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ELR Grand Prix


The idea of the internal Grand Prix competition is to gain points by participating in as many races as possible within the list, over a 12 month period (you don't have to do them all but you won't gain points for the ones you skip). The points are higher for certain races and we use an age grade system to calculate them.

There are two different series as we know that not everyone can do more than 12 races in a year:

ELR Silver Series (12 races)
5 best ELVIS races out of 8
6 best Chingford or Sunday League races (out of 12)
1 10k (road officially measured)

ELR Gold Series (19 races)
6 best ELVIS races out of 8, including running or volunteering at Valentines
8 best Chingford or Sunday League races out of 12, including at least 3 of each league
1 10k (road officially measured)
1 half marathon (road officially measured)
1 marathon (road officially measured)
1 long-distance cross-country (Ilford 10, Benfleet 15 or Orion 15)
1 Essex Way Relay

Obviously, you cannot be both a Gold and a Silver winner so if you have the highest number of points in both, the second best of the Silver one will then become the winner.

The points system can appear a bit complex, and is described in detail below for whoever is interested, but in a nutshell:
- For each eligible race, we will calculate a point score for the runner based on their time, age factor, and (in most cases) the median time of the race. Volunteering at Valentines or Chingford League Relays gives 100 points.
- For each race group (e.g. 5 out of 8 ELVIS, 1 out of 2 15mi XC), we will select the best races based on points scored. If a runner hasn't completed sufficient races, they will score zero for any missed races.
- The runner's score for the race group will be the sum of these race points.
- For each series, we will calculate the total score from the race groups, multiplied by a weighting (see below). The weighting ensures that we get a fair balance across the different types of race, especially in the gold series.

The scoring will be updated every month and on time for each newsletter and we will have three winners of each gender per series.

The competition will start on the 1st of October 2021 until 30th of September 2022 but will include the first race of the Chingford League on 18th of September 2021 at Hog Hill.

You do not need to do anything to participate apart from making sure that we have the results of your non-winter leagues/Essex Way/ELVIS races. However, you can let us know if you do not wish to be included in the monthly result ranking.

Race Details

Silver seriesGold series
Race groupScoring methodGroup descriptionWeightingGroup descriptionWeighting
ELVISABest 545%Best 6 incl. Valentines*25%
Winter leaguesABest 645%Best 8 incl. at least 3 of each league35%
10KBBest 110%Best 17%
Half marathonB--Best 18%
MarathonB--Best 110%
Long-distance XC**A--Best 18%
Essex Way RelayC--Best leg7%

Race Details - Notes

* Either running or volunteering at Valentines.

** Ilford AC 10 mile XC, Benfleet 15, or 2022 Orion 15. The extra Orion 15 race in November 2021 will not count for this competition, as it is primarily for people who entered the cancelled 2020 race (they will only open it to the public if there are extra spaces). Although the Ilford race is shorter than the other two, the scoring method (details below) accounts for that.

See Scoring - Race points calculation at the bottom of this page for details of scoring methods A, B & C.

Results - Overview

The results tables below show the current standings in the 2021-22 ELR Grand Prix Silver and Gold series, followed by more detailed tables showing individual race results and corresponding scores. The results will be updated monthly. The pos.chg column shows the change in position since the previous month (N=new).

Note that the silver/gold summary tables show scores that are scaled by the number of races in the group/series and the race group weighting. The other tables show unweighted race scores. This is why, for example, the marathon scores are higher in the gold series tables than in the road race summary/details tables. See the articles at the bottom of this page for full details of the scoring method.

Please let Jacob or Alexandra know of any errors or omissions in the results.

