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London Marathon

Volunteers Required - Virgin Money London Marathon Weekend - 21st and 22nd April 2017

Our biggest challenge for 2018 shall be the supporting the Virgin Money London Marathon. For the 2018 Marathon the organisers are introducing new accreditation measures for all course team volunteers.

For East London Runners volunteer co-ordination, this means that all volunteers now need to sign up at least 4-6 weeks in advance. As a club, ELR are currently rewarded with some guaranteed entries to the following years Marathon through our volunteer efforts.

Many of us, including myself, have received one of these guaranteed places over the years. These guaranteed entries are extremely important to the Club, and we are fully committed to continuing to support the Virgin Money London Marathon. Please, please get in touch today and register your interest in volunteering.

Volunteering is great fun, and a wonderful way to give something back to support the sport we love. Without volunteers many of these events wouldn't happen, so please support your club, your local events, your fellow runners and our wonderful sport by giving that little something back.

Get in touch with me ASAP via e: volunteers@eastlondonrunners.org.uk, WhatsApp: 07810525659, or Facebook Messenger.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Ciaran Canavan
Volunteere Co-Ordinator
East London Runners

Training for London 2018 and other Spring Marathons - Races and MarathonTraining Runs

We can recommend the following races/training runs which have been tried and tested by many members of East London Runners in the past. All distances shown are in miles. SOME OF THE RACES ARE CHALLENGING!

6. Sunday 18th March 2018 - Finchley 20 - 9.00am. - Bury Street, Ruislip, Middlesex. 4 laps of 5 miles, undulating road, town and rural.

7. Sunday 18th March 2018 - 10am - The Oakley 20. - The course consists of one 12 mile loop on undulating country roads around Oakley and North Bedfordshire villages followed by a slightly different second loop of 8 miles.

8. Saturday 24th March 2018 - 10am - Orion 15. A challenging off road local race in Epping Forest. Very hilly and often very muddy. A firm favourite of ELR!

9. Sunday 25th March 2018 - 9:00am start for 12min per mile+ runners/
9.30am main start - Gade Valley Harriers 20 mile Marathon Training run.
Details as above but cost £10.00. Route is part on Canal towpath, can be a bit muddy and uneven. rest is on hilly country roads, well marshalled etc. Please download this REGISTRATION FORM

Ben Warry is running London for MIND.


Hi my name is Ben Warry. I am 26 years of age. If you are like me, you have probably felt lost, anxious, confused, depressed or helpless. I think everyone has at some point in time or you know someone who has. Luckily, for a lot of people these feelings are just momentary. They are temporary. But for some, that isn't the case. For some, those feelings can become 'life'.

I have witnessed first-hand, through family and friends, the effect that mental health problems can have on both the individual and those loved ones around them. I want to help others so that they don't have to face the same struggles and so have chosen to support a charity close to my heart and mind.

Rosie Shrimplin is running London for MIND.


So yes, I have decided to run the London Marathon next year for the charity Mind. After successfully raising money for the 10k great Newham London run, I thought it would be brilliant to run for the same charity that plays a huge role in some people's lives.
We already know that millions of people go through stress, anxiety and depression with no one to talk to, and trust me, it can be difficult. I've been there. With no one to talk to it feels like your world is caving in and there's no way out. Thankfully, when I get my bouts of social anxiety and down days, I have a wonderful friend who has been there for me 24/7 and nothing is too much. Many other brilliant friends are around to support me every step of the way but telling someone is always the hardest part.

Nathaniel Dye is doing the City to Summit for Children With Cancer.


My story
Thanks for visiting!
In order to raise money for Children with Cancer, I am going to be running a half marathon round Edinburgh, taking on an ironman distance cycle, then running a marathon, including going up and down Ben Nevis!
As a bonus, if We make the £1,000 target, I will also cut off my hair and donate it to the Princess Trust.
Any donations would be much appreciated!!
With love,

Lucy Barron is running London for Macmillan Cancer Research.


Lucy Barron In 2015 I took part in my very first 26.2 by running the Brighton Marathon for Macmillan in which I managed to raise over £1000 which I was delighted and overwhelmed by.
Nearly 2 years and 2 Marathons worth of experience later I have been given the chance by my lovely running club (EAST LONDON RUNNERS) to take part in one of the largest most sort after running events in the world *The London marathon*, as much as I love running as a sport and a hobby I couldn't pass by the opportunity to use such a high profile event to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support who hold a special place for many of family and friends.
Without people doing events, running marathons, climbing mountains, and donating in all the other ways that you can, Macmillan would not exist.
Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure.

Kate Frost is running London for Hospice UK.


I will be running the London Marathon on April 22nd in aid of Hospice UK because I, like many of my friends, have experienced the benefit of the care they have provided to loved ones. My grandfather, John Frost, was at Mountbatten Hospice some years ago to get the care he needed. When it was his time to go, the nurses provided palliative care at home which is where he wanted to die. The work of hospices and the professionals who provide such excellent support is funded by charitable donations.

Colin Dryland is running London for the Orchid Cancer Appeal.


I'm running London Marathon in April and using it as an opportunity to raise money for the Orchid Cancer Appeal which exists to save men's lives from Prostate, Testicular and Penile cancer. Please support this great cause by visiting my fundraising page (paste link below into your browser) and donating whatever you can! Thanks so much - Colin

www.just giving. Com/fundraising/Colin-Dryland1

- even if you decide not to donate, please help by liking this article to help spread the word far and wide - thanks again! Colin

Jay Sangha is running London for Clic Sargent.


