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Results 2012

Chingford League 4 - Chingford Plains - Saturday 29th December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter37.4337th
Paul Thompson41.2973rd
Peter Rains42.1175th
Grant Conway42.1579th
Michael Wilson44.30101st
Peter Hatley45.07106th
Emmet Fitzgibbon47.15123rd
George Georgiou50.10144th
Natasha Tweedie51.13149th
William Davies52.12154th
Sarah Burns53.37162nd
Susannah House58.12171st
Katherine Harris61.48176th
Emiko Priest61.51177th
184 finishers.

A great turnout with complete teams for both men's & ladies teams.Well done to all who turned out in very hard & muddy conditions.Team scores (6 to score)were men & ladies 6th of 11 taems. Vet men 5th of 11 and ladies 7th of 11.

Mike. A very good turnout for ELR in race 4 of the Chingford League series, held in the forest on the opposite side of the road to the Royal Forest Hotel in Rangers Road. The conditions were extremely difficult due to the persistent rainfall over the previous few weeks which made the course a quagmire of mud. Although mild for a December day, the sky was completely overcast and there was another downpour during the race. First man to finish for ELR was Andrew Baxter in an impressive 34th individual position and first lady was Natasha Tweedy (27th), making her race debut for the club. Well done to those who run this very challenging race!

parkrun # 98 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 29th December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Steven Bywater24.2927th - 58.82%
83 finishers.

parkrun # 85 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 29th December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Gavin Stebbing20.512nd - 64.51%
Derek Wright21.544th - 63.24%
Roger Stubbs24.3312th - 60.08%
Jonathan Shaw24.4013th - 54.53%
Lee Wollaston25.0115th - 54.16%
Peter Rains26.0519th - 59.42%
Fiona Day28.0322nd - 63.70%
40 finishers.

parkrun # 30 - Beckton 5km - Saturday 29th December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea21.232nd -
31 finishers.

Caherdavin 10m, Limerick - Wednesday 27th December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes57.446th

parkrun # 23 - Barking 5km - Tuesday 25th December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright23:43 (with pram)11th - 58.40 %
32 finishers.

Derek: It was a bit foolhardy to run this race with the pram on
Christmas morning as there was torrential rain and a strong wind. I resorted to
doing wheelies on the path next to the lake to avoid the worst of the puddles,
but we got round in the end. There were a few runners in Santa outfits.

Chiang Mai Half Marathon, Thailand - Sunday 23rd December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods1.53.4449th
270 finishers. 5.00am start.

Portsmouth Coastal Marathon - Sunday 23rd December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown3.01.24 pb10th - 1st 20 -29
To celebrate my older brothers 30th birthday today we ran the portsmouth
coastal marathon. After running along various terrain (road, shingle, beach,
clay and mud) we crossed the finish line at Portsmouth Pier. My brother in 3:12
and myself in 3:01:24. Pb's all round!
It was a novel experience for the time of year and now we'll enjoy Christmas
all the more.
Happy Christmas to all East London Runners.

parkrun # 84 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 22nd December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown20.472nd - 62.07%
Gavin Stebbing21.203rd - 63.05%
Derek Wright21.554th - 63.19%
Jonathan Shaw24.3111th - 54.86%
Harsh Pershad49.0426th - 27.41%
27 finishers. Another very wet & muddy morning all over the country for the
santa run. Thanks to David Irwin for the timekeeping and Harsh for the tail
runner/sign collecting. Some extra parkruns coming up during the break are
Christmas Day at 10.00 at Barking Park and New Years Day at
Valentines also at 10.00am.

parkrun # 97 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 22nd December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katherine Harris23.3915th - 62.72%
Peter Rains23.4916th - 65.08%
56 finishers.

parkrun # 8 - Little Stoke 5km - Saturday 22nd December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Allan Todd19.53 (parkrun pb)10th - 67.14%
34 finishers.

West Ham Park 5km Winter Series - Race 9 - Sunday 16th December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright22:14 (with pram)6th

parkrun # 96 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 15th December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Haward19.52 (course pb)3rd - 65.10%
Peter Rains21.5211th - 70.88%
70 finishers.

parkrun # 83 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 15th December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Gavin Stebbing20.092nd - 66.75%
Regis Martin21.286th - 63.59%
Derek Wright21.437th - 63.78%
George Georgiou23.1114th - 60.24%
Suzanne Bench24.1918th - 66.62%
Celia Payaneeandee24.4119th - 59.96%
Roger Stubbs25.0121st - 58.96%
David Wyatt26.2725th - 59.61%
Fiona Day27.4729th - 64.31%
Thomas Grimes33.0141st - 39.37%
46 finishers.

Twickenham 10km - Sunday 9th December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Chloe Longstaff46.24 pb
Simon Martin47.17
Chloe reports:- Results update on the Twickenham 10K which i ran with
Simon Martin on Sunday.Its a 10k Loop along the river and over Richmond Bridge,
about 7k off road which was very muddy in parts then the last 3k on the road.
I got a personal best, which i was really pleased about!

West Ham Park 5km Winter Series - Race 8 - Sunday 9th December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright22:30 (with pram)6th
24 finishers.

Turbo X, Borden,Hants - Sunday 9th December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price1.23.2445th
Distance 16.093 km's and 306 finishers. Our route designers certainly excelled
with this Tough Trail Run taking you beyond your comfort zone - 10-or-so miles
of sand, mud, hills and bogs suitable only for 4x4's and humans in trail shoes.
Midrace we will be offering you a unique challenge - how quickly can you run
through the toughest, wettest, muddiest 1 mile section of the race - a
challenge-within-a-challenge. You'll finish wet, muddy and tired and wanting

Sunday Cross Country League - St Albans - 5.7 miles - Sunday 9th December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter36.1734
Michael Wilson41.15110
Peter Raines44.41162
Mike Wilson It was a small team of ELR runners that travelled to St Albans for the 3rd in the series of sunday cross country league fixtures. It is a few years since St Albans has hosted this event and the distance was a slightly longer that usual 5.7 miles. The race was run over a hilly three lap course, made more difficult by a stong biting headwind going up each hill. First home for the club was Andrew Baxter in a combined 34th position, his best finish in the league so far, followed by Mike Wilson (110), and Peter Raines (162) who was making his sunday league debut. Unfortunately Dan Spinks had to retire after the first lap, as he was unwell. Thanks to those that run and to Doug Mansell for supporting. I hope for a better turnout in the two remaining fixtures at Royston and Watford. We only require 8 runners for a full team of men and 5 for the ladies.

Bedford Harriers Half Marathon - Sunday 9th December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes1.17.3820th
Patrick Brown1.18.47 pb27th
Euan Brown1.20.19 pb34th
Allan Todd1.31.31 pb186th
Peter Hatley1.33.40249th
Grant Conway1.38.06 pb371st
William Davies1.48.03 pb681st
Paola Cimenti2.09.341,213rd
Bryony Hewer2.09.471,217th
Harsh Pershad2.12.16 pb1,252nd
1,415 finishers.

parkrun # 95 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 8th December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Amadeus Furlong18.473rd - 68.68%
Peter Rains22.1719th - 69.56%

parkrun # 82 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 8th December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes19.141st - 67.59%
Patrick Brown19.152nd - 67.01%
Gavin Stebbing20.305th - 65.61%
Derek Wright21.109th - 65.43%
Regis Martin21.2410th - 63.79%
Lee Wollaston22.3416th - 60.04%
David Irwin23.57 (50th parkrun)20th - 59.22%
Celia Payaneeandee24.1922nd - 60.86%
Suzanne Bench24.2724th - 66.26%
Claire Parker24.3125th - 60.37%
Emiko Priest28.5144th - 51.53%
48 finishers.Don reports:- Congratulations to David Irwin on his
50th parkrun. Conditions still a bit muddy and slippery. We moved the finish
funnel to the side for safety reasons/less slippery. I was on timer this week.
My next RD run will be the Christmas run on the 22nd Dec so wear something
festive if you can.

Christmas Dinner at The George - Thursday 6th December 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery

Grim Challenge - Day Two - Aldershot 8 mile-ish - Sunday 2nd December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jayne Browne1.38.541,498th
2085 finishers. Jayne Browne reports:- Did the Grim Challenge yesterday
with my husband Paul - It was loads of fun, fell over in the water which had
floating ice (the organisers told us they had to break the ice before we
started) and got stuck in the mud and fell over again so I looked the part
anyway with mud on my face. My feet went numb and legs went red but if you want
a run with a difference this is it. And it is more than 8 miles, got to the
marker thinking this is it and then had to carry on, through another lot of
water. There was a young man wearing nothing but a pink thong who ran in front
of me for about half a mile so that took my mind off the cold!! Any way all in
one piece and no aching muscles today, must be the ice water, it does work.

Angkor Wat Half Marathon, Cambodia - Sunday 2nd December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods1.54.24384th
1,895 male finishers.

Mornington Chasers Regents Park 10km - Sunday 2nd December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier42.07

West Ham Park 5km Winter Series - Race 7 - Sunday 2nd December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright20:101st

Essex Vets Cross Country Championship - Claybury Park - 5 mile-ish - Saturday 1st December 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter32.03 MV4037th
Paul Thompson35.35 MV4068th
Grant Conway37.52 MV4084th
Michael Wilson36.36 MV5041st
Ramesh Pala42.33 MV5072nd
Frank Brownlie43.45 MV6078th
On a cold frosty morning ELR were unable to field complete teams (4
required) in a local race in either the MV40 or MV50 categories. With no ELR Ladies running at all it was a very poor turn out for a Club of our size.

Well done therefore to the 6 runners who did turn out. The first race, at 11am, included the Female Vets(over 35) and the Male Vets over 50, 60 and 70.

Conditions underfoot were tricky initially with parts of the course covered in frost, some ice and mud. By the finish of the 3 lap hilly race the temperature had risen slightly and the course had softened somewhat. Mick Wilson was first to finish for ELR followed by Ramesh Pala and Frank Brownlie.

Frank, Mike and Ramesh after the first race.

The second race for Male Vets 40 to 49 started at 12 noon by which time mud was the main course feature. Andrew Baxter was first home for ELR followed by Paul Thompson and Grant Conway.

Paul, Grant and Andrew pictured after the MV40 event.

Perhaps next year we can field full teams in all of the Veteran categories?

Grim Challenge - Day One - Aldershot - 8 mile -ish - Saturday 1st December 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Russell Price1.02.2080th
Katherine Harris1.46.102,223rd
Tara Syed1.46.182,229th
Susannah House1.46.182,230th
2,922 finishers.

Kat, Tara and Susannah pictured after the event!

parkrun # 81 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 1st December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes18.511st - 68.97%
Gavin Stebbing20.204th - 66.15%
Derek Wright20.385th - 67.12%
Lee Wollaston22.1912th - 60.72%
Jonathan Shaw22.32 (course pb)13th - 59.69%
David Irwin24.1418th - 58.53%
Suzanne Bench25.1124th - 64.33%
Fiona Day27.0331st - 66.05%
Natasha Simms27.04tba
38 finishers.

parkrun # 8 - Woodley 5km - Saturday 1st December 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Allan Todd19.55 (course pb)13th - 67.03%

Red Run 5k & 10km, Victoria Park - Sunday 25th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
William Pearce39.42 pb4th
Jamie Xavier42:30tba
Kelly Leedhamtba 5k25th
Jamie's Race Report.
I found the registration tent which was around 500 yards or so from Victoria
Park Harriers Clubhouse and picked up our numbers, chips and t-shirts. Positive
East is a charity based in the East of London and helps those diagnosed with

Part of the clubhouse was used to house baggage but only TWO portaloo’s!

Kelly signed up to the 5 km route and Will and myself were down for the 10km
route. The 5km runners started around 200 metres before the 10km ones. That was
a bit of a minor disaster as we ended up having to go around people who were
walking but once they were passed and with the park’s wide paths congestion was
not an issue.

The 5km runners completed a smaller loop three times whereas the 10km runners
had to do three laps as well but of a larger loop.

On my way to what I presumed was the finishing line I was told I needed to do
another lap, I had stopped my Garmin at this time on 41 minutes 55 seconds,
enough for 6th place out of 91 runners. Will came home in 4th place in the 10k
with a PB and Kelly stormed home in 25th place out of 125 runners in the 5k.

Offical results have me down with a time of 42.30.

Apart from the lack of loo’s and the marshals at the finish line I totally
recommend this event and all I will say is that a lot of thought went into the
goody bags!

West Ham Park 5km Winter Series - Race 6 - Sunday 25th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright22:19 (with pram)6th

Sunday League XC - Southgate 5m - 25th November 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter34.3441
Mark Boulton34.5947
Russell Price36.5481
Michael Wilson41.17160
Dan Spinks41.55170
Dave Knight50.55292
A record turnout of 347 finishers, largest ever for a Sunday League event.

parkrun # 7 - Woodley 5km - Saturday 24th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Allan Todd20.107th - 66.20%

parkrun # 93 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 24th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Amadeus Furlong19:043rd - 67.66 %
Alex Haward19:565th - 64.88 %
Derek Wright21:29 (with pram)8th - 64.00 %
92 finishers.

parkrun # 80 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 24th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown18.381st - 69.23%
Euan Brown19.323rd - 66.04%
Gavin Stebbing20.487th - 64.66%
Tim Le Rasle21.008th - 64.52%
Lee Wollaston22.5715th - 59.04%
Jonathan Shaw23.4218th - 59.04%
Celia Payaneeandee23.58 (1st lady)20th - 61.75%
Roger Stubbs26.3828th - 55.38%
Harsh Pershad28.2337th - 47.39%
48 finishers.

After Adoption Regents Park 10km - Sunday 18th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
David Wyatt51.21 pb187th
David Wyatt reports:- After Adoption Regents Park 10K: ideal conditions
yesterday saw me improve my pb by 3 seconds to 51:21 placing 187th out of 541
on chip time - as the joint fifth oldest I would probably have placed much
higher on age-related rating! The winner ran 36:06. It was the fourth running -
have run them all - and the second year over a 3 lap course in Regents Park. I
can recommend it as a season ending 10K before getting down to half and full
marathon training.

West Ham Park 5km Winter Series - Race 5 - Sunday 18th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.381st
Derek Wright21.44 (with buggy)7th

Brooks Brighton 10km - Sunday 18th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katherine Harris50.411290th
Susannah House54.08 pb1624th
2729 finishers.Susannah reports:- I ran Brighton Brooks 10k today in
54.08 which is a PB by over a minute!
I am in shock as I didn't think I has it in me! I went with Kat Harris
and hope I've caught her PB bug!

Allianz Penang Bridge Half Marathon,Malaysia - Sunday 18th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods2.04.08
Tom settled for the Half Marathon distance starting at 3.06am local time.

Luton Marathon - Sunday 18th November 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi2:51:50 pb10th - 79.48% 1st Male Vet 45
William Pearce3.22.06 pb89th - 62.86%
488 finishers.

Will and Manjit look relaxed after the race.

Will reports:- Ran Luton today on a beautiful day. Was my
first marathon so pretty chuffed, good course but a few very painful hills!!
Official times were 3h 22 40 and Manjit 2h 51 10 pb or something silly- he won
V45 age group!! So PBs all round I guess!
Manjit Bedi reports:- Excellent conditions, friendly, well organised and
marshalled. 3 laps of 8.7 miles so you knew what was coming. The course was
undulating but not too bad. I was pleased with my time it's a nice way to end
the year with a PB. Congratulations to William on his first marathon it was
great to meet up with him before and after the race.
Manjit also had the 2nd best age grade recorded as well.

St Neots Riverside Half Marathon - Sunday 18th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Steven Bywater1.52.22505th
921 finishers.

Rodings Rally ,High Beech - Saturday 17th November & Sunday 18th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Edward Barnard2.553rd (5)
Jimmy Hartwell2.553rd (5)
Matthew Jones2.553rd (5)
Regis Martin2.574th (5)
Sarah Burns7.5336th (10)
Emiko Priest7.5336th (10)
Roberto Bruni7.5336th (10)
Trish Kelly7.5336th (10)
The Rodings Rally is a night time orienteering competition starting and
finishing at High Beech. This year Edward ,Jimmy & Matt returned to have
another go at the competition. This year they went for the 5 point event and
came 3rd finding the checkpoints in 2 hrs 55 mins. New member Regis Martin was
defending his trophy as part of last year's winning Orion team but personnel
changes mean't his team came 4th finding the 5 points in 2hrs 57 mins.
A team consisting of Sarah,Emiko,Trish & Roberto in the 10 point competition
came 36th of 39 teams finding 4 checkpoints in 7hrs 53 mins with an 8 hr time
limit.They all enjoyed the event and vowed to come back next year and have
another go.

parkrun # 163 - Reading 5km - Saturday 17th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Allan Todd20.4314th - 64.44%

Mens Health Survival of the Fittest, Battersea Power Station - Saturday 17th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
David daSilva Pereira50.14659th
Chloe Longstaff56.241,980th
Simon Martin58.562,637th
Ben Latham1.12.175,743rd
7821 finishers, day event.Chloe reports:- I ran the Mens
Health 'Survival of the Fittest 10k on Saturday which is a 10k obstacle course
along with Simon Martin.
It was brilliant fun that had us army crawling through ice, neck deep in
freezing water and running with over hurdles with sandbags around our neck
through Battersea Power Station.
There was a bit of stop starting and queues at a few obstacles however we both
finished sub one hour which was our aim!

parkrun # 92 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 17th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Amadeus Furlong18.473rd - 68.68%
Manjit Singh20.056th - 66.97%
Peter Rains21.258th - 72.37%
Derek Wright21.52 (with buggy)11th - 62.88%
89 finishers.

parkrun # 79 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 17th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.501st - 72.90%
Euan Brown18.112nd - 70.74%
Patrick Brown18.364th - 69.35%
Russell Price20.238th - 63.29%
Tim Le Rasle20.29 (debut parkrun)10th - 66.15%
Joseph Browne20.5512th - 65.50%
Lee Wollaston23.3320th - 57.54%
51 finishers.

Bexhill Poppy Half Marathon - Sunday 11th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter1.27.1817th
Jamie Xavier1.35.1567th
Russell Price1.36.0874th
Katherine Harris1.57.42 pb302nd
Harsh Pershad2.19.44 pb473rd
541 finishers.

Leatherhead Fire Station 10km - Sunday 11th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Lucy Jarvis48.39132nd
363 finishers.

West Ham Park 5km Winter Series - Race 4 - Sunday 11th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes18.062nd
Derek Wright21.58 (with buggy)7th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea29.34 (with brother)21st

parkrun # 91- Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 10th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Amadeus Furlong18:20 pb3rd - 70.36 %
91 finishers.

parkrun # 78 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 10th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.591st - 72.29%
Patrick Brown18.152nd - 70.68%
Derek Wright20.596th - 65.53%
Lee Wollaston22.4710th - 59.47%
Regis Martin23.0212th - 58.83%
Chloe Longstaff24.3118th - 61.18%
Fiona Day27.4125th - 64.54%
Emiko Priest27.5826th - 53.16%
39 finishers. Don reports:- Not too much to mention this week, very wet
& muddy conditions. I was on registration and Russell was timer.

Chingford League 3 - Redbridge Cycle 5km Circuit - Tuesday 6th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.379th
Patrick Brown18.0316th
Paul Thompson20.2562nd
Russell Price20.3963rd
Gavin Stebbing21.0275th
Michael Wilson21.2482nd
Grant Conway22.0396th
William Davies23.21132nd
Lee Wollaston23.28133rd
202 finishers. Team results were 6th place of 11 teams with 278pts. Vet's team were 5th place of 11 with 620pts. Thomas currently lies 4th in the Senior section only 1 point behind 3rd place.

Regents Park 10km Winter Series - Sunday 4th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tim Le Rasle42.2351st
Jamie Xavier45.19104th
312 finishers.

West Ham Park 5km series - race 3 - Sunday 4th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.572nd
Dan Spinks21.434th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea28.0712th

Billericay 10km - Sunday 4th November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sheila Kennedy54.47 pb
Sheila reports :- One of the wettest races I have run. The road was
flooded in several places which meant having to run through ankle deep water.
4th year running this one ( 2nd time in pouring rain). Best time to date -
54.47 by my watch. Think I was just trying to get out of the rain as quickly as

parkrun # 77 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 3rd November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown18.191st - 70.43%
Andrew Baxter19.14 (course pb)3rd - 72.62%
Gavin Stebbing19.59 (course pb)7th - 67.31%
Alex Haward20.03 (debut)8th - 64.51%
Mark Wyatt21.2511th - 60.23%
Emmet Fitzgibbon22.1918th - 58.48%
Lee Wollaston23.0320th - 58.79%
David Irwin23.3523rd - 60.14%
Emiko Priest27.2537th - 54.22%
63 finishers.

parkrun # 90 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 3rd November 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright21:53 (with pram)16th - 62.83 %
135 finishers.

Civil Service Athletic Association XC Championship - Wednesday 31st October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter40.3224th
Andrew reports:- 1st Sunday league was a really good warm up for the....
Civil Service Athletic Association�Cross Country Championships - held on
Wednesday 31 October. This is a really tough 3 lap course up and around
Parliament Hill at the best of times, the 6 miles made even harder this year by
boggy ground and patches of very thick mud. So pleased to report a strong run,
clocking 40.32 to finish in 24th place - an improvement of nearly 2 minutes and
23 places on last year.

Dublin Marathon - Monday 29th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Lisa Mullen4.09.246,670th
12,165 finishers.

Sunday League XC - Cheshunt 5m - Sunday 28th October 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown30.2520th
Andrew Baxter32.0443rd
Russell Price34.3788th
Michael Wilson37.45145th
Tom Woods41.03212th
311 finishers. 208 men , 103 ladies.

Run To The Beat - Sunday 28th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Lee1.27.56
Ava Lee1.32.04 pb
Shahib Miah Ali1.34.036.59 pace
Emily Hart1.51.14 pb
Phoebe Kallin1.51.27
Natasha Tweedie1.51.51
Bryony Hewer2.02.47
Ninette Fernandes2.03.01 pb
Paola Cimenti2.09.40
Frances Branch2.17.51
Clare Waugh - Bacchus2.20.25
Ninette Fernandes Run to the Beat today! Really challenging course,
quite a few steep parts, but really enjoyed it! PB at 2.03 - still not under 2
but thanks to my running mentor for the encouragement...

Paola Cimenti The first half was a bit of a nightmare wasn't it? I
thought I would die at mile 5 and had to considerably slow down! Still finished
in 2.09.40, I am quite pleased all considered.

Phoebe Kallin Ran this today as well - loved it! But freeeezing start!!

Bryony Hewer It was so hard to get going, my feet were numb for the
first 2 miles.

Weald Park Trail Marathon - Sunday 28th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Heppell4.21.5938th
76 finishers. Rob Heppell comment's Just ran the Weald Park Trail
Marathon. It was cold, wet, muddy and hilly. Tough but I loved it (just wish
I'd done some training - one 13 mile run two weeks ago as a panic "aargh, I've
got a marathon in 14 days, better do something" probably doesn't count as a
formal training plan. Anyway, this was my 30th marathon and I was feeling
understandably proud.
That soon passed when I met a member of the 100 Marathon Club on the start
line. Asked the obvious question and he answered that this was his 321st
marathon ! As if that wasn't enough to dampen my little self-congratulatory
glow, he proceeded to tell me that this was his 22nd marathon in 2012. 22 so
far this year ! It's taken me 10 years to complete 30, a feat that he could
probably knock off in around 14 months without any effort (-: Oh well, I
completed the race in a not very spectacular 4:21 and, despite feel totally
knackered, was happy with it.