Results - Women's Silver Series

Standings in the women's silver series, as of 26 November 2021:

PosNameWinter LELVIS10KTotalPos.chg
1Caroline Frith446446-
2Sandra Preston425425-
3Sarah Burns304304-
4Caroline Moore297297-
5Katrina Betteridge261261-
6Diana Rexhepaj260260-
7Victoria Charlesworth257257-
8Carolyn Edwards249249-
9Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera233233-
10Becky Evans231231-
11Grace Turner86118204-
12Fiona Day199199-
13Catriona Hoult182182-
14Kathy Morrissey173173-
15Morag Campbell167167-
16Maya Goodwin154154-
17Sallyann Eyles149149-
18Natasha Howard117117N
19Betty Bohane101101-1
20Suzanne Taylor9797-1
21Kasia Stachowiak9696-1
22Jayne Browne9393-1
23Kay Leonard9292-1
24Andrea Waller9191-1
25Miho Strudwick8989-1
26Debbie Shearing8888-1
27Jane Burton8787-1
28Tina Bennett8585-1
29Claire Emery8585-1
30Veronica Carrasco7979-1

Results - Women's Gold Series

Standings in the women's gold series, as of 26 November 2021:

PosNameWinter LELVIS10KHMMarLD XCEWRTotalPos.chg
1Caroline Frith412194606+2
2Fiona Day184180207571-1
3Becky Evans213231444-1
4Caroline Moore274167441+5
5Sandra Preston392392-1
6Diana Rexhepaj240141381+5
7Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera216138354+8
8Betty Bohane93244337-3
9Morag Campbell154178333-3
10Kathryn Hertzberg153179332+9
11Catriona Hoult168162330+12
12Sarah Burns280280-5
13Suzanne Taylor90188278-5
14Natasha Howard130148278+12
15Andrea Waller84158242+21
16Katrina Betteridge242242-6
17Victoria Charlesworth237237-5
18Carolyn Edwards230230-5
19Paula Bedford226226-5
20Grace Turner80131211-4
21Chloe Millan195195-4
22Katherine Harris182182-4
23Suzanne Bench179179N
24Alexandra Wilkinson177177-4
25Pippa Sheerin175175-4
26Zoila Gilham-Fernandez175175-4
27Annette Clark166166N
28Anna Dingle162162-4
29Kathy Morrissey160160-4
30Amy Martin143143-3
31Maya Goodwin142142-3
32Alice Barrett141141-3
33Sallyann Eyles138138-3
34Selina Vernal129129-3
35Roselin Boramakot119119-3
36Kasia Stachowiak8888-3
37Jayne Browne8686-3
38Kay Leonard8585-3
39Miho Strudwick8282-2
40Debbie Shearing8282-2
41Jane Burton8080-2
42Tina Bennett7979-2
43Claire Emery7878-2
44Veronica Carrasco7373-2

Results - Men's Silver Series

Standings in the men's silver series, as of 26 November 2021:

PosNameWinter LELVIS10KTotalPos.chg
1Alex Pickering447447-
2Michael Wilson398398-
3Mark Moir389389-
4Jacob Stevens388388-
5Ian Mackie326326-
6Ramesh Pala252252-
7Martin Quinlan238238-
8Billy Rayner206206-
9James Nichols205205-
10Amit Marks204204-
11Karan Gadhia194194-
12Nick Hoult189189-
13Finbar Sheahan184184-
14Jason Levy176176-
15John OBrien163163-
16Joseph Gunn156156N
17Jamie Xavier145145N
18Clive Stephenson143143N
19Calvin Bobin127127-3
20Thomas Grimes121121-3
21Joseph Osakue113113-3
22Robert Dixon107107-3
23Adrian Frost104104-3
24Shahib Miah Ali9696-3
25Nathaniel Dye9595-3
26Peter Hatley9595-3
27Redmond Shannon9595-3
28Ciaran Canavan9595-3
29Mark Durrant9393-3
30James Creed9292-3
31Grant Conway9292-3
32Abdirahman Adan9191-3
33Mark Wyatt8989-3
34Jimmy Dale8888-3
35Kirk Johnson8686-3
36Samir Younsi8585-3
37Shanavaz Malayodu8585-3
38Neil Gage8484-3
39Denys Vuika8282-3
40George Georgiou7575-3
41Imran Mustak6565-3

Results - Men's Gold Series

Standings in the men's gold series, as of 26 November 2021:

PosNameWinter LELVIS10KHMMarLD XCEWRTotalPos.chg
1Mark Moir359212572-
2Jacob Stevens358167525+7
3Ian Mackie301190491+10
4Peter Hatley88173214474+8
5Jimmy Dale81162203447+10
6Manjit Bedi201235436+18
7James Creed85155181421+11
8Alex Pickering413413-6
9Joseph Gunn173236409+14
10James Nichols189215404-7
11Billy Rayner190200390-7
12Thomas Grimes112267379-7
13Jonathan Wooldridge164208372+16
14Nick Hoult174197371-8
15Michael Wilson368368-8
16David Kwakye165200365-8
17Joseph Osakue104243347-7
18Jamie Xavier161179339+18
19Calvin Bobin117219336-8
20Robert Dixon99192291+26
21Shahib Miah Ali89197286-7
22David Jordan270270-6
23Scott McMillan267267-6
24Nathaniel Dye88169257+25
25John Henry254254-6
26Paul Woodmansey250250-6
27Stuart Kelly240240-6
28Tom Howourth238238-6
29Ramesh Pala233233-4
30Shanavaz Malayodu78154233-4
31Robert Spread230230-4
32Martin Quinlan220220-4
33Denys Vuika76126202+26
34Andrew Ward200200-4
35Ged Browne190190-4
36Amit Marks189189-4
37Yasin Patel184184-4
38Guy Watts181181-4
39Karan Gadhia179179-4
40Arthur Diaz173173-3
41Roger Stubbs171171N
42Finbar Sheahan170170-4
43Imran Mustak60104163+18
44Jason Levy163163-5
45Ford Cadiogan162162-5
46Clive Stephenson159159N
47Vinesh Sampath Kumar158158-6
48Andrew Howard153153N
49George Relf153153-7
50John OBrien150150-7
51Matthew Powell149149-7
52Albert Ng149149-7
53Darminder Bhamra145145N
54Stuart Barton9898-7
55Adrian Frost9696-7
56Redmond Shannon8888-6
57Ciaran Canavan8787-6
58Mark Durrant8686-6
59Grant Conway8585-6
60Abdirahman Adan8484-6
61Mark Wyatt8282-6
62Kirk Johnson8080-6
63Samir Younsi7979-6
64Neil Gage7878-6
65George Georgiou6969-5

Results - Road Race Summary

Summary of points scored in open road races (10K, half marathon and marathon), up to 26 November 2021. Where a member has run more than one race of a given distance, their best score is taken. The scores differ from the tables above as they are unweighted (see Results - Overview above).

Albert Ng98
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera91
Alexandra Wilkinson93
Alice Barrett74
Amy Martin94
Andrea Waller104
Andrew Howard101
Andrew Ward105
Anna Dingle85
Annette Clark109
Arthur Diaz91
Becky Evans122
Betty Bohane128
Billy Rayner105
Calvin Bobin144
Caroline Frith128
Caroline Moore110
Catriona Hoult107
Chloe Millan103
Clive Stephenson119
Darminder Bhamra95
David Jordan142
David Kwakye109105
Denys Vuika83
Diana Rexhepaj93
Fiona Day119109
Ford Cadiogan85
Ged Browne100
George Relf80
Grace Turner98
Guy Watts119
Ian Mackie125
Imran Mustak68
Jacob Stevens110
James Creed10295
James Nichols113
Jamie Xavier121118
Jimmy Dale106107
John Henry134
Jonathan Wooldridge108109
Joseph Gunn130124
Joseph Osakue128
Katherine Harris96
Kathryn Hertzberg10194
Manjit Bedi132124
Mark Moir112
Matthew Powell98
Morag Campbell94
Natasha Howard9897
Nathaniel Dye111
Nick Hoult104
Paul Woodmansey131
Paula Bedford119
Peter Hatley114112
Pippa Sheerin92
Robert Dixon126
Robert Spread121
Roger Stubbs113
Roselin Boramakot78
Scott McMillan140
Selina Vernal68
Shahib Miah Ali104
Shanavaz Malayodu81
Stuart Barton64
Stuart Kelly126
Suzanne Bench118
Suzanne Taylor99
Thomas Grimes141
Tom Howourth125
Vinesh Sampath Kumar104
Yasin Patel97
Zoila Gilham-Fernandez92

Results - Road Race Details

Scores for the open road races (10K, half marathon and marathon), up to 26 November 2021. Please note that races that are off-road or not officially measured are excluded, as per the Grand Prix rules (see Excluded Road Races below for further information). Second-claim members are also ineligible to score points in open races.

