to Spain , Miguel took part in the Zaragoza 10km. Miguel said it was raining cat's & dog's. It was like running in London.

Ninesprings 9km, Yeovil - Sunday 9th June 2013

Andrew Baxter39.12 - 1st V40 7th - 65.52%
Andrew returns to Ninesprings and they still have not found the missing 1km.
Onwards and upwards, 41.59 in 2010, 40.24 in 2011, and 39.12 in 2013 with some silverware as 1st Vet40.
Andrew's report:-
Third time at this race for me - very scenic but quite challenging 2 lap course in Yeovil Country Park . And no, they still haven't found the missing 1k. I think its nearer to 9.5k than 9, although Garmin is thrown out by all the ups and downs and has measured different distances each time I've done it - but that doesn't really matter as its more like a cross country where organisers don't make any claims to distance being certified as accurate.

My aim this time was to break 40 mins and, in the end, did that quite comfortably - started on second row and picked up a few places on the first lap as some overambitious starters blew up on the hills, but was pretty much on my own from then on. Did my best to push the pace despite the lack of people around me and finished over a minute quicker than last time around (admittedly conditions were far better this year). Club got a good name check at the prize giving when I picked a up the pot for 1st v40.

Very well organised an

Southend Half Marathon - Sunday 9th June 2013

Paul Quinton1.20.0820th - 75.79%
Matt Dean1.43.06489th - 57.45%
Jamee Gould1.50.06774th - 59.79%

St Albans Half Marathon - Sunday 9th June 2013

David Baldwin1.36.20 pb231st - 61.48%
Richard Potter1.38.10 pb300th - 60.32%
Carlton DSouza1.39.18334th - 67.43%
George Georgiou1.43.56548th - 61.28%
Colin Purvis1.45.02612th - 58.27%
2,558 finishers. Race Report for St. Albans:
This is a collaborative race report by George, Richard P and Carlton:
After doing a practice half marathon run together we all agreed that St Albans would be a ‘fun, no pressure’ race, especially as we were all a bit sluggish post spring marathons and injury etc. and we just wanted to enjoy the run. Although none of us were aiming for a pb, we did all hope for a sub 1h45m finishing time.
The weather was rather overcast, which made the temperature cool, making it ideal for running. This was a chipped, well organised, well supported and marshalled race, with plenty of water stations (albeit in plastic cups) and one energy gel station. As the field of runners was relatively small (circa 2500) this enabled a more intimate, less crowded and congested course. The actual course was very pleasant, continually winding through paths, roads and country roads, with local support at various hot points, and weirdly passing the M25. Although this was a hilly course, thankfully there quite a few down hills. Finishers were rewarded with a goody bag, medal, T-shirt and an ice lolly.
Well done to the other ELR finishers, including Colin Purvis who we briefly caught sight of after the race.
>>Positive points: *The fun banter with the other 2 guys driving there and back*Well organised and marshalled race. *Very pleasant course*The ice lolly at the end was a nice surprise. * Chipped timing with times texted minutes after the race*We all managed to do sub 1h45m, with Richard hitting a pb, despite having a heavy previous Saturday night, and George doing 1h43m, despite suffering a dodgy knee.
>>Not so good points: *The annoying banter with the other two guys!* Having to bop to 90’s dance music on the drive to the venue.
>>Would we do it again: *Yes, especially if the other two guys do it!

parkrun # 36 - Southend 5km - Saturday 8th June 2013

Alexandra Wilkinson22.31 (1st lady)14th - 68.84%

ING Luxembourg - Saturday 8th June 2013

Manjit Singh2.04.01

parkrun # 104 - Wormwood Scrubs 5km - Saturday 8th June 2013

Dan Spinks22.09 (course pb)24th - 61.17%
88 finishers.

parkrun # 122 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 8th June 2013

Derek Wright22.04 (with buggy)17th - 62.76%
Katherine Harris25.2352nd - 58.44%
Tara Syed33.30111th - 44.78%
177 finishers.

parkrun # 108 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 8th June 2013

Thomas Grimes17.481st - 73.31%
James Wilson18.513rd - 68.87%
Russell Price19.39 (course pb)6th - 65.65%
Sarah McCrea21.56 1st lady21st - 67.48%
Sophie Edwards24.5445th - 61.45%
Anna Charlton24.5746th - 59.59%
Fiona Day25.16 pb51st - 71.64%
Claire Emery34.27 with kids83rd - 44.99%
Julie Creffield38.2388th - 38.95%
90 finishers. Don reports:- First place finish for Thomas and 3rd for James. But did he forget his barcode?.
Course pb's for Russell & Fiona. Russell doing 19.39 but not as quick as his Dagenham time. But Fiona beats her Dagenham 5km time as well. Sarah McCrea is 1st lady and good runs also from Sophie, Anna, Claire & Julie. Thanks also to Emiko on timer and Jayne Browne as tail runner.

parkrun # 20 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 8th June 2013

Patrick Brown18.12 (course pb)2nd - 70.88%
Alex Haward20.003rd - 64.93%
Richard Guest21.246th - 63.79%
Lee Wollaston21.277th - 63.64%
Maggie Tomlin27.33 (course pb)26th - 53.72%
Julie Brown31.39 (course pb)34th - 53.72%
46 finishers.

parkrun # 46 - Barking Park 5km - Saturday 8th June 2013

Ramesh Pala21.35 pb3rd - 69.42%
46 finishers.

parkrun # 151 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 8th June 2013

David Wyatt24.50 (course pb)20th - 64.03
44 finishers.

parkrun # 71 - Mile End 5km - Saturday 8th June 2013

Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea25.1550th - 51.38%
94 finishers. Good to see Mohammed getting back into it after some injury problems.

Crisis Square Mile Run 6km - Tuesday 4th June 2013

Joanna Graham34.54

Crissy Field 5km , San Fransisco - Sunday 2nd June 2013

Euan Brown16.401st - 75.78%
205 finishers.

Farnbridge Yacht Haven Half Ironman - Sunday 2nd June 2013

Sarah Burns5.44.52108th
Swim 1.9km 40.01, - T1 2.29, - Bike 90kms 3.07.42, - T2 2.19, - Run 18kms 1.52.18.

Dorking 10 mile inc Surrey Road Championships. - Sunday 2nd June 2013

Allan Todd65.35 pb73rd - 68.93%

parkrun # 103 - Wormwood Scrubs 5km - Saturday 1st June 2013

Dan Spinks22.3421st - 60.04%

parkrun # 107 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 1st June 2013

Regis Martin19.47 pb3rd - 69.00%
Anna Charlton24.5833rd - 59.55%
Andrea Waller27.2155th - 54.84%
Claire Emery33.20 (with kids)69th - 46.50%
79 finishers.

parkrun # 19 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 1st June 2013

Saheb Yousefi21.354th - 59.85%
Katherine Jones26.3317th - 55.81%
38 finishers.

ELVIS 2 - Orion Forest Five - Race 1 - Saturday 1st June 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Patrick Brown29.14 (29.43)6th - 71.56%
Paul Quinton31.3419th - 67.03%3
Ciaran Canavan32.2421st - 67.81%
Daniel Lee32.3122nd - 69.62%
Amadeus Furlong32.4424th - 63.90%
Alex Bee32.4926th - 63.74%
William Pearce32.5528th - 63.85%
James Wilson32.56 (32.59)29th - .66.71%
Andrew Baxter33.08 (35.28)31st - 68.85%
Russell Price34.07 (36.33)39th - 38th 61.36%
Ava Lee34.18 pb42nd - 2nd 70.74%
Paul Thompson34.2744th - 42nd 66.22%
Derek Wright34.54 (34.41)51st - 48th 64.38%
Richard Potter34.56 pb (36.32)52nd - 49th 60.03%
Peter Rains35.1555th - 52nd 71.29%
Richard Guest35.26 pb (37.07)57th - 54th 62.46%
David Baldwin35.4261st - 58th 59.05%
Gareth Jones36.3678th - 69th 61.38%
Jonathan Wooldridge37.07 pb (39.09)89th - 78th 60.08%
Grant Conway37.4596th - 82nd 60.90%
Ramesh Pala37.4999th - 85th 64.29%
George Georgiou38.16107th - 90th 59.61%
Sharon Springfield38.35109th - 18th 64.26%
Alexandra Wilkinson38.42112th - 20th 65.00%
Chloe Longstaff38.43 (41.03)113th - 21st 62.95%
Sarah McCrea39.01118th - 23rd 61.30%
Ashley Newburn39.02119th - 24th 61.27%
Roger Stubbs39.05120th - 96th 61.69%
Claire Parker39.15124th - 26th 60.93%
Paul Braithwaite39.27126th - 99th 58.27%
Natasha Tweedie39.28127th - 28th 60.60%
Phoebe Bowman40.10133rd - 31st 59.54%
Andy Burke40.11134th - 103rd 54.67%
Jamee Gould40.20137th - 33rd 59.30%
Tom Woods40.26138th - 105th 64.32%
Sheila Kennedy41.56 pb152nd - 39th 68.05%
Dave Knight41.58154th - 115th 60.38%
Laura Jenkin42.08157th - 41st 56.76%
Ninette Fernandes42.09158th - 42nd 56.89%
Fiona Day42.42 pb163rd - 45th 68.69%
Sophie Edwards44.23174th - 50th 55.86%
Emiko Priest48.36205th - 70th 49.57%
Diana Rexhepaj51.10215th - 76th 49.57%
236 finishers. (Last year's times in brackets)
Men:- 1st Ilford 1 - 98pts, 2nd Orion 2 - 123pts, 3rd ELR 3 - 141pts
Ladies:- 1st Ilford 1 - 41pts, 2nd ELR 2 - 61pts, 3rd Orion 3 - 101pts

More photos available on Flickr

Video footage from "Carry On Running" available here and here

Sixmilebridge 10km - Friday 31st May 2013

Thomas Grimes34.333rd
90 finishers.

BUPA London 10km, Westminister - Monday 27th May 2013

Allan Todd38.58 pb430th - 70.41%
Jamie Xavier42.54847th - 63.49%
Tom Woods48.521991st - 66.96%
Katherine Harris51.592825th - 57.85%
10,127 finishers. Allan Todd:- Race Report:- BUPA 10km London, well organised, fast and the sun always seems to shine on an iconic course. However, the negatives do stack up. People in the wrong pens at the start, expensive (better races in parks in London) and chicken and bacon pasta bake mix in the goodie bag. Always lovely to catch up with other ELR, but the ELVIS series can surpass that and more.