BUPA Great South Run 10 miles - Sunday 28th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Allan Todd1.09.37577th
Molly Pinkus1.15.221456th
Allan Todd say's Great South Run 69.30. Ok time. Not for average club
runners. First 2 miles were a joke. At least 1000 charity runners in the wrong
starting pen.

Poppy Run 5km, oops 4.3km - Sunday 28th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier17.211st place.
Jamie Xavier It was a good sign when I found out that the race HQ was a
pub near Crossharbour DLR station so thoughts of a post race beer did cross my

The run had been organised by supporters of the British Legion and was being
run at the same time in Afghanistan by members of the Armed Forces. The Poppy
Appeal is a charity close to my own heart as my grandfather was killed whilst
fighting for the Allies during the occupancy of Singapore / Far East by the
Japanese in World War II.

There must have been some 50 or 60 runners at the start line on a cold Sunday
morning, once it was 11 am we were off, I quickly got into a leading position
with two other runners....one who dropped off after the first kilometre, the
second one stayed with me until we entered Millwall Park for three laps before
heading back to the finish. Once I saw that I had a sizable gap on the runner
in second I was safe in the knowledge I would be first one home.

The course was shortened by some 70 metres as it was deemed too dangerous due
to traffic on the roads.

I came home in a time of 17 minutes 21 seconds for a distance of 4.3 km and
straight into the pub to warm down...and sip a recovery protein shake. I did
not claim a PB as it wasn't a full 5km that I ran.

Great South Run 5km, Portsmouth - Saturday 27th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tim Le Rasle20.2817th
705 finishers.

parkrun # 52 - Gunnersbury Park 5km - Saturday 27th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Spinks20.5521st - 64.30%
206 finishers.

parkrun # 89 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 27th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Amadeus Furlong19.03 (course pb)4th - 67.72%
Peter Rains20.39 (100th parkrun)10th - 75.06%
Matthew Jones21.4011th - 60.23%
97 finishers.

parkrun # 76 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 27th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown18.311st - 69.67%
Mark Boulton18.402nd - 69.11%
Mark Wyatt19.575th - 64.66%
Gavin Stebbing20.01 (course pb)6th - 67.19%
Derek Wright20.3810th - 66.64%
Celia Payaneeandee23.4516th - 62.32%
David Wyatt25.4124th - 61.39%
Suzanne Bench26.0326th - 62.19%
38 finishers.Don reports:- A very chilly morning with Patrick & Mark
running together till the last sprint. A course pb from Gavin leaves him 2
seconds away from going sub 20 mins. Thanks to volunteers Emiko on
registration and Jonathan Wooldridge on timer.

BUPA Birmingham Great Run - Sunday 21st October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh1.31.35647th
12,847 finishers.

Great Yarmouth East Coast 10km - Sunday 21st October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
William Pearce40.0032nd
382 finishers.

TSF West Ham Park 5km Winter Series. - Sunday 21st October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes16:27 pb2nd
Derek Wright21:45 tbc (with pram)6th
38 finishers tbc

Abingdon Marathon - Sunday 21st October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway3.40.42 pb374th
732 finishers. Grant Conway reports :- For my fourth marathon I
decided to try the highly rated Abingdon marathon. The entry limit is around a
thousand so I got my entry in as soon they opened in February and it sold out
in about 2 weeks. Abingdon has a reputation for being a fast course and I would
agree to an extent as its fairly flat but the course is far different from the
usual city marathon courses where you run on closed or part used roads. I
stayed at the premier inn oxford only a few minutes from the race venue.
Thanks to Sally and Martin from Ilford AC for giving me a lift down. Sally was
pleased to come in in just over 4 hours after limited training and Martin was
all over the course cheering us on.
Abingdon has only one road closure at the beginning but after that you are on
the pavement or competing against cars if you are running on the road, not
really ideal but with parts of the course taking you on to park trails which
were a little muddy in places it made things more interesting. The course took
you out on roads and then a 1 mile trail, through the centre of Abingdon where
the biggest crowds of about 30 people were in place. After the early visit to
the town we ran along country roads on narrow pavements before joining a
circuit of around 6 miles part if which went through an industrial estate which
you repeated twice before going back through the town and returning to the
athletics track where the race starts. I found it difficult to find a rhythm as
there was bunching in the middle of the field during the first lap of the track
and the narrow trails and pavement paths in the first few miles. I prefer to
start towards the back and make my through the field so as to prevent a too
faster start but if I run this marathon again I would start nearer the front
even though there were only around 800 starters.
I ran the first half in just under 1.50 which was a couple of minutes slower
than I intended but I resisted the temptation of trying to make up the minutes
lost early in the race which could make the latter stages more difficult. Water
stations were regular with some being used twice on the repeated section but
water was in cups and had it been a warmer day I certainly would have been
worried about dehydration and for a marathon I think bottles should be
The marshalls were really enthusiastic which was important with the sparse
crowds and the dull sections on the course and lucozade was provided at just
after halfway and at mile 22.
I ran the second half only a minute or so slower than the first and managed a
of just under 5 minutes although it would have been nice to go sub 3.40. The
second half was the most pleasing part as I passed quite a few runners in the
all important last 10k which I put down to the training I put in and the fact I
tapered properly.
The athletic stadium race venue served the purpose for the race with a smaller,
albeit higher quality field than city marathons with no real fun runners and
club vests a plenty. There was secure bag drop and the track start and finish
but there was no decent food available other than burger vans and the showers
were cold.

Jill Oliver 10km, Lee Valley - Sunday 21st October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier43.2326th
Sheila Kennedy55.59108th
149 finishers. Sheila comments:- Just a few minutes (!) behind Jamie,
coming in at 56 minutes. Spurred on half way around the course by fellow
runner who recognised me from previous runs and told me I was always ahead of
him. How could I let him pass me after that? Usual scenic route along
towpaths with opportunities for bird watching on route. Nice finish on the
track at Lee Valley Leisure centre.

Jamie report's:- The Jill Oliver 10k is run by Edmonton RC in memory of
their former club member and starts/finishes in Lea Valley Athletics centre.
This was my first 10k event way back in 2008 when I was an unattached runner,
my time then was 46 minutes 4 seconds.
It's a fast flat route around the Lee Valley Park and alongside the River Lee.
Marshals are pretty encouraging and supporting and although there is no medal
at the end there is a t-shirt to collect.
Be good to get a few of us down for next year's event as it's local, there is
safe baggage storage and lots of free car parking.
Pleased that I came home 26th out of field of 149!

Stroud Half Marathon - Sunday 21st October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Allan Todd1.31.58 pb152nd
1,184 finishers.

Spooky Sprint, 10km, Waltham Abbey - Saturday 20th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kelly Leedham58.5331st
Jamie Xavier58.5332nd
69 finishers.

parkrun # 88 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 20th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Amadeus Furlong19.17 (debut)6th - 66.90%
Manjit Singh19.559th - 67.53%
Derek Wright21.36 (with pram)15th - 63.66%
Colin Purvis21.39 (course pb)16th - 62.59%
Peter Rains21.4717th - 71.16%
109 finishers.

parkrun # 75 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 20th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.471st - 73.10%
Mark Boulton18.362nd - 69.35%
Andrew Baxter19.443rd - 70.78%
Lee Wollaston22.1514th - 60.90%
David Irwin23.4716th - 59.64%
Celia Payaneeandee24.4218th - 59.92%
David Wyatt25.3320th - 61.71%
Fiona Day27.4226th - 64.50%
34 finishers.

Cardiff Half Marathon - Sunday 14th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali1.35.401.083rd
13,671 finishers.

Clapham Common 5km Series - Sunday 14th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea22.0415th
139 finishers.

Ashford 10km - Sunday 14th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Steven Bywater50.41 pb478th
914 finishers. Steven's comment's I did a 10K at Ashford and think I got
a PB. Most exciting bit was missing my train (who knew there were 2
stations at Stratford?). Eventually arrived 2.5 miles away from the start, 12
minutes before race started - I was the one in the ELR vest hareing around the
track to catch up the other starters as they counted down to the gun. Who needs
careful preparation, secure bag drops & gentle warm-ups when you've got
adrenalin to get you round? Congratulations to all those who did good times
today, hopefully with a little less stress!

Coventry Half Marathon - Sunday 14th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown1.19.58 pb7th
1,350 finishers.

Oxford Half Marathon - Sunday 14th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katrina Dixon1.59.03 pb1,812
3,032 finishers.Katrina reports:- ‎1.59.03 .. PB for today's Oxford
Half :-) Pretty good route, including 4 miles along towpaths and a circuit
round the Mini Car Plant ... nightmare getting out of the Kassam Football
Stadium at the end though ... gridlocked for at least an hour!! Would recommend
it though.

Resolution Stroke Association 15km, Hyde Park - Sunday 14th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier1.04.05 pb6th
149 Finishers.

Jamie's Race Report. So another Sunday another race. I made my way to
Hyde Park for the Stroke Association 15k my fourth long distance in six weeks,
saw fellow ELR runner Steven Bywater on the way to his 10k in Ashford and
him well.

Arrived at the start area near the bandstand in the Hyde Park, as well as my
event there was a 10k and 5k being held on the same course. We were the first
group to go off then the 10k’s and then the 5k’s on a three lap course of the

As the gun went off I quickly made my way to the front of the group then pushed
a bit more and found myself in the lead as we went past The Serpentine, looked
back once or twice and could make out one chaser but no one else. After a
kilometre and a half I was soon put in my place as a group of five runners went
past me.

Marshals en route ensured no one got lost and one or two short sharp hills made
it a bit of a challenging course. Water was handed out to runners not only at
the finish but also after each lap. I can’t recommend these Stroke Association
events enough, they are well planned, have reasonable entry fees, secured
baggage storage and events usually draw a supportive crowd.

I came home in a time of 1 hour 4 minutes and 5 seconds, a new personal best
that distance. Sixth place out of 149 runners so a good day all round

Chingford League 2 - Trent Park 9km - Saturday 13th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes27.597th - 19pts
Russell Price33.5975th
Peter Rains35.3693rd
Michael Wilson36.33106th
Emmet Fitzgibbon37.10114th
Lisa Mullen41.09141st
161 finishers. Russell says :- hello cross country season...its been too long! Hills, mud and hail (yes hail), hell yes!

parkrun # 74 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 13th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown18.171st - 70.56%
James Wilson18.35 (course pb)3rd - 71.39%
Gavin Stebbing20.24 (debut)7th - 63.16%
Jonathan Wooldridge22.2120th - 61.52%
Lee Wollaston22.2521st - 60.45%
Roger Stubbs22.4122nd - 65.03%
Andrew Baxter22.5225th - 61.08%
Celia Payaneeandee24.0130th - 61.52%
Emiko Priest26.58 (course pb)40th - 55.13%
Don Bennett28.0748th - 53.76%
64 finishers. Don reports:- A win for Patrick in 18.17 as James gets a
course pb in 18.35 and nearly mucks it up by handing in Sharon's barcode. A
good debut from Gavin in 7th place in 20.24. Close run between Jonathan, Lee &
Roger just 20 seconds apart. Andrew was running with his son Louis making his
debut (24th place) with the same time as dad. Good runs from Celia and Emiko
with Celia 50 seconds faster than the week before and a course pb by 25
seconds for Emiko. Russell was the timer as he was doing the Chingford League

parkrun # 87 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 13th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh19:554th - 67.53 %
Derek Wright21:32 (with pram)8th - 63.85 %
Peter Rains26:1241st - 59.16 %
121 finishers.

New member Peter was taking it easy before running in the Chingford League in
the afternoon.

Clarendon Marathon - Sunday 7th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Saheb Yousefi3.42.2937th
404 finishers. If you are looking for a marathon which is off road, picturesque
and challenging then running the Clarendon is the ultimate. Our route takes you
from Salisbury to Winchester along the ancient Clarendon Way with a few extra
turns here and there to make up a full 26.2 miles. More than 90% is off road,
with the trail following country tracks and paths many of which have not
changed since being travelled by the ancient Kings and Queens of England.

Mablethorpe Marathon, Lincolnshire - Sunday 7th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Peter Hatley3.30.0548th
243 finishers.

Epping Rotary Copped Hall 5m - Sunday 7th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Carrine Jay39.4226th - 3rd lady
Michael Rose48.2176th
Sheila Kennedy50.3687th
117 finishers. Sheila reports:- Not in the same league as the Royal
Parks Half Marathon but 3 ELR runners turned out for the Copped Hall 5 mile.
Nice route, reverse of previous years with one very muddy section ( about 0.25
mile), difficult to run in and resulting in shoes caked with thick underlay of
mud. Nice!
Carinne Jay who was first lady last year came 3rd this year in around 39 min.
Michael Rose was in the middle and I brought up the rear for ELR. My watch and

Southend Classic 10km - Sunday 7th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Juliet Bryant1.03.361048th
1255 finishers.

Royal Parks Half Marathon - Sunday 7th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Alex Haward1.32.27 pb315th
Jamie Xavier1.36.551585th
Tom Woods1.47.44 pb2783rd
Katherine Jones1.58.244248th
11,762 finishers.

parkrun # 86 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 6th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh20:015th - 67.19 %
Derek Wright21:54 (with pram)12th - 62.79 %
112 finishers.

parkrun # 73 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 6th October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes18:071st - 71.76 %
Patrick Brown18:092nd - 71.07 %
Mark Wyatt19:223rd - 66.61 %
Andrew Baxter20:075th - 69.43 %
Lee Wollaston22.5517th - 59.13%
Celia Payaneeandee24.5130th - 59.56%
David Wyatt25:1831st - 62.32 %
Emiko Priest27:4241st - 53.67 %
Fiona Day28:0243rd - 63.73 %
60 finishers.

Chingford League 1 - Hog Hill 5km, Redbridge Cycle Circuit - Tuesday 2nd October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.197th 19pts
Russell Price21.0274th
Michael Wilson21.5487th
William Davies22.3596th
Emmet Fitzgibbon23.07110th
180 finishers. Team result 7th of 9 clubs - 6 to score. Next fixture is at Trent Park on Saturday 15th October 2012.

ELVIS 2012 Final placings : best 5 OF 7 races - Tuesday 2nd October 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes18 pts2nd Overall & SM
Mark Boulton37 pts3rd Overall & SM
Patrick Brown39 pts4th Overall & SM
Ciaran Canavan40 pts5th Overall & SM
Manjit Bedi70 pts10th & 4th V40
James Wilson99 pts17th & 10th SM
Andrew Baxter147 pts20th & 8th V40
Dan Spinks179 pts26th & 13th SM
Derek Wright183 pts27th & 10th V40
Paul Thompson187 pts28th & 11th V40
Grant Conway250 pts34th & 14th V40
Russell Price267 pts36th & 15th SM
Richard Guest273 pts37th & 16th SM
Ramesh Pala349 pts42nd & 10th V50
Kieran Brown363 pts45th & 12th V50
David Wyatt466 pts54pth & 16th V50
Don Bennett513 pts56th & 17th V50
Ladies pointspositions & age placings
Tricia ONeill120 pts 8th overall & 3rd V35
Sarah Burns139 pts10th & 5th V35
Ninette Fernandes189 pts18th & 4th SW
This year 17 men and 3 ladies completed the 5 of 7 races. The only member to
complete all 7 was James Wilson. The members who made points
improvements on last season were Patrick Brown 39pts(84pts,2011), Manjit Bedi
70pts(73pts,2011) and Paul Thompson 187pts(291pts,2011).

Supersprint Triathlon , Dorney Lake - Sunday 30th September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Harsh Pershad1.09.0098th
450m swim 17.13, 10.6km cycle 27.09, 2.5km run 14.28 + transition
I'm so glad my triathlon season is over for this year, I think I was only able
to start actually swimming in Dorney Lake today after all my nerves had gone
numb with the cold! To think there were people swimming ten times my distance
out there - I can only believe they have secretly heated wetsuits on!

Elvis 7 - Valentines Park 5km - Sunday 30th September 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes16.314th scorer
Brendan O'Grady16.497th scorer
Patrick Brown17.18 pb10th scorer
Ciaran Canavan17.2212th
Euan Brown17.3614th
James Wilson18.2620th
Mark Wyatt18.4829th
Andrew Baxter19.2636th scorer
Russell Price19.5641st
Amadeus Furlong19.5943rd
Derek Wright20.0044th scorer
Manjit Singh20.0445th
Alex Haward20.0646th
Saheb Yousefi20.2550th
Richard Potter20.3955th
Grant Conway20.40 pb57th scorer
Peter Hatley20.4358th
Richard Guest21.00 pb62nd
William Davies21.4476th - 75th
Ramesh Pala21.44 pb77th - 76th
Emmet Fitzgibbon21.4678th - 77th
Roger Stubbs21.5079th - 78th
Jonathan Wooldridge22.0484th - 83rd
Michael Wilson22.1889th - 86th
Tom Lawrence22.2490th - 87th
Lee Wollaston22.2691st - 88th
Phoebe Kallin23.27104th - 9th scorer
Katherine Harris23.33106th - 10th scorer
Sharon Springfield23.49110th - 12th scorer
David Wyatt24.44118th - 104th
Dave Knight25.10119th - 105th
Mary OBrien25.21122nd - 15th scorer
Ninette Fernandes26.24138th - 24th
Bryony Hewer27.21144th - 26th
Don Bennett27.27146th - 119th
186 finishers.

Berlin Marathon - Sunday 30th September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Spinks3.19.21 pb3,840th - 63.2%
Peter Rains3:27:255,516th
Tom Woods4.03.53 pb15,591st - 62.2%
John Atkinson4.07.39 pb GFA16,344th - M70 12th - 68.6%
Andrew Rich4.58.0724,129th - 41.9%
John Atkinson Came 16,355 overall and 12th in class M70. Ran first half
in 2:03:44 and second half in 2:03:55 so I think I got my pace right. Thanks
for all you messages it just shows what a great supportive club we are.

Dan Spinks Well done john and tom. I'm feeling a little disappointed
right now after my legs completely gave out at 28k but i know i'll be happy
with the time once i've had a little think about it. Off to find somwe really

Ealing Half Marathon - Sunday 30th September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Allan Todd1.40.16528th - 59.5%
Colin Purvis1.43.28 pb702nd - 58.34%
Sarah Burns2.03.572073rd - 52.35%
Carol Plaskowski2.31.143146th - 46.58%

Zaragoza 10km, Spain - Sunday 30th September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Miguel Martinez44.30354th
‎44.30 for the 10k. I am waiting for the official finish time!!!

Next year the marathon... It was 1600 runners. Great atmosphere and too cold
for September!!! But a great race. It was windy too. The circuit is 5 km long
but flat. The organization was excellent.

Bristol Half Marathon - Sunday 30th September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi1.20.58 pb123rd - 80.6%

parkrun # 72 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 29th September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.553rd - 72.56%
Patrick Brown17.554th - 72.00%
Mark Wyatt20.117th - 63.91%
Russell Price20.279th - 63.08%
Derek Wright20.3410th - 66.86%
David Irwin22.3420th - 62.85%
Claire Parker25.0928th - 58.85%
Emiko Priest27.23 (course pb)38th - 54.29%
Don Bennett48.10 (36.05)59th - 31.38%
59 finishers.Don reports:- A quiet week this week with the final ELVIS
scheduled for next day. Thomas hung behind Patrick till the last 10 metres and
then battle commenced for the line. Good to see Mark back at Wanstead this week
and Russell & Derek both made the top 10 as well. New member David Irwin made
our results for the 1st time and a course pb for Emiko. I ran the 1st lap in 14
minutes, then hung around for over 10 minutes and jogged round after the last
runners collecting the signs. In reality just 36 minutes of running. Thank's to

Virgin Active London Triathlon - Sunday 23rd September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ninette Fernandes3.14.101,527th
Olympic Distance - 1500m Swim, 40km Cycle, 10km Run.
Ninette Fernandes 32.46 / 1.32.18 / 1.00.22 + transitions = 3.14.10.
Former member Rita Kingdon also competed in :-
29.40 / 1.15.49 / 53.06 + transitions = 2.45.49 / 859th place.

Pleshey Half Marathon (Essex AA Championship) - Sunday 23rd September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Molly Pinkus1.43.11154th
Grant Conway1.43.33162nd
332 finishers.

New Forest Half Marathon - Sunday 23rd September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Saheb Yousefi1.33.02122nd
1597 finishers.

UFD Hackney Half Marathon - Sunday 23rd September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes1.17.121st
William Pearce1.23.3310th man
Dan Spinks1.30.1726th man
Peter Hatley1.33.4736th man

Beauty & the Beast Trail Marathon, Stoner Park, Henley On Thames - Saturday 22nd September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Simon Martin5.31.2882nd
Jonathan Thompson5.31.2883rd
102 finishers.

parkrun # 84 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 22nd September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh20:046th - 67.03 %
100 finishers.

parkrun # 71 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 22nd September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.231st - 74.78%
Patrick Brown18.092nd - 71.07%
James Wilson18.39 (course pb)4th - 71.13%
Andrew Baxter19.39 (course pb)7th - 71.08%
Derek Wright20.219th - 67.57%
Ashley Sarangi21.03 (course pb)13th - 62.63%
Jonathan Wooldridge21.51 (course pb)18th - 62.93%
Regis Martin22.3725th - 59.91%
Tom Woods23.26 pb31st - 67.85%
Miguel Martinez24.20 (course pb)37th - 55.27%
David Wyatt25.5344th - 60.91%
John Atkinson26.4151st - 66.08%
Fiona Day26.49 (course pb)53rd - 66.63%
Emiko Priest28.0558th - 52.94%
Harsh Pershad28.05 (course pb)59th - 47.89%
75 finishers. Don reports:- Great turnout from ELR with 15 runners.
Eight pb's from ELR with Tom and Fiona both 30 seconds faster, and a couple of
members whose age grades don't do them justice, with Miguel knocking 1.53 off
his time and Harsh after his Magic Mile time knocking four minutes off his
time. Well done Harsh, now just slow down so you don't pass my time.
Thank you to Sarah Burns for her volunteering, first nervous time on the timer
but she did fine and thanks for collecting the signs afterwards.

Marathon Talk Magic Mile - Tuesday 18th September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes (row)4.5077.4% track
Mark Boulton5.0373.5% track
Patrick Brown5.0573.0% track
Dan Spinks5.5166.1% wanstead
Richard Potter5.5363.1% track
Jamie Xavier5.5564.5%
Russell Price6.0860.5%
Lee Wollaston6.3159.8% wanstead
Katherine Harris6.4662.3% track
Lisa Mullen (row)6.5261.1% wanstead
Steven Bywater6.5460.0%
Harsh Pershad7.1253.7% track
John Atkinson7.1569.9%
David Wyatt7.3160.3% wanstead
Don Bennett7.3757.1% track
Ninette Fernandes7.5952.7% track
Peter Hatley5.59track
Grant Conway6.13track
Ramesh Pala6.42wanstead
Fiona Day8.16wanstead
The Marathon Talk Magic Mile is now in it's 2nd year. A competition between the
UK vs USA vs Rest of the World to run 1 mile as fast as you can. This year
there were 1,150+ from UK. The mile could be run between the 3rd - 16th
September and results logged by 12 noon on the 18th September. This year we had
2 organised mile events locally at Ashton Playing Fields on the track and
Wanstead Flats parkrun Magic Mile on a trail course organised by Paul Lewis of

Clavering 10km - Sunday 16th September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sheila Kennedy1.01.14
Sheila reports:- Having somewhat obsessively managed to enter 20 races
in 2011, I've only managed 5 so far in 2012.
This lack of training (together with the several hills and the
multi-terrain surface, mostly along farm tracks) is my excuse for my time
for this 10K - one of my slowest to date. 1:01:14.
(The prizes were already being presented as I crossed the finish line!).
Having said that, it was a well organised race, two laps around route which

National Forest 10km - Sunday 16th September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Spinks41.3322nd
363 finishers.