If you ran an eligible race but your result is not shown, please contact Jacob or Alexandra, or email info@eastlondonrunners.org.uk, and we will add your result to the ELR database and Grand Prix scores.

02/10/21Run Through Victoria Park half marathonFiona Day2:13:43119
03/10/21Chelmsford Half MarathonMatthew Powell1:53:2898
03/10/21MBNA Chester MarathonArthur Diaz4:35:0591
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Alexandra Wilkinson4:54:5293
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Alice Barrett5:55:0268
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Andrew Ward4:08:35105
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Anna Dingle5:04:2785
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Betty Bohane3:08:06128
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Billy Rayner3:29:27105
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Chloe Millan3:54:42103
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021David Jordan2:35:28142
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Ford Cadiogan4:40:2485
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Ged Browne4:28:50100
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021George Relf4:32:3980
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021James Creed4:01:1395
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021James Nichols3:16:19113
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Jimmy Dale3:25:35107
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021John Henry2:51:21134
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Jonathan Wooldridge3:44:14109
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Joseph Osakue3:09:37127
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Katherine Harris4:19:3196
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Kathryn Hertzberg4:17:3694
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Manjit Bedi3:29:20124
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Morag Campbell4:49:4194
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Nick Hoult3:50:41104
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Paula Bedford3:40:53119
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Peter Hatley3:32:49112
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Pippa Sheerin4:51:1292
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Robert Spread3:08:01121
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Scott McMillan2:48:51140
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Selina Vernal6:03:3768
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Shahib Miah Ali3:32:11104
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Shanavaz Malayodu4:38:1881
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Stuart Kelly2:55:57126
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Suzanne Taylor4:41:1899
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Thomas Grimes2:41:40141
03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021Yasin Patel4:11:3497
10/10/21Manchester MarathonBecky Evans3:51:57122
10/10/21Manchester MarathonJoseph Gunn2:56:11124
10/10/21Manchester MarathonMark Moir3:15:53112
10/10/21Manchester MarathonPaul Woodmansey2:53:11131
10/10/21Manchester MarathonShahib Miah Ali3:51:2695
10/10/21Manchester MarathonTom Howourth2:54:45125
10/10/21Manchester MarathonZoila Gilham-Fernandez4:22:1492
10/10/21Royal Parks Half MarathonDavid Kwakye1:37:25109
10/10/21Royal Parks Half MarathonJamie Xavier1:35:19118
10/10/21Royal Parks Half MarathonRoselin Boramakot2:30:0878
10/10/21Royal Parks Half MarathonVinesh Sampath Kumar1:46:01104
10/10/21Run London 10km, Victoria ParkGrace Turner0:54:2198
17/10/21Bedford Autodrome Half MarathonStuart Barton3:05:3364
17/10/21Bedford Autodrome MarathonAlice Barrett5:25:3474
17/10/21Cambridge Half MarathonAlbert Ng1:51:5398
17/10/21Cambridge Half MarathonCalvin Bobin1:34:20144
17/10/21Cambridge Half MarathonGuy Watts1:27:37119
17/10/21Chelmsford & Essex Half MarathonNatasha Howard2:05:5797
17/10/21Chelmsford MarathonDavid Kwakye3:31:08105
17/10/21Oxford Half MarathonAmy Martin2:04:5294
17/10/21Paris MarathonJoseph Osakue3:08:57128
17/10/21Yorkshire MarathonFiona Day5:01:47109
24/10/21Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool MarathonJames Nichols3:24:04109
24/10/21Venice MarathonFord Cadiogan5:31:0972
31/10/21Worksop Halloween Half MarathonAndrew Howard2:07:17101
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonAlexandra Rutishauser-Perera2:15:3291
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonAndrea Waller2:01:04104
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonAnnette Clark2:01:04109
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonCaroline Frith1:37:12128
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonCaroline Moore2:14:58110
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonCatriona Hoult1:59:58107
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonDarminder Bhamra2:09:3095
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonDenys Vuika2:08:4083
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonDiana Rexhepaj2:25:4393
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonFiona Day2:14:58117
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonIan Mackie1:49:43125
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonImran Mustak2:35:5768
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonJacob Stevens1:42:08110
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonJames Creed1:47:22102
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonJimmy Dale1:38:45106
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonJonathan Wooldridge1:48:46108
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonKathryn Hertzberg1:57:36101
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonManjit Bedi1:33:22132
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonNathaniel Dye1:34:15111
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonPeter Hatley1:40:24114
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonRobert Dixon1:23:28126
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonRoger Stubbs1:52:49113
07/11/21Roding Valley Half MarathonSuzanne Bench2:01:03118
10/11/21Chase The Moon 10km, QEOPClive Stephenson0:49:49119
13/11/21Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10kmJamie Xavier0:42:31121
13/11/21Run Through Battersea Park 10kmJoseph Gunn0:36:37130
21/11/21Chelmsford 10kmNatasha Howard0:57:4398