Hatfield Broad Oak 10km - Monday 27th May 2013

Simon Morgan41.46 (now Tiptree)127th life member
Carrine Jay46.16320th - 72.11%
Sheila Kennedy50.09 pb527th - 71.00%
Don Bennett58.32918th - 53.11%
Michael Rose59.45971st - 53.36%
1250+ finishers.

Great Manchester Run 10km - Saturday 26th May 2013

Tanbir Jasimuddin64.24
in fancy dress as Superman. Try to get the pic up.

Newry City Half Marathon - Sunday 26th May 2013

Ciaran Canavan1.21.004th - 75.26%
591 finishers. Ciaran reports:- Beer, Wine, Curry and Irish Breakfast. Not perfect preparation for the Newry City Half Marathon yesterday, but I had an enjoyable run along the canal and through scenic countryside. With a massive killer hill about 6 miles in, great friendly atmosphere I Highly recommend this race. Finish time 1:21:00, in 4th overall. Held 3rd place from mile 5 till I reached the killer hill. That's when the curry and beer from the day before took its toll.

Edinburgh Marathon - Sunday 26th May 2013

Paola Cimenti4.42.365724th - 48.20%
First ever marathon completed in 4h42'36'', unofficially PB'd on the first half completed in 2h08'53'' so pretty chuffed!

BUPA Westminister Mile - Sunday 26th May 2013

Thomas Grimes4.4617th - 78.74%
Patrick Brown4.5224th - 76.24%
Paul Quinton5.0547th - 73.83%
Jamie Xavier5.53 - 65.27%
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea6.19247th - 59.42%
Tom Woods6.56370th - 66.53%
Kelly Leedham7.54 - 54.32%
690 finishers.

parkrun # 106 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 25th May 2013

Joseph Browne19.415th - 68.59%
Gavin Stebbing19.476th - 67.99%
Ava Lee19.51 pb7th - 75.57% 1st lady
Regis Martin20.009th - 68.25%
Richard Potter20.40 (course pb)11th - 62.58%
Lee Wollaston21.1116th - 64.44%
Ashley Newburn24.5140th - 59.56%
Andrea Waller26.5449th - 55.76%
Julie Creffield38.2974th - 38.72%
76 finishers.

parkrun # 120 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 25th May 2013

Carlton DSouza21.0411th - 64.79%
Katherine Harris24.1434th - 61.21%
145 finishers.

parkrun # 18 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 25th May 2013

Patrick Brown18.262nd - 69.98%
Richard Guest21.205th - 63.98%
Jonathan Wooldridge21.536th - 62.83%
George Georgiou21.557th - 64.18%
Phoebe Bowman23.009th - 64.35% 2nd lady
Saheb Yousefi28.2328th - 45.51%
Maggie Tomlin28.2326th - 52.14%
Julie Brown32.3130th
40 finishers.

parkrun # 149 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 25th May 2013

David daSilva Pereira19.2810th - 66.78%
60 finishers.

parkrun # 20 - Harrow Lodge , Hornchurch - Saturday 25th May 2013

Tom Woods25.0426th - 63.96%
Don Bennett28.5040th - 52.83%
63 finishers....went up to Harrow Lodge to check out the course as it's the same course for the ELVIS 3 fixture, the midweek 5km on Tuesday 11th June. Its a 1 lap parkrun which is rare, it's mostly on grass with about 20% on tarmac and trail paths. The run starts across the park towards the tennis courts then right towards the woods. It then climbs, not too steeply for the next 2km's until you reach the Leisure Centre & pavilion. Then you head back slightly downhill alongside the canal towards the lake. Going through some tree's on the other side of car-park, watch out for a few tree roots. Then past a bridge crossing the lake through a small wood. There a slight muddy section of about 10 metre's at most brings you to the top of the lake and then left round the lake towards the finish line about 600m ahead. Really open course with plenty of overtaking opportunities. Course record at present is 18.29 which the organisers say won't get under 17 minutes on this course.

Elvis 1 - Dagenham 88 Runners 5km - Wednesday 22nd May 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Euan Brown16.24 pb1st - 77.01%
Thomas Grimes16.353rd - 77.05%
Patrick Brown17.237th - 72.66%
Ciaran Canavan18.0112th - 73.53%
William Pearce18.10 pb15th - 69.96%
Amadeus Furlong18.18 pb19th - 69.02%
James Wilson18.3520th - 71.39%
Andrew Baxter18.4222nd - 73.66%
Daniel Lee18.4423rd - 72.97%
Gavin Stebbing18.5528th - 69.61%
Alex Haward19.15 pb29th - 65.93%
Russell Price19.35 pb33rd - 64.55%
Paul Thompson19.42 pb35th - 69.92%
Regis Martin20.0041st - 66.82%
Ava Lee20.05 pb 2nd lady42nd - 2nd 73.00%
Michael Wilson20.09 45th - 43rd 72.83%
Richard Potter20.2149th - 62.22%
Peter Rains20.3250th - 73.90%
Richard Guest20.3851st - 49th 64.77%
Shailesh Patel20.44 elr debut52nd - 50th 68.00%
Jonathan Shaw20.48 pb54th -52nd 63.78%
Saheb Yousefi21.0360th - 55th 60.06%
Roberto Bruni21.21 pb62nd - 57th 65.53%
Jonathan Wooldridge21.2763rd - 58th 62.77%
Lee Wollaston21.3165th - 60th 62.11%
Carlton DSouza21.3067th - 62nd 67.16%
George Georgiou21.3970th - 63.63%
Grant Conway21.4572nd - 64th 63.82%
Sarah McCrea21.5275th - 7th 65.98%
Gareth Jones21.54 elr debut76th - 69th 61.95%
Phoebe Bowman21.56 pb78th - 8th 65.78%
Ramesh Pala21.57 - 66.86%
Roger Stubbs22.2488th - 75th 64.99%
Simon Martin22.2589th - 57.26%
William Davies22.3091st - 78th 56.13%
Paul Braithwaite22.4193rd - 80th 61.19%
Chloe Longstaff22.46 pb96th - 11th 64.71%
Alexandra Wilkinson23.12 pb101st - 15th 65.79%
Natasha Tweedie23.26108th - 17th 61.57%
Jamee Gould23.35110th - 18th
Ninette Fernandes24.08 pb123rd - 23rd 59.95%
Tom Woods24.32128th - 104th 64.01%
Sheila Kennedy24.34 pb129th - 25th 70.82%
Miguel Martinez24.48133rd - 106th 53.10%
Dave Knight24.53134th - 107th 61.50%
David Wyatt25.04136th - 109th 62.11%
David Baldwin25.19 elr debut142nd - 114th 50.28%
Fiona Day25.24 pb144th - 30th 70.36%
Susannah McLaren25.31 pb147th - 31st 63.94%
Angela Morley25.52 pb152nd - 34th 61.54%
Sarah Burns25.55153rd - 35th 56.84%
Joanna Graham26.30 elr debut158th - 40th 55.59%
Kate Buranska26.48161st - 42nd
Bryony Hewer26.55 pb162nd - 43rd 53.60%
Trish Kelly28.02169th - 49th 63.75%
Don Bennett28.27172nd - 122nd 52.45%
Emiko Priest28.48176th - 53rd 50.50%
Diana Rexhepaj30.03 elr debut182nd - 56th 51.26%
Julie Creffield37.08211th - 74th 39.17%
Men:- 1st Ilford 1 - 56pts, 2nd ELR 2 - 90pts, 3rd Havering 90 3 - 270pts.
Ladies:- 1st ELR 1 - 31pts, 2nd Eton Manor 2 - 44pts, 3rd Ilford 3 - 50pts.

Video footage from "Carry On Running" available here and here

Myra Garrett Trophy 10km, Bexley - Sunday 19th May 2013

Thomas Grimes36.121st
232 finishers. Nice off-road course with a few hills.

Hook 10 m - Sunday 19th May 2013

Allan Todd66.36 pb27th of 91 men.
Great run by Allan, pb by over 3 minutes.

Nike We Own The Night 10km, Victoria Park. - Saturday 18th May 2013

Julie Creffield1.20.25
Julie's race report in her blog, if you don't subscribe to this blog you don't know what your missing.

parkrun # 105 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 18th May 2013

Euan Brown16.581st - 76.03%
Thomas Grimes17.552nd - 72.84%
Patrick Brown17.553rd - 72.00%
Andrew Baxter19.055th - 73.71%
Gavin Stebbing19.286th - 69.09%
Richard Guest20.4510th - 65.78%
Carlton DSouza21.02 (course pb)13th - 64.90%
Sharon Springfield21.11 (course pb)17th - 72.23% 1st lady
Claire Emery23.23 (course pb)35th - 66.29%
Sophie Edwards24.32 (course pb)44th - 62.36%
David Wyatt24.3245th - 64.81%
Fiona Day25.5148th - 70.02%
Caroline Meaby26.1052nd - 58.09%
Jayne Browne26.5559th - 61.55%
Andrea Waller27.1561st - 55.05%
Regis Martin28.4168th - .47.59%
95 finishers.

parkrun # 17 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 18th May 2013

Alex Haward19.44 (course pb)3rd - 65.71%
George Georgiou21.37 (course pb)6th - 65.07%
Jonathan Wooldridge22.019th - 62.45%
Phoebe Bowman23.0015th - 64.35%
51 finishers.

parkrun # 68 - Mile End Park 5km - Saturday 18th May 2013

Lee Wollaston21.1226th - 64.39%
95 finishers

parkrun # 43 - Barking Park 5km - Saturday 18th May 2013

Ramesh Pala21.38 pb8th - 69.26%
39 finishers.

parkrun # 81 - Gunnersbury 5km - Saturday 18th May 2013

Dan Spinks22.3446th - 60.04%
201 finishers.

parkrun # 119 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 18th May 2013

Katherine Harris26.4655th - 55.42%
145 finishers.

Finsbury Park 10km - Sunday 12th May 2013

Thomas Grimes33.57 pb1st

Marwell Wildlife 10km - Sunday 12th May 2013

Natasha Simms55.29431st
917 finishers.

Sheffield Half Marathon - Sunday 12th May 2013

Dan Spinks1.40.571071st
5398 finishers.
Dan reports:- A new half marathon personal worst but pretty pleased just to get round as I thought my dodgy hamstring was going to stop me from starting at all. Decided on the morning to do it as a training run; I didn't look at my watch once and it makes a nice change to just go out and enjoy a race, take in the atmosphere and high 5 all the kids rather than worrying about time

This was the last chance to run in the Don Valley Stadium with the race starting and finishing on the track, a nice little venue but I do hope they find somewhere with better toilet facilities for next year, it was like the last night at Glastonbury

Some sections of the course are pretty dreary but the crowd on Eccleshall Road make up for it. They've tried to keep it as flat as possible, a pretty difficult task in Sheffield but they've got the balance pretty much right and it's a decent fairly fast course. There's a good chance I'll be back next year to check out the new route with no Don Valley

Halstead & Essex Marathon - Sunday 12th May 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Michael Wilson3.41.13 course pb127th - 64.78%
William Davies3.53.43 debut196th - 53.45%
503 finishers.