Great North Run 2012 - Newcastle - Sunday 16th September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan1.17.0793rd
Manjit Singh1.32.471,322nd
Anna Phillips1:57:5813,223rd
Suzanne Bench2.01.2415,660th
Simon Martin2.06.1418,650th
Jonathan Thompsontbc

Maidenhead Half Marathon - Sunday 16th September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Allan Todd1.36.02336th
Jamie Xavier1.37.02364th
1,828 finishers.

Pride Run 10k - Sunday 15th September 2012

Treeathlon 5km - Battersea Park - Saturday 15th September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh19.3710th

Pride Run 10km, Victoria Park - Saturday 15th September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Saheb Yousefi41.5096th
Jonathan Wooldridge45.56201st
Molly Pinkus46.03211th
Tom Woods47.53 pb274th
768 finishers.

parkrun # 83 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 15th September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright22:07 (with pram)12th - 62.17%
105 finishers.

parkrun # 70 - Wanstead Flats 5km + Magic Mile - Saturday 15th September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.41 - 5.001st - 73.52%
Patrick Brown17.42 - 5.112nd - 72.88%
Mark Boulton17.53 - 5.13 3rd - 72.13%
Dan Spinks20.19 - 5.517th - 66.20%
Ashley Sarangi21.18 (course pb)15th - 61.89%
Lee Wollaston22.09 (course pb) - 6.3121st - 61.17%
Ramesh Pala22.37 - 6.4225th - 65.73%
Lisa Mullen23.11 (course pb) - 6.5231st - 63.84%
Katherine Harris24.03 (course pb) - 7.2636th - 61.68%
Roger Stubbs27.1348th - 54.19%
Fiona Day27.34 - 8.1652nd - 64.81%
Don Bennett28.4658th - 52.55%
Emiko Priest29.0159th - 51.23%
David Wyatt30.10 - 7.3165th - 52.27%
80 finishers. 10 more East London Runners did their Magic Mile after the 5km
run at Wanstead Flats. East London Runners soared past the 500 run mark with 67
runners and 524 run's at Wanstead Flats. Thomas once again let Patrick lead
until the last second and then went past him. Course pb's from Ashley, new
member Lee, Lisa (back from summer break) and Katherine a course pb for
Good to see Emiko back from her South America travels.

3000m Track meet at Ashton Playing Fields - Tuesday 11th September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes9.44.073rd
Dan Spinks11.20.9324th

Grunty Fen Half Marathon - Sunday 9th September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Saheb Yousefi1:35:5468th
Jamie Xavier1:46:09152nd
Jonathan Wooldridge1:56:32231st

parkrun # 82 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 8th September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Colin Purvis22.0415th - 60.95%
114 finishers.

parkrun # 7 - Barking Park 5km - Saturday 8th September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ramesh Pala22.296th - 66.12%
David Wyatt24.30 (course pb)9th - 64.35%
27 finishers. Ramesh & David returned to Barking again this week. Ramesh was
only 2 seconds slower than last week with 22.29. But David ran a course pb of
24.30 which left him 12 seconds short of his overall parkrun best time. Good
news was that his time took him past a certain club chairman's time who went
past him a few week's before at Elvis 6.

parkrun # 69 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 8th September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown17.53 (course pb)3rd - 72.13%
Andrew Baxter20.07 (parkrun debut)10th - 69.43%
Russell Price20.23 (course pb)13th - 63.29%
Saheb Yousefi20.4515th - 62.25%
Regis Martin21.3417th - 62.83%
Roger Stubbs22.08 (course pb)24th - 66.64%
Jonathan Wooldridge22.0925th - 62.08%
Paul Courtney24.05 (course pb)37th - 53.56%
Phoebe Kallin24.1338th - 61.11%
Chloe Longstaff24.21 (course pb)41st - 61.60%
Katherine Harris25.1248th - 58.86%
73 finishers. Don reports:- Great turnout from East London means we
should pass the 500 run mark next week. Patrick conceded that his time last
week was a result of timekeeping errors and it didnt matter because he broke
through the 18 minute barrier this week anyway. Andrew Baxter made his long
awaited parkrun debut with 20.07. Course pb's also from Russell, Roger, Chloe &
new member Paul Courtney. Even Saheb's and Jonathan's time's would have been
pb's as the disputed time's from last week are still being sorted out. New

Essex Way Relay Race - Sunday 2nd September 2012

The day started bright and clear for the 2012 running of the Essex Way route,
with the two ELR runners Aaron and William setting off in fine style for the
to Chipping Ongar, and Aaron coming an impressive 3rd (only going wrong once –
he’ll get it right one year… J). William trailed in a little later, and like
several others this year, continued on to do two legs – or nearly in his case…
Grant led us off in leg two, finishing 28th, before continuing on to leg 3 –

Great Scottish Run Half Marathon - Sunday 2nd September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh1.37.07812th

Alderney 10km - Sunday 2nd September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea40.32 pb2nd
Race Report:-
I entered this event quite a while ago, whilst I was still recovering from
a ten-month long hamstring injury. It's a very nice event, but a very
challenging hilly course with some tight corners and cobbled
streets. If you can imagine THAT hill from the old Hovis tv commercial
where the young lad pushes his bike to the sound of Antonin Dvorak's
Symphony No. 9 rearranged for brass, then you would go some way to

Kent Coastal Marathon - Sunday 2nd September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown3.08.177th
242 finishers.

Patrick reports:- I ran the Kent Coastal today (inc. kent county
championship).Scenic run taking in Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate and
surrounding coast line. Most of which is the historic viking walk way. Marathon
and half Marathon runners run the first 13 miles together to Ramsgate and back,
this is quite hilly but the view of the sea and chalk cliffs provide good

Regents Park 10km Summer Series - Sunday 2nd September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier44.32158th
Katherine Harris49.29 pb286th
Another pb for Katherine who wanted to break the 50 minute barrier.

The Weald, St George 10km,Sevenoaks. - Sunday 2nd September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Spinks44.5058th
333 finishers.

Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc 2012 - Saturday 1st September 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Jimmy Hartwell26 hours2117th
Jimmy's report.

Jimmy in full race togs!

A bit of déjà vu again this year for the UTMB, a day before flying out to the
Alps, the race organisers were already sending out texts about heavy snow and

parkrun # 68 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 1st September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown19.082nd
Saheb Yousefi20.10 (course pb)3rd
Jonathan Wooldridge22.13 (course pb)16th
George Georgiou22.3219th
Roger Stubbs22.46 (course pb)20th
Claire Parker24.13 (course pb)27th
Lisa Mullen25.0832nd
51 finishers. Pretty sure that these are the correct times for the run and hope
to get the official results changed soon. Well done to the members who did
course pb's.
Thanks to Katherine Harris for volunteering before her 10km next day.

parkrun #6 - Barking Park 5km - Saturday 1st September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ramesh Pala22.2710th - 66.22%
David Wyatt24.5112th - 63.45%

parkrun # 81 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 1st September 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17:232nd - 74.78 %
Dan Spinks20:357th - 65.34 %
Derek Wright22:08 (with pram)12th - 62.12 %
Mary OBrien26:0535th - 71.31 %
87 finishers.

Thomas came second to the winner who did 15:35. Dan was running with bruised
ribs. Derek was running with his pram as normal. Mary showed an improvement on
her recent 5K runs.

Elvis 6 - Barking Park 5km - Monday 27th August 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.01*4th (scorer)
Mark Boulton17.23* pb6th (scorer)
James Wilson18.19*16th (scorer)
Andrew Baxter19.5033rd (scorer) - 31st
Paul Thompson19.53 pb34th (scorer) - 32nd
Allan Todd20.1036th - 33rd
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea20.1137th - 34th
Derek Wright20.1438th (scorer) - 35th
Dan Spinks20.2741st - 38th
Joseph Browne20.5043rd - 40th
Russell Price21.01*46th - 43rd
Manjit Singh21.0247th - 44th
Richard Guest21.03 pb48th - 45th
Grant Conway21.0853rd - 49th
Ramesh Pala21.47*62nd - 56th
Jonathan Wooldridge21.50*63rd - 57th
Saheb Yousefi21.5364th - 58th
Sarah McGrea22.0370th - 8th (scorer)
Matt Dean22.15*72nd - 64th
Kieran Brown22.16*73rd - 65th
Katherine Harris22.47* pb82nd - 12th (scorer)
William Davies24.13104th - 84th
Sarah Burns24.23*108th - 22nd (scorer)
Frank Brownlie24.34* pb109th - 87th
Lucy Leddy24.46112th - 23rd
David Wyatt24.52113th - 90th
Mary Connolly25.18118th - 27th (scorer)
Sheila Kennedy26.13 pb129th - 33rd
Jayne Browne26.24131st - 34th
Mary OBrien26.28133rd - 35th
Ninette Fernandes26.32*134th - 36th
Brian Graham26.37136th - 100th
Bryony Hewer27.17141st - 40th
Fiona Day28.03146th - 44th
Tara Syed28.46*152nd - 48th
Don Bennett29.21158th - 109th
* unofficial parkrun pb.

Video Footage by "Carry On Running" available on

Sikh Relay Marathon - Sunday 26th August 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh / Thomas Grimes / Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea / Derek Wright / Paul Thompson2.38.051st
Keiran Brown / Don Bennett / Fiona Day / Russell Price3.19.104th
12 teams competed and finished.

East London Runners win Sikh Marathon Relay. Team of Manjit Singh, Thomas
Grimes, Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea, Derek Wright and Paul Thompson finished in

Paul Thompson, Don Bennett, Russell Price, Mohammed Aklaqul,Thomas Grimes,
Fiona Day and Kieran Brown

East London Runners also had a team consisting of Keiran Brown, Don Bennett,
Fiona Day and Russell Price who finished in 4th place in 3:19:10!

Teams of between four and seven runners competed over 26 miles by lapping a 2k

The challenge started at Roding Lane South, Redbridge and takes in Woodford
Bridge Road, Lodge Hill and Woodford Avenue before returning to the start point.

The 2km route is the same used for training by 101-year-old Fauja Singh, of
Goodmayes, believed to be the only centenarian to complete a marathon and
runners will tackle 21 laps.

In the 2011 event ELR broke the course record finishing in 2:35:10.

parkrun # 80 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 25th August 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katherine Harris22.55 pb15th - 1st lady - 64.73%
88 finishers.

parkrun # 67 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 25th August 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes18.361st - 69.89%
Mark Boulton18.472nd - 68.68%
Dan Spinks20.223rd - 66.04%
Derek Wright20.457th - 66.27%
Allan Todd20.588th - 63.67%
George Georgiou23.0219th - 60.64%
David Wyatt26.1031st - 60.25%
Katherine Jones26.4435th - 55.42%
44 finishers. Don reports:- Five finishers in the top 8 this week.
Weather couldn't make its mind up for rain, cloud or sun. Mark went through the
first lap in the lead, but asked how far Thomas was behind him. We all knew
Thomas was too close behind. Good to see George and especially Katherine on a
rare visit back. Thanks to Mohammed for the timer duties and the cakes and
doughnuts afterwards and for Thomas collecting the signs in. I was Run Director
this week.

3000m Track , Woodford Green Ashton Playing Fields - Tuesday 21st August 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown9.58.522nd - 1st race
Thomas Grimes9.46.0810th - 2nd race
Aaron Williams10.09.0715th - 2nd race

Clapham Common 5km Series - Sunday 19th August 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea21.249th
126 finishers.

Leonard Cheshire Sprint Triathlon, Crystal Palace - Sunday 19th August 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Harsh Pershad1.33.42116th
185 finishers. 400m Swim 12.57, 15km Cycle 40.04, 5km Run 32.18.

parkrun # 4 - Barking Park 5km - Saturday 18th August 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mary Connolly25:4114th - 65.28 %
Mary OBrien26:1915th - 70.68 %
27 finishers.

parkrun # 79 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 18th August 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright22:30 (with pram)18th - 61.11%
97 finishers.

parkrun # 66 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 18th August 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.542nd - 72.63%
Patrick Brown18.243rd - 70.11%
James Wilson19.596th - 65.97%
Mark Wyatt20.047th - 64.29%
Kate Mercer21.25 (course pb)11th - 69.11% ( 1st lady)
Ashley Sarangi22.0014th - 59.92%
Kieran Brown22.4316th - 67.06%
Roger Stubbs24.08 (course pb)23rd - 61.12%
Caroline Meaby25.2229th - 59.66%
Claire Parker25.54 (course pb)31st - 57.14%
David Wyatt26.4634th - 58.90%
Sarah Burns27.3237th - 54.48%
Fiona Day27.5838th - 63.89%
Colin Purvis34.1650th - 39.25%
Don Bennett40.54 (34.54)52nd - 36.96%
52 finishers. Don reports:- Really warm day even by 9am. Big turnout
from East London Runners with 14 running. Thomas was 2nd by mere seconds with
Patrick in 3rd place. Close run with James & Mark in 6th & 7th place.
Kate Mercer was 1st lady in a course pb of 21.25 for 11th overall. Only other
pb was from Roger Stubbs in 24.08 knocking 16 seconds of his time.
Still fighting a cold i decided to be tail runner and collect the signs in. Had
to wait 6 minutes between 1st and 2nd lap for a latecomer who started 8 minutes
after us to come through. Thank you Colin Purvis for being that late runner.
Sarah once again forgot her barcode , but the bribe worked, lovely rock cakes,

Olympic Men's Marathon - 12th August 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery

parkrun # 78 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 11th August 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright22.02 (with pram)22nd - 62.41%
Ryan Levart22.1223rd - 58.11%
Mary OBrien26.0953rd - 71.13%
119 finishers.

parkrun # 65 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 11th August 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes18.031st - 72.02%
Saheb Yousefi20.53 (course pb)6th - 61.85%
Kieran Brown22.40 (course pb)17th - 67.21%
Roger Stubbs24.24 (course pb)28th - 60.45%
Sarah Burns24.4630th - 60.57%
Fiona Day27.19 (course pb)36th - 65.41%
53 finishers.Don reports:- Brilliantly sunny day with a slight breeze.
Great for pb's as was evident by the 4 pb's by East London Runners. Saheb went
under 21 minutes for the first time, Kieran under 23 minutes for the first
time. Roger a pb from his debut 25.23 last week with 24.24 and Fiona a pb of
27.19 from 27.41. Winner was Thomas in 18.03 back from his holiday, and Sarah's
excuse this week."The dog ate my barcode".Most people use pet food.
A great ELR team of volunteers as well with David Wyatt on registration,
Katherine Harris on timer and Patrick Brown on numbers.

Elvis 5 - Orion Forest Five - Saturday 4th August 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown29:437th
Mark Boulton30:3811th
Manjit Bedi31:0813th
James Wilson32:5926th - 25th
Manjit Singh34:3036th - 34th
Paul Thompson34:3638th - 36th
Derek Wright34:4139th - 37th
Andrew Baxter35:2845th - 43rd
Richard Potter36:3260th - 54th
Russell Price36:3361st - 55th
Kate Mercer37:0267th - 8th
Richard Guest37:0770th - 61st
Emmet Fitzgibbon37:5983rd - 70th
Jonathan Wooldridge39.0986th - 72nd
George Georgiou39:32103rd - 86th
Simon Martin40.00108th - 88th
Chloe Longstaff41:03122nd - 27th
Kieran Brown41:28129th - 100th
Tricia ONeill42:34143rd - 36th
Sarah Burns42:55146th - 38th
David Wyatt45:34161st - 113th
Fiona Day47:50173rd - 57th
203 finishers.

With some rain falling overnight and earlier on the race morning, there was a
little bit of mud on parts of the course. However most of the race was on good
forest paths and trails. ELR were led home by Patrick this time followed by
Mark and Manjit Bedi. ELR numbers were down on previous ELVIS races owing to
holidays and injuries and other previous commitments. Congratulations to Kate
Mercer and Jonathan Wooldridge and Fiona Day making their debut for ELR. Thanks
to supporters Julie, Svetlana and Annushka, Christina, Andrew and Frank.

Video Footage by "Carry On Running" available on You Tube:


parkrun # 64 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 4th August 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Brendan O'Grady16.591st - 76.35%
John Atkinson25.15 (course pb)16th - 69.04
Caroline Meaby25.2117th - 69.04%
Roger Stubbs25.23 (1st parkrun)18th - 58.11%
Claire Parker26.35 (course pb)24th - 55.67%
40 finishers.

parkrun # 77 - Valentine's Pk 5km - Saturday 4th August 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ryan Levart22.4012th - 56,91%
89 finishers.

parkrun # 2 - Barking 5km - Saturday 4th August 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mary Connolly27.3516th - 60.79%
39 finishers.

Adidas Thunder Run - 24 hr XC Relay - Saturday 28th July - Sunday 29th July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Spinks47.553pm
Dan Spinks47.269pm
Dan Spinks51.433.40am
Dan Spinks50.1310.30am
Thunder run www.tr24.co.uk
is a 24 hour cross country relay run by teams of 8, 5 or 2 as well as about
crazy solo runners. In total about 2,500 runners in 500 teams.

Dan said. Taking part in a team of 8 seemed like the sensible option
my first try at
this so I got to run 4 laps of the 10k course, 2 in daylight and 2 in the dark
with just a headtorch for light.
If you took the hilly 5, made it longer and an awful lot hillier and threw in
lots and lots of tight chicanes in the woods then you'd be close to getting
what the course is like. To give you an idea of how hard it is my 4 laps were
the 4 slowest 10ks I've ever run yet I was only overtaken 9 times during the
whole 40km, people were really not going too quickly.
As well as our team of 8 runners we had an amazing support crew including a
cook, physio and doctor though we certainly weren't taking it as seriously as 2
teams who both had massage tables and exercise bikes in their tents

In the end we finished in 7th place out of approx 200 teams in
our category having completed 300km

My times- 47:55 @3 pm Saturday; 47:26 @9.00pm Saturday mostly in
the dark; 51:43 @3.40 am Sunday in complete darkness and 50:13 on
rather tired legs @10.30 am Sunday)

Bedford Sprint Triathlon - Sunday 29th July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Harsh Pershad1.27.4357th
200m Swim (10.32), 15km Bike(44.23), 3.3km Run (22.44).

Resolution 15km, Finsbury Park - Sunday 29th July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier1.07.33

parkrun #76 - Valentines Park - Saturday 28th July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh21.3711th - 62.22%
Derek Wright22:15 (with pram)15th - 61.80%
75 finishers.

parkrun # 63 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 28th July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katherine Harris24.2613th - 60.71%
Fiona Day28.5417th - 61.82%
22 finishers. A quiet day after the Opening Ceremony the night before. Only 2
East London Runners with Patrick on Registration and Don was Run Director.

Paddy Ryan Memorial 10km, Pallasgreen, Co Limerick - Thursday 26th July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes35.402nd
140 finishers.

SACA Birmingham to London Marathon Relay and Charity Bike Ride 2012 - Saturday 21st July 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh

ELR member Majit Singh is on the far right of the picture. Fauja
and Manjit Singh with the Race trophy.

Congratulations to ELR's Manjit Singh and the rest of the
Fauja Team in completing the Birmingham to London relay marathon that took
place alongside the Saca Charity Bike Ride 2012. Manjit ran at both the
beginning and end ofthe relay. The distance ran by the team between all 8
members was 130 miles raising money for the Rainbow Trust.

parkrun # 62 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 21st July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown18.492nd - 68.56%
James Wilson19.184th - 68.31%
Kieran Brown23.2922nd - 64.87%
Jonathan Wooldridge22.2215th - 61.48%
Caroline Meaby25.2733rd - 59.46%
Claire Parker27.39 (1st parkrun)40th - 53.53%
Fiona Day29.0349th - 61.50%
Sarah Burns29.4855th - 50.34%
Technical problems mean results may not be sorted out until midweek. If you
were there contact the webmaster or the link on our facebook page if you
remember your finish position and approx time.

parkrun #75 - Valentines Park - 21st July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Wyatt19:246th - 66.49 %
Derek Wright22:08 (with pram)21st - 62.12 %
Katherine Harris22:59 pb30th - 64.54 % (3rd lady)
David Wyatt24:5542nd - 63.28 %
Mary OBrien28'ish65th'ish (no barcode)
Tara Syed30:0075th - 49.83 %
143 finishers.

Katherine Harris achieves her first sub-23 minute 5k, improving on last week's
pb of 23:50. The Olympic torch was doing the rounds and many runners took part
in fancy dress.

Video Footage by "Carry On Running" available on You Tube:

Part 1

Part 2

parkrun # 39 - Gunpowder Park - Saturday 21st July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
George Georgiou23.2511th - 59.64%

Elvis 4 - Newman Hilly 5m - Wednesday 18th July 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes29.095th scorer
Ciaran Canavan29.316th scorer
Mark Boulton29.568th scorer
Patrick Brown30.169th
Manjit Bedi31.0614th scorer
James Wilson31.5520th
Andrew Baxter33.0028th scorer
William Pearce33.3133rd - 31st
Amadeus Furlong34.0637th - 35th
Derek Wright34.4741st - 39th scorer
Dan Spinks34.5242nd - 40th
Michael Wilson34.5743rd - 41st
Grant Conway35.3447th - 45th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea35.3849th - 47th
Ava Lee36.0354th - 4th scorer - 1st FV35
Richard Guest36.43 pb62nd - 57th
Peter Hatley36.5364th - 58th
Saheb Yousefi36.5865th - 59th
Jimmy Hartwell37.5273rd - 66th
Russell Price38.2279th - 69th
George Georgiou39.2891st - 78th
Kieran Brown39.2993rd - 80th
Joanne O'Sullivan40.13102nd - 16th scorer
Ramesh Pala40.21104th - 88th
Paul Braithwaite40.40108th - 92nd
Suzanne Bench41.06115th - 19th scorer
Emily Hart41.11117th - 20th scorer
Chloe Longstaff41.48121st - 24th
Tricia ONeill42.02125th - 25th
Steven Bywater42.10130th - 103rd
Katherine Harris42.32 pb135th - 30th
William Davies42.34136th - 106th
Edward Barnard42.42138th - 108th
John Atkinson43.20140th - 109th
Sarah Burns43.43144th - 32nd
Anna Phillips43.48146th - 33rd
Dave Knight44.04150th - 115th
Michael Rose44.57153rd - 117th
Mary Connolly45.39157th - 39th
Susannah House47.34169th - 47th
Ben Latham48.00171st - 124th
Don Bennett48.14173rd - 125th
Ninette Fernandes50.04178th - 50th
Roger Dixon50.30180th - 130th
Harsh Pershad58.16194th - 140th
200 finishers. Attendances:- East London Runners 45, Havering 23,Ilford
AC 22, Eton Manor & East End Road Runners 17, and Orion, Dagenham & Barking 16.

Grant's Report
Elvis 4, the Newman Hilly 5 at Hainault Forest brought 45 runners and several
spectators from ELR as the series went past the halfway point. Ilford AC hosted
an excellent race as always and despite the difficulties created by the
construction works close to the lake requiring a change of course our hosts
us up a long gradual climb to a turnaround point close to the Camelot and back
to the Common via a winding downhill path through the forest. From personal
experience from running at Hainault in the previous week our hosts saved
participants from far muddier sections of the forest, unfortunately!

Thankfully all our runners got round relatively unscathed. Thomas led our men
home again finishing in 5th place, closely followed by Ciaran and then the much
improved Mark and Patrick. Manjit was once again our first vet home with our
other vet scorers being Andrew and Webmaster and pram racing expert Derek being
our 6th scorer. There were also excellent runs close to the front from new dad
James and a super debut by Amadeus. Once again our men who were further back
beat scoring runners from other clubs to help the men secure 2nd place behind
Ilford but keeping ELR in first place in the overall standings.