Excluded Road Races

The following 10K, half marathon and marathon races have been excluded from the Road Race results above, as they do not meet the eligibility criteria that the race must be on road and officially measured. This rule is to ensure fairness and increase the variety of races that members need to run to score full points: there are plenty of off-road races in other sections of the series, such as many Winter League and several ELVIS races, and - for the gold series - the long-distance XC and Essex Way Relay.

If you think that a race listed here is in fact eligible, please contact Jacob or Alexandra, or email info@eastlondonrunners.org.uk, including any supporting information (e.g. web link showing road licence or measurement info).

03/10/21Virgin Money London Marathon 2021 VirtualVirtual
10/10/21Eden Project Half MarathonTrail
10/10/21Run The River 10kmTrail
23/10/21Beachy Head MarathonTrail
24/10/21Beachy Head 10kmTrail
31/10/21Wimbledon Common Half MarathonTrail

Results - Winter Leagues Summary

Summary of race scores for the Winter League races, up to 26 November 2021. See posts below for further details of the individual Chingford and Sunday League races.

Race ScoresSilverGold
NameCL1CL2CL3CL4CL5CL6CLRSL1SL2SL3SL4SL5Best 6Best 3 CLBest 3 SLNext 2Total
Abdirahman Adan10110110100101
Adrian Frost11611601160116
Alex Pickering1231231271244973731240497
Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera908485259174850259
Amit Marks11711022722700227
Andrea Waller10110110100101
Becky Evans12513125625600256
Betty Bohane11211211200112
Billy Rayner1161122281161120228
Calvin Bobin14114114100141
Caroline Frith1221281231234953731230495
Caroline Moore11111110833033000330
Carolyn Edwards90959227727700277
Catriona Hoult10499203104990203
Ciaran Canavan10510510500105
Claire Emery9494940094
Debbie Shearing9898098098
Denys Vuika9191910091
Diana Rexhepaj911039428928900289
Finbar Sheahan10110320420400204
Fiona Day11210922122100221
George Georgiou8383830083
Grace Turner9696960096
Grant Conway10210201020102
Ian Mackie11812811636236200362
Imran Mustak7272720072
Jacob Stevens1051101091084313241080431
James Creed10210210200102
James Nichols1171112281171110228
Jane Burton9696960096
Jason Levy9610019619600196
Jayne Browne10410410400104
Jimmy Dale9898980098
John OBrien919018191900181
Joseph Osakue12512512500125
Karan Gadhia1071082151071080215
Kasia Stachowiak10610610600106
Kathy Morrissey959719219200192
Katrina Betteridge9410097291194970291
Kay Leonard10210210200102
Kirk Johnson9696096096
Mark Durrant10310310300103
Mark Moir1051121071084323241080432
Mark Wyatt9999990099
Martin Quinlan868990265175900265
Maya Goodwin838817117100171
Michael Wilson1061121131124423311120442
Miho Strudwick9999990099
Morag Campbell919518618600186
Nathaniel Dye10610610600106
Neil Gage9393093093
Nick Hoult1051052101051050210
Peter Hatley10610610600106
Ramesh Pala11311156280224560280
Redmond Shannon10610610600106
Robert Dixon11911911900119
Sallyann Eyles848216616600166
Samir Younsi9595950095
Sandra Preston1151241141184723531180472
Sarah Burns11111810933733700337
Shahib Miah Ali10710710700107
Shanavaz Malayodu9494940094
Suzanne Taylor10810810800108
Thomas Grimes13413401340134
Tina Bennett9595950095
Veronica Carrasco8888880088
Victoria Charlesworth90999628528500285