My story
I alway love to run from a young age. Since I joined my running club, I wanted to do a marathon. I only entered the ballot because I knew the chances of actually getting a place were slim. If I did not get in I would be running for charity and I got in, so I thought I will still run for charity.
I will be running for Clic Sargent, a charity that gives fantastic support not only for children suffering from cancer, but for their families as well.
£4 raised could pay for a Clic Sargent storybook that explains childhood cancer to children in simple, easy to understand language

Jayne Browne is running Manchester for The Alzheimers Society.


I am running the Manchester Marathon for The Alzheimers Society.
Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page.
Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving - they'll never sell them on or send unwanted emails.

Sandra Hiller is running London for Cancer Research UK.


I will be running the London Marathon this year in memory of my late Dad, for Cancer Research. My Dad fought a strong and courageous battle.

I also think of my friends and family that have also put up a courageous battle and are fighting now the terrible illness

Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page.

Alexandra is running London for Action Against Hunger UK


Alexandra Rutishauser Perera
My Story
This is it! What I have been running for in the last few years ! My running dream: doing the London Marathon on the year of my 40's birthday in 2018 ! I am forever grateful to Action Against Hunger UK for giving me a place !
If you know me, you have heard about Action Against Hunger before. I am their Head of Nutrition and I strongly believe in what we do : we work in 40 countries saving the lives of malnourished children and ensuring that everyone can access clean water, food, training and healthcare. Your support to my marathon place will help save lives, I see our work in the field and I know we are doing it right !

Andrea is running London for The Alzheimer's Society & Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.


My story
On 22nd April I will be running the London Marathon. I will be raising money for two charities close to my heart for different reasons; the Alzheimers Society & Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
Any donations will be much appreciated. They will make (hopefully) getting round those famous 26.2 miles even more rewarding, and will make the last few months of training worthwhile.


The results of the club ballot drawn on 8 November 2017 were as follows:

Congratulations to:

1. Lucy Barron
2. Roger Stubbs
3. Maran Raju
4. Sandra Hiller
5. Michael Bamford
6. Maud Hodson
7. Diana Rexhepaj
8. Robyn Hase (Turtle)
9. David Hallybone
10. Ruel Ordonio

The above named should expect to receive an email from the club shortly to advise of the next steps.

Reserves - who will be offered a place should the above choose to pass the up the opportunity to run.
11. Sheetal Dandgey
12. Laura Woodhouse
13. Simon Thomas
14. Jason Levy
15. Claire Drakeford
16. Michael Keefe
17. Joanne Neville
18. Jayne Browne
19. Steven Bywater
20. Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera
21. Spencer Evans
22. Graham Peacock
23. Jonathan Shaw
24. Katy Taylor
25. Tim Aylett
26. Michael Wilson
27. Robert Rayworth
28. Alexandra Brown
29. Rachel Le Roux
30. Manjit Singh
31. Ian Cooper
32. Geoff Bench
33. Chloe Millan
34. Dave Knight
35. Emma Wing
36. John Booth
37. Helen McGuiness
38. Andrew Howard
39. Ashley Faria
40. Shahib Ali

ELR Rules for Guaranteed Club places in the London Marathon 2018

Virgin Money London Marathon 22nd April 2018 - Club Ballot for places will be held on Wednesday 8th November 2017.

Virgin Money London Marathon will be sending out their ACCEPTANCE or REJECTION packs around 2nd October 2017 and over the following 7 days.

The ballot of the Club places for the Virgin Money London Marathon 2018 will take place on Wednesday 8th November 2017 at 6.50pm prior to the regular Club run.

ELR Ballot rules -

1. Open to Members where East London Runners is their First Claim Club.
The date of First Claim will be when a new member joins the club and can be freely registered by us with England Athletics (EA). Where a new member is already registered with EA with another Club or organisation then the date of First Claim will be the date when EA confirms to us that they have transferred their registration to ELR.

2. Fully paid up First Claim member by 1st April 2016 and paid/renewed their Membership for 2017/18 on or before 30th June 2017. Note that for this year only those members who have joined between 1st April 2016 and 30th September 2016 may be eligible if they meet all the other rules of the ballot.

3. Applied in the public ballot and was rejected by VMLM for 2018.

4. Can provide proof to the Club of being rejected by VMLM 2018. Proof by
way of rejection slip/letter or e.mail from VMLM 2018. Rejection letters can be handed to Mike, Don or Jonathan at the Club. Please forward your rejection e.mail to our webmaster email address. Note a rejection magazine or copy of same is insufficient proof.

5. Members who have been successful and have not passed the place back to the Club through injury or other reason or who have subsequently received a place as a Reserve in the previous year Club Ballot will not be eligible for entry in the following yearly ballot.

In the unlikely situation where not all places are taken up by other eligible Club Members any spare places could then be balloted among the previous year successful members if they meet all the other rules/criteria. This rule is to apply to those successful in the ballot for LM2017 which took place in November 2016 and for future London Marathons.

6. Member to advise Mike Wilson, Don Bennett,or Jonathan Wooldridge that they wish to be in the ballot and provide proof of rejection on or before 23:59 on Tuesday 7th November 2017

7. Members who qualify for Good for Age and Championship places in the London Marathon are ineligible for our Ballot as they must apply under these categories.

8. The draw will take place on Wednesday 8th November 2017 at 6.50pm prior to the normal Club run.

Successful in our Ballot in 2016 for VMLM 2017

1. Andy Bolderstone
2. Peter Hatley
3. Sheila Kennedy
4. Ramesh Pala
5. Suzanne Bench
6. John Healy*
7. Susannah McLaren
8. James Nichols
9. Peter Martin
10.Paul Marshall

Sunday 22nd April 2018 - Virgin Money London Marathon - Public Ballot opens Bank Holiday Monday 1st May 2017

The public ballot entry system for the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon opens on Monday 1 May and closes at 17:00 on Friday 5 May 2017. The ballot will be open for five days to give everyone who wants to enter the event a fair chance to do so.