Our ladies numbered 12 of our 45 runners and were led home by Ava who was
4th lady overall winning the prize for 1st female vet 35,
with Jo second
home for ELR closely followed by Suzanne and Emily who had an excellent run in
her first ELVIS race which I am sure will keep up her football fitness during
the close season!

Our other ladies all put in a great effort to beat other lady scorers and were
just beaten in a close contest for second. However, the ladies race belonged to
the Ilford Ladies who won by a comfortable margin. Our ladies are still within
striking distance of the top places in the overall standings and with the
ability to drop our two worst scores over the whole series the last three races
take on a great significance in both genders.

So a big thank you to all those who ran and supported at Hainault and on we
go to Elvis 5 at Orion on Saturday 4th August at 10.00am.


Video Footage by "Carry On Running" available on You Tube:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Fairlands Valley Challenge 2012 - 12 miles - Sunday 15th July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Saheb Yousefi1:391st
Congratulation to Saheb!

Clapham Common 5km Series - Race 3 - Sunday 15th July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea21.3410th
130 finishers.

parkrun # 7 - Beckton - Saturday 14th July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea33.0316th - 39.33%
22 finishers. Mohammed was once again running with his younger brother.

parkrun #74 - Valentines Park - Saturday 14th July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh20:3010th - 65.61 %
Derek Wright22:27 (with pram)19th - 61.25 %
Katherine Harris23:50 pb27th - 62.17 % (2nd lady)
Mary Connolly26:5246th - 62.41 %
Tara Syed30:1571st - 49.42 %
120 finishers.

parkrun # 61 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 14th July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.521st - 72.76%
Patrick Brown18.292nd - 69.79%
James Wilson19.273rd - 67.78%
Saheb Yousefi21.01 (course pb)6th - 61.46%
Richard Potter22.0810th - 58.36%
Jonathan Wooldridge23.0918th - 59.40%
Kieran Brown24.0323rd - 63.34%
Suzanne Bench24.4226th - 65.59% (2nd lady)
Don Bennett28.3937th - 52.76%
Fiona Day29.1840th - 60.98%
51 finishers. Don report's:- Course was very wet & muddy, probably good
practice for Wednesday's Hilly 5 course. Not a day for pb's. We had a film crew
from the Olympics come down to do a bit of filming and talk to a few runners.
May be shown abroad rather than over here. I was supposed to be doing
registration but got a run with 5 minutes notice when another volunteer showed
up, that was after going round putting signs out earlier as well.

parkrun # 105 - Hackney Marshes - Saturday 14th July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
William Pearce19.15 (debut parkrun)7th - 67.36%
Dan Spinks20.3812th - 65.19%
Sarah Burns25.0128th - 59.96% (2nd lady)
41 finishers.

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 3.5 Mile Race (5.6km) - Thursday 12th July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton19:3651st
Peter Hatley23:461,326th
Jamie Xavier23.511,419th
Just a quick note to say I ran the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 3.5
Mile Race on Thursday 12th July in 19:36 (51st out of 12,988 finishers)

Standard Chartered Great City Race 2012 - 5k - Thursday 12th July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway20:50tba
My chip never worked, I think I am the only the only one out of about 40
in my firm whose didn’t work, would be me! I have never been keen on this
corporate type of event really, too many "runners", over 6000 on a narrow
course. There was meant to be a sub 21 minute section but the runners from the
slower section just jumped over the railings and then got in the way nearly all
the way round. No distance markers so didn’t know when the finish was coming
Time on my garmin was 20.50, just over pb!

Run The River 5, Lea Valley Park - Sunday 8th July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods39.4259th
105 finishers.

British 10km London Run - Sunday 8th July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton36.1146th
Jamie Xavier41.16269th
Ava Lee42.37 pb399th
Katherine Harris50.07 pb2744th
Bryony Hewer56.136799th
Kelly Leedham58.579089th
20,088 finishers. Katherine Harris :- I suspect there were a few of us
running the British 10k on Sunday, but they don't seem to have clubs on their
results system so a bit tricky to find us among 20,000 or so runners!
I took part and got a PB of 50.07 - over 4 mins off my previous PB which I got
about 2 months ago :o). Now to find another one to knock of those 8 seconds to
get me under 50!

Orion Harriers Forest Five Series - Race 2 of 3 - Saturday 7th July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns45.2894th
121 finishers.

parkrun # 60 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 7th July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
David daSilva Pereira20.25 (course pb)4th - 63.51%
Richard Potter21.378th - 59.75%
Chloe Longstaff24.44 (course pb)18th - 60.65%
Caroline Meaby25.1822nd - 59.82%
46 finishers. With a few of us having a parkrun awayday numbers were down on
previous weeks. The only regular was Richard Potter who finished in 8th place.
Dave daSilva Pereira and Chloe Longstaff made there second appearences at
Wanstead both getting course pb's.Caroline Meaby made her 5th appearence.
Thanks to Katherine Harris for volunteering.

parkrun # 23 - Mile End - Saturday 7th July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Wyatt18.36 pb4th - 69.35%
James Wilson18.37 (parkrun pb)5th - 70.81%
Dan Spinks20.3811th - 65.19%
Saheb Yousefi20.53 (parkrun pb)12th - 61.85%
Derek Wright22.25 (with buggy)21st - 61.34%
Jonathan Wooldridge22.4122nd - 60.62%
David Wyatt25.2733rd - 61.95%
Don Bennett26.5643rd - 56.13%
67 finishers.

Don Reports:- This week a few of us decided to have an
awayday from Wanstead Flats and try Mile End. For Mark, Dan and myself it was a
chance to try the course with fresh legs as last time it was event five of the
Longest Parkrun only two weeks earlier. For all three of us it was good
comparisons with our earlier runs. Mark 18.36 from 21.38 on the Longest, Dan
20.38 from 22.59 and myself 26.56 from 35.02.(Yes, my legs really were that bad
on the Longest Day event). Through the run we could see each other as the run
progressed. Mark and James were together until the final sprint with Mark
coming out on top. But James's Age Grading took him over Mark in the end. Dan
and Saheb were close again with Dan coming in 15 seconds ahead. Derek was
running with his buggy and the course was a bit tougher than the Valentines
course. David was running well and pulled away from me during the run. I was
pleased with my time having run Wanstead quicker only twice before. I was
pleased we made the trip and hope we do it again a few more times.

Bewl 15 - Sunday 1st July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Roison Archer2.10.55266th
617 finishers.Roisin Archer:- Not too bad for my first x country event.
As more of a city runner the mud and hills were a bit of a shock to my system.
Fab event and great location.

Gunnersbury Park 10km - Sunday 1st July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes36.243rd

South Downs Way - 103 miles - Saturday 30th June - Sunday 1st July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jimmy Hartwell83 miles
Jimmy Hartwell - the race didn't go quite as planned this year - had to
pull out at 83 miles a culmination of twisting my ankles, five blisters on my
feet, chaffing on my under carriage wasn't to clever also.

The initial race strategy discussed with Roger Dixon my support person was: run
down hills, jog on the flat and walk up steep hills. What was also important
was to resist the temptation to zoom off at the start but restrict my pace to 5
mile an hour for the first 22miles until I reached my first check stop with
him. After that keep the pace to a sub 24Hr pace i.e. 4 mile an hour up until I
reached a check point at 75 miles. At that point I would have at least 2 hrs at
the check point before cut off to have a kip sort out my gear and then continue
the race to the end at a very leisurely pace. The race started at 06:00 am from
Chilcomb sports club just outside Winchester. The weather prediction was sunny
and maybe a few showers. An hour into the race it bucketed down, and then there
were continual busts of heavy showers. I arrived at the 22 mile check point to
meet Roger just after 10am, my feet had turned into mush with a couple of
blisters and I had slight chaffing so I changed into shorts put some dry socks
on. The next 18 miles kept a sub 24hr pace arriving at the half way stage
feeling very strong so I celebrated with a couple of pork pies. 4 miles later
I checked in with Roger who was surprised to see me so early & fresh. He
suggested I now changed into cold weather gear (and probably would been a good
idea to sort out my blisters as they were niggling a bit) as I wouldn't see him
again for 16 miles and this part of the race was quite exposed and windy; as it
would be getting dark the temperature would drop as well. As it was now
beautiful blue sky and very hot, I plodded on in my t shirt and now chaffing
shorts confident I would reach him in good time. 16 miles later a gibbering
hypothermic wreck met Roger at the Clayton Windmills check point at just less
than 70 miles, I had lost quite a bit of time and there was now only a 1 hour
before the check point closed. I felt a bit of a numpty for not taking heed of
his advice earlier. To make matters worse the check point was very exposed and
windswept. Took cover next to Roger's car quickly changed into warm weather
gear and dashed off to warm up. The next check point I was meeting Roger was
only 6 miles away so I thought I could sort out my personal admin at a check
point which wasn't like a wind tunnel. The next 6 miles didn't quite go as
planned. I caught up with a couple of runners who like me had been religiously
following the race course marker strips in the dark but were stumped when had
they disappeared or had been blown away. We teamed up & made a couple of
navigational errors and wasted about an hour going off in the wrong direction.
Eventually arrived at the 76 mile check point where Roger informed it was
closing down in 40 minutes. There wasn't enough time to stop for a rest and now
had to make up time to get to the next check point. Quite a while later, I
hobbled into 83 mile check point with a twisted ankle (even the Neurofen plus
couldn't sort this out) having just missed the cut off. Unfortunately my South
Downs race was over for this year.

Roger Dixon - This is the second year i have provided support for Jimmy
on this event. Each time his preparation is meticulous, from the "recce" trips
through the paperwork he provides me to enable me to meet him at the right time
at the right place to his food and clothes bag for the trip. Jimmy's strategy
for the race was right for him and was working for the first 55 plus miles of
the event. At some point in an event like this you have a tough few miles ,
Jimmy's was in the 55 - 70 mile area. Although he had lost a lot of time when
he came into control at 76 miles he was in a much better physical state than
those running similar times and i beleive was capable of getting through the
remaining 23 - 24 miles in the seven and a half hours available to him. If i
had thought that he was not i would have advised him to retire. Sadly the ankle
problem meant no finishers award. Although it is no solace for Jimmy there were
a lot of retirements. Jimmy was philosophical and dignified about his
retirement and for that has even more of my respect. Should he want another go
at the event i would crew again but i think we need a third person to "buddy"
for sections of the event when it is dark and very easy to get lost in a
featureless landscape defined by a head torch. The only other advice for next
time would be to try bandaging your ankles up. I saw someone doing this at 55
miles and though they were in trouble, however i saw them at the finish and i
now suspect it was a precaution against injuries caused because you can miss
stones and ruts etc , in the dark. Finally thanks Jimmy for giving me a chance
to revisit the strange but fascinating parallel universe of the ultra-distance

Outlaw Triathlon, Nottingham - Sunday 1st July 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Farren12 hrs 26 mins.374th
Race report
Outlaws, Pirates, Birthdays and Dragon Boats.
Outlaw Triathlon Sunday 1/July / 2012 Holme Pierrepont Nottingham
2.4 mile swim 112 mile bike 26.2 mile run : 140.6

On a cool bright morning. one thousand athletes lined up at 6 a.m. at the
National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham, for the start of the lake swim.
When the hooter went off, it was like swimming in a washing machine with
everyone keen to make a quick start.Once I got into some open water I managed
to get into a rhythm and swim down the lake.
Out on the bike section I managed to warm up a bit and enjoyed the quiet roads
and beautiful Nottinghamshire countryside. At 60 miles the Pirates Tri club
were handing out 'pirate booty' ie. energy gels and bananas. The Skull and
Crossbone flags were hoisted and there was lots of encouragement to keep riding
or face walking the plank! I continued riding,however at 90 miles encountered a
heavy rain storm, My average speed dropped and I was beginning to tire.

I finaly got back to tranisition and was very glad to hand over my bike, then
commence the run of 3 loops around the lake, as well as out and back along the
River Trent tow path to County Hall. We passed by the Nottingham Forest
football grounds and Trent bridge. The most inspiring part by this time, was
hearing the theme tune to Hawaii-five-0 come across the tanoy and seeing the
Dragon boats racing on the river ,as the local boat clubs held a festival.This
encouraged tired legs to keep moving.

Finally,it was my turn to finish and I ran towards the finish line to a
marvelous welcome from the grand stand crowd.There was a great atmosphere all
along. It was a very friendly and well organised event and great way to
celebrate my birthday too!
Swim 1hr 9mins Bike 6hrs.25mins Run 4hrs.37mins Total 12hrs .26mins Overall
place 374

Patrick Farren

Tommy's Baby Race 7km'ish - Bluewater, Kent - Sunday 1st July 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright29:032nd (1st buggy)
About 100 finishers.

This was the first of a series of Baby Races, organised by the pregnancy
charity Tommy's, where the theme is to run with your baby in their pram. The
race was billed as 8km, but judging by my time the distance was 7km at most. It
took place over two laps in the parkland around Bluewater shopping centre in

The morning got off to a mixed start - while I was looking for the race start
near the lower mall, my 21-month-old daughter Annushka, a veteran of Valentines
parkrun, was sick all over herself in the car. Pre-race nerves kicking in, no
doubt. Fortunately, the organisers were handing out T-shirts for little ones
and we were soon sorted on that front. The pre-race warm up started at 9am,
consisting of a session of "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and other
exercises. After this I busied myself with getting rid of any extra weight from
the pram - my trusty three-wheeled BabyTrend Expedition jogger with rubber
tyres and safety strap. At the starting line, I eyed up the competition - mums
and dads with pushchairs, enjoying a day out in the sunshine. I began to think
the race was going to be child's play, until I spotted danger in the form of a
lithe lady, without pram, who professed to run 5km in 18-something minutes.

Meanwhile, the race photographer wanted us to look as if we were raring to go,
and those of us at the front adopted a pose of eagerness. Soon we were off and
I took a quick initial lead, speeding off down the pathway, through the first
subway, and round an artificial lake. After about 1km, I thought that I might
have started too fast, when my female rival breezed past me, wi

Prostate Cancer 10km, Highbury Fields - Saturday 30th June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier40.445th

parkrun #72 - Valentines Park - Saturday 30th June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Katherine Harris23:53 pb20th - 62.04 %
78 finishers. Katherine dips under 24 minutes for the first time at this

parkrun # 59 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 30th June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes18.052nd - 71.89%
Mark Boulton18.203rd - 70.36%
James Wilson19.507th - 66.47%
Derek Wright20.4010th - 66.53%
Richard Potter20.56 (= course pb)13th - 61.70%
Ashley Sarangi21.4817th - 60.47%
Saheb Yousefi22.35 (debut parkrun)24th - 57.20%
Dan Spinks22.3625th - 59.51%
Jonathan Wooldridge23.0132nd - 59.74%
Kieran Brown23.03 (course pb)33rd - 66.09%
Suzanne Bench24.4742nd - 65.37%
David Wyatt27.0349th - 58.29%
Louisa Tock28.1854th - 52.53%
Fiona Day28.4256th - 62.25%
65 finishers. East London Runners broke the 400 runs barrier this week. Derek
Wright collected his 50 vest and Saheb Yousefi made his parkrun debut.
Keiran Brown got a course pb and Richard Potter equalled his course record.
Patrick Brown was on registration and Don was run director.
We're thinking of paying a visit to Mile End next week for an ELR awayday.
Listen out for details by Wednesday.

Serpentine Last Friday Of The Month 5km - Friday 29th June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Steven Bywater24.21123rd - 59.1%
180 finishers.

Hampstead Heath 10km - Sunday 24th June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Kelly Leedham55.28
Jamie Xavier55.30

Trent Park Triffic Trail 10k - Sunday 24th June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Saheb Yousefi47:3151
368 finishers. Good result for new ELR member Saheb.

Maxifuel Marlow Half Ironman Distance Triathlon - Sunday 24th June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns6.26.39 (official) 6.20.09207th

Sarah Burn's posted:- ‎1/2 Ironman completed in 6hrs 26mins 39secs.
Managed to cycle 7 miles more than necessary I'm so angry with myself for day
dreaming on the bike. Run consisted of 4 laps of a quagmire in which I fell
over. Only saving grace was swim was cut down by 400m but i think I made up for
that. Swim 25.16, Cycle 3.30.52, Run 2.20.06.

Colworth Marathon Challenge - Cumulative Times - Sunday 24th June 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes2.54.104th
Patrick Brown2.56.565th
Manjit Bedi3.01.009th- 1st Male Vet 45
Ben Walker3.26.2336th
Grant Conway3.37.1048th
135 finishers. 1st Team - East London Runners - 54pts

Manjit's Report (See also the individual races within the Challenge).

From Left - Grant Conway and Ben Walker. From right - Thomas Grimes,
Patrick Brown and Manjit Bedi, receiving the trophy from two of the event

The Colworth Marathon Challenge has been running for about 11 years it consists
of 3 races over 3 days to equal a marathon, the event is held in Sharnbrook in
Bedford and organised by the Colworth Striders. The real challenge I was told
the organisers is to camp for two nights as well as race.
I did this race last year and was so impressed by the whole event that I said
not only would I do it this year but take a team with me. Getting the team
together was touch and go up to the last week before the event
Myself , Grant, Ben and Thomas travelled the 80 miles to Sharnbrook together on
the Friday and met Patrick and his wife Julie at the campsite. We set up our
tents in the field before the rain started I have to mention that Grant who had
never been camping before set up his own tent with minimal help from the rest

See individual race reports below!

East London Runners won the whole Colworth Challenge with 54 points. Final
standings for the whole event were Thomas 4th, Patrick 6th, Myself 9th, Ben
36th and Grant 48th out of 181 who finished the whole event.
At the
presentation for some reason I will always be known as the East London Dodgy
I have to thank each member of the team. Thomas for being consistently fast and
even with the mishap in the second race not letting it affect him. Patrick
enthusiasm prior to the event convinced me we could win it as a team. Ben what
can I say as a new member to the club and who only started running a couple of
months ago he was outstanding in rising to the challenge. Grant Mr motivator to
all of us and for helping Ben pace out the races for distances he had never
completed previously. Julie whose support was crucial to all of us as there
few spectators in the races. To top it all Patrick and Julie attended a friends
wedding on the Saturday.
Big thanks goes out to the Colworth Striders for organising such a great
In summary it was a great event we put East London Runners on the map and we
will be defending our title next year.

Colworth Challenge - Half Marathon - Day 3 - Sunday 24th June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes1.25.312nd
Patrick Brown1.29.117th
Manjit Bedi1.30.358th
Ben Walker1.47.0754th
Grant Conway1.48.4860th
216 finishers. 1st Team - East London Runners 75pts

Manjit Reports:- The Sunday race was a trail half marathon consisting of
two laps the race started at 10am conditions were very wet underfoot as it had
rained heavily over night. The race was hard; all of us were suffering for the
previous 2 days racing. Thomas finished 2nd Patrick 7th myself 8th Ben 54th and
Grant 60th. We won the half marathon team event with 75 points!

Manjit in full flow!

The Longest Day parkrun - North London - Sunday 24th June 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Wyatt19.121st - Oak Hill
Mark Wyatt21.161st - Ally Pally
Mark Wyatt20.121st - Hampstead Heath
Mark Wyatt20.463rd - Highbury Fields
Mark Wyatt21.385th - Mile End
Mark Wyatt21.465th - Wanstead Flats
Mark Wyatt21.325th - Valentine Park
Dan Spinks22.26Oak Hill
Dan Spinks22.50Ally Pally
Dan Spinks22.47Hampstead Heath
Dan Spinks22.00Highbury Fields
Dan Spinks22.59Mile End
Dan Spinks23.56Wanstead Flats
Dan Spinks23.24Valentine Park
Don Bennett28.03Oak Hill
Don Bennett29.20Ally Pally
Don Bennett30.18Hampstead Heath
Don Bennett21.10 (3 laps of 5)Highbury Fields
Don Bennett35.02Mile End
Don Bennett18.09 (1 lap only)Wanstead Flats
Don Bennett35.12Valentine Park
Allan Todd20.454th - Mile End
Allan Todd20.434th - Wanstead Flats
Allan Todd20.573rd - Valentine Park


Colworth Challenge - Trail 8.1 miles - Day 2 - Saturday 23rd June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown56.597th
Manjit Bedi58.2813th
Thomas Grimes58.5514th
Ben Walker1.04.3744th
Grant Conway1.11.3881st
181 finishers 1st Team - East London Runners 82pts.

Patrick and Thomas near the finish line.

Manjit Reports:-The Saturday race was an 8.1 cross country race we were
advised spikes or trail shoes. The race started at 12 and once again Thomas and
Patrick led at the front. The conditions were slippery to say the least with
most of us falling over in the mud at least once if not 3 times (Grant and
Patrick). Thomas who was in third up to mile 6 went the wrong way due to a
marshalling/signing error and ended up completing an extra half mile but still
finishing 14th with Patrick up in 7th. The results could not have been closer
we took 1st place by one point on 82 points second team had 83 and third team
84. This truly taught me the meaning of being a team, every person each one of
us overtook in the race counted towards the win.

parkrun # 4 - Beckton Park - Saturday 23rd June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea29.1417th - 44.47%
23 finishers.

Mohammed in action at a previous race.

parkrun # 71 - Valentines Park - Saturday 23rd June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright22:22 (with pram)17th - 61.48 %
Katherine Harris24:01 pb23rd - 61.69 %
Mary OBrien27:0242nd - 68.80 %
Tara Syed29'ish
113 finishers.

parkrun # 58 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 23rd June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Wyatt19.455th - 65.32%
Dan Spinks20.578th - 64.20%
Russell Price22.01 (course pb)13th - 58.59%
Ashley Sarangi22.0614th - 59.65%
David Wyatt25.3433rd - 61.67%
Caroline Meaby26.1337th - 57.72%
Jayne Browne27.2944th - 59.55%
54 finishers.

Colworth Challenge - Colworth 5m - Day 1 - Friday 22nd June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes29.441st
Patrick Brown30.466th
Manjit Bedi31.5713th - 1st Male Vet 40
Ben Walker34.3942nd
Grant Conway36.4474th
305 finishers. 1st Team East London Runners 66pts

Grant and Ben in action.

Manjit reports:- The Friday race was a 5 miler on country roads and
trails, the race started at 7pm this race is major event for the local
there was a fun run and entertainment organised. Thomas and Patrick were with
the leaders at the front of the field with Thomas taking 1st place in an
impressive 29:44 and Patrick 6th in 30:46 the scoring for the team race was the
first 4 for each team. We got 1st place with 66 points. The first night was
difficult night to sleep with the constant wind and rain.

Elvis Race 3 - Dagenham 88 5-ish 5.5m - Sunday 17th June 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes31.243rd scorer
Ciaran Canavan32.165th scorer
Mark Boulton32.206th scorer
Patrick Brown32.567th
Manjit Bedi33.2110th scorer
Daniel Lee34.3918th scorer 17th
James Wilson35.0220th - 19th
Andrew Baxter35.3423rd scorer 22nd
Ben Walker36.4428th - 27th
Dan Spinks37.0030th - 29th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea37.1534th - 33rd
Allan Todd37.2735th - 34th
Paul Thompson37.2936th - 35th
Richard Potter37.3237th - 36th
Manjit Singh38.3045th - 44th
Grant Conway38.5847th - 47th
Richard Guest39.1049th - 48th
Russell Price41.5067th - 59th
Joanne O'Sullivan41.5368th scorer 9th
Ramesh Pala41.5469th - 59th
Rocio Navarro Jiminez41.5670th scorer 10th
Jamee Gould42.3478th - 14th
Lisa Mullen43.3081st - 16th
Dave Knight44.0686th - 70th
Tom Woods44.1087th - 71st
Kieran Brown44.1088th - 72nd
Abdirahman Adan44.5995th - 78th
Tricia ONeill45.1196th - scorer 18th
Sarah Burns45.2098th - scorer 20th
Katherine Harris45.36101th - 21st
Angela Morley46.03104rd - 23rd
David Wyatt46.36110th - 83rd
Bryony Hewer48.53120th - 35th
Jayne Browne48.54121st - 36th
Don Bennett49.33122nd - 86th
Roger Dixon51.47132nd - 91st
Susannah House51.47133rd - 42nd
There is a report by Grant covering the first three events now on the Elvis 2012 page

161 finishers. 37 East London Runners - 11 ladies,26 men. Attendances:-
Dagenham 22,Ilford 22,Havering 20,Eton Manor,East End Rd Runners & Barking 15
and Orion 7.

