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Sunday 22nd April 2018 - Virgin Money London Marathon - Public Ballot opens Bank Holiday Monday 1st May 2017

The public ballot entry system for the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon opens on Monday 1 May and closes at 17:00 on Friday 5 May 2017. The ballot will be open for five days to give everyone who wants to enter the event a fair chance to do so.

ELR Rules for Guaranteed Club places in the London Marathon 2018

Virgin Money London Marathon 22nd April 2018 - Club Ballot for places will be held on Wednesday 8th November 2017.

Virgin Money London Marathon will be sending out their ACCEPTANCE or REJECTION packs around 30th September and over the following 7 days.

The ballot of the Club places for the Virgin Money London Marathon 2018 will take place on Wednesday 8th November 2017 at 6.50pm prior to the regular Club run.

ELR Ballot rules -

1. Open to Members where East London Runners is their First Claim Club.
The date of First Claim will be when a new member joins the club and can be freely registered by us with England Athletics (EA). Where a new member is already registered with EA with another Club or organisation then the date of First Claim will be the date when EA confirms to us that they have transferred their registration to ELR.

2. Fully paid up First Claim member by 1st April 2016 and paid/renewed their Membership for 2017/18 on or before 30th June 2017. Note that for this year only those members who have joined between 1st April 2016 and 30th September 2016 may be eligible if they meet all the other rules of the ballot.

3. Applied in the public ballot and was rejected by VMLM for 2018.

4. Can provide proof to the Club of being rejected by VMLM 2018. Proof by
way of rejection slip/letter or e.mail from VMLM 2018. Rejection letters can be handed to Mike, Don or Jonathan at the Club. Please forward your rejection e.mail to our webmaster email address. Note a rejection magazine or copy of same is insufficient proof.

5. Members who have been successful or who have subsequently received a place as a Reserve in the previous year Club Ballot will not be eligible for entry in the following yearly ballot. In the unlikely situation where not all places are taken up by other eligible Club Members any spare places could then be balloted among the previous year successful members if they meet all the other rules/criteria. This rule is to apply to those successful in the ballot for LM2017 which took place in November 2016 and for future London Marathons.

6. Member to advise Mike Wilson, Don Bennett,or Jonathan Wooldridge that they wish to be in the ballot and provide proof of rejection on or before 23:59 on Tuesday 7th November 2017

7. The draw will take place on Wednesday 8th November 2017 at 6.50pm prior to the normal Club run.