William reports. I really enjoyed running the Halstead Marathon. It was challenging, but beautiful and scenic. I was so happy to finish it in under four hours, as it was my first marathon.

William running in a previous race this year.

Mike Wilson photographed with his medal after the recent Virgin London Marathon.

Fit City Series Dublin 10km, Phoenix Park. - Sunday 12th May 2013

Sheila Kennedy50.00 pbtbc
Fit City Series Dublin 10k in Phoenix Park. Sheila reports:-
Race started 3 min early- whilst myself and my sister were still jogging back from the carpark - 3 min away. Starting cables ( for chip time) had to be reconnected for us before we went over start line. Mostly flat course - 2 laps around the traffic free park. Weather was very showery both before and after but stayed dry for the race. Kept pace with anot

Mount Famine 5m fell race, Derbyshire - Saturday 11th May 2013

Regis Martin1.03.1866th
Regis competed in a weekend of fell running. Friday he ran a 3 mile run with a 700ft ascent , Saturday the Mount Famine 5m with 1,850ft ascent and Sunday a 1.2m with 630ft ascent.

parkrun # 118 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 11th May 2013

Derek Wright22.14 (with buggy)14th - 62.29%
Katherine Harris24.2634th - 60.71%
142 finishers.

parkrun # 104 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 11th May 2013

Thomas Grimes18.141st - 71.57%
Andrew Baxter18.553rd - 74.36%
Russell Price19.54 (course pb)5th - 64.82%
Sharon Springfield21.30 (course pb)11th - 71.16% 1st lady
Sarah McCrea21.5617th - 69.48% 2nd lady.
Fiona Day25.28 (course pb)40th - 71.07%
Anna Charlton26.1848th - 56.53%
Jayne Browne27.4256th - 59.81%
Sophie Edwards28.0857th - 54.38%
Emiko Priest29.5562nd - 49.81%
Julie Creffield39.2984th - 37.74%
86 finishers. Don reports:- Thanks to volunteers Caroline Meaby on finish tokens & Patrick Brown on tail runner duties. 1st place went to Thomas with Andrew 3rd and Russell with a pb 19.54 in 5th. Welcome back Sharon Springfield (it's only been 103 week's) was 1st lady in a pb of 21.30 with Sarah McCrea 2nd in 21.56. Another course pb for Fiona and good to see Jayne & Emiko back after long absences. More ladies than men this week. Wanstead Flats celebrates 2 years next week but the 3 legged race is a non starter. I was Run Director. Points Competition Final placing's for end of 2nd year were men: 1st Patrick Brown 3946, Thomas 6th 2967, Derek 12th 2512 and Lee 2432. Ladies: 3rd Fiona Day 3143, Sophie Edwards 4th 3099, 9th Celia 1684 & Emiko 1570 in 11th.

parkrun # 16 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 11th May 2013

Paul Thompson20.092nd - 69.81%
Richard Guest21.145th - 64.29%
Carlton DSouza21.567th
Jonathan Wooldridge21.568th - 62.69%
Phoebe Bowman23.43 2nd lady12th - 62.40%
David Wyatt26.2920th - 60.04%
Maggie Tomlin27.5626th - 52.98%
38 finishers. Paul Thompson's 1st ever parkrun. Carlton's debut at Walthamstow is a DFYB. (Don't forget your barcode!). Phoebe is 2nd lady finisher and David Wyatt makes his debut at Walthamstow.

parkrun # 113 - Princes Park, Liverpool 5km - Saturday 11th May 2013

Ninette Fernandes24.14 pb65th - 61.21%
156 finishers.

parkrun # 42 - Barking Park 5km - Saturday 11th May 2013

Ramesh Pala21.45 (course pb)7th - 68.89%
55 finishers. Ramesh's 4th appearance at Barking is a course pb.

parkrun # 167 - Greenwich - Saturday 11th May 2013

Lee Wollaston20.409th - 65.56%
131 finishers.

Bluebell Run - Wednesday 8th May 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery

Milton Keynes Marathon - Monday 6th May 2013

Grant Conway4.28.441075th - 49.2%
2041 finishers.

Grant's report. On Bank Holiday Monday I went up to Milton Keynes for my spring marathon. Ninette had kindly offered to drive me and we had a few laughs on the way there and back using the Sat Nav in her brothers car and me trying not to backseat drive. Parking was relatively straightforward even though I had declined to pay the £6 they wanted for "VIP parking on the same site as where we parked. The race was based at the MK Dons football stadium which was nice and cool inside and had plenty of toilets and food outlets. There was also an M and S and other stores outside the stadium.
The race start was a bit congested and that was despite only about 2500 starters which was lower than I expected. The course had been altered from the first run in 2012. After the start we were taken onto closed roads for around 7 miles which gave everyone plenty of room as I understand there were a few bottlenecks after the start last year. Runners were then taken onto a mixture of paths and cycle ways around the outskirts of the town, some parts were quite bland where you were running along roads but there were some pretty trails near lakes, the Grand Union Canal and through various parks. The second part of the race had a number of undulations and small climbs over bridges which were a bit more taxing than usual with the heat of the day. There were also a number of turns which could break your rhythm. Support was average with most areas having pockets of support but it was enthusiastic and with music in places as well. Drinks stations were plentiful which was definitely needed on the day. The finish was good as you were taken into the stadium for a run around the track and then back under the concourse for easy bag reclaim and a quick massage if you wanted one. There were no showers available so I went to a local leisure centre for that.
Unfortunately conditions were not at all to my liking with temperatures around 24 degrees in the blazing sun and I had not had a chance to train in anything close to that beforehand. The same went for lots of runners with over 10% not finishing and some people were in a bad way which was upsetting. I started at my goal pace but after an hour I knew that a quick time was not going to be possible. I did contemplate joining the many others who didn't finish but I decided to see it to the end and took a lot from that. I wont dwell on it and I will just plan for October and my return to Abingdon. I need everyone at ELR to cheer me up now by us having a big turnout in the ELVIS series!
I would consider doing this marathon again as its reasonably close to London and you can enter up to a week before so it's an alternative if you don't get into London/ Brighton.
Event ratings

Shinfield 10km - Monday 6th May 2013

Allan Todd40.20 pb50th - 69.4%
691 finishers.

Regents Park 10km Series - Sunday 5th May 2013

Jamie Xavier43.26 64%
George Georgiou45.59147th - 63.7%
Ninette Fernandes50.51 pb240th - 59.8%
Katherine Harris52.47279th - 57.6%
502 finishers.

Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon - Sunday 5th May 2013

Sarah Burns1.48.47 pb282nd - 62.2%
669 finishers.

parkrun # 117 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 4th May 2013

Derek Wright22.03 (with buggy)12th - 62.81%
Mary OBrien24.5036th - 74.90%
Katherine Harris30.5596th - 47.98%
156 finishers. Katherine running with a friend and Derek with his buggy. Great time from Mary O'Brien giving her a 74.9% age grade.

parkrun # 79 - Gunnersbury 5km - Saturday 4th March 2013

Dan Spinks21.1033rd - 64.02%
259 finishers.

parkrun # 103 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 4th May 2013

Euan Brown16.30 pb1st - 78.18%
Thomas Grimes16.50 (course pb)2nd - 77.52%
Patrick Brown17.48 (50th parkrun)3rd - 72.47%
James Wilson18.385th - 71.20%
Samuel Browne18.43 (course pb)6th - 68.92%
Gavin Stebbing18.51 (course pb)7th - 71.35%
Regis Martin19.56 pb12th - 68.48%
Joseph Browne20.1113th - 66.89%
Lee Wollaston20.2915th - 66.15%
Jonathan Shaw21.00 pb19th - 64.52%
Sarah McCrea21.48 (course pb)24th - 67.89% 1st lady
Anna Charlton24.43 (course pb)42nd - 60.15%
David Wyatt24.5847th - 63.68%
Fiona Day25.5853rd - 69.70%
Caroline Meaby26.0555th - 58.27%
Andrea Waller26.4660th - 56.04%
Julie Creffield38.5583rd - 38.29%
85 finishers. A great clash up front between Euan & Thomas with Euan winning in 16.30 and Thomas 16.50. Both runners now 5th & 7th of the 9 men to go sub 17 minutes. Euan knocked 1.22 off his pb and Thomas 16 seconds. Patrick in 3rd place reached his 50th parkrun. James in 5th in 18.38 missed his pb by 3 seconds. Course pb's also by Samuel, Gavin , Regis, Jonny, Sarah and Anna.

parkrun # 15 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 4th May 2013

Richard Guest20.27 pb4th - 66.75%
Jonathan Wooldridge21.31 (course pb)7th - 63.90%
George Georgiou21.45 (course pb)8th - 64.67%
Phoebe Bowman22.53 (course pb)14th - 64.68% 1st lady
47 finishers.

parkrun # 17 - Wimpole Estate, Cambridgeshire 5km - Saturday 4th May 2013

Emiko Priest31.23106th - 47.48%
139 finishers.

Greater Manchester Marathon 2013 - Sunday 28th April 2013

Peter Rains3.12.08391st - 76.7%
Tanbir Jasimuddin4.09.082805th - 50.1%
Roger Stubbs4.50.274197th - 48.0%
4938 finishers.

parkrun # 2 - Preston Park , Brighton - Saturday 27th April 2013

Katherine Harris25.1292nd - 58.86%
202 finishers.

parkrun # 116 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 27th April 2013

Julie Creffield43.48 (1st buggy run)143rd - 34.02%
156 finishers. Julie's 1st run with a buggy at a record breaking turnout for Valentines Park.

parkrun # 14 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 27th April 2013

Richard Guest20.536th - 65.36%
40 finishers.

parkrun # 102 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saurday 27th April 2013

Thomas Grimes17.411st - 73.80%
Patrick Brown18.013rd - 71.60%
Samuel Browne19.04 (course pb)6th - 67.66%
Lee Wollaston20.24 (course pb)11th - 66.42%
Derek Wright20.3014th - 67.56%
Peter Hatley20.50 (course pb)17th - 64.56%
Jonathan Shaw21.33 pb21st - 62.41%
Sarah McCrea21.56 (course pb)27th - 67.48% 1st lady
Alexandra Wilkinson25.36*45th 1st parkrun
Fiona Day25.36 (course pb)49th - 70.70%
Sophie Edwards25.44*51st
David Wyatt25.45*52nd - 50th parkrun
Don reports:- Timer issues when it stopped working after the 1st 7 finishers. Bad news for quite a few finishers who got pb's. Hopefully results can be ratified once a few more runners give there times. Congratulations to David Wyatt on reaching his 50th run. Patrick is next with his 49th.
1st places for Thomas & Sarah.