Team Scores - Men 1st East London Runners 1-63pts, 2nd Ilford 2- 100pts,3rd
Orion 3- 132pts,4th Barking 4- 188pts,5th Eton Manor 5- 193pts,6th Dagenham 6-
210pts,7th East End Road Runners 7- 260pts, 8th Havering 8- 323pts.

Team Scores - Ladies 1st Eton Manor 1 - 25pts,2nd East London Runners 2- 57pts,
3rd Ilford 3 - 64pts, 4th Dagenham 4 - 85pts, 5th East End Road Runners 5-
86pts,6th Havering 6- 180pts,7th Barking 7- 158pts, 8th Orion 8- 238pts.

Overall after 3 events:-
Men - 1st East London Runners 4- 259pts,2nd Orion 7- 331pts,3rd Ilford 7-
344pts,4th Eton Manor 17- 716pts,5th Dagenham 17- 725pts,6th Barking 17-
770pts,7th East End Road Runners 18- 782pts, 8th Havering 21- 930pts.

Ladies - 1st Eton Manor 3- 66pts.2nd East London Runners 9- 186pts,3rd Ilford 9-
191pts,4th East End Road Runners 12- 208pts, 5th Dagenham 13-244pts,6th Barking
19- 438pts, 7th Havering 19- 560pts, 8th Orion 24- 720pts.

Video Footage by "Carry On Running" available on
target="_blank" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?


Roger and Susannah sprint to the line!

Richard, Ramesh and Manjit Singh after the race.

parkrun # 3 - Beckton Park - Saturday 16th June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Muhammad Ismail30.4513th - 55.34%
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea30.4514th - 42.07%
Not Mohammed's usual fast run but his younger 8 year old brother making his
parkrun debut with no training. Mohammed was very proud of his brother and
wanted to give him a mention.

parkrun # 70 - Valentines Park - Saturday 16th June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright22.38 (with pram)12th - 60.75%
Katherine Harris24.15 (parkrun pb)19th - 1st lady - 61.10%
111 finishers. Derek runs with his pram at Valentines, next time he's at
Wanstead his 50 vest is waiting for him. Katherine Harris continues her
trail of pb's. Two weeks ago a pb at Wanstead, then a half marathon pb at
Southend and now her debut at Valentines, she's 1st lady home and over a minute
and a half in front of 2nd place and over one minute off her Wanstead time with
24.15. Well done, Katherine.

parkrun # 57 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 16th June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes18.272nd - 70.46%
Patrick Brown18.303rd - 69.73%
Ben Walker19.59 (course pb)8th - 64.55%
Allan Todd20.169th - 65.87%
Ashley Sarangi21.4418th - 60.66%
Suzanne Bench24.3837th - 65.76%
Emiko Priest27.4553rd - 53.57%
Harsh Pershad34.0859th - 39.11%
63 finishers.

Elvis Race 2 - Havering 90 Joggers Midweek 5m - Tuesday 12th June 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes27.393rd scorer
Brendan O'Grady27.554th scorer
Mark Boulton28.33 pb6th scorer
Patrick Brown28.51 pb7th
Ciaran Canavan29.089th
Manjit Bedi30.06 pb14th vet scorer
Mark Wyatt30.3819th
Daniel Lee31.03 pb23rd - 22nd vet scorer
James Wilson31.26 pb27th - 26th
Andrew Baxter32.3233rd - 32nd vet scorer
Derek Wright32.55 pb38th - 37th
Ben Walker33.0840th - 39th
Dan Spinks33.4644th - 43rd
Paul Thompson33.49 pb45th - 44th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea34.1849th - 48th
Ava Lee34.3454th - 2nd lady/scorer
Grant Conway34.50 pb57th - 54th
Ramesh Pala37.38 pb78th - 69th
Kieran Brown38.3787th - 74th
Lisa Mullen38.5091st scorer - 15th
Mike Barclay39.07100th - 84th
Tricia ONeill41.10115th vet scorer - 23rd
Sarah Burns41.41 pb121st vet scorer - 26th
Angela Morley42.16124th - 28th
David Wyatt42.55126th - 98th
Don Bennett44.42147th - 104th
Susannah House44.55 pb149th - 45th
Ninette Fernandes45.57154th - 47th
There is a report from Grant covering the first 3 Elvis events now on the
Elvis 2012 page.

195 finishers.Attendances:- East London Runners 28,Dagenham 33,Havering
28,Ilford 24,EERR 16,Barking 15,Eton Manor 14 and Orion 8.

First home for ELR (see above for order)were Brendan, Mark, Ciaran, Patrick
and Thomas.

Video Footage by "Carry On Running" available on YouTube:
target="_blank" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YubMw20xUkY&feature=plcp">
Part 1
target="_blank" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGTe2odbTWQ&feature=plcp">
Part 2

Son and Father - Patrick and Kieran Brown.

Father and Son - David and Mark Wyatt.

Team scores :-Ladies 1st Eton Manor 24pts, 2nd Ilford 58pts,3rd Dagenham
63pts,4 East London Runners 66pts, 5th EERR 67pts, 6th Havering,7th Barking,
8th Orion.

Team Scores :- Men 1st East London Runners 81pts,2nd Ilford 122 pts,3rd
Orion 145 pts,4th EERR,5th Havering,6th Dagenham ,7th Barking and 8th Eton

Overall Teams after 2 events
Ladies Teams 1st Eton Manor 2pts - 41,2nd Ilford 6pts - 127,3rd EERR
7pts - 122,4th East London Runners 7pts - 129,5th Dagenham 9pts - 159,6th
Barking 12pts - 280,7th Havering 13pts - 380 and 8th Orion 16pts - 482.

Overall Scores - Mens Teams 1st East London Runners 3pts - 196,2nd Orion
4pts - 199,3rd Ilford 5pts - 244,4th Dagenham 11pts - 515,5th EERR 11pts -
522,6th Eton Manor 12pts - 523,7th Barking 13pts - 582 and 8th Havering 13pts -

St Albans Half Marathon - Sunday 10th June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns2.00.391161st
Emiko Priest2.14.13 (debut)1715th
2191 finishers.

Southend Half Marathon - Sunday 10th June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Emmet Fitzgibbon1.50.09433rd
Matt Dean1.52.36509th
Katherine Harris1.59.20 pb752nd
Dave Wilkinson2.05.23944th
Roger Dixon2.16.181198th
Tara Syed2.16.411212th
1,493 finishers.

parkrun # 56 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 9th June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.541st - 72.63%
Patrick Brown18.303rd - 69.73%
Mark Wyatt19.134th - 67.13%
Allan Todd20.166th - 65.87%
Dan Spinks20.357th - 65.34%
Derek Wright20.388th - 66.64%
Ben Walker20.57 (1st parkrun)9th - 61.58%
Peter Hatley21.1910th - 63.10%
Ashley Sarangi22.0013th - 59.92%
Richard Potter22.3915th - 57.03%
Kieran Brown23.2121st - 65.24%
Suzanne Bench24.31 (3rd lady)28th - 66.08%
Don Bennett29.0548th - 51.98%
Fiona Day29.3749th - 60.33%
Harsh Pershad32.06 (1st parkrun)52nd - 41.59%
55 finishers. Not really a day for pb's. Still a bit breezy after the wind
the previous day. Good turnout from ELR with 7 in the first ten places. Richard
must get out of bed a bit earlier and get there on time. First parkrun from
Harsh gives him a target to improve on now. Thanks to Emiko and
Katherine among this week's volunteers.NOTE:- No access to the toilets
and facilities next week but the run will go ahead as usual.

Springfield Striders Friday 5m - Friday 8th June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Simon Morgan32.23 (Tiptree)23rd (life member)
Michael Wilson33.08 pb33rd
Kirk Johnson1.09.00=161st
162 finishers. Good runs from Simon and Michael. Simon in 32.23 and Michael in
a pb of 33.08. Also running was Kirk with his wife Veronica in her 1st ever
run. Kirk stuck with her to the finish to offer encouragement.

Kent Roadrunner Marathon - Monday 4th June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Spinks3.25.30 pb51st
187 finishers. Well done to Dan Spinks who ran a pb at a new venue, a Cyclopark
in Kent consisting of 17 laps of a 2,493m course. Dan's run improved on his
debut 3.34.06 at the weather hit Milton Keynes Marathon at the end of April.

Dan in training for this marathon

Dan's Race Report. 17x 1 1/2 mile laps of a cycle track in Gravesend.
Every time I've said this to someone over the last few weeks they've looked at
me like I was crazy but the reality is it's a superb little race

As it only officially opened last week this was the first race to be held at
new £10 million cyclopark but everything ran like clockwork, not a single
problem. My 2 main fears for this race had been the boredom from running the
same route so many times and the weather (a week ago I thought it was going to
be far too hot; in the 48 hours before the race I thought we were going to have
a repeat of the monsoon conditions from Milton Keynes) but it turned out that
the laps were just long enough to prevent boredom plus you get a decent view as
the track is elevated above the surrounding countryside and the rain stopped 30
minutes before kickoff leaving perfect running conditions

The track is built to simulate road conditions so no banking, just level tarmac
which makes for a really fast course, just the one uphill section of note which
started off as a gentle slope on lap 1 but was like climbing a mountain by
the 12th time around. Definitely a pb course though if anyone's looking for a
quick marathon on June 1st next year (entries are already open with substantial
early bird discounts if anyone's interested). As you pass the water station 17
times you are able to leave your own drinks and gels and collect them when you
want plus there's the option of taking your own small table and setting up a
personal feed station

Best medal I've ever got from a race (50% heavier than this year's London medal
apparently) and a goody bag with actual good goodies all add to the event

I went out a bit quicker than I should have and paid for it at the end, about a
minute and a half too quick over the first 3 miles, but still a pb by 9 minutes
so can't be too upset with that

There is absolutely nothing negative to say about this race, superbly organised
and as fun as it can be dragging yourself round 26.2 miles, highly recommended!

Hatfield Broad Oak 10km - Monday 4th June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Peter Hatley42.07 pb138th
Grant Conway44.19 pb199th
Don Bennett54.11648th
Michael Rose54.46667th
Sheila Kennedy55.32721st
Simon Morgan40.41 now Tiptree92nd life member
1106 finishers.
Grant Conway:- PB by about 2.5 minutes I think. No wonder this event is
popular. A lovely community feel but extremely well organised with chip timing.
The chip time was exactly what I had on my garmin. Weather was conducive for
fast times although there was a head wind at times. The course undulated on
pretty country lanes but that made the course more interesting. Please with my
run but perhaps left a bit out there so might have to come back next year.
Result for bib no. 178:
Gun time: 00:44:26
Chip Time: 00:44:19
Position: 199
Thank you for supporting our 10k.
Next year's race is on Monday 27th May 2013

Don Bennett:- Another return to Hatfield Broad Oak, a race i've been
doing for over 20 yrs. Maybe missed a one or two but always well organised.
great run this year with the extra miles from the 2012 challenge really helping
on the undulating course. Well pleased with the time being 4 minutes faster
than last year. Only drawback was the t-shirt which changes colour each
year,kept secret till the day.Now makes me look like a member of EERR. Have to
go back next year to get another one.

Regents Park Summer Series 10km - Sunday 3rd June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier43.33119th
497 finishers.

Orion Forest 5 Series - Race 1 - Saturday 2nd June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton29.554th
Sarah Burns43.02 pb59th
92 finishers.

Stockholm Marathon - Saturday 2nd June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Daniel Lee3.19.551218th
Ava Lee3.24.01 pb103rd lady
Richard Guest3.47.22 pb4043th
Carlton DSouza3.49.174286th
14,687 finishers with 3,343 women and 11,344 men.

Official Asics Stockholm Marathon e-mail sent to runners. It's
official - it was a challenging race!
Congratulations to a heroic performance, June 2 was the coldest day in June in
Stockholm for the last 50 years, so it was not a good day for running a
marathon. Wind and rain made the situation even worse. All those things made
the 2012 ASICS Stockholm Marathon the most demanding race in the 34 years
history of the race. We are most impressed that you and almost 15 000 other
runners managed to finish the marathon, concerning these cruel conditions. You
and other runners were well prepared for the race, and ran wisely.

Ava Lee reports:- Stockholm Marathon race report.

When we arrived in Stockholm on Friday it was immediately obvious that the
weather was going to be awful. It reminded me of a winter day in Glasgow, and
that's pretty grizzly. I was unprepared with only my ELR vest and shorts. After
some panic buying I managed to get woolly gloves, a thermal vest and a free
cap. The cap turned out to be the best little shelter imaginable, saving my
eyeballs from the icy torrents of rain during the race.

Apparently the course is 'one of the most scenic in the world'. Who knows if
it was. It was too windy to lift up your head to have a look around. Race day
dawned and conditions were looking grim - torrential rain, mighty winds and 4
degrees. It was the 'worst ever', according to the Stockholm Marathon website.
Anyway, we just got on with it.

It was well organised, with plenty of drink stops and entertainment en route.
I admire the stamina of the dancing girls in bikinis on such a miserable day.
The course is mainly flat apart from one killer bridge that you go over twice.
My first lap was good. I ran near Superman who was getting loads of cheers, so
that kept me going. The second lap was longer and tougher as the cold seeped
in. I did my first half in 1.35 and knew i could do a good PB if i kept it up,
although I started to really suffer about 30 km. There was a short while where
I really considered jumping on the metro and going home. My second half was
slower as I ground to walking pace on several occasions. I'm delighted to have
finished in 3 hours, 24 mins and 1 second! A PB by nearly 9 minutes.

A huge well done to Danny, Richard and Carlton, especially Richard who smashed
nearly half an hour off his PB!

Ava and Danny in warmer climes!

Danny Lee report:-

The route of Stockholm Marathon is two laps of the city but the second lap
includes a 10k section that takes you out of the centre and around a park. The
weather was atrocious - torrential rain, driving winds and freezing cold (4
degrees!) - but the first 10k weren't so bad. There were a few lap times on my
watch I hadn't been expecting to see til much later, but my average pace meant
I was on target to beat or at least match my PB. But the weather seemed to get
even worse around 18k, just as we turned towards the park - the rain got harder
and the wind buffeted us from the left side. The cold was penetrating my thighs
and I started slowing - my spirits were flagging.

At the 20k marker we turned a sharp left to face the wind, and within a few
seconds I wished I'd never been born. The wind tore at my number, my right
contact lense disappeared round the back of my eye (in fear, most likely) - I
don't know if I was running any faster than I could walk. By the time, we
turned away from the wind a kilometre later, I was a broken man - my number
hung off my shirt, I rubbed at my right eye, my legs were cramping and my face
was soaked by rain and tears. If I'd been a dog, they'd have shot me. Instead
they put up a sign telling me I was only half way.

By now I knew today wouldn't be a day for a PB - not for me, anyway - and as if
on cue, the 3 hour marker came striding past, oblivious to the wind and rain -
a man (a real man!) who most likely went for a dip in icy water before
breakfast every day. In a way, it was a relief. For me today was a day just to
get round the course without quitting. The second half of the marathon was a
painful blur to me - my vision started failing me at one point, going watery
around the edges and I felt hope for the first time today - perhaps this is how
it starts - maybe I'm about to pass out and will be carried to the finish line
on a comfy stretcher!

There was no comfy stretcher of course but after what felt like an eternity, I
did cross that finish line. I hadn't had a good day - I swear I have several
new grey hairs - but I hadn't quit, which was a victory of sorts.

Richard Guest report:- Having arrived in Stockholm Friday lunchtime I
was hoping the rain would have cleared by my 12.10 start time on Saturday. Alas
we awoke to heavier rain and colder temperatures from the Friday which sparked
an early morning dash by Carlton and myself to Lidl in a search for gloves.
They had sewing machines but unfortunately no gloves so we reverted to plan B
which was to arrive as near as possible to the start time as we could in order
to at least start the race reasonably dry.We literally had time to drop off our
bags (which were kept out in the open air) and make our way to the start pens
which were already moving towards the start line so we sneaked our way into the
front pen and at 12.10 the start gun sounded and we were off.

The course took an almost immediate left turn onto a dual carriageway which
actually helped me as the stewards were marshalling the runners into each lane
but most seemed to go into the first lane where-as I found myself in the second
lane and so unusually for the start of a big race was faced with no congestion
at all. As such I clocked up the first km in 5 mins which was my pre-race
target for the start of the race to hit my 4 hour target time. I quickly
settled into the 5 minute km routine spurred on by shouts of ''Heya Rikhard''
from the crowd so I was getting fluent in Swedish too!With markers in km
instead of miles you could tick distances off quite quickly and I was soon onto
my second longer lap although the weather remained atrocious. The start of the
second lap took you onto a section of open fields and here the wind was
definately more noticeable adding to the chill and I swore to myself at this
point my next marathon would be Death Valley!

I was struggling also with my race number coming away from the safety pins
holding it onto my running top and also from the fact my shoe laces kept coming
undone - does wet weather make shoe laces more prone to coming undone I
wondered? In reality I think its as my hands were so numb they weren't tying
them back up properly. Still I passed halfway well on course for my target time
and the course headed back towards the city where it rejoined the route of the
shorter first lap. By now the kms were getting slower but the frequent and
varied fuel stops helped keep me going although I refused some of the
refreshment stops on the basis I didnt know what they were and others on the
basis that I did (i.e one was gherkins!) I passed over the killer Vasterbron
bridge for a second time (much slower than I had the first time) and headed
back towards the city and the final stretch home.

The final few kms were hard (and slow) but I found things to cheer me along
such as a banner saying ''Go Nachos'' (what kind of a name is that?!) It
certainly felt good as the 1912 olympic stadium came into view and a circuit of
the track brought me home in just under 3 hrs 48 mins well inside my target
time and easily a pb. I was soaked and passed up the free beer and free massage
as all I wanted to do was get back to the hotel and have a shower and get warm
and dry and into fresh clothes. Also running from ELR were Carlton D'Souza and
Ava and Danny Lee and all 3 three recorded excellent times especially in view
of the conditions with Ava also recording a pb, Carlton achieving his second
sub 3 hr 50 min marathon in 6 weeks and Danny a most impressive sub 3 hr 20
mins. We were all too rain-sodden to meet up on Saturday night but we met up in
Sodermalm on the Sunday for some well-earnt and well-deserved post-race beers.

Carlton and Richard in full training!

Carlton's report:- Following on from The London Marathon 6 weeks
earlier, I began my second ever marathon. My objectives were simple: To avoid
exacerbating an existing adductor and knee problem; to finish in a realistic
time of 4-4hr15mins, and above all to enjoy the run.
The weather proved challenging throughout, but rather oddly this was somewhat
balanced by the enthusiastic crowd and marshals who braved the dire weather to
show support and also the numerous surreal moments that made me think that I
was in some peculiar parallel world: Firstly, there was the professional
sounding choir singing unseasonal yuletide carols. Then came, the ZZ Top
tribute band (or at least that’s who they appeared to look like) who by the
second lap had broken away from the shelter of their stage and were strumming
their guitars and belting out songs in the pouring rain, practically mingling
with the passing runners. Then there were the bikini clad girls dancing on
stage. This all helped wile away the time and take my mind off the weather.
The organisers had arranged frequent energy drink and water stops.
Additionally, there was a gherkin, vegetable soup, chocolate energy bar, cola
and marshmallow station. Sticking with the surreal theme, I vaguely remember
trying all of them except the marshmallows, simply because I did not know what
they were at the time.
I eventually finished rather cold but injury free and intact in 3hr49min. I
really think that by putting little pressure on myself and setting a realistic
finishing time had paid off.
Well done to Danny and especially to Ava and Richard (or ‘Rickard’ as he was
referred to in Stockholm!) who achieved cracking Pb’s, despite the difficult
Good points: Every surreal moment! Also, in an odd way I had managed to
achieve all my objectives.
Not so good points: The challenging weather and not being able to wear
my sunglasses!
Would I do it again? Possibly not, simply because there are so many other
marathons to do.

parkrun # 32 - Gunpowder Park - Saturday 2nd June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
George Georgiou22.16 (course pb)8th - 62.72%
38 finishers.

parkrun # 68 - Valentines Park - Saturday 2nd June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mikesh Bassi27.3246th - 46.85%
Matthew Jones28.2954th - 45.64%
97 finishers.

parkrun # 55 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 2nd June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown18.05 (course pb)2nd - 71.34%
Mark Wyatt18.493rd - 68.56%
James Wilson19.316th - 67.55%
Derek Wright20.28 (50th parkrun)11th - 67.18%
Richard Potter20.56 (course pb)12th - 61.70%
Peter Hatley21.13 (1st parkrun)14th - 63.39%
Ashley Sarangi21.24 (course pb)16th - 61.60%
Russell Price22.19 (1st parkrun)22nd - 57.80%
Lisa Mullen24.19 (1st lady)34th - 60.86%
David Wyatt25.1138th - 62.61%
Katherine Harris25.19 (course pb) 3rd41st - 58.53%
Fiona Day29.2555th - 60.74%
59 finishers. Don reports:- Good turnout with 2 local events on nearby
with the Orion 5m and Beckton Park launching. Derek Wright runs his
50th parkrun with 33 at Wanstead, 8 at Valentines and 9 other parkruns while
touring around. Lisa Mullen was 1st lady in 24.19. Patrick Brown was 2nd
in a course pb with Mark's injury clearing up to finish 3rd. Course pb's also
from Richard Potter breaking sub 21 minutes and Ashley with Katherine Harris
knocking 17 seconds off her pb to finish 3rd Lady. We had Peter Hatley and
Russell Price making there parkrun debuts. James Wilson finished 6th after 20
weeks away from Wanstead. Thanks to volunteers Jayne on registration,
Dan on numbers and Tom on marshalling. I was in charge this week.

Sixmilebridge 10km, Co Clare - Friday 1st June 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes34.523rd
75 finishers.

Ennis 5Km Road Race, Co Clare - Thursday 31st May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes16.395th

Sri Chimnoy 2 Mile , Battersea Park - Monday 28th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes10.246th

Nuffield Health Triathlon Challenge Shield, Dorney Lake - Sunday 27th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns3.09.16261st
1500m Swim 34.25/ 42.4 Bike 1.23.21/ 10km Run 1.06.11

Elvis Race 1 - Eton Manor 5k - Sunday 27th May 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes16.324th - 1st scoring SM
Ciaran Canavan17.248th - 2nd scoring SM
Patrick Brown17.30 pb9th - 3rd scoring SM
Aaron Williams17.50 pb13th
Manjit Bedi18.29 pb20th - 19th -1st scoring VM
David daSilva Pereira19.2429th - 26th
James Wilson19.3131st - 28th
Dan Spinks19.4633rd - 29th
Derek Wright20.0739th - 35th 2nd scoring VM
Paul Thompson20.36 pb44th - 40th 3rd scoring VM
Michael Wilson20.5050th - 46th
Richard Potter21.1457th - 53rd
Grant Conway21.4262nd - 56th
Jimmy Hartwell22.4574th - 65th
Matt Dean22.4975th - 66th
Rocio Navarro Jiminez22.5178th - 11th-1st scoring SF
Jamee Gould22.5882nd - 12th - 2nd scoring SF
Mike Barclay23.0183rd - 71st
Kieran Brown23.1786th - 72nd
Russell Price23.2387th - 73rd
Dave Knight24.0393rd - 78th
Lisa Mullen24.1094th - 16th
Tricia ONeill24.1696th - 17th - 1st scoring VF
John Atkinson25.16108th - 87th
Mary Connolly25.29112th - 23rd - 2nd scoring VF
David Wyatt25.40115th - 91st
Don Bennett26.21120th - 95th
Ninette Fernandes26.49131st - 32nd
Jayne Browne26.53133rd - 34th
Sheila Kennedy27.32139th - 38th
Susannah House27.34140th - 39th
Emiko Priest28.41154th - 47th
Attendances 202 finishers. 125 Men,77 ladies. ELR 32 runners,Eton
Manor,Dagenham & Ilford 25,Havering 24,EERR 16,Orion 13,Barking 12.