Results - Chingford League

Individual scores for the Chingford League races:

CL1Hog Hill 5KBecky Evans22:47125
CL1Hog Hill 5KAlex Pickering18:50123
CL1Hog Hill 5KCaroline Frith21:13122
CL1Hog Hill 5KIan Mackie23:55118
CL1Hog Hill 5KSandra Preston25:49115
CL1Hog Hill 5KFiona Day29:05112
CL1Hog Hill 5KCaroline Moore27:31111
CL1Hog Hill 5KSarah Burns23:41111
CL1Hog Hill 5KKasia Stachowiak23:33106
CL1Hog Hill 5KMichael Wilson25:14106
CL1Hog Hill 5KNathaniel Dye20:35106
CL1Hog Hill 5KMark Moir20:24105
CL1Hog Hill 5KCiaran Canavan22:39105
CL1Hog Hill 5KJacob Stevens22:24105
CL1Hog Hill 5KMark Durrant24:47103
CL1Hog Hill 5KFinbar Sheahan22:38101
CL1Hog Hill 5KJason Levy25:2696
CL1Hog Hill 5KKathy Morrissey28:5495
CL1Hog Hill 5KTina Bennett27:2595
CL1Hog Hill 5KKatrina Betteridge26:2994
CL1Hog Hill 5KDiana Rexhepaj30:5491
CL1Hog Hill 5KMorag Campbell30:2391
CL1Hog Hill 5KVictoria Charlesworth30:0790
CL1Hog Hill 5KCarolyn Edwards28:0290
CL1Hog Hill 5KMartin Quinlan28:0886
CL1Hog Hill 5KSallyann Eyles32:5584
CL1Hog Hill 5KGeorge Georgiou29:4483
CL1Hog Hill 5KMaya Goodwin33:1483
CL1Hog Hill 5KImran Mustak30:5672
CL2Dagenham 5M XCCalvin Bobin34:48141
CL2Dagenham 5M XCIan Mackie38:45128
CL2Dagenham 5M XCCaroline Frith35:32128
CL2Dagenham 5M XCSandra Preston42:05124
CL2Dagenham 5M XCAlex Pickering32:51123
CL2Dagenham 5M XCSarah Burns38:55118
CL2Dagenham 5M XCAmit Marks34:48117
CL2Dagenham 5M XCRamesh Pala41:05113
CL2Dagenham 5M XCMark Moir33:36112
CL2Dagenham 5M XCMichael Wilson41:57112
CL2Dagenham 5M XCCaroline Moore48:09111
CL2Dagenham 5M XCJacob Stevens37:07110
CL2Dagenham 5M XCDiana Rexhepaj47:40103
CL2Dagenham 5M XCVictoria Charlesworth48:1299
CL2Dagenham 5M XCKathy Morrissey49:4597
CL2Dagenham 5M XCCarolyn Edwards45:5995
CL2Dagenham 5M XCAlexandra Rutishauser-Perera50:0990
CL2Dagenham 5M XCMaya Goodwin54:3488
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KBecky Evans21:27131
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KAlex Pickering18:09127
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KJoseph Osakue19:07125
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KCaroline Frith20:58123
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KRobert Dixon18:12119
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KJames Nichols18:50117
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KBilly Rayner18:40116
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KIan Mackie24:01116
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KSandra Preston25:54114
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KMichael Wilson23:26113
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KBetty Bohane21:51112
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KRamesh Pala23:38111
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KAmit Marks20:54110
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KFiona Day29:23109
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KSarah Burns23:44109
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KJacob Stevens21:22109
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KSuzanne Taylor25:50108
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KCaroline Moore28:03108
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KKaran Gadhia19:47107
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KShahib Miah Ali20:08107
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KMark Moir19:53107
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KPeter Hatley22:19106
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KRedmond Shannon21:49106
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KNick Hoult22:26105
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KCatriona Hoult25:09104
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KJayne Browne28:44104
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KFinbar Sheahan21:47103
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KJames Creed22:09102
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KKay Leonard25:53102
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KAbdirahman Adan24:15101
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KAndrea Waller25:37101
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KKatrina Betteridge24:33100
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KJason Levy24:12100
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KMark Wyatt21:3099
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KMiho Strudwick25:5299
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KJimmy Dale22:0298
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KJane Burton25:1996
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KVictoria Charlesworth28:0496
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KGrace Turner25:2596
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KMorag Campbell28:4195
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KSamir Younsi24:5395
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KDiana Rexhepaj29:3294
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KShanavaz Malayodu23:4394
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KClaire Emery29:1394
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KCarolyn Edwards27:1192
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KDenys Vuika24:1891
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KJohn OBrien27:1891
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KMartin Quinlan26:5889
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KVeronica Carrasco27:4088
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KAlexandra Rutishauser-Perera30:1584
CL3Olympic Velopark 5KSallyann Eyles33:1082