Virgin London Marathon 2013 - Sunday 21st April 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes2.40.57 pb204th - 77.6%
Ciaran Canavan2.43.20 pb269th - 77.7%
Manjit Bedi2.48.20 pb453rd - 81.4%
Patrick Brown2.48.59 pb491st - 73.9%
Daniel Lee2.53.14 pb713th - 75.8%
James Wilson3.08.37 pb2,069th - 66.3%
Andrew Baxter3.10.03 pb2,191st - 69.6%
Ava Lee3.13.25 pb2,509th - 71.5%
Mark Boulton3.19.053,199th - 62.7%
Allan Todd3.22.23 debut3,570th - 62.3%
Richard Guest3.37.07 pb5,851st - 59.0%
Michael Wilson3.42.116,736th - 63.9%
Robert Heppell3.46.077,576th - 60.6%
Richard Potter3.56.33 pb9,963rd - 52.8%
Lucy Leddy3.58.26 debut10,511th - 57.0%
Jamie Xavier4.06.2512,252nd - 50.9%
Tom Woods4.10.0313,026th - 61.3%
Dave Knight4.12.2313,529th - 59.0%
Sheila Kennedy4.14.33 pb14,017th - 65.7%
Tom Edworthy4.49.41 debut22,208th - 44.2%
Harsh Pershad5.29.58 pb28,795th - 46.7%
Jim Bird7.46.4134,149th - 38.3%
Results in detail available on London Marathon 2013 page.

The morning dawned bright but cold as the ELR competitors met early to travel together to the start in Greenwich Park. Similarly Pam and Don were up early and away to St Mathias Church Hall, close by the 20 mile Water Feed Station, with the food and beverage for the Marshalls and Volunteers at the Water Station.

Ciaran Canavan,Thomas Grimes, Manjit Bedi, Patrick Brown, Mark Boulton and Danny Lee at Greenwich Park before the start.

There was a chill in the air despite the cloudless conditions leading to a warmer afternoon. The benefits of this were felt by the faster runners and ELR did not disappoint, with the first 5 home breaking the 3 hour time barrier (15 went under 4 hours) and all with personal bests. Championship times were recorded by Thomas and Ciaran and similarly by our first Lady finisher Ava. Manjit Bedi excelled with an Age Related figure of 81.4% in finishing in 2;48:20 pb.

Manjit in full flow.

East London Runners volunteers at the 20 Mile Water Station prior to the race.

As can be seen above there were many other personal bests recorded as well as fine debuts in what was an excellent day for East London Runners and its endurance athletes.

Those who helped on the water station and the Church Hall had a great day too and it was good to see so many members, families and friends enjoying both the occasion and the fine weather.

Patrick, Danny, Thomas and Ciaran celebrate after the race in the Ship and Shovell.

parkrun # 13 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 20th April 2013

Phoebe Bowman23.10 (course pb)10th - 63.88%
48 finishers.

parkrun # 101 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 20th April 2013

Gavin Stebbing19.204th - 69.57%
Russell Price19.58 (course pb)7th - 64.61%
Patrick Brown20.099th - 64.02%
Regis Martin20.12 pb10th - 67.57%
Derek Wright20.3311th - 67.40%
Lee Wollaston21.03 (course pb)13th - 64.37%
Jonathan Wooldridge21.48 (course pb)18th - 63.07%
Jonathan Shaw21.5921st - 61.18%
Sarah McCrea22.35 (1st lady)26th - 65.54%
Chloe Longstaff22.55 (course pb)28th - 65.67%
Sarah Burns24.25 (course pb)38th - 61.64%
Anna Charlton25.07 (course pb)43rd - 59.19%
David Wyatt25.5647th - 61.31%
Fiona Day26.019th - 59.57%
Sophie Edwards25.31 (course pb)44th - 59.96%
Katherine Jones26.0550th - 56.81
Saheb Yousefi26.0551st - 49.52%
Jayne Browne27.1857th - 60.68%
Katherine Harris27.3061st - 53.94%
Andrea Waller27.5967th - 53.60%
Julie Creffield42.1888th - 35.22%
91 finishers.

parkrun # 144 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 20th April 2013

Ninette Fernandes24.16 (course pb)26th - 61.13%
55 finishers.

Galapagos Marathon - Tuesday 16th April 2013

Roberto Bruni4.41.00
Trish Kelly7.00.00
Roberto Bruni :- Well that was hard! 4:41! Run up to the caldera on a lava trail (last erupted 2005)

Trish Kelly:- I think he cheated - I did the same course and it took me 7 hours - ha ha! Had to contend with lava fields, dense undergrowth and a cave in addition to the blazing sun though, so certainly not your average marathon. Hurt like hell but an incredible adventure.

Day 5 Tuesday — April 16: Sierra Negra Volcano Marathon on Isabela Island – Campo Duro
After one-hour drive from Puerto Villamil to Isabela’s Highlands, you gain an entirely new perspective on the Galápagos experience. At the starting point of today’s marathon you immediately notice the difference in vegetation and weather—fostered by the southeast trade winds that bring significant humidity to the southern side of the island. The lowland landscape of prickly pear and the endemic candelabra cactus that dominate the coastal areas give way to more lush and diverse flora including bromeliads and epiphytes. Your path leads to the rim of the Sierra Negra Volcano. The Sierra Negra Volcano stands at 4,888 feet and last erupted in 2005, subsequently depositing a new and dramatic layer of lava. This volcano’s caldera is the world’s second largest, with a diameter measuring approximately 6½ miles. As you circle the caldera, you spot a variety of birds including finches and flycatchers as well as the Galápagos hawk. Lava lizards scuttle underfoot. We enjoy spectacular views of volcanos and nearby islands.

From the caldera of the volcano we will run back and take the road that descends through cattle and fruit farms in Isabela. We will take the road that connects these farms to the finish of our marathon at Campo Duro farm. The National Park has allowed farmers to keep giant tortoises in captivity here until they are ready to be moved to the volcano where they belong.

Orion Pentathlon , Walthamstow track. - Sunday 14th April 2013

Thomas Grimes1st
Thomas Grimes took 1st place overall in this 5 event competition with a 200m in 26.3 (501pts), 800m in 2.09.1(740pts), 3000m in 9.52.8(723pts), a 4.93m (369pts) long jump and a 1.40m (318pts) high jump. Didn't do the Javelin, Discus & Shot.
1st Thomas Grimes 2,651 pts, 2nd 2,412 and 3rd 2,365 pts.
Really good fun and perfect for trying out new events.

East London Half Marathon - Sunday 14th April 2013

Richard Guest1.35.38 pb165th
William Davies1.41.13180th
Jonathan Wooldridge1.47.22287th
Roger Stubbs1.52.16367th
940 men finishers.

Newham College 10km - Sunday 14th April 2013

Jamie Xavier44.0049th
221 male finishers.

Brighton Marathon 2013 - Sunday 14th April 2013

Mark Wyatt3.09.55 debut gfa172nd - 65.8%
William Pearce3.16.41 pb287th - 63.5%
Russell Price3.40.41 pb1,176th - 56.6%
Natasha Simms4.30.54 debut5,303rd - 50.1%
Katherine Harris4.36.29 pb5,810th - 49.2%
9,067 finishers.Mark Wyatt reports:- 3:09:55! Wow that was the hardest thing I've ever done!!! So happy with my GFA time on my first ever marathon, just means ill have to do it all again in London next year! Right now I couldn't think of anything worse! Great to see fellow ELR on the course and having your name on your top is a must for anyone! So motivational!!! Good luck to everyone running next week!! I don't envy you!!

Will Pearce says:- Brighton Marathon PB. 3.16.41!! Very happy to PB with a cold and the sun is now shining, the San Miguel slipping down well! Mark Wyatt incredible time for first marathon - legend!

Russell Price says:- Brighton Marathon 3:40:41, not the sub 3:30 I hoped for, got the excuses in early with a cold for the last week ;-) pb obliterated by about 36 mins but that's more a reflection on the poor time last time ;-) happy ish with the time, all things considered!

Energizer 10km , Battersea Park - Saturday 13th April 2013

Simon Martin46.53
Chloe Longstaff49.50

Maxifuel 5km, Eton Dorney Lake - Race 4 - Saturday 13th April 2013

Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea38.0438th
Achilles trouble put paid to his usual speedy efforts.

parkrun # 76 - Gunnersbury 5km - Saturday 13th April 2013

Dan Spinks21.5741st - 61.73%
209 finishers.

UFD Hackney Half Marathon - Saturday 13th April 2013

Ninette Fernandes1.58.1324th

parkrun # 100 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 13th April 2013

Thomas Grimes18.441st - 69.40%
Patrick Brown18.442nd - 69.40%
James Wilson19.113rd - 69.16%
Gavin Stebbing20.549th - 64.35%
Lee Wollaston21.4111th - 62.49%
Saheb Yousefi22.0513th - 58.49%
Jonathan Wooldridge22.1114th - 61.98%
Sarah McCrea22.3917th - 65.34%
Sophie Edwards26.2235th - 58.03%
Sarah Burns26.5439th - 55.95%
Julie Creffield46.4866th - 31.84%
68 finishers.Don reports:- It was a course pb for all as to celebrate our 100th parkrun we reversed the course for 1 week only. Fiona Day was volunteering at registration and I was Run Director. There was a welcome return from Julie and a brief return from Andrea, both on there way back to getting fit again. Good to see them both.

parkrun # 12 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 13th April 2013

Richard Guest21.203rd - 63.98%
Phoebe Bowman23.24 (course pb)8th - 63.25% 1st lady
33 finishers.

parkrun # 29 - Woodley 5km - Saturday 13th April 2013

Allan Todd18.48 pb6th - 71.54%
136 finishers.