East London Runners prior to the race.

Men Orion 54pts 1st,
ELR 115pts 2nd,
Ilford 122pts 3rd,
Eton Manor 173pts 4th,
Dagenham 262pts 5th,
Barking 292pts 6th,
EERR 304pts 7th,
Havering 367pts 8th.

Eton Manor 17pts 1st,
EERR 55pts 2nd,
ELR 63pts 3rd,
Ilford 69pts 4th,
Barking 91pts 5th,
Dagenham 96pts 6th,
Havering 186pts 7th,
Orion 182pts 8th.

Bupa London 10km - Sunday 27th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Allan Todd43.50749th
Peter Hatley45.12961st
Thomas Whitney45.381018th
Tom Woods50.42 pb2139th
Katherine Harris54.23 pb3207th
Tom Woods:- Today I returned to the spot where I did my very first race
in 2010 the bupa London 10k. The weather was excellent , warm and not a cloud
in the sky , not ideal for some runners , but perfect for me.
The start was on the Mall and was set of in waves of , I guess about 1,000
runners to avoid bunch ups.
The course this year was slightly different from 2010, in that it was run
clockwise as opposed to anti-clockwise and the start had been moved from
Birdcage Walk to the Mall.
This is the route which has been set for the Olympic marathon in August.
This Year I was in the red start area , which was up near to the start , so not
too long to hang around before being set of and was also good as the runners
were a bit faster , so not so much weaving to get through slower runners. And
also with the added advantage of being able to get into my stride quicker.
My aim was to try to pace myself at just below 5min/km , so set my Garmin to a
single data field of average pace and kept checking at each km marker , the
idea being to get under 50min for the course. That's the theory!!
When I crossed the finish line , I had averaged 4min 57s/km - brilliant!!!
Under 50 min , a new PB - euphoria!!!
Not even as knackered as I normally am at the end of a race - hmmm?
Reset the Garmin , checked for my time , 50min 41sec - huh!!
Distance - 10.23km - bugger!!!
Head explodes-aaaaargh

Next time will keep it simple , just set the damn thing to time elapsed -Doh!!

Still a PB though!! And a bit of a suntan to boot.

Great London Swim 1 Mile, Royal Victoria Dock - Saturday 26th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Ninette Fernandes36.40

parkrun # 67 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 26th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright22:37 (with pram)20th - 60.80 %
108 finishers.

parkrun # 54 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 26th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes18.242nd - 70.65%
Patrick Brown18.253rd - 70.05%
Daniel Gallacher19.284th - 66.27%
Samuel Browne20.166th - 63.90%
Ashley Sarangi21.4512th - 60.61%
Kieran Brown23.19 (course pb)20th - 65.33%
Tom Woods24.0626th - 65.98%
Lisa Mullen24.3933rd - 60.04%
Mandy Tutt24.57 (course pb)34th - 59.59%
Sarah Burns25.5340th - 57.95%
Louisa Tock27.2349th - 54.29%
Jayne Browne27.3950th - 59.19%
Emiko Priest28.3154th - 52.13%
Don Bennett28.3655th - 52.86%
71 finishers. Good turn-out on the day before the Elvis series begins. Thomas &
Patrick battled through for 2nd & 3rd with Thomas just pipping on the line.
Best runs of the day were Keiran Brown a course pb by 30 seconds in
23.19 and new member Mandeep a course pb by 50 seconds in 24.57.

Self Transcendence 5km, Battersea Park - Monday 21st May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes16.33 7th
I ran in a very competitive 5k last night in Battersea Park.
It is a very fast course and was perfect running conditions despite a
slight head wind in parts.
Anyway I managed a time of 16m 33s, 7th place, (5 seconds short of my pb).
They hold races every monday evening for anyone interested!

146 finishers.

Carrera Liberty 10km, Madrid - Sunday 20th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Rocio Navarro Jiminez54.154,092nd
6,828 finishers.

Clapham Common 5km Series - Race 2 - Sunday 20th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea20.359th
147 finishers.

Green Belt Relay , Leg 12 - 10.9 miles - Sunday 20th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Matt Dean1.27.03
What is the Green Belt Relay?
The Green Belt Relay is a 218 mile run for teams of 11 runners that takes place
each year in May. It is open to runners of all standards.
It starts from Hampton Court and circumnavigates London on towpaths, footpaths
and quiet country lanes before returning to Kingston. The course is renowned
for the spectacular scenery and interesting sites that it passes.
The stages vary in distance from 5.6 to 13.5 miles with teams of 11 taking part
over 22 stages. The course is marked throughout and each stage is accurately
timed with prizes given for the individual and team winners.

BUPA Great Manchester 10km - Sunday 20th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Rebecca Haslam1.08.0522,253rd
29,280 finishers.

Sprint Triathlon, Crystal Palace NSC - Sunday 20th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns1.32.58282nd
750m swim/20km bike/5km run. 514 finishers.

parkrun # 123 - Milton Keynes - Saturday 19th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Matthew Jones21.1134th - 61.37%
266 finishers.

Luxembourg Night Marathon - Saturday 19th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Baldev Singh3.46.43250th

Luxembourg Night Half Marathon - Saturday 19th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh1.49.301002nd

parkrun # 53 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 19th May 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.06 (course pb)1st - 76.02%
Mark Boulton17.42 (course pb)3rd - 72.88%
Ciaran Canavan18.11 (debut run)4th - 73.97%
Patrick Brown18.435th - 68.92%
Derek Wright20.2311th - 67.46%
Dan Spinks20.4213th - 64.98%
Richard Potter21.1719th - 60.69%
Colin Purvis23.2536th - 57.44%
Tom Woods23.56 pb44th - 66.43%
Suzanne Bench24.4151st - 65.63%
Chloe Longstaff24.4652nd - 60.57%
Johannes Petrus Eygelaar25.1058th - 53.05%
Mark Wyatt25.1860th - 50.99%
David Wyatt25.1861st - 62.32%
Mandy Tutt25.47 (course pb)68th - 57.53%
Katherine Harris26.0971st - 56.66%
Sarah Burns26.4475th - 56.11%
Jayne Browne26.5779th - 60.73%
Don Bennett27.0081st - 55.99%
Emiko Priest28.1287th - 52.72%
Tara Syed30.0396th - 49.75%
111 finishers.

Some of the ELR members prior to the race.

A GREAT TURNOUT on the 1st birthday of Wanstead Flats
parkrun from East London Runners on the eve of a new ELVIS series saw us with
19 runners and 6 in the top 13 places. Course pb's from Thomas & Mark at the
head of the field. Debut parkruns from Ciaran in 4th place and Lance in 25.42.
(Sign him up straight away). A course pb (27 secs) from Tom Woods saw him move
up 6 places in the 5km league on the latest news page. Mark Wyatt was pacing
David round the course or was it the other way round? Congratulations to
Mark on his prize from 2nd place in the points competition. A big welcome back
to Suzanne (wk 18) & Tara (wk 22) who have been away from parkrun too long. Was
it the cake or the medals?Thanks to Chairman Frank for his paparazzi
impression, can't wait to see the pics. Quite a few prospective new members
were present as well, see you all soon.

David and Mark Wyatt approach the finish.

Mayfair Park & Tower 5km - Friday 18th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier22.367th
Jamie's Report. Was up at the crack of dawn on race morning as had to
to the Hilton Park Lane for 7.30 am as that was when the registration desk
opened. It felt weird travelling to a race on a weekday, among the commuters I
certainly stood out in my running kit and sports bag!

I have had the fortune of dining at Galvins restaurant – where the race would
finish so knew the amazing view that would greet me but at the back of mine
scaling 28 flights of stairs to get there after a 4.5 km run in Hyde Park did
worry me a bit.

Collected my race number and t shirt in reception of the hotel and chatted to
other competitors who it seemed worked in the hotel industry as chefs etc.

Made my way to the start line near the bandstand with the other competitors,
have raced in Hyde Park many times so knew the course pretty well. At 8.30 am
the starting horn went off and that was it, kept myself near the front and saw
lead group pull away that I knew I was never going to catch, looked behind me
and I was opening up a gap myself from the runners behind me so just kept
After the 4.5 km route of the Park was complete, it was a across via the subway
then into the lobby at the hotel where people were clapping me in, this gave me
a bit of a kick as I prepared to face the stairs, the first few I zoomed up
it kicked in, the legs felt like lead and it was a struggle from then on, signs
on each floor had messages on them to keep you going.

Saw floor 28 and that was it, into the restaurant and my suffering was over,
crowds cheered you home and runners were welcomed with a medal and champagne!
Plus bacon rolls for anyone needing them! My time was 22.36, 7th place out of
nearly 70 runners.

CSSC Jubilee Challenge 10km, Battersea Park - Thursday 17th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter38.1734th - 74.22%
Andrew reports CSSC Jubilee Challenge (inc. Civil Service Athletic
Association National 10k Championships).

After all the Marathon stuff this race, for my work team on a flat 4 lap course
around Battersea Park, offered a great opportunity to run hard and fast ahead
of ELVIS. I think last Friday's session at the track paid off (thanks Grant)
as, although I didn't feel particularly sharp, I had a good race.

Got the pacing about right and resisted the temptation to join the cavalry
charge when the gun went off. Thinking ELVIS I concentrated on place rather
than time and spent rest of race slowly working way up the field picking off
one person at a time. But a check of the watch around 5.5 miles made me
realise that an unexpected PB might just be on. Decided to give it a go and
push hard and, when we hit the track for the final 300 metres, went guts out
and gave absolutely everything I had left.

Got a chip time of 38.17, a small improvement in PB but a massive confidence
boost.......Eton Manor here we come!

355 finishers.

Halstead & Essex Marathon - Sunday 13th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Heppell3.43.06143rd
Michael Wilson3.49.34 (course pb)190th
Colin Purvis3.55.59232nd
Richard Mainwaring4.19.27360th
Steven Bywater4.28.57422nd
Bridget Gibson4.42.07487th
610 finishers.

Rob Heppell - Was a beautiful marathon with great scenery and nice
rolling hills. Very well organised. Was hoping to do better but just haven't
done enough training. Ran the first half dead-on for a 3:30 finish and then
tried to pick up the pace (was really after a sub 3:25.) Just didn't have it in
me. Only way that I will set a Boston Qualifier later in the year is if I put
some solid training so that I can push the pace in the second half of the race

Mike Wilson - A lovely marathon to run. Very enjoyable from start to
finish. Only checked my watch once throughout, approx. 1:52 at halfway. Just
tried to keep it very steady all the way round. Did not really train for this
at all, so surprised and pleased with my finishing time.

Regents Park Superhero 5km - Sunday 13th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier19.412nd

30th Anniversary Party - Saturday 12th May 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery

parkrun # 65 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 12th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright21.17 (pram pb)17th - 64.60 %
113 finishers.

parkrun # 52 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 12th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.25 (course pb)1st - 74.64%
Mark Boulton18.223rd - 70.24%
Patrick Brown18.334th - 69.54%
Richard Potter21.168th - 60.74%
Ashley Sarangi21.33 (course pb)9th - 61.18%
Kieran Brown23.5724th - 63.60%
Katherine Harris26.1541st - 56.44%
Jayne Browne27.3547th - 59.34%
Dan Spinks29.3057th - 45.59%
Mark Wyatt29.3158th - 43.70%
Points - Year Endruns/volunteerspoints
Jayne Browne26/26th - 2655 pts
Emiko Priest13/110th - 1293 pts
Sarah Burns8/612th - 1069 pts
Suzanne Bench5/422nd - 793 pts
Emily Hart7/027th - 692 pts
Katherine Harris6/130th - 675 pts
Men runs/volunteerspoints
Mark Wyatt30/32nd - 3192 pts
Derek Wright31/44th - 3035 pts
David Wyatt26/38th - 2413 pts
Thomas Grimes22/59th - 2289 pts
Dan Spinks19/212th - 1954 pts
Patrick Brown12/121st - 1270 pts
Richard Potter12/030th - 1094 pts
Don Bennett10/2531st - 1092 pts
69 finishers. Race report Another win for Thomas (13th) in a course pb.
A return for Mark Boulton after having been away for far too long (wk 27).
Patrick Brown wins a prize for being the 2012th finisher. Ashley improves his
debut time from last week. Dan stays with Mark Wyatt when he turns his ankle
during the run, but still pips him on the finish line running backwards.End
of the point's competition for Year 1
Jayne finishes 6th after 26 runs with
Emiko in 10th place. Mark Wyatt finishes 2nd after 30 runs with Derek taking
4th place with 31 runs. Would have been first if not for his tour of parkruns,
he's definitely the most travelled (11 different parkruns). David Wyatt
finishes in 8th in front of Thomas in 9th. Dan finishes in 12th place with
Patrick Brown and Richard Potter in the Top 30 with 12 runs each. Don finished
in 31st place dropping from 28th on the last day with 10 runs and 25 events as
volunteer. Thank you to all 51 East London Runners who have run and volunteered
during Year 1. Hope you all come along to our 1st Birthday run next week
with medals to all finishers, well the 1st 140 or so and some cakes and
refreshments after.

Columbia Trails Masters Series, 10k - Phuket,Thailand - Sunday 6th May 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods1: 09:0959th
Subject: Columbia Trails Masters Series

Just got my finishing and position time from the run last Sunday. Decided the
day before to run the 10k instead of the half marathon , as the monsoon started
here (Phuket , Thailand) in earnest on Saturday morning. My feet have blistered
up quite badly and have been unable to put my shoes on for the last 2 days ,
welcome to the wonderful world of trail running. Finished in 1:09:09 , 10th out
of 24 in my age group (over50) , overall 59th out of 121 finishers.
Will be back in the UK , end of next week.

BUCS 10,000m 'B' final - Olympic Stadium Stratford - Sunday 6th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes34:38 pb6th

Thomas's Report. I'm not much of a track runner, with my previous track
experience being the
300m as part of the olympic park run, but as I was the only long distance
runner competing for UEL I was guaranteed a place in the line up. I
finished 6th in 34:38, which is a PB but was hoping for a little quicker. I
found the 25 laps a bit tough to be honest as i'm more used to one lap
races. Anyway, it was pointed out that I held the 6th quickest 10,000m time
ever run in the stadium, well until the 'A' final took place a few hours

Regents Park Summer Series 10km - Sunday 6th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Spinks41.5365th
Jamie Xavier42.0870th
484 finishers.

parkrun # 64 - Valentines Park - Saturday 5th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Matthew Jones24.5540th - 52.17%
120 finishers.

parkrun # 51 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 5th May 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Aaron Williams18.491st - 71.48%
Derek Wright20.356th - 66.80%
Dan Spinks21.098th - 63.59%
Ashley Sarangi21.47 (1st parkrun)9th - 60.52%
George Georgiou22.1712th - 62.68%
David Wyatt25.4027th - 61.43%
Mandy Tutt27.2334th - 54.17%
48 finishers. Chilly run this morning, numbers a bit up on last week.
Congratulations to Aaron who finished first! Aaron's 2nd victory in 4
weeks, he ran well under still very wet & boggy conditions. Debut parkrun for
Ashley Sarangi in 21.47. A couple of prospective members who may join us on a
Wednesday soon were James Garlick (31st) & Mandeep Tutt (34th). Don was Run
Director. Please note:- Wk 53 - 19/5/2012, Wanstead Flats parkrun
celebrates 1st birthday with medals to all finishers. Bring along a
few cakes,chocolate & refreshments to help celebrate.

Rotary Shakespeare Half Marathon - Sunday 29th April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Rita Kingdon1.43.09475th
Rita Kingdon:-frustrating, tapered for the marathon but the weather
prevented the full one. Considering the hurricane that we had and river wading,
i did quite well I think!
2000+ finishers.

Milton Keynes Marathon - Sunday 29th April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton3:00:21 pb31st - 68.70%
Patrick Brown3:14:20124th - 63.56%
Dan Spinks3:34:06 debut399th - 58.25%
Mark Boulton:- The toughest race I have run and I gave it everything I
had, collapsing on the line in tears and cramps. But I could not have done it
without all my friends at the Club.

Patrick Brown:- That was a tough race. I finished in around 3:15. What a
day, definitely one for the book! Just cramping up on the ride back now.

Dan Spinks:- If you built a 26.2 mile long wind tunnel in a fridge,
turned the fans up to maximum, flooded it with 7 inches of mud & water and then
ran along it while the fire brigade aimed hoses at your face you'd go someway
to replicating the experience of running today's Milton Keynes marathon

Dan Spinks:- It's now official, my debut marathon was in fact my debut
ultra. official announcement that there was a detour due to flooding which
would explain why everyone made mile 7 about 1.25 miles long. results still
stand as marathon distance though as it was approved by the race referee prior
to the off. one day Mark Boulton will run a race that is the advertised length.

Official Race Report Over 3,000 runners braved torrential rain, floods
and strong winds to compete in the Milton Keynes Marathon on Sunday 29 April.

Race Director Andy Hully was overwhelmed by the level of support for the event.
“The spirit and determination shown by runners, volunteers and spectators today
has been truly amazing,” said Andy. “The people of Milton Keynes have really
done themselves proud by coming out in spite of the weather to support brave
competitors from our city and all over the UK and abroad. We couldn’t have
for better people at this event, their positive attitude filled me with
admiration and made the day great.”

Olympic marathon runner and Commonwealth Games medallist Liz Yelling started
race as lead motorcyclists from SERV Bloodrunners took the runners down the
first mile of the course. Lead cyclists from Trek Bicycles then took the pack
around over 26 miles of wet and windblown lakes, parks and woodlands of Milton
Keynes. Tail riders from David Lloyd Redway Runners and ElliptiGo UK ensured
final runners safely reached their emotional finish inside stadiummk, home of
Dons FC, where that all important marathon medal and a hug from a loved one in
the crowd was waiting.

In spite of the inclement weather, many runners had donned their fancy dress
costumes and spectators were out in force with banners to wave and horns to
as their friends and family ran by. Support out on the course from DW Sport
Fitness, FreshFit MK, Cancer Research UK, fitMK, David Lloyd Redway Runners,
British Military Fitness and their many willing and able volunteers made all
difference to tired and wet runners competing in the arduous endurance event.

The race was won and new course record set by Dave Mitchinson of Mizuno Race
Team in an impressive time of Two hours 41 minutes and 54 seconds. Yvette Grice
was first lady home in three hours 23 seconds. The Geoffrey Leaver Corporate
Relay Challenge was won by the team from MIB Motor Insurance Bureau. Winner of
the MKM Young Athlete Award (cash donation towards training costs) was Daniel
Oderinde from Milton Keynes.

parkrun # 120 - Milton Keynes - Saturday 28th April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Matthew Jones21.5217th - 59.45%
219 finishers

parkrun # 50 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 28th April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes18.461st - 69.27%
Derek Wright21.168th - 64.66%
Richard Potter22.2613th - 57.55%
Caroline Meaby26.3224th - 57.04%
Jayne Browne27.3130th - 59.23%
44 finishers. This was not a day for pb's as there were lots of puddles and it
was slippery, plus it was drizzling especially towards the end of the race.
Rain at last after 49 weeks of dry Saturday morning weather. A glitch in
sending the results meant they didnt appear till Tuesday night. But East London
did become the first club to break the 300 runs barrier. Thanks also to Dan
for volunteering the day before his marathon.

parkrun # 63 - Valentines Park - Saturday 28th April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Steven Bywater24.14 pb28th - 59.42%
Mary OBrien27.1448th - 67.38%
111 finishers.

Virgin London Marathon 2012 - Sunday 22nd April 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan2.45.24 pb369th - 76.2%
Manjit Bedi2.52.45 pb645th - 78.6%
Thomas Grimes2.55.58 pb834th - 71.0%
Carrine Jay3.31.334,832nd - 72.8%
Carlton DSouza3.35.02 pb5,414th - 64.3%
Simon Morgan3.41.306,539th
Paul Thompson3.43.246,916th - 58.3%
Roison Archer3.51.23 debut8,616th - 58.6%
Darren Speedy3.51.27 pb8,633rd - 54.0%
Caroline Meaby3.51.51 pb8,740th - 60.8%
Grant Conway3.54.169,328th - 56.0%
Jamie Xavier3.59.4610,990th - 52.2%
Dave Knight4.05.2612,302nd - 60.1%
George Georgiou4.20.0416,001st - 50.5%
Sarah Burns4.24.2617,134th - 52.2%
James Cracknell4.32.27 debut19,228th - 45.9%
Laura Thrower4.33.39 debut19,542nd - 49.7%
Tom Woods4.38.2320,763rd - 54.0%
Katherine Harris4.42.46 pb21,861st - 48.0%
Susan Rowley5.20.5929,458th - 53.2%
Michael Rose5.38.38 pb31,841st - 43.5%
Carol Ward5.43.02 debut32,339th - 40.5%
Julie Creffield5.50.27 debut33,101st - 38.9%
Marie Burling5.51.48 debut33,204th - 38.5%
Harsh Pershad6.01.52 debut34,048th - 34.7%
Jim Bird7.30.54 Jim's 27th LM36,530th - 38.6%
Video of photos from the East London Runners/London FireBrigade 20 mile
Feed Station.

- Then click on the black box!

Results in detail including Split Times available on London Marathon 2012 page

Results of a few others on our coach also:- Michael Woda - 3.52.15 in
8,846th, Sophie Haynes 5.40.15 in 32,056th and Marc Ewers 6.37.05 in 35,648th.
Well done to all of them.

Manjit Bedi I was pleased with the run and the time, perfect conditions
for a pb, don't know how I will better that time. I agree with all the other
East London Runners comments with regards to the to the members and their
and friends who gave up their time and helped at the ELR water station. The
boost it gave at a crucial point in the race was most welcome and needed.

A strong looking Manjit just leaving the ELR 20 mile feed station.

Sarah Burns :- Good work ELR, for those that ran, those that watered,
those that helped us with training, those that supported and those that just
listen to constant marathon dribble on club runs. It was a real boost to see
you guys at mile 20. Had to get my own back and squirt you, hope i didn't ruin
the leather Mark Boulton. I really enjoyed my first VLM I hope everyone else
did too. Oh and Happy Birthday Frank!

Caroline Meaby:- Slightly drunk, but sentiment stands nonetheless. Thank
you to all from ELR for fantastic support, running buddies and great friends. I
am so totally chuffed with my time and it's all down to my amazing running club
who gave me the chance to run in London marathon 2012.

A proud and delighted Caroline in the pub after the finish!

Paul Thompson:- Just wanted to say what an amazing experience today at
VLM !Thanks to all those at 20 miles for their help and support. It's been a
hard slog with the training, but totally worth it in the end. See you all soon.
Cheers Paul.