Results - Sunday XC League

Individual scores for the Sunday Cross-Country League races:

SL1Cheshunt 5M XCThomas Grimes28:19134
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCAlex Pickering31:31124
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCCaroline Frith35:32123
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCSandra Preston42:22118
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCAdrian Frost39:32116
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCBilly Rayner32:51112
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCMichael Wilson40:20112
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCJames Nichols33:38111
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCKaran Gadhia33:33108
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCMark Moir33:33108
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCJacob Stevens36:30108
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCNick Hoult38:09105
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCGrant Conway41:05102
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCCatriona Hoult45:0099
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCDebbie Shearing44:0598
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCKatrina Betteridge43:0497
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCKirk Johnson45:1696
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCNeil Gage42:0193
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCMartin Quinlan45:1090
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCJohn OBrien47:1490
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCAlexandra Rutishauser-Perera50:4785
SL1Cheshunt 5M XCRamesh Pala79:1156

Scoring - Race points calculation

The first stage of the scoring is to calculate a point score for each runner in each qualifying race. Three different scoring methods will be used, depending on the race (see table above).

Method A
The score is based on age/gender-adjusted time, relative to the median time of the race. This method takes variations in course length and difficulty into account, and will be used for races where it is practical for us to download and process all results, including all ELVIS and winter league races.

Time = Runner's race time (or individual leg time in a relay)
GenAgeFactor = Conversion factor from runner's gender/age standard to mid-point between non age-adjusted male/female standards (lower number means higher points)
AdjTime = Time * GenAgeFactor
MedianTime = Median time of all runners in the race (all clubs, all categories)
Score = MedianTime / AdjTime * 100

GenAgeFactor is calculated as follows:
d = closest road distance to the race distance (doesn't need to be exact, as Method A is based on median time not age grade), e.g. 5km or 5mi
g = gender of runner
a = age of runner on date of race
AgeFactor(d,g,a) = age factor from age grading tables (1 until around age 30, gradually reduced above that age)
OCTime(d,g) = open class (adjusted world record) time from age grading tables
GenAgeFactor = (OCTime(d,M)+OCTime(d,F))/2 / OCTime(d,g) * AgeFactor(d,g,a)

Method B
The score is based on age grade percentage (similar to parkrun age grading). This method will be used for the open road races (10K, half marathon and marathon). Since these are accurately measured, there is no need for a course adjustment.

AgeGrade = OCTime / Time / AgeFactor * 100
Score = AgeGrade * AGScoreFactor

AGScoreFactor = 1.8. This is an adjustment factor to bring the scores in line with those of Method A (a score of 100 is average, whereas an age grade of 100 is world-leading). The value of 1.8 is close to the ratio of Method A scores to age grades for recent Roding Valley Half Marathon results (a representative road race entered mainly by local club runners); results from some other races were also analysed to ensure fairness. The same factor will be used for all races. The precise value isn't important (as everyone has the same adjustment); this is just to make sure that the weighting of races is not significantly skewed by the scoring method.