Waltham Forest Half Marathon - Sunday 7th April 2013

Samuel Browne1.29.429th

Paris Marathon 2013 - Sunday 7th April 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Peter Hatley3.20.58 pb4065th - 63.2%
Carlton DSouza3.25.50 pb5091st - 67.8%
David daSilva Pereira3.33.036215th - 58.6%

Regents Park 10km - Sunday 7th April 2013

George Georgiou44.54120th - 65.2%

parkrun # 98 - Medina , Isle of Wight 5km - Saturday 6th April 2013

Jonathan Wooldridge21.15 pb17th - 64.71%

parkrun - Cardiff 5km - Saturday 6th April 2013

Sarah McCrea23.2123rd - 63.38%

Cratloe 10km, Co Clare - Saturday 6th April 2013

Thomas Grimes35.072nd - 77.3%

parkrun # 99 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 6th April 2013

Patrick Brown18.081st - 71.14%
Andrew Baxter18.23 (course pb)3rd - 76.52%
James Wilson19.555th - 66.61%
Regis Martin20.40 pb7th - 66.05%
Derek Wright20.508th - 66.48%
Lee Wollaston21.15 (course pb)11th - 63.71%
Celia Payaneeandee22.3917th - 65.34% 1st lady
David Irwin24.2525th - 58.09%
Fiona Day25.48 ( course pb)32nd - 70.16%
Sarah Burns29.2746th - 51.10%
53 finishers. Congratulations to Fiona Day who was winner of the Wanstead Flats parkrunner of the month prize from Sweatshop. Fiona got 2 pb's in March with her Jantastic challenge and celebrated with another pb on the day. Patrick and Celia were first finishers for male & female placings with further course pb's from Andrew Baxter & Lee Wollaston. Next week see's the 100th running of Wanstead Flats parkrun when you can run the course in reverse to celebrate.

parkrun # 123 - Old Deer Park , Richmond 5km - Saturday 6th April 2013

Dan Spinks22.15154th - 60.90%
553 finishers. Dan travelled to Old Deer Park for a special event by Adidas & Marathontalk featuring lots of special guests and celebrities including Scott Overall, Liz Yelling, Sophie Raworth, Joe Thomas & many others.
Old Deer Park had an attendance before this run of 86 but beat that by having ss3 finishers to rank 2nd place now behind Bushy Park. parkrun also had over 30,000 runners overall for the first time ever. Dan ran well to finish in 22.15 finishing ahead of Sophie Raworth again.

parkrun # 113 - Valentines Park. 5km - Saturday 6th April 2013

Mark Boulton19.21 2nd - 66.75%
99 finishers.

parkrun # 142 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 6th April 2013

Ninette Fernandes24.42 (course pb)28th - 60.05%
38 finishers.

parkrun # 11 - Walthamstow 5km. - Saturday 6th April 2013

Richard Guest20.36 pb2nd - 66.26%
28 finishers.

parkrun # 7 - Cheltenham 5km - Saturday 6th April 2013

Allan Todd18.45 pb5th - 71.73%
182 finishers.

Analog 6km (5.65km), Limerick - Friday 5th April 2013

Thomas Grimes17.242nd -

Easter 10km , Regents Park - Monday 1st April 2013

Mark Wyatt38.3011th - 70.04%
Ninette Fernandes51.57 pb129th - 58.5%
401 finishers.

Jantastic Challenge 2013 - January 7th - March 31st 2013

Fiona Day100% 39 run's(100,100,100)
Carlton DSouza100% 57 run's(100,100,99)
Don Bennett98% 40 run's(100,100,92)
Mark Wyatt98% 48 run's(100,95,99)
Katherine Harris97% 37 run's(100,100,92)
Allan Todd97% 61 run's(100,100,90)
Sheila Kennedy95% 57 run's(100,91,93)
Richard Guest95% 34 run;s(100,92,92)
Tara Syed92% 37 tun's(88,96,92)
Dan Spinks87% 59 run's(95,86.90)
Russell Price87% 48 run's(80,90,79)
Sarah Burns81% 29 run's(75,92,76)
William Pearce79% 94 run's(100,82,55)
Harsh Pershad79% 27 run's(84,83,71)
Mark Boulton76% 52 run's(90,98,40)
Frank Brownlie67% 33 run's(88,97,-17)

Eamon Moloney 10km, Ennis, Clare - Saturday 30th March 2013

Thomas Grimes34.11 pb4th - 79.5%
454 finishers.

Run Richmond Park 5km - Race 3 - Saturday 30th March 2013

Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea19.41 course pb2nd - 66.6%
107 finishers.

parkrun # 75 - Highbury Fields 5km - Saturday 30th March 2013

Dan Spinks22.1620th - 60.85%
70 finishers.

parkrun # 140 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 30th March 2013

Ninette Fernandes25.2729th - 58.28%
49 finishers.

parkrun # 112 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 30th March 2013

Mark Wyatt18.44 course pb2nd - 68.86%
Manjit Singh22.4814th - 58.99%
David Wyatt25.2832nd - 62.43%
106 finishers.

parkrun # 10 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 30th March 2013

Richard Guest21.454th - 62.76%
Phoebe Bowman24.1010th - 61.24% 1st lady
26 finishers.

parkrun # 13 - Barnstaple 5km - Saturday 30th March 2013

Sarah Burns23.53 pb31st - 63.01%
63 finishers.

parkrun # 98 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 30th March 2013

James Wilson19.052nd - 69.52%
Gavin Stebbing20.006th - 67.25%
Derek Wright20.588th - 66.06%
Regis Martin21.109th - 64.49%
Peter Hatley21.3012th - 62.56%
Jonathan Shaw21.55 pb15th - 61.37%
Celia Payaneeandee22.07 course pb18th - 66.92% 1st lady
Sarah McCrea22.32 course pb21st - 65.68%
Roger Stubbs24.5931st - 59.04%
Fiona Day25.55 course pb36th - 69.84%
Sophie Edwards28.4051st - 53.37%
Don Bennett29.0453rd - 52.41%
Harsh Pershad30.1461st - 44.49%
64 finishers. Course pb's from Jonny ,Celia , Sarah & Fiona. Thanks also to Lee Wollaston for volunteering on timer duties.

Hyde Park 20 Mile Marathon Prep. - Sunday 24th March 2013

Daniel Lee2.17.00
Ava Lee2.26.4619th
Jamie Xavier2.39.2062nd
Katherine Harris3.16.29 pb270th

Hastings Half Marathon - Sunday 24th March 2013

William Davies1.37.32 pb443rd - 60.5%
Fiona Day2.00.41 pb1936th - 63.35%
Paola Cimenti2.09.572308th - 49.92%
3,324 finishers.

Brentwood Half Marathon - Sunday 24th March 2013

Robert Heppell1.39.40320th
Sheila Kennedy1.56.05 pb1027th
Tara Syed2.22.171851st
2,097 finishers. Sheila reports:- This is my favourite half marathon as it always gives me my best time. It's flat (ish), friendly, with some nice touches from the locals, including a theatre open before start for coffee and toilets, the church hall down the road giving out free cakes, coffee and burgers and lots of support around the route. Minor issues with cars trying to get by on some of the roads but marshalling was good. Temp was chilly but the roads were all clear (and no mud!), so no problem there.

parkrun # 111 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 23rd March 2013

Manjit Singh20.312nd - 65.56%
Molly Pinkus24.5819th - 60.88%
73 finishers.

Orion 15m - Saturday 23rd March 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes1.38.504th
Patrick Brown1.43.577th
James Wilson1.53.4624th
Samuel Browne2.03.5762nd
Mark Wyatt2.04.3168th
Paul Thompson2.04.3269th
Richard Potter2.09.1782nd
Grant Conway2.11.1690th
Sarah Burns2.30.15183rd
233 finishers.

Past Orion 15 races have become famous for their difficult underfoot conditions but few could have compared with the conditions met by the 270 or so runners lining up at the start of this one. A biting wind from the east was blowing snow into their faces at the start and was added to by extremely wet and muddy terrain. Include the many hills and you can see why the Orion 15 has an entry in the World's Ultimate Running Races Book.

Grant Conway Well done to everyone who ran and completed the Orion 15 today. I thought the Benfleet 15 was hard but the mud almost the whole way round was energy sapping on top of the relentless hills. It was what some would say a proper x country run! The winning time was about 7 minutes slower than last year which says it all. I am pleased to say that I have a trophy for Thomas Grimes who although 4th overall today won the prize for 3rd Male under 40. All of our male runners were in the top 100, an awesome effort. Also a great run from the ladies only representative Sarah Burns.

Thomas and Sarah in action during the race.

parkrun # 9 -Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 23rd March 2013

Jonathan Wooldridge23.393rd - 58.14%
Phoebe Bowman25.035th - 59.08% 1st lady.
17 finishers.

parkrun # 97 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 23rd March 2013

Euan Brown19.041st - 67.66%
Andrew Baxter19.212nd - 72.70%
Gavin Stebbing20.193rd - 66.20%
Russell Price20.435th - 62.27%
Derek Wright22.187th - 62.11%
Lee Wollaston22.548th - 59.17%
Sarah McCrea22.59 (1st lady)10th - 64.39%
Jonathan Shaw25.0714th - 53.55%
Fiona Day28.1422nd - 64.11%
29 finishers. Sarah McCrea was 1st lady in 10th place in 22.59.

Liverpool Half Marathon - Sunday 17th March 2013

Jayne Browne2.14.1454.9%
Jayne & husband Paul ran together and crossed the line hand in hand for Paul's debut half marathon.

Reading Half Marathon - Sunday 17th March 2013

Paul Quinton1.18.57138th - 75.1%
Simon Martin1.45.50 pb3307th - 56.2%
Jonathan Thompson1.58.076414th - 50.3%
12,863 finishers.

Finchley 20m - Sunday 17th March 2013

Thomas Grimes1.58.517th - 78.4%
Patrick Brown2.03.38 pb21st - 75.4%
Allan Todd2.24.00 pb110th* - 67.6%
Russell Price2.36.37 pb176th - 59.5%
Dan Spinks2.41.09206th - 59.2%
502 finishers. Team ELR finished 6th overall but* Allan Todd was omitted from the result's which would have improved the team score.

Maxifuel 5km, Eton Dorney Lake - Sunday 17th March 2013

Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea19.271st - 67.1%
27 finishers.

Stroke Association Resolution 15km , Regents Park - Sunday 17th March 2013

Jamie Xavier1.03.11 pb2nd - 66.8%

St Clares Hospice 10km, Hastingwood - Sunday 17th March 2013

Carrine Jay46.4767th - 71.7%
Sheila Kennedy53.34 pb182nd - 61.3%
371 finishers. Decided to check out whether my track sessions and tempo runs were doing me any good. As usual, missed the clock at the end of the race. Running watch shows 53' 17'' for a 10K distance and 53'40' for the actual race
(6.25 miles by my watch). Not sure what the official time will show. In
any case, all times are a personal PB - I haven't ever gone below 54' up to
now. So the track sessions must be paying off. Thanks, Grant!