Grant Conway:- London marathon 3 hours 54 minutes and 16 seconds. Not a
pb but had a fab day on the east London runners minibus, enjoying the fantastic
crowds on the course which kept me going all the way around. A massive thankyou
to Suzanne Conway, Lauren Conway and my Zac for trudging all the way up town to
meet me after the race. The after race drinks at the pub were fabulous, with a
special mention to Caroline Meaby who had a grin as wide as the M25 and so she
should. Well done to everyone on their marathon efforts today and to all my
friends at East London Runners for manning the water station for all those
hours. You are what the marathon is all about.

Jamie Xavier:- completes the London Marathon in under 4 hours, by the
skin of my teeth thanks to my knee giving up.....3 hours 59 minutes 44

Thomas Grimes:- Thanks for all the best wishes and congratulatory
messages everyone! The winner of the sweepstake is Ms/Mrs Maura Davis who was
only 2seconds out with 2:56. €40 prize and €40 to Irish Cancer Society. Thanks
to everyone for donations to both charity's too, it all counts! I wonder why
people do marathons too, it's just torture! It's like when your a child and you
touch the electric fence, you it's going to be agony but you do it for the
thrill anyway!!!

A happy looking Thomas running past the ELR 20 mile water feed station.

George Georgiou:- All my friends & family were inspirational for me
today. Many thanks to all who came to support me. It got quite emotional at
times, I couldn't believe I was actually running THE LONDON MARATHON. ELR were
amazing at Poplar once again. Mr Boulton running out to cheer me on was just
class! No pb, but I felt really good throughout, simply holding back and taking
it all in. Well done to my fellow Elr's, runners, volunteers, you're all

James Cracknell:- Four hours, 32 minutes, and never again. Thanks to
everyone who cheered me on!

Julie Creffield:- Knowing ELRs were at mile 20 kept me going, I wanted
to run strong and show you my training had paid off and it worked. Chuffed with
my sub 6 time!! So many thanks to you all xxx

Julie passing St Mathias Church just before the 20 mile mark.

Marie Burling:- Had a great London Marathon Experience!!!!!! Thanks for
all the support!!! Well done to all that took part!!!!!!! X

Ciaran's Race Report! Waking up on the morning of 22nd April 2012 was
easy, in fact, my eyes pinged open at 5 am, and I was wide awake! This was the
day I would return to the Virgin London Marathon! Having missed the 2011 race,
was un-doubtably keen, and very excited. Peeping through the curtains, I
it was going to be dull and overcast, but instead it was clear, and bright!
Reaching for my phone, the first thing I did was check the hourly weather
forecast, expecting rain! Sunshine was all that was on offer, but with the
promise of being slightly chilly for this time of year! All together, rounding
up to be perfect conditions for racing.

Travelling by coach with my fellow East London Runners took the hassle out of
the pre-race travel arrangements, and I found myself in Greenwich Park with
plenty of time to relax. Thomas and Manjit kept me company, as we passed the
time, sitting on the grass, chatting & recalling previous marathon experiences.
The 'Red, Good For Age' start zone was compact, with the toilets, changing
baggage truck, Lucozade stall and start pens all within a couple of seconds
The mood was calm, casual, and relaxed, until shortly after 9am, when a lone
lady started prompting runners to deposit their kit bags on the truck. One more
run to the loo, hoodie off, bin bag on, bag on truck, time to que up in the
start zone, and prepare for the race to begin! The atmosphere remained relaxed,
but by now was focused on the start a about 15 minutes away.
9:45am, and we were under way!

It only took a few seconds to cross the start
line, but still, the start was very congested! Running off too quick was not an
option, as all the good for age runners seemed to be doing their hardest to
resist temptation, hold back, and start slow! My first mile was about 30
slower than target pace. My second mile was quicker, but with a little weaving
in and out, jostling for space, was still slower than target pace. This
continued for the next mile or so, until things settled down, and I started to
find my space, and pace.
As the miles clocked from 3, to 4, to 5, I reminded myself of my first promised
supporter who, having moved to Greenwich the day before, had let me know that
the mile 7 marker was directly at the end of his street. As 5 turned to 6, I
forgotten that the Cutty Sark was yet to come! It was a pleasure to run around
this restored Landmark, and the atmosphere here was electric! Finally, mile 7.
hear my name, and my friend ran out from the crowd, and thrust a bottle of
Lucozade sport into my hand! 7 done. 19.2 to go.
Onwards, with my next goal, being Tower Bridge, and thereafter the halfway
point. I don't recall much from these miles, only that I felt ok, and I was
happy with my pace. Seeing my cousin at mile 12 was an unexpected bonus, and
gave me the energy to plough through to Tower Bridge! The slight incline as you
approach the bridge took me by surprise, but the crowds here were deep, and the
support carried me through to the 20km mats on the crest of the bridge. I knew
from here it is only another kilomenter to the half way point.
13.1 miles offered an opportunity to review how I felt. Passing here in
I was about 60 seconds ahead of target, but I felt good, and was running well.
This part of the course I know well, and I allowed myself to enjoy the
atmosphere as I continued along the highway, right into Narrow street, and past
Limehouse basin.

The promise of more support in the city of London was now
keeping me going, but I managed to run through without catching sight of my
promised supporters. With my partner, brother, and a couple more friends
promising to be at the East London Runners water station, I was now
concentrating on reaching this point, at mile 20. I was however slightly
distracted by a small cutting pain growing on a toe on my left foot! Having
stubbed a toe on my right foot 6 days ago, I had been expecting toe trouble,
when it came, it was the wrong foot. It must be a toenail issue. 'Nothing I can
do about it now' I told myself, 'but at least my stubbed toe has not been
causing me any trouble! As I ran, I again focused on my posture, and then on my
family, friends and fellow East London Runners at the mile 20 water station.
Turning left into Poplar High Street, I was surprised how far I could see along
the road, but the water station was concealed from view, except for an outcrop
of balloons peeking above the trees in the distance.

At last, St Mathias Church came into view, and the first greetings from fellow
East London Runners came abounding, together with cheers from my partner and
friends. Lance passed me my energy gel that I had instructed him to have ready,
and I continued through the water station to the resounding cheers from my
fellow club members.
I'm sure it was a combination of both the gel, and seeing so many familiar
that carried me through the next 4 miles on a high, back along the highway,
the Tower of London, onto the embankment, and before I knew it, I could see St
Stephens Tower (Big Ben) in the distance. Here a glance at my Garmin told me
that I was close to my upper target time, but it was very, very tight. 24 miles
turned to 25, and with a turn right, onwards towards Birdcage Walk, the shade
the trees was continuously welcome. Then came the signs. 800m to go, 600m to
At the 600 meter point, I had a brief second when I felt like walking! 'not
I told myself. I was determined to run this race without any walking, and I was
so close. I put the demon to the back of my mind, and continued onwards towards
Buckingham Palace.

Turning right into The Mall, the finishing gantry was a
welcome sight! I looked to the clock, which told me I had 385 yards to run, but
only a matter of seconds to do it in, to achieve my upper target. An impossible
task, even with a short sprint finish, but delighted to complete the gruelling
26.2 miles in 2:45:24. A mere 24 seconds outside my upper end target, and a
personal best by 6 minutes.

Massive thanks to everyone involved, from the London Marathon Company, my
family, friends, East London Runners, through to all the volunteers and
supporters who helped make the Virgin London Marathon 2012 a race that I will
recall with fondness and joy for years to come.

Dave Knight and Ciaran in the Coal Hole replacing lost fluids!

Carlton's Race Report! What an awesome day: From my very
first step across the start line, until my very last painful crawling step over
finishing line! I had very high expectations for this, my first marathon, so I
am happy to say that it trumped every other race I have run by a very healthy

It was London at its very best: Excellent organisation, perfect weather, an
exceptionally scenic route capturing iconic sites, and supporting spectators
that were second to none. Then there was the pièce de résistance-The ELR 20
mile water station. On this note, thanks for the great support and help from
the ELR water station volunteers and of course to all the other ELR marathon
runners who showed real camaraderie. Also, a special thank you to Frank, who
took photographs of runners as we passed by.

Carlton just before the 20mile mark.

The day started off well. Soon after getting off the club bus, I received
a welcomed light-hearted motivational chat from George. Shortly after, I
started to make a dash for a pre 8.30hrs photo shoot for my chosen charity at
the vantage point outside Greenwich Observatory. Before I could get there, I
received a phone call to say that my marathon trainers, that I had so carefully
prepared with timing chip attached, were still sitting on the kitchen floor. I
had put on the wrong trainers! Panic set in, as I could not get a replacement
chip via the organisers and with no timing chip, there would be no official
recording. My panic was further exacerbated when my official red baggage bag
tore and the drawstring snapped and also when Sarah Burns pointed out that I
in the Blue Zone and not the Red Zone as I thought.

Miraculously, through hell and high water and the masses of people a very good
friend kindly managed to get my correct trainers with time chip, from Wanstead
to outside where I sat near the Red Zone. With about 15 mins to the off, I
changed my trainers and put on an old jumper to cover my Blue Number, and snuck
into the Red Zone, where I also managed to convince the very considerate
staff to accept my wrongly numbered bag. I was in The Red Zone, pen 5, chip
attached to trainer with five mins to the off. Phew, somehow or the other I

I ran constant and confidently until
just after the mile 20 marker when an existing adductor and calf problem kicked
in, causing me to stop, lie down, rest or walk at times. If there was any a time
that the crowd spurred me on, then this was it. I think I would have succumbed
the pain and walked for the last 4 miles or so, if it were not for the cheers of
‘Carlton you can do it- keep going’ and the like. It was great to see friends at
mile 24, giving a much-needed further boost.

Earlier on in the race, I managed to miss most of my friends en route that
to support me. Quite by chance,
I managed to spot Roberto in the crowd, who gave his normal and very welcomed
cheers of support. The euphoria of passing the finishing line was one of and
real achievement. So all in all, I had a ball of a time. I did

parkrun # 62 - Valentines Park - Saturday 21st April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright21.42 (pram pb)11th - 63.36%
Mary Connolly24.5232nd - 67.43%
Mary OBrien25.5840th - 70.67%
129 finishers. Derek's pram pb's will soon catch his own pb's at this rate.

parkrun # 49 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 21st April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Spinks20.035th - 67.08%
Allan Todd20.166th - 65.87%
David Wyatt26.0232nd - 60.56%
Jayne Browne26.4935th - 61.03%
John Atkinson27.43 (course pb)38th - 62.90%
62 finishers. Another record turnout with 62 finishers. A course pb from John
Atkinson and a close battle up front between Dan & Allan. Good runs as well
from Jayne & David brings our total to 296 runs from 47 East London Runners.
Should easily break the 300 barrier from landmark 50th run next week. Our first
Birthday will be on Wk 53 the 19th May with T-Shirts & medals to all finishers.
Thanks to Katherine Harris for marshalling on the eve of her London

Boston Marathon - Monday 16th April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Heppell4.39.5315,523rd - 48.52%
Rob's preparations this year were badly hit by illness and injury. Having run a
Boston pb of 3:19 last year he found the going tough with temperatures peaking
at 32c this year. A brave effort nonetheless

Boston is a very demanding and technical course with significant downhills in
the first half followed by uphills between miles 17 and 21.

Worcester Half Marathon - Sunday 15th April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Steven Bywater1.49.02 pb265th
758 finishers.

Brighton Marathon - Sunday 15th April 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter3:12:11 pb Good for Age time228th - 68.28%
Peter Hatley3.26.58 pb669th - 60.60%
Ryan Levart4.18.514313th - 48.26%
8878 finishers.

Andrew says:- As many of you know I had unfinished business with this
one after the wheels came of at 22 miles in the heat last year. Conditions this
year were much better, thankfully the blustery wind was from the north so only
an issue for a short stretch of the course that heads away from the coast at
I met up with Peter in the back of the starting pen shortly before the gun and,
after a quick comparison of planned race paces, we were off. My plan this year
was to run a much more disciplined race as, with hindsight, I realised my pace
in the middle stages last year were as much to blame as the heat for the
meltdown that cost me the sub 3.15 I need for GFA.
The atmosphere around the course was as good as previous years and I kept my
discipline to go through half in 1.35 exactly as planned. Still feeling good
around the 17 mile mark I caught up with the sub 3.15 pacemaker who had started
approximately 3 minutes before me. I edged in front of him knowing that if I
could keep him just behind me I'd come in well within my target time. Spotted
Ryan shortly after and gave him a shout as we passed in opposite directions in
and out of Hove. Mile 20 and onward, I began to relax in the confidence that
even with a drop in pace I could bring it home - and so it proved. Still had to
dig in and work very hard for last few miles but knew it wasn't going to break
me this time - even gaining confidence as I passed people walking the last mile
or so knowing that, this year, that wasn't going to be me. Crossed the line in
3.12.11 according to my watch. Peter followed me home shortly after and we
managed to meet up in the finishing area.
Really pleased as lessons around pacing well and truly learned, running slower
to get round (5 minutes) faster. Just a small issue of the lack of chip time to
sort (looks as if it didn't pick me up at start but did register at half way
and finish line) and I'll be able to relax. )

Newham Classic 9.6km - Sunday 15th April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton35.1621st
Mark Wyatt37.28 pb37th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea40.41152nd
Caroline Meaby45.29 pb199th
Paul Charters47.02265th
David Wyatt49.52357th
Thomas Whitney51.31450th
943 finishers.Caroline reports:- So I did the Newham 10k (minus 400m) in
45.29. V comfortable PB, even adjusted for distance. I
was 4th in my age category, Dead chuffed though.

Mohammed reports:- I too was a bit surprised to see the second
turnaround point on the Greenway come early in the Newham Classic 10K
yesterday. I've been sent an e-mail saying that adjusted times will be posted
later, but I've done some calculations and the times below are what all ELR's
would have achieved if the course was 400m longer, to make it a full 10km. Tom
Whitney would normally be at least 14mins faster than his time suggests, he
must be carrying an injury.
Mark Boulton 36.44
Mark Wyatt 39.02
Mohammed 42.22 (1 min 3 sec behind PB)
Caroline Meaby 47.23
Paul Charters 49.00
Dave Wyatt 51.57
Tom Whitney 53.40

Newham Classic organisers later posted the following adjusted times:-
Mark Boulton 36.44
Mark Wyatt 39.02
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea 42.22
Caroline Meaby 47.23
Paul Charters 49.00
David Wyatt 51.57
Thomas Whitney 53.41.

Rooprai Spinal Trust 10km, Redbridge Cycle Centre - Sunday 15th April 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes36:531st
Patrick Brown37:25 pb2nd
Dan Spinks41.213rd
Kelly Leedham53.001st lady
Julie Creffield1.06.00
Dan reports:- Rooprai Trust 10k @ Redbridge Cycle centre 1st place as
ever Thomas Grimes 2nd Patrick Brown 3rd Dan Spinks with the women's being won
by Kelly Leedham and a big pb for Julie Creffield. Think we can class that as a
successful morning's work. A really enjoyable race despite having to run up
that hill 5 times and hopefully plenty of money raised.

Patrick leads Thomas at the end of the first lap!

Fullers Thames Towpath 10 mile - Sunday 15th April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Allan Todd69.2555th - 64.69%
493 finishers.
Allan reports:- As with all things there are plenty of positives and
negatives. This race was well marshalled, organised and supported, however, for
a notice, the '10' part of the race name wasn't clear if it was miles or kms
(website gave it away only on their map of the race). Starting over at
Chiswick, with excellent changing facilties, but no place to leave your bag.
Over 700 runners had entered, took their place and started off going round a
football pitch twice then out onto pavement, backstreet and then the glorious
River Thames. Surprisingly, only half the race was beside the water. Scenic
views of rowers and canoes helped us along, however the dog walkers and sunday
runners lined the towpath, at times crowding the race runners out. Up through
Kew and Richmond and onto back streets, before a long (boring) straight road,
some distance away from the towpath. Not the fastest of courses, but very
supportive runners and marshals helped me along. Having taken on some excellent
advice from my experienced peers from ELR I had conserved plenty of energy for
the last 3 miles, even managing a sprint finish in front of a cheering crowd. I
recommend this race for its scenery and organisation. 55 place in 69 mins 25
secs was very pleasing and a great marker for future races.

parkrun # 48 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 14th April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Aaron Williams18.24 (course pb)1st - 72.55%
Daniel Gallacher19.344th - 65.93%
Dan Spinks19.455th - 68.10%
Emmet Fitzgibbon21.5516th - 59.54%
Richard Potter22.0118th - 58.67%
Emily Hart24.1529th - 61.03%
Sarah Burns24.5137th - 60.36%
Jayne Browne27.1145th - 60.21%
Emiko Priest27.42 (course pb)48th - 53.55%
59 finishers.

parkrun # 61 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 14th April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Matthew Jones21.4513th - 59.77%
Derek Wright22.18 (pram pb)15th - 61.66%
103 finishers.

parkrun # 11 - Mile End 5km - Saturday 14th April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea22.0518th - 58.87%
71 finishers

Cratloe 10km, Co Clare - Saturday 7th April 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes34.572nd
Bunratty Cratloe F.C.,Co Clare

Organiser's report Our inaugural 10K / 5K was held on Easter Saturday
2012 at 12 noon, from the Woodcross Bar. We were delighted with the turnout of
over 200 athletes, including 135 runners who took on the 10K race. Dublin
athlete Thomas Fitzpatrick ran a blistering 31:46 to take the overall honours,
from London resident Thomas Grimes in second place approx 3 minutes behind,
closely followed by Michael Cunningham of Bilboa.
The 10km route consisted of two laps of a 5km loop. We look forward to
welcoming local and visiting athletes to Cratloe for the renewal of this event
on Easter Saturday in 2013.

Compton Challenge 20m - Saturday 7th April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns3.49.03100th
119 finishers. Sarah's report:- Straight out of Compton (Nr Newbury,
Berkshire)... across about 12 fields, up about 20 hills and through the woods.
The Compton Downland Challenge was like the Orion 15 on steroids. I think when
I entered I managed to ignore the talk of the hills and focused in on the fact
that every competitor got a meal afterwards and everyone had raved about the
rice pudding. If only I'd listened to my head and not my stomach! This was one
of the toughest and most fun runs I�ve every done. There was a mix on sinewy
trails runners, compression clad Ironmen and blissfully unaware try-hards. The
Challenge consisted of a 20 mile and a 40 mile route. I did the 20 miler and
have no idea how anyone could complete the 40 miler. A few people I know from
Tri club were doing the 40 and I saw them a couple of times en route. Despite
the hills and uneven terrain the first 10 miles were relatively uneventful. The
route was on trails and took in some great views. I really began to struggle
around mile 13, the climbs began to take there toll and my feet burned liked
nothing Ive felt before. I managed to get to the mile 15 water station,
or buffet as it should have been called, downed a cup of coke, a Jaffa cake and
a couple of Ritz crackers (very 80s), dug deep and headed off. Buzzing off the
caffeine and sugar I managed to keep my feet moving and slowly the miles
passed. With 1 mile to go I passed a few of the guys doing the 40 miler and
they cheered me on, I needed some encouragement to keep running to the finish.
The routes split at 19.5 miles and I headed through the village, emerging on to
the playing field with the finish in sight. The finish was very low-key, just a
couple of Marshalls to give you a clap and a pat on the back. You even had to
make your own squash and get your own souvenir t-shirt out of the box. I've
never been so relieved to finish a race in my life. After a quick shower I
headed in to the canteen to get the real reward, my bowl of rice pudding, and
it was definitely worth going through 20 miles of hell for. The torture took
3hrs 49mins in total, which is even slow by my standards, which I think
illustrates just how tough this race is. Would I do it again, probably. I'm a
sucker for a good rice pudding.

parkrun # 203 - Basingstoke - Saturday 7th April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier20.09 (debut parkrun)20th - 65.84%
Kelly Leedham25.45 (debut parkrun)107th - 58.06%
326 finishers. Parkrun debut's at last for Jamie & Kelly. Jamie was 20th in
20.09 with Kelly 15th lady of 90 finishers in 25.45.

parkrun # 47 - Wanstead Flats - Saturday 7th April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Aaron Williams18.33 (course pb)3rd - 71.97%
Dan Spinks19.325th - 68.86%
Emmet Fitzgibbon21.46 (debut parkrun)19th - 59.72%
Caroline Meaby23.48 (course pb)26th - 63.59%
Don Bennett26.15 (course pb)35th - 57.59%
54 finishers. Don reports:- Welcome Emmet to the parkruns with his
debut at 21.46. Course pb's for Aaron, Caroline and myself. Which I was pleased
with as that's what I was trying for. Dan missed his pb by 1 second. A new
course record for the ladies in 17.57 for Vicky Gill who also won the run
overall as well. A lot of first timers this week, 23 including 9 members of
Orion's junior team. 46 ELR's at Wk 46, 47 at Wk 47 as we head hopefully
300 runs by Week 50 with 284 now, and the parkrun 1st Birthday in Wk 53. If you
haven't come along yet make an effort soon.

parkrun # 10 - Mile End - Saturday 7th April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea19.44 (parkrun pb)5th - 65.88%
39 finishers. Mohammed reports:- I decided to go to Mile End and I
haven't done it before. It's a scenic if challenging route, because of the
inclines which you have to tackle twice. My time was 19:44, a new Parkrun PB,
my previous best being 20:02 at Valentine's Parkrun #10 in April 2011. I didn't
go all out except at the very end .

parkrun # 60 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 7th April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Matthew Jones22:1719th - 58.34 %
Derek Wright22:35 (pram debut)21st - 60.89 %
Mary OBrien26:1744th - 69.82 %
110 finishers.

parkrun # 43 - Riddlesdown Park - Saturday 7th April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Darren Speedy21.05 (course pb)8th - 64.27%
69 finishers. Course pb for Darren as he begins to taper down for his London

Croydon Half Marathon - Sunday 1st April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Darren Speedy1.42.32158th
515 finishers.

Reading Half Marathon - Sunday 1st April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Shahib Miah Ali1.35.161412th
Andrew Rich1.49.073862nd
5876 finishers.

Waltham Forest Half Marathon - Sunday 1st April 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes1.17.171st
Allan Todd1.35.1419th
ELR WINNER!!!Thomas Grimes reports:-I had this race booked before I knew
for definite that I had got into the Olympic Park Run. I was a bit sceptical
reading previous report regarding marshals, crossing roads, etc. but decided it
would be fine as I would just follow someone anyway! The pace for the first 2
miles was a bit slow and I found myself taking over the lead. (Anyone who has
run the wanstead flats parkrun knows that leading is not where I like to be and
would much rather be tucked in behind letting someone else do the work). I
decided to just keep to my planned pace of about 6min miles and not worry
about going out on my own too early. The first half of the race was very
winding and a little chaotic, crossing road after road and sharp turns
every couple of hundred yards. I narrowly avoided getting hit by a car as I
crossed one road as I presumed runners had right of way. Eventually we got
out in the open and there was nice long stretches of open paths with no
hassle from pedestrians or cars.There was one steep hill at about mile 11
which was tough but overall the the course was good with a lot of marshals
and people handing out water very regularly. I dipped under my planned pace
near the end as I wasn't sure how far 2nd place was back. I finished in
1:17:20 which is a new pb so happy enough, those 'SPEED SESSIONS'
on Wednesday night club runs with Ciaran and Co. seem to be paying off!
Good to see Allan get a great time too on a fairly undulating, winding
course. (Thanks for the photos too Allan). The highlight of my weekend
however, was still entering the Olympic Stadium the previous day, spine
tingling stuff!!! 282 finishers

Berlin Half Marathon - Sunday 1st April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Lucy Jarvis1.41.21 pb280th Lady
23,000+ finishers.

Paddock Wood Half Marathon - Sunday 1st April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton1.24.05 pb91st - 70.84%
Suzanne Bench1.47.06810th - 66.40%
Andrea Waller1.56.291176th - 55.63%
Sarah Burns2.05.571435th - 51.93%
1916 finishers.