Time, OCTime and AgeFactor are as described under method A.

Method C
The score is based on position in the race with an age adjustment. This method will be used for races where no times are published, e.g. the Essex Way Relay.

GenPos = Runner's gender position in race (or individual leg position in a relay)
NumGenRunners = Number of runners of that gender in the race (or leg)
MaxScore = Score to be given to the first-placed runner (before age adjustment). This will be worked out by averaging the top score for a sample of races that used Method A, excluding the age factor. This calculation will be done later in the season, but before the first race that uses Method C; the website will be updated once calculated.

UnadjScore = 100 + (1 - (GenPos-1) / (NumGenRunners/2)) * (MaxScore-100)
Score = UnadjScore / AgeFactor

- For volunteers in the ELR-organised races (Valentines ELVIS and Chingford League Relays), 100 points will be awarded.
- The 2020 Age Grade tables at https://github.com/AlanLyttonJones/Age-Grade-Tables will be used, for both age factors and open class times.

Scoring - Series points calculation

Once the scores for each race have been calculated, the total score for the runner is calculated as follows:

1. For each race group (see table above), the scores of the best qualifying races are summed to give a total score for that group.

- If the runner didn't complete the required number of races, they score zero for any missed races.
- Each road race distance is a "group of 1", e.g. for the 10K score, the best single score of all 10K races run by that runner during the year (Oct-Sep) will be used.

2. Each race group total is weighted by dividing by the number of qualifying races in that group (e.g. 5 for the ELVIS races in the silver series) and multiplying by the group weighting (see table above).

3. For each series, the weighted race group totals are summed and then multiplied by the number of races in the series (12 for silver, 19 for gold). The multiplication (combined with the weighting in the previous step) ensures that series points are of the same magnitude as race points, for example if a runner completes all races in the competition and scores 100 points in every race, they will score 1200 points in the silver series and 1900 in gold.

A runner completes the following races:
- 5 ELVIS races, scoring 105 points in each race
- 6 Chingford League races, scoring 106 points in each race
- 2 Sunday League races, scoring 107 points in each race
- A 10K race, scoring 108 points
- A half marathon, scoring 109 points

Silver series score calculation:
- ELVIS group total = 105*5 = 525
- Winter Leagues group total = 106*4 + 107*2 = 638
- Score = (525/5*45% + 638/6*45% + 108*10%) * 12 = 1270.8

Gold series score calculation:
- ELVIS group total = 105*5 = 525
- Winter Leagues group total = 106*5 + 107*2 = 744 (*)
- Score = (525/6*25% + 744/8*35% + 108*7% + 109*8%) * 19 = 1343.4

(*) Only the best 5 out of the 6 Chingford League races count towards the gold score in this example, because at least 3 of each Winter League is required for full gold scoring (i.e. the 6th CL race isn't a substitute for the missed SL race).


1. The competition will run from 1 October 2021 to 30 September 2022, but will additionally include the first Chingford League race of the season, on 18 September 2021.

2. The competition is open to all members of ELR, who remain a paid-up member on 30 September 2022.

3. If a member joins the club after 1 October 2021, only races after their joining date will count towards the competition.

4. Second Claim members will only score points in races where they run for ELR, i.e. league/team races where their First Claim club does not compete; they will not score points in open races (10K, marathon, etc.).

5. Prizes will be awarded for the top three scorers of each gender in each series (gold and silver). Only one prize per member: the gold series takes precedence.

6. Members will automatically be included in the competition by finishing a qualifying race.

7. Any member may opt out of the competition by contacting info@eastlondonrunners.org.uk.

8. To ensure that all race results are included in the scoring, members are encouraged to sign up on Race Entries, and to check the competition results published monthly. This is particularly important for open road race results (10K, half marathon and marathon), which might otherwise be missed.

9. If a race in the competition is cancelled, the committee shall decide if any adjustments to the qualifying race list or weightings are needed to ensure fairness. In any event, we will ensure that runners can miss at least two races from each league in the silver series, or at least one race in each league in the gold series, without losing any points. Any such amendments will be posted on the ELR website and Facebook group.