Course was a loop around country roads near Epping, which I always enjoy.
Cold and windy, but not too wet - so a good day for a fast (by my
standards) 10k. Sheila

parkrun # 96 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 16th March 2013

Thomas Grimes18.221st - 70.78%
Patrick Brown18.272nd - 69.92%
Andrew Baxter18.56 course pb4th - 74.30%
Derek Wright21.037th - 65.80%
Regis Martin22.1312th - 61.44%
Sarah McCrea22.39 (1st lady)18th - 65.54%
Lisa Mullen26.0629th - 56.70%
Fiona Day26.5732nd - 67.16%
Caroline Meaby27.3935th - 54.97%
46 finishers. Additional result:- Sarah McCrea was 18th in 22.39, a course pb and 1st lady. The returning rain had made the course hard going again. Don was RD and thanks to Derek for collecting signs in after run.

parkrun # 110 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 16th March 2013

Gavin Stebbing19.26 pb3rd - 69.21%
Manjit Singh21.215th - 63.00%
Lee Wollaston21.37 pb7th - 62.68%
Celia Payaneeandee22.16 pb 1st lady10th - 66.47%
93 finishers.

parkrun # 8 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 16th March 2013

Alex Haward20.384th - 62.84%
George Georgiou22.016th - 63.44%
Phoebe Bowman24.4112th - 59.96%
19 finishers.

parkrun # 72 - Gunnersbury 5km - Saturday 16th March 2013

Dan Spinks21.3816th - 62.63%
127 finishers.

parkrun # 280 - Richmond Park 5km - Saturday 9th March 2013

Dan Spinks22.5488th
Jogged round with a friend before outsprinting Sophie Raworth on the line)

311 finishers.

Orion Harriers - Mercury 10 - Saturday 9th March 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes1.08.501st
Sarah Burns1.44.4155th
Following two days heavy rain conditions underfoot were extremely wet and muddy over this hilly 10 mile course in Epping Forest. For the second year in succession Thomas Grimes took first place in this tough race. There were good performances by Sarah McCrae (1.32.54) and Sarah Burns also.66 finishers.

Thomas and Sarah in action during the race.

parkrun # 95 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 9th March 2013

Patrick Brown18.221st - 70.24%
James Wilson19.063rd - 69.46%
Andrew Baxter19.586th - 70.45%
Gavin Stebbing21.058th - 63.79%
Derek Wright21.069th - 65.64%
Regis Martin22.2714th - 60.80%
Roger Stubbs23.5619th - 61.63%
Fiona Day26.5933rd - 67.08%
Caroline Meaby28.0537th - 54.12%
48 finishers.

parkrun # 109 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 9th March 2013

Mark Boulton18.07 (course pb)5th - 71.30%
Lee Wollaston22.04 pb17th - 61.40%
128 finishers.

parkrun # 7 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 9th March 2013

Richard Guest22.211st - 61.07%
Phoebe Bowman23.41 (course pb)5th - 62.49% 1st lady.
28 finishers.

parkrun # 138 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 9th March 2013

Paul Quinton17.07 course pb1st - 76.24%
David Wyatt25.4324th - 61.83%

parkrun # 24 - Woodley 5km - Saturday 9th March 2013

Allan Todd19.109th - 70.17%

Bath Half Marathon - Sunday 3rd March 2013

Jamie Xavier2.07.0147.5%
Kelly Leedham2.07.0152.5

Roding Valley Half Marathon - Sunday 3rd March 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes1:16:16 pb6th - 77.7%
Euan Brown1:17:43 pb9th - 76.2%
Patrick Brown1:19:3711th - 74.4%
Ciaran Canavan1:20:2615th - 76.1%
Mark Wyatt1:24:34 pb23rd - 70.9%
William Pearce1:24:42 pb26th - 70.1%
Andrew Baxter1:26:55 pb37th - 73.3%
Russell Price1:29:03 pb45th - 66.5%
Samuel Browne1:31:2963rd - 64.8%
Michael Stubbings1:32:48 pb70th - 64.3%
Peter Hatley1:33:3279th - 64.9%
Manjit Singh1:33:4576th - 64.8%
Tim Le Rasle1:34:0181st - 65.1%
Grant Conway1:37:01 pb111th - 65.7%
William Davies1:38:36 pb139th - 60.1%
Miguel Martinez1:39:47170th - 60.9%
Matthew Jones1:40:38 debut161st - 58.9%
Colin Purvis1:41:21 pb176th - 60.4%
George Georgiou1:43:05194th - 61.3%
Patrick Farren1:43:23199th - 65.3%
Jonathan Wooldridge1:43:28 pb205th - 60.1%
Claire Parker1:45:00 debut224th - 62.7%
Natasha Tweedie1:47:53267th - 61.0%
Sarah Burns1:50:38 pb315th - 60.8%
Lisa Mullen1:54:09 pb365th - 67.7%
Frank Brownlie1:54:19371st - 64.6%
Stephen Lofts1:55:28 debut392nd - 63.0%
Ninette Fernandes1:55:30 pb393rd - 57.2%
David Wyatt2:00:59488th - 59.4%
Gemma Pomfriet2:03:24521st - 53.4%
Fiona Day2:03:26517th - 67.2%
Paola Cimenti2:13:35600th - 49.7%

A happy looking Miguel and Patrick F during the race!

On a cool wind free morning ideal for running over 750 runners lined up on the track at Ashton Playing Fields, Woodford Bridge to run in the popular Roding Valley Half Marathon. The hilly course over the streets and pavements of Woodford, Chigwell and Buckhurst Hill is very challenging and so it was great to see East London Runners with 8 finishers in the top 50 and 32 finishers overall.

Ciaran, Thomas, Patrick and Euan after the race.

Thomas Grimes was first home for ELR in 7th place closely followed by brothers Euan and Patrick Brown. 759 finishers.

Claire, Natasha and Russell after the race.

The Essex 20 - Langham, Essex - Sunday 3rd March 2013

Manjit Bedi2:05:52 pb14th - 81.7%
Mark Boulton2:09:1619th - 72.1%
James Wilson2:15:51 pb39th - 69.0%
Michael Wilson2:30:13 pb93th - 70.9%
Richard Guest2:33:51 pb111th - 62.5%
Tanbir Jasimuddin3:11:46291st - 48.8%
Mike. Six East London Runners' travelled up the A12 to North Essex to contest the Essex 20 Miles Championships in Langham, Nr Colchester. Although this was a tough three lap course with two testing hills on each lap, the weather was milder than in previous weeks leading to good racing conditions and excellent marathon preparation. Manjit Bedi ran a pb to secure 14th position in a time of 2:05:52, followed by Mark Boulton 2:09:16 (19th), James Wilson 2:15:51 (39th), Michael Wilson 2:30:13 (93rd), Richard Guest 2:33:51 (111th) and Tanbir Jasimuddin 3:11:46 (291st). 366 runners finished.

Eastbourne Half Marathon - Sunday 3rd March 2013

Allan Todd1.28.48 pb46th - 68.4%
Alex Haward1.35.58146th - 61.7%
Another personal best for Allan and a great run also by Alex.

Greenwich Meridian 10km - Sunday 3rd March 2013

Paul Quinton36:4913th - 73.8%
Saheb Yousefi44:4578th - 60.1%
Paul reports:- It was slightly chilly in the park but fine once you got going and there was no wind to speak of so perfect running conditions. The course was slightly amended from prior years due to on-going repair work in Greenwich Park, following last year's Olympics, so runners completed one small lap of approx 1km and then 3 longer laps of approx 3km each. The longer laps included a climb of one of Greenwich Parks notorious hills but there were some nice downhill's to make up for it. The route was well marshalled and sign posted with accurate km markers. Not a pb course but running in Greenwich Park is always a pleasure and if you venture down to the Greenwich market after the race, the chocolate brownies on their own make the trip worthwhile! 342 finishers.

Chingford League Relays - Highams Park - Saturday 2nd March 2013

Patrick Brown11.18
Thomas Grimes10.52
Patrick Brown11.27
Thomas Grimes11.14
The closest we have so far to having a team in the final leg of the Chingford League - the relays. Falling the day before the Roding Half & Essex 20 it was always going to be hard to get some teams together. So well done to Thomas Grimes & Patrick Brown who each ran 2 leg's of the 2 mile approx course.
Consisting of a lap of the park and a lap of the lake they came 5th overall but failed to score because of a incomplete team. Let's try next year to field complete teams.

parkrun # 6 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 2nd March 2013

Richard Guest21.27 course pb3rd - 63.64%
Phoebe Bowman23.52 course pb11th - 62.01%
28 runners.

parkrun # 70 - Gunnersbury Park 5km - Saturday 2nd March 2013

Dan Spinks20.4724th - 65.20%
224 finishers.

parkrun # 94 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 2nd March 2013

Thomas Grimes17.531st - 72.69%
Patrick Brown19.043rd - 67.66%
Gavin Stebbing19.08 course pb4th - 70.30%
Derek Wright20.4310th - 66.85%
Regis Martin20.56 pb11th - 65.21%
Peter Hatley21.2413th - 62.85%
Celia Payaneeandee22.23 course pb18th - 66.12% 1st lady
Lee Wollaston22.5520th - 59.13%
David Irwin25.5032nd - 54.90%
Fiona Day26.04 course pb34th - 69.44%
Caroline Meaby26.4238th - 56.93%
Don Bennett28.1948th - 53.80%
62 finishers.

parkrun # 108 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 2nd March 2013

Manjit Singh19.494th - 67.87%
87 finishers.

Nitte Celebration Mangalore Half Marathon , India - Sunday 24th February 2013

Katrina Dixon2.06.4470th - 54.0%
182 finishers. Katrina says:- Completed my first Half Marathon in India ... it was hot, hilly, scenic, smoggy and I loved every step of it! Wore my East London Runners shirt with pride :-). Katrina's journey included an 8 hour bus ride from Bangalore to Mangalore.

St Lukes Hospice 10 Mile Run - Basildon Test Track - Sunday 24th February 2013

Thomas Grimes56:27 pb1st - 78.8%
Mark Wyatt1:00:3312th - 73.77%
William Pearce1:01:2714th - 72.69%
331 finishers. Great results for the ELR' at Basildon today. Congratulations to Thomas for winning the race and also to Mark and William for great times too.

Maxifuel 5km, Dorney Lake,Windsor - Saturday 23rd February 2013

Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea19.10 pb2nd - 68.1%
45 finishers.

parkrun # 192 - Black Park, Slough 5km - Saturday 23rd February 2013

Dan Spinks21.1226th - 63.92%
304 finishers.

parkrun # 136 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 23rd February 2013

Ninette Fernandes25.3422nd - 58.02%
32 finishers.

parkrun # 107 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 23rd February 2013

Tim Le Rasle19.487th - 68.43%
86 finishers.

parkrun # 93 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 23rd February 2013

Paul Quinton18.011st - 72.43%
Patrick Brown18.103rd - 71.01%
Mark Boulton18.354th - 69.51%
James Wilson18.495th - 70.50%
Gavin Stebbing19.33 (course pb)8th - 68.80%
Derek Wright20.4511th - 66.75%
Regis Martin22.0817th - 61.67%
Mark Wyatt24.3025th - 52.65%
Lisa Mullen25.2629th - 58.19%
Anna Charlton25.3930th - 57.96%
56 finishers.

parkrun # 22 - Woodley 5km - Saturday 23rd February 2013

Allan Todd18.59 pb4th - 70.85%
126 finishers.

Riverlodge Running Club 4 miles, Ennis - Sunday 17th February 2013

Thomas Grimes22.381st
161 finishers.

Sunday Cross Country League 5 - Watford - 5.9 Miles - Sunday 17th February 2013

Patrick Brown38:5620
Peter Rains44:0886
Michael Wilson45:54120
Phoebe Bowman52:09199
The fifth and final sunday cross country league race of the season, at
Cassiobury Park, Watford, saw a frosty early morning give way to a crisp and
bright sunny day. It was great to run in this lovely park and it's hilly
surrounding woodlands in which we ran two laps. This year there was a completely
new course with a different start and finish. As usual there was little mud and
the conditions were near perfect for the last race of the series. Patrick Brown
was at his best to finish in 20th position for the men with Peter Raines in 76th
and Mike Wilson 107th. Phoebe Bowman ran very well to finish in 39th position for the ladies.

Brighton Half Marathon - Sunday 17th February 2013

Tim Le Rasle1.33.34559th - 65.4%
Katherine Harris1.50.34 pb2482nd - 59.7%
Anna Phillips1.55.23 pb3296th - 57.1%
Emiko Priest2.02.19 pb4415th - 54.1%

Race The Pace Half Marathon, Dorney Lake - Saturday 16th February 2013

Tanbir Jasimuddin1.48.59466th - 54.7%
Carol Plaskowski2.15.30965th - 55.7%
1050 finishers.

ILFORD AC 10mile XC at Hainault Forest - Saturday 16th February 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes1.05.133rd
Mark Boulton1.07.376th
Paul Thompson1.17.03 pb15th
Grant Conway1.18.13 pb16th
Ninette Fernandes1.46.0726th
Sarah Burns1.46.0727th
The nice mild Saturday afternoon weather belied the dreadful underfoot
conditions at Hainault Forest on Saturday. On a course waterlogged and very
muddy following the recent rainy and snowy months conditions were extremely
difficult. It was also a hilly course of 3 laps.

Thomas, Paul, Grant and Mark after the race.

A small field gathered in what was the ILFORD AC Club Championship race
postponed from around the New Year period when it was always tradionally held.
First home in 61:09 was Malcolm Muir of Ilford with Thomas Grimes of ELR in a
very creditable 3rd in approx 65 mins. Mark Boulton, Paul Thompson and Grant
Conway of ELR also ran with Paul and Grant gaining pb's despite the conditions.

Ninette Fernandes in her first ever XC race and Sarah Burns winning the prize
for first FV35 also had good finishing times.

Ninette and Sarah pictured after the race.

parkrun # 92 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 16th February 2013

Thomas Grimes19:121st - 67.71 %
Patrick Brown19:132nd - 67.13 %
James Wilson19:524th - 66.78 %
Derek Wright21:318th - 64.37 %
Celia Payaneeandee23:1020th (1st Lady) - 63.88 %
Fiona Day28:0637th - 64.41 %
56 finishers.

Extremely muddy course this week with the pond overflowing onto the path for a short distance. Thomas was 1st and received his 50 vest as well. Celia was 1st lady. Thanks to Emiko for timing duties and Regis for tail runner/signs.

parkrun # 4 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 16th February 2013

Richard Guest21:312nd - 63.44 %
Jonathan Wooldridge23:006th - 59.78 %
Phoebe Bowman24:2115th - 60.78 %
32 finishers.

parkrun # 55 - Mile End 5km - Saturday 16th February 2013

Mark Wyatt21:0721st - 61.09 %
David Wyatt29:3075th - 53.45 %
91 finishers.

parkrun # 35 - Gladstone Park 5km - Saturday 16th February 2013

Dan Spinks21:4014th - 62.54 %
71 finishers.

parkrun # 21 - Woodley 5km - Saturday 16th February 2013

Allan Todd19.03 pb4th - 70.08 %
151 finishers.

parkrun # 6 - Harrow Lodge - Saturday 16th February 2013

Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea21.13 (1st male)2nd - 61.51%
I'm the first ELR to have run this course, so I thought I would provide
brief feedback on the experience. Firstly, it's another parkrun well within
an hour's commute from my home, making that a dozen choices exactly every
Saturday morning. Rainfall from the previous day made for very wet muddy
and slippery conditions. The run starts on an undulating grassed area of
land next to the car park, and most of the course is on this surface. Where
there was no grass, there were very deep rutted areas which were highly
unsuitable for the racing flats I was wearing. Some of the course is along
trail tracks and some on tarmac paths, but unusually you had to run across
them as well as along them! What is good about this course is that it is
only a single lap course, and so finishes where it starts. If you loved the
Newman Hilly course in ELVIS 2012, then this run is made for you, so don't
come here for PB's! The back end of the Wanstead Flats Parkrun course is
tame compared to this

I came in second, although I would've been first were it not for a rogue
arrow placed by some individual(s) other than the parkrun team. I was
leading at the time of this error by 20m, with Faye Fullerton (16:20 PB) in
second. Playing catch up (because of rogue arrows) took its toll on me, I
caught Faye up for a second time, not easy task considering I was now 40m
behind her. Her trail shoes coped better with the bare mud in the last 0.5
miles, and she romped home in first. I was invited to run with Havering'90
Joggers, who are mostly responsible for this parkrun, to which I politely
declined ...I'm an East London Runner!

West Ham Park 5km Winter Series - Race 14 - Sunday 10th February 2013

Thomas Grimes18.561st - 68.7%

Great Bentley Half Marathon - Sunday 10th February 2013

Peter Hatley1.30.59 pb110th - 66.8%
Simon Morgan1.31.40112th (life member)
Sarah Burns1.52.09 pb393rd - 59.7%
605 finishers. Sarah reports:- New trainers are properly magic got a pb.

Wokingham Half Marathon - Sunday 10th February 2013

Allan Todd1.28.43 pb311th - 66.41%
1927 finishers. tbc. Well done Allan , pb by 2 min & 47 secs.

parkrun # 134 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 9th February 2013

Paul Quinton17.123rd - 75.87%

parkrun # 3 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 9th February 2013

Phoebe Bowman24.32 (course pb)17th - 60.33%
28 finishers. Third course pb for Phoebe.

parkrun # 91 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 9th February 2013

Thomas Grimes18.331st - 70.08%
Mark Boulton19.313rd - 66.18%
Gavin Stebbing20.096th - 66.75%
Derek Wright21.0910th - 65.48%
Russell Price21.5013th - 59.08%
Regis Martin22.0414th - 61.86%
Lee Wollaston23.3923rd - 57.29%
Frank Brownlie25.4828th - 62.73%
Fiona Day26.45 (course pb)30th - 67.66%
Don Bennett29.1240th - 52.17%
52 finishers. Course was still wet & muddy, but not as bad as last week.

parkrun # 105 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 9th February 2013

Tim Le Rasle19.34 pb3rd - 69.25%
Mary OBrien25.1825th - 73.52%
105 finishers.A course pb for Tim le Rasle in 19.34.

parkrun # 20 - Woodley Park 5km - Saturday 9th February 2013

Allan Todd19.18 pb4th - 69.17%
155 finishers.Excellent run from Allan Todd knocking 31 seconds of his pb.

parkrun # 36 - Beckton 5km - Saturday 9th February 2013

Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea20.251st - 63.40%
20 finishers.

parkrun # 134 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 9th February 2013

Ninette Fernandes25.15 (1st parkrun)25th - 58.75%
45 finishers. A great debut parkrun from Ninette in 25.15 shows her track

West Ham Park 5km Winter Series - Race 13 - Sunday 3rd February 2013

Sharon Springfield26.04 (with buggy)15th - (1st lady)

Watford Half Marathon 2013 - Sunday 3rd February 2013

Manjit Bedi1.20.44 pb42nd - 80.34%
Mark Boulton1.23.26 pb74th - 71.45%
William Pearce1.26.33124th - 68.89%
James Wilson1.27.33 pb149th - 68.09%
Alex Haward1.32.34254th - 64.42%
Manjit Singh1.34.40309th
William Davies1.46.30 pb761st - 55.91%
Ninette Fernandes2.01.01 pb1299th - 53.87%
Waiting to confirm pb's going by profiles at the moment.

Mornington Chasers 10km, Regents Park - Sunday 3rd February 2013

Jamie Xavier43.11

Chingford League Race 6 - Victoria Park (5 Miles) - Saturday 2nd February 2013

Patrick Brown27.3317th
Gavin Stebbing29.5152th
Michael Wilson31.01 (course pb)68th
Peter Rains31.2678th
Grant Conway33.13101st
Kieran Brown36.11137th
Phoebe Bowman37.03148th
Sarah Burns37.29156th
Emiko Priest41.17177th
Ninette Fernandes41.34178th
Fiona Day41.41179th
Mike: A fast flat figure of eight course on the paths of leafy Victoria
Park. Patrick was first back for ELR in 27.33 (17th overall), followed by Gavin in 29.51 (52nd), Mike 31.01 (68th) and Peter just behind in 31.26 (78th), Grant 33.13 (101st) and Kieran 36.11 (137th). Men's team, 7th out of 10 teams. Phoebe was first for ELR ladies in 37.03 (30th lady), Sarah 37.29 (36th), then Emiko 41.17 (46th), Ninette 41.34 (47th) and Fiona 41.41 (48th) finishing close together. Ladies team, 7th out of 8 teams. Total number of finishers 193. (128 affiliated men, 57 affiliated ladies and 8 guest runners). The course was slightly under the distance at 4.9 miles.

Eton Dorney Lake 20km - Saturday 2nd February 2013

Allan Todd1.23.20
Four very windy laps of the banks of the rowing lake course.

Run Richmond Park 5km Series - Race 1 - Saturday 2nd February 2013

Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea20.012nd - 65.2%
57 finishers.

parkrun # 2 - Walthamstow 5km - Saturday 2nd February 2013

Richard Guest22.434th - 60.09%
Phoebe Kallin26.00 (1st lady)11th - 56.92%
Anna Charlton27.3216th - 54.00%
26 finishers.

parkrun # 90 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 2nd February 2013

Patrick Brown19.471st - 65.21%
Regis Martin22.5510th - 59.56%
Ashley Sarangi23.1313th - 57.14%
Celia Payaneeandee23.51 (1st lady)14th - 62.05%
Lee Wollaston24.3418th - 55.16%
David Irwin25.0620th - 56.51%
Don Bennett41.3745th - 36.60%
45 finishers.Don reports:- The snow & ice from previous weeks has gone

parkrun # 53 - Mile End 5km - Saturday 2nd February 2013

Mark Wyatt21.2418th - 60.28%
David Wyatt27.5978th - 56.34%
108 finishers. Mark ran 15 miles in 1.50.51 including his 5km at Mile End who

parkrun # 104 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 2nd February 2013

Alex Haward19.33 (parkrun pb)3rd - 66.16%
114 finishers.

West Ham Park 5km Winter Series - Race 12 - Sunday 27th January 2013

Thomas Grimes19.491st
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea20.392nd
Sharon Springfield27.02 (with buggy)13th (2nd lady)
23 finishers.

Marrakesh Marathon 2013 - Sunday 27th January 2013

Jimmy Hartwell4.28.30466th

parkrun # 1 - Walthamstow - Peter May Sports Ground 5km - Saturday 26th January 2013

Phoebe Kallin26.0532nd - 56.74%
62 finishers.

parkrun # 103 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 26th January 2013

Gavin Stebbing19.31 (parkrun pb)2nd - 68.92%
Alex Haward19.50 (parkrun pb)3rd - 65.21%
Tim Le Rasle20.25 (pb & course debut)6th - 66.37%
Katherine Harris23.1917th - 63.62%
Frank Brownlie23.58 (pb & course debut)20th - 67.52%
82 finishers.

parkrun # 89 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 26th January 2013

Thomas Grimes18.311st - 70.21%
Patrick Brown19.243rd - 66.49%
Mark Boulton19.314th - 66.18%
James Wilson19.386th - 69.57%
Derek Wright21.4410th - 63.73%
Jonathan Shaw23.4521st - 56.63%
Emiko Priest28.2935th - 52.19%
52 finishers.

Benfleet 15m - Sunday 20th January 2013

Thomas Grimes1.38.076th
Patrick Brown1.46.0521st
James Wilson1.48.24 pb31st
Mark Boulton1.49.1136th
Andrew Baxter1.52.4548th
Russell Price2.04.57 pb121st
Carlton DSouza2.05.17123rd
Grant Conway2.09.14136th
William Davies2.10.16144th
Tanbir Jasimuddin2.28.44265th
Richard Potter2.34.24290th
Dave Knight2.34.58297th
Simon Morgan1.54.0457th life member
373 finishers.

Chingford League Race 5 - Hackney Marshes (5.4 Miles) - Saturday 19th January 2013

Thomas Grimes31.1814th
Patrick Brown32.1423rd
Mark Wyatt35.0156th
Gavin Stebbing36.4173rd
Peter Rains37.1985th
Peter Hatley39.29109th
Emmet Fitzgibbon40.24114th
Michael Wilson40.51118th
Russell Price41.53128th
Emiko Priest49.02171st
Mike:Race 5 of the Chingford League series took place in a sub-zero temperature, just a short journey away on a snow covered Hackney Marshes. The course was totally flat and consisted of two main laps of the marshes, finishing the opposite side of Homerton Road which was crossed via a tunnel by the side of the river. Several of our runners had already taken part in a park run earlier in the day, whilst some were also competing in the Benfleet 15 the following day. A strong men's team was led home by Thomas Grimes in 14th position overall, in a time of 31.18, followed just under a minute later by Patrick Brown (23rd) in 32.14 - two outstanding performances. Mark Wyatt was next for ELR in 35.01 (56th), followed by Gavin Stebbing 36.41 (73rd), Peter Rains 37.19 (85th), Peter Hatley 39.29 (109th), Emmet Fitzgibbon 40.24 (114th), Mike Wilson 40.51 (118th), Russell Price 41.53 (128th) and Emiko Priest for the ladies in 49.02 (171st).

parkrun # 17 - Woodley Park 5km - Saturday 19th January 2013

Allan Todd20.358th - 64.86%

parkrun # 88 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 19th January 2013

Thomas Grimes18.351st - 69.96%
Euan Brown18.422nd - 68.98%
Patrick Brown18.453rd - 68.80%
Mark Boulton19.474th - 65.29%
Gavin Stebbing21.489th - 61.74%
Derek Wright22.2112th - 62.43%
Regis Martin22.5317th - 60.04%
Peter Rains23.3021st - 66.86%
Jonathan Shaw24.0724th - 56.08%
David Irwin24.5926th - 57.38%
Fiona Day27.5332nd - 65.37%
48 finishers. Don reports:- The snow came down but Wanstead Flats

West Ham Park 5km Winter Series - Race 11 - Sunday 13th January 2013

James Wilson20.461st
Sharon Springfield26.30 (with pram)11th (1st lady)
Sharon say's:- Completed my first 5k pram race this morning!! I think

Sunday Cross Country League - Royston - 5.2 Miles - Sunday 13th January 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Thomas Grimes34.2812
Andrew Baxter38.1138
Paul Thompson41.50106
Emmet Fitzgibbon44.07131
Michael Wilson45.14146
William Davies46.51170
Frank Brownlie52.57239
Emiko Priest56.59279
Susannah McLaren57.29286
Mike: There was a large turnout for this race which was held on the
frosty heaths of Royston with its steep hills and valleys. The ground was bone hard with zero degrees temperature and not a hint of mud in sight. Some of our runners were competing after a long training run, the day before. First home for the men was Thomas Grimes in 12th position overall, followed by Andrew Baxter (38th), Paul Thompson (106th) and Emmot Fitzgibbon having an excellent run in 131st position. Mike Wilson (146th), William Davies (170th) and Frank Brownlie (239th) completed the field for the men, who were only one short of having a full team. The ladies team were represented by Emiko Priest (279th) with Susannah McLaren just behind in 286th position.

Emiko:I'm calling this course 'Royston Roaster' - those hills are relentless!

parkrun # 101 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 12th January 2013

Alex Haward20.084th - 64.24%
Chloe Longstaff23.18 (parkrun pb)17th - 64.59%
96 finishers. A pb for Chloe on her 6th parkrun but first time at Valentines.

parkrun # 446 - Bushy Park 5km - Saturday 12th January 2013

Derek Wright20:3965th - 67.07%
1027 finishers.

parkrun # 131 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 12th January 2013

David Wyatt24.56 22nd - 63.24%
40 finishers.A course pb, 24.56 for David knocking over a minute off his debut

parkrun # 87 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 12th January 2013

Thomas Grimes19.00 (50th parkrun)1st - 68.42%
Patrick Brown19.042nd - 67.66%
Euan Brown19.273rd - 66.32%
Gavin Stebbing20.164th - 66.37%
Russell Price21.4910th - 59.13%
James Wilson21.5011th - 60.76%
Ashley Sarangi22.3313th - 58.46%
Jonathan Shaw23.1819th - 57.73%
Lee Wollaston23.2923rd - 57.70%
Celia Payaneeandee24.4429th - 59.84%
Fiona Day27.2740th - 65.09%
Emiko Priest27.5745th - 53.19%
Don Bennett31.0057th - 49.14%
70 finishers. Congratulation's to Thomas Grimes on his 50th parkrun and to

West Ham Park 5km Winter Series - Race 10 - Sunday 6th January 2013

Thomas Grimes18.511st
Sharon Springfield23.2611th - 1st lady
31 finishers. Welcome back Sharon Springfield

Mornington Chasers 10km, Regents Park - Sunday 6th January 2013

Jamie Xavier42.2267th
394 finishers.

parkrun # 100 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 5th January 2013

Manjit Singh20:418th - 65.03 %
Derek Wright21:54 (with pram)11th - 63.24 %
Peter Rains24:2224th - 63.61 %
Steven Bywater33:0385th - 43.57 %
109 finishers. Katherine Harris was marshalling this week as backmarker.

Essex XC Championships - Hadleigh Country Park - Saturday 5th January 2013

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
Chloe Longstaff52.4078th
Natasha Tweedie56.2189th
Emiko Priest62.51107th
Gavin Stebbing67.48123rd
Russell Price67.49124th
Paul Thompson70.12143rd
Peter Rains70.32145th
Emmet Fitzgibbon75.41163rd
Dan Spinks82.48177th
Senior women's race - 122 finishers.
Senior men's race - 193 finishers.

Ladies event was 5 miles (8km's), conditions were very muddy .The ground was well churned up by the 6 previous events. Even getting to the start point was a test. The ladies event was 2 laps and by the time Emiko had started her 2nd lap the following mens event was charging down upon them.Unfortunately they had only 3 runners and needed 4 for a team.Chloe came in first followed by Natasha & Emiko.

Mens event was 7.5 miles (12km,s) and 3 laps. Due to a few dropouts they still managed a full team with Gavin coming in first chased down very closely on the line by Russell. Paul & Peter followed close by. Emmett returning from recent injury was about 5 minutes behind with Dan short of recent running coming through to score for a full team. They finished 21st of 24 teams.

parkrun # 86 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 5th January 2013

Patrick Brown18.471st - 68.68%
Roger Stubbs23.2713th - 62.90%
Lee Wollaston24.2122nd - 55.65%
David Irwin25.2528th - 55.80%
Celia Payaneeandee26.0531st - 56.74%
Anna Charlton26.3832nd - 55.82%
Don Bennett30.0741st - 50.58%
60 finishers. Fiona Day was timer this week.

parkrun # 130 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 5th January 2013

David Wyatt26.0434th - 60.49%

Serpentine New Years Day 10km - Tuesday 1st January 2013

Allan Todd40.5054th - 68.0%
Jamie Xavier41.3561st - 66.8%
Katherine Harris50.07256th - 60.7%
Emiko Priest56.25380th - 54.0%
Paola Cimenti61.05471st - 49.9%
Carol Plaskowski64.01493rd - 54.3%
567 finishers.

parkrun # 99 - Valentines Park 5km - Tuesday 1st January 2013

Gavin Stebbing19.45 (parkrun pb)3rd - 68.10%
Manjit Singh20.164th - 66.37%
Derek Wright21.50 (with pram)9th - 63.44%
Don Bennett28.5848th - 52.19%
74 finishers. Don reports:- A lovely sunny morning brought in the New test test test test test