Oakley 20m - Sunday 1st April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi2.10.1416th - 1st MV45
Patrick Brown2.14.0329th
Richard Mainwaring2.42.01267th
866 finishers.

Patrick reports:- Manjit Bedi, Richard Mainwaring and myself went to
Bedfordshire for the tenth annual Oakley 20. This was a two lap course - first
lap 12 miles, second 8 around hilly country and towns. The course was very
scenic on largely traffic free roads. Many of the runners were using this race
as training for the London Marathon. We felt it was a tough course. Manjit was
first home for his age category in a time of 2.10, which earned him a shield. I
tried to keep up but lost sight of him at around the 13 mile mark, finishing in
2.14 after slowing down in the last couple of miles. Richard was next home in
2.42, an improvement, he said, on recent races at this distance, hoping to go
under 4 hours at London. At the end we stayed to watch Manjit collect his

St Clares Hospice 10km - Sunday 1st April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier41.4225th
Carrine Jay45.0248th - (10th lady)
408 finishers.

Jamie's Report. I recommend this race to everyone, superb marshals who
clapped everyone on and great support towards the finishing line. A medal and t-
shirt awaited all finishers as did a full on barbecue! Car parking facilities,
supervised bagagge storage, 6km water station, km markers and drinks at the end
made the £10 entry seem a bargain and the money went to the Hospice - a good
cause. Course was undulating and a good test in my opinion!

Gauntlet 12km - Sunday 1st April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Samuel Browne1.09.2629th
316 finishers.

Kingston Breakfast Run - 16 miles - Sunday 1st April 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Harsh Pershad3.06.00
A chip problem and a late course change slightly the distance. Harsh's garmin
measured the distance at 15.9 miles.

Run Richmond Park 5km - Saturday 31st March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea19.53 (course pb)4th
An improvement on his previous run of 21.27 on this course.

parkrun # 59 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 31st March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh20.419th - 64.54%
129 finishers. The Queen's visit seems to have put Valentines Park on the map
as there were many first timers this week, including the 100 year old Fauja
Singh of Sikhs in the City who did 38:34 and whose age grading was recorded as
179.04 % !

National Lottery Olympic Park Run - Saturday 31st March 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes27.1710th
Mark Boulton29.40 pb68th
Andrew Baxter31.01 pb126th
Dan Spinks31.34150th
James Wilson33.19289th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea33.50355th
Carlton DSouza33.58 pb372nd
Darren Speedy36.12712th
Matt Dean37.27976th
Tom Woods39.391520th
Steven Bywater41.412029th
Frank Brownlie43.052408th
Jayne Browne45.263091st
Sheila Kennedy45.263092nd
Katrina Dixon45.263094th
Don Bennett46.063256th
Geoff Bench52.034559th
Suzanne Bench52.044561st
Andrea Waller52.044562nd
Julie Creffield53:224763rd
5707 finishers.A cool and cloudy day welcomed over 5,000 Runners, 10,000 Spectators and numerous Marshalls and other Organisers to the Olympic Park on Saturday. East London Runners were well represented by 20 participants, 40 Spectators and 9 Marshalls all of whom enjoyed their day in history!After passing through the Security checks it was easy to proceed to the Olympic Stadium and it's surroundings including the pens for the race start. A cold wind welcomed the runners who were both glad and excited when the first wave of runners was set off by Princess Beatrice at 2pm, who then joined the race at the start of the second wave some 12 minutes later. A further two waves subsequently left the start.The 5 mile course passed by all of the iconic Olympic stadia including the Veledrome, Basketball and other buildings. Twisting and turning throughout the course ended at the main Olympic Stadium with the final 300 metres on the running Track, the finish line being at the end of the 100 metre straight. For most runners this was the most thrilling part, entering the stadium to the strains of Chariots of Fire belting out of the loudspeakers with the roars of the crowd cheering you to the finish.East London Runners Thomas Grimes recorded a fantastic time and finished in 10th place overall with Mark Boulton joining him in the top 100. However for Tom and Mark and the rest of us following in their wake it was both the thrill and joy of taking part and finishing in the Stadium which was the most important aspect of the whole day. Picking up our Goody Bags which included a quality race medal was an added bonus.Throughout the day it was also great to see the many smiles on everyone's faces whether they were Runners, Marshall or Spectators. Julie Creffield said - "ELR marshals did a fab job today, as did the runners...the club got a great mention just before the pink group went off. An amazing event!!!" I've written a post about the race on my blog. wp.me/p13GvN-52Carlton reports:- "There was no way I was going to miss out on the unique once in a lifetime opportunity of being one of the first to cross the finishing line in the Olympic Stadium. On entering the Olympic Park the sheer excitement and electric atmosphere was palpable. The 5 mile chipped course was relatively flat with the odd undulating section, weaving around the Olympic site, and with quite a few narrow turns. As runners entered the internal part of the Stadium, we were greeted with the sound track to 'Chariots of Fire', which helped spur us on as we entered the roaring crowds in the Stadium and onto the running track and finishing line! All in all, an excellent day out with a real buzz, made all better by all the ELR runners and Marshalls. Well done to all the competing ELR runners and especially to the ELR Volunteer Marshalls in their rather fetching red jackets who did a brilliant job "Mohammed reports:- Olympic Park runIt's all too easy to exhaust superlatives in describing this run, thisoccasion. For the second time in my life, I ran for the sheer enjoymentof an event rather than a time. For me (I'm sure others too), the best bitwas definitely the last mile leading to the finish. You were sent towardsthe stadium, where you ran under the stands whilst the soundtrack to'Chariots of Fire' blasted out of the speakers. It all built up to abeautiful crescendo as you eventually made a 90 degree turn ontothe burgandy track and entered the cauldron of noise from cheeringfamilies, friends and well-wishers. Despite being very tired from havingdone a hilly 5km race earlier in the morning, I pushed on in the last 150mto finish in my imagination as an Olympic athlete. Knowing my wife andeldest son were in the stands gave me a great buzz!I have never run in the London Marathon, a special run in its ownright, but it will always be available every year. This event however trulywas once-in-a-lifetime experience which I feel previleged and honoured tohave participated in, being one the chosen 5,000 of 50,000 people whoapplied in the ballot. Icing on the cake was shaking hands with JamieBaulch after the run and congratulating him on receiving his WorldChampionship 400m relay gold, 13 years after the event took place inAthens. Many thanks to all the ELR members who volunteered and got the cluba mention before the red wave were set off ..I think that was Brendan O'Grady shouting out my name just before I crossed the finish line.

parkrun # 46 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 31st March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown18.492nd - 68.56%
Rachel Coombs23.48 (course pb)16th - 63.24%
Emiko Priest28.01 (course pb)30th - 52.94%
Don Bennett28.0332nd - 53.89%
43 finishers. Don:Low turnout because of the Olympic Park run in the
afternoon. Patrick came 2nd in 18.49. Rachel did a course pb in probably her
last parkrun for now as Jamie flies out to the States that evening. Emiko
pipped me on the line for another course pb. But I was taking it easy because I
was running again in the afternoon.

TSF West Ham Park Handicap 5km. - Sunday 25th March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes16.421st fastest
Dan Spinks19.253rd fastest
Dan Spinks:- A rather confusing report this one. The culmination of the
TSFA West Ham Park 5k winter series was a handicap run with start times being
determined by each runners best time during the race series. Thomas Grimes was
last to start 17 1/2 minutes after the first runner set off with myself
starting 3rd from last 2 1/2 minutes ahead of him. With the race being run over
the usual course of 2x1.8 km laps followed by a shorter 1.2 km loop the start
times meant that both of us had been lapped by the slower runners before we had
even started so plenty of catching up to do

The concept worked pretty well, the whole field finishing within a couple of
minutes of each other. I finished in 11th place with the 3rd fastest time
overall (19:25) with Thomas outsprinting me to take 8th place with the fastest
overall time (around 16:42ish I think)
Webmaster says:- Personally the biggest handicap would have been doing
the Orion 15 the day before. Well done to both of them.

Maxifuel 5km, Dorney Lake - Sunday 25th March 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea19:151st
41 finishers. Race Report
I decided to race at Dorney Lake, which is set to be the venue for the Olympic
rowing/sculling events. A very nice area from which you can make out a view
of Windsor Castle in the distance.
I registered 1 hour before the start of the race, but was surprised to be
a goody-bag! My instant response was 'you know, I haven't raced yet?' The bag
was set to one side ready for me to collect later AFTER I had run.

All runners were briefed before the start and walked over to the start-line
by the marshalls. The hooter was sounded and we were off, my legs felt a
little heavy, but I kept them moving along. A seasoned 10K runner from
Datchet Dashers was the only participant ahead of me from the start, and
for the first km I was only 15-20 metres behind him, but he gradually
picked up speed and pulled further away. Meanwhile, I was being followed
and chased hard by about three runners, whom I could feel breathing down my
neck. At 2.5km, I could still see the leading 10K runner, but now I got
overtaken by a runner. I decided to sit back and have him dictate the pace
about 10-15 meters in front, but I wasn't going to let him go. I thought if
I just settle down and control my breathing, I could reel him back in. So,
for the next km and a bit, I did just that and caught him up (just like
Wednesday evenings then!). After running with him for a bit to get my
breath back, I decided to push on ahead of him as he was slowing down. The
combination of heat on my back and pushing for the finish too early
(900metres out) meant that I collapsed in a heap after crossing the finish
line (never done that before, surely?). The paramedics recorded my pulse at
150 bpm ...15 mins after I'd crossed the finish line!

I had to wait around for the official results, some people were started off
in a second wave, and so they all had to finish. A lady printed off my
result; 1st in age category, 1st senior male and 1st overall. The top three
all finished under 20 mins, one of whom was a senior female and the other a
vet-40 male. I collected my prizes at the official announcement, had my
picture taken with the race director proudly wearing my red ELR hoody and
received generous applause from the other runners. I'm pleased to have won
my first individual race and apparently there are some goodies waiting for
me for the West Ham Park Winter 5K Series, LUVLY JUBBLY!

Gade Valley Harriers 20 mile Marathon Training Run - Sunday 25th March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Carlton DSouza2:37:53n/a
Katherine Harris3:33 tbcn/a
Carlton's report. This was a well-organised and friendly 20 mile
training run organised by Gade Valley Harriers. I arranged this run this with a
friend (and potential ELR recruit) and init

Jurassic Coastal Challenge 78.6 miles - Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jimmy Hartwell19 hrs 25 minsHe finished!!
Jimmy Hartwell - Legend! - despite a bout of flu last week; he
plodded,coughed & spluttered 82.5 miles along the Dorset coast in the
last 3 day in roughly 19hrs 25mins - as usual a few detours; the
Jurassic Coastal Challenge is officially 78.6 miles

LV=Brentwood Half Marathon - Sunday 25th March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Robert Heppell1.35.45301st
Carrine Jay1.40.06324th (25th lady)
Magda Heppell1.58.461362nd
Don Bennett2.04.41 pb1566th
2273 finishers. Don reports:- It was a very chilly morning. Very foggy
on the journey to Brentwood. I'd only decided the week before to do the run
when Sheila got injured and had transferred her place. Get well soon , Sheila
and thank you.
There I was standing on the starting line when there was a tap on my shoulder.
There was my brother Mick , about a year and a half younger and a stone and a
half lighter. We've never run in the same race together. I'd seen a Michael
Bennett in the listings and just thought there's more than one. You all know
how the song goes. Anyway he was running for St Francis Hospice and looking for
a time round 2.05 which would do me as well. 5 minutes faster than Roding.
We set off me with my Garmin, a bit fast after the initial congested start.
Got a few in the 5.30 - 5.40 kilometre mark but settled down after 5km's to a
steady 5.50 - 6 min mark. After 12 km's i had to slow down a while to 6.15
pace. After 10 miles , brother stepped up and pushed the pace ahead and we
moved towards the uphill finish. Crossing the line together we had a
celebratory snap taken to remember the moment that's only taken 30 years.As he
put it later , was there a prize for the Brother's Over 50 Category.

I saw Carinne before the race start and Rob in the 1st kilometre and again at
the finish.

Orion 15 Mile - Saturday 24th March 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes1.33.538th
Patrick Brown1.42.1024th
Mark Boulton1.45.18 pb34th
Aaron Williams1.48.4453rd
Dan Spinks1.54.3977th
Simon Morgan2.03.41(now Tiptree)140th
Richard Mainwaring2.06.42158th
Grant Conway2.09.27179th
Matt Dean2.13.17198th
Ryan Levart2.18.25229th
Jamee Gould2.20.17242nd
Sarah Burns2.20.55 pb248th
320 finishers. Additional finisher - Ian Horritt 62nd 1.52.04 former ELR
now Reading Road Runner.

Patrick, Thomas, Dan and Mark after the race.

Jamee Gould:- just completed the hardest cross country race I've ever
done and now sat in a freezing cold bath... Couldnt quite bring myself to throw
ice in it! Bbbbbbrrrrrrr

Sarah Burns:- Big thanks to Frank for the support and orange slices at
the finish.

Grant Conway:- ‎13 minutes faster than last year :). Only 4 stops today,
one for the loo, two to tie my laces( thanks to Julie Brown on the second stop)
and one to pick up a poor chap who fell over. After all I have been there!
Thanks for the support Frank Brownlie. It was tough out there in the sun. Well
done to all our runners.

Sarah Burns:- 15 run through epping forest turned out to be far more
enjoyable than i though it would be and my time wasn't too bad either

parkrun # 45 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 24th March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Wyatt18.37 pb2nd - 69.29%
Derek Wright20.286th - 67.18%
Jamie Coombs21.22 (course pb)9th - 61.70%
David Wyatt25.4225th - 61.35%
Jayne Browne26.3729th - 61.49%
48 finishers. A beautiful day with a few people missing due to the early start
of the Orion 15. Mark came 2nd with Derek in 6th place. A course pb for Jamie
from 22.18 to 21.22 on his last parkrun before he departs for the States. David
& Jayne were also running. Rachel & Luca were spectating as well as Thomas &
Dan before they left for Orion. Don & Carlton were volunteering.

TSF West Ham Park Winter Series - Run 15 of 15 - Sunday 18th March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea20.284th 10pts
28 finishers.
Final Standings:- Men 31 - 40
1st Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea 118pts ,
4th Dan Spinks 69pts,
6th James Wilson 48pts,
8th Thomas Grimes 38pts.

Great Bentley Half Marathon - Sunday 18th March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Peter Hatley1.31.29 pb74th
356 finishers. Peter said It was pancake flat - time 1.31.29. This is
a very well organised event with lots of pb potential. Simon Morgan
finished also in 1.32.27 in 85th place.

Baldock Beast Half Marathon - Sunday 18th March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Steven Bywater1.53.33 pb178th
Steven Bywater reports:-
Obsessively following my first marathon training plan, I just HAD to do a
half marathon on 18th March and this was the only one that fitted the bill. As
a fan of pancake flat runs, the Beast bit in the title should have had me
on my guard, but it was only 40 minutes away from London and so Baldock it

The race itself started off on the edge of town with about 450 runners
snaking their way into the Hertfordshire countryside. Word on the lanes was
that this inaugural race consisted of a gentle climb for the first 7 miles
or so and then it was downhill all the way back into Baldock. What actually
followed was hills, roadkill, inclines, scouts and guides brandishing
isotonic drinks, climbs, fields, rises, muddy tracks through woodland,
ascends, ducks and more hills. In short it was hilly, with those Oak Hill
repeats certainly coming in handy. That said, I'm giving it a big thumbs-up
- well organised, friendly and comprehensively marshalled throughout. The
official results are not out yet but I'm secretly hoping for a personal

As the t-shirts said, "I tamed the Baldock Beast" but hopefully it will
be back next year, just as wild...and hilly.

Rome Marathon - Sunday 18th March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Farren3:55:314330rd

Brutal 10km , Windmill Hill - Saturday 17th March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mark Boulton50.2630th
428 finishers. Welcome to the Brutal10, off road challenges across the toughest
courses in the country. No gimmicky flames and barbed wire or fake ice cubes
and hay bales, just the hardest routes across the wildest of countryside.

parkrun # 57 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 17th March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mary Connolly31.0054th - 54.09%
Mary OBrien31.1456th - 58.75%
73 finishers.

parkrun # 44 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 17th March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown18:163rd - 70.62 %
Mark Wyatt19:114th - 67.25 %
Aaron Williams19:31 (course pb)6th - 68.40 %
Dan Spinks19:31 (course pb)7th - 68.92 %
Derek Wright20:429th - 66.43 %
Richard Potter21:03 (course pb)10th - 61.36 %
David Wyatt25:3724th - 61.55 %
Emiko Priest28.1136th - 52.63%
Julie Creffield32:00 (course pb)51st - 46.46 %
51 finishers. There was drizzle before and after the run, but no rain during
it. The 50-finisher barrier was broken for the second time. Tommy Bower pulled
out of the race at the dry pond on his first lap. The winner did 16.52, having
previously set a course pb of 16.48. Aaron Williams completed the course with
barcode for the first time and finished neck and neck with Dan after taking it
easy on his first lap. Course pb's from Dan, Richard and Julie, with Patrick
missing his by 10 seconds.

TSF West Ham Park 5km Series - Sunday 11th March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea19:282nd 10/108pts

Finchley 20 mile road race - Sunday 11th March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Grant Conway2.53.21309th
501 finishers.

Grant: Website described course as undulating, it definitely was!
Conditions were warm as well. Not delighted with time, but pleased to have done
a tough 20 miles run having missed a few weeks' training with illness and
injury and after Roding (where I fell over and had to pull out of the race). 4
x 5 mile hilly laps and was testing physically and mentally. I think I prefer
the Orion 15!

Cambridge Half Marathon - Sunday 11th March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter1.26.59 pb97th
Andrew's Race Report.

I fancied a flat half marathon rather than Roding
Valley for my pre-Brighton campaign this year. Happy to report that this was a
really good race - seamless organisation despite this being the first running
the event, even down to a special early service on the park and ride (just off
the M11) to cater for runners and spectators, saving the nightmare of parking
Cambridge. Definitely one to recommend to fellow East London Runners for next

For those of you that know the city, the race HQ, start and finish, were all on
Midsummer Common. The first 10 miles consisted of two scenic laps on closed
roads in and around the city centre taking in the colleges, the backs, the
market square and other sights. The narrow streets really helped the atmosphere
and, although it meant for one or two tight turns and patches of rough cobbles,
they provided welcome shade on another unseasonably warm raceday.

I went out with an intention of matching my pb from Roding Valley last year and
was well on track to beat it, feeling good by the time we'd done with the city

From around mile 10, the race headed out from Midsummer Meadow on an out and
back alongside the River Cam. All very pleasant, but it was at this point I
started to struggle. Watching the winner cross the line in 1.09, as I had to
head away from the finish and pass a stream of faster runners steaming back the
other way towards the finish, seemed to plant a seed of self doubt that nagged
at me for best part of 2 miles.

So, up to mile 12 was tough going and I was beginning to drift off the pace and
lose position, but the 180 degree turn for home on Stourbridge Common gave me a
massive boost. Over the last mile or so I managed shake off the doubts, pick up
the pace again and recover some of the places I'd lost over the preceeding
couple of miles - even managing a bit of a sprint finish as I approached the
line with the clock about to tick over to 1.27.

Very pleased this morning as results show I just made it, with a chip time of
1.26.59! - pb by 40 odd seconds.
97th place overall (28th vet) - 2375 finishers.

Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon - Sunday 11th March 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan1.15.435th
Harsh Pershad2.23.08 pb4714th
Carol Plaskowski2:28:435111st
6,351 finishers.

Ciaran in action at Silverstone.

Ciaran's Race report. On Sunday 11th March I returned to the Silverstone
Formula 1 Race Track to compete in the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon. I had
fond memories of this race from 2009, when I had last competed in this event,
setting a Personal Best that it would take me another 2 & ½ years to beat. As I
arrived at Silverstone, I was eager and excited to run as I had missed both the
2010 and 2011 races due to injury. Today I hoped everything would go to plan.
The morning had started misty and a little cool, but as the sun rose a little
higher the mist dispersed giving way to what would be a beautiful and
unseasonably warm spring day. Not perfect, given the 12 noon start. It was
potentially going to be too hot.

The course round the race track takes a clever 3 lap route, taking in service
lanes and the pits as well as the main grandstand and F1 racetrack. Not the
picturesque of half marathons, but a flat course, with promising potential.

As the race got underway, I shuffled myself in with a number of runners who
seemed to be keeping the same target pace as myself. I was pleasantly surprised
during the first lap that I was able to keep my eye on the leader and to keep
tally of my time from the ‘time car’ leading the way at the front, though this
was not to last. During the first half, I managed to keep my pace steady and
even and had broken ahead of the runners I had earlier hooked in with. I did
however eventually lose sight of the front runners and time car guiding them
were just that bit quick for me to keep up.

From there on in I found I was running by myself and the second half proved to
be a lonely run. I had to run my own race. No-one to catch, and no-one to lose.
Silverstone 2012 would prove to be very much a battle of will, as well as a
battle against the elements. I began to recite my mantras, but with the sun now
high in the sky, the heat was beginning to take its toll.

At Mile 10 my supporters were a welcome sight, giving me a mental boost of
energy I needed at that point to tackle the remaining 3.1 miles. Back on the
main racetrack again, the straights at this point seemed to loom endlessly into
the distance, but the welcome sight of a yellow vest on the horizon, gave me
something to hook onto. The vest being the runner in front. The miles clocked
by, from 10, to 11, to 12. Only one more to go, but this last mile would prove
to be the hardest of the lot. Trying to dig deep, trying to find my reserves, I
failed miserably as I battled against myself to get to the finish line. My legs
were heavy, I was de-hydrated, and the going was now very tough. As I
the grandstand and the finishing gantry the support of the crowd gave me one
last boost of energy as I pushed home in a time of 1:15:43. A remarkable
improvement for me from 2009, when I finished in 1:23:32, and delighted to have
increased my overall placing from 62nd in 2009, to 5th out of 6,351 finishers

Orion Mercury 10 Mile - Saturday 10th March 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes1.03.421st
ELR WINNER - This was Orion Harriers 10 mile Club Championships and Handicap
Race. It was however open to runners from all Clubs and ELR's Thomas Grimes
full advantage to pull off a great victory over the tough hilly and muddy
course in the heart of Epping Forest.

Thomas had a steady start and was in 4th place after 3 miles but only a few
strides behind the third place runner whom he passed around the 7 mile mark. He
overtook the second place runner after 8.5 miles and powered into the lead in
the last mile. A great run and result for Thomas who is also competing in this
years Virgin London Marathon on Sunday April 22nd 2012. Thomas has run two
Marathons in the past both in over 3 hours so is hoping to break through this
time barrier in London.

Thomas finishing strongly in the Orion Mercury 10 mile race.

Official race report that appears on Orion's website
On a glorious, spring like day 70 runners, aged 18 - 74, came together to
compete for the Orion Harriers cross country championship and 10 mile handicap
title through Epping Forest. This classic race which has been run since 1913,
starts in Chingford and sweeps out through the surrounding countryside up
through High Beech to the Wake Arms and back through the forest to the club HQ.

The senior men’s race saw a strong line up in attendance with the reigning
champion Ben Hall aiming to make it a hat-trick of wins.

The race got off to a quick start through the forest with Ben Hall leading the
way closely followed by Brian Jenkins, the 2009 Irish triathlon champion, Orion
Harriers' Stalwart, Neil McGoun and East London Runners athlete, Tom Grimes.
After four miles of this undulating course Ben had built up a nice cushion
between himself and the rest of the field, obviously determined to retain his
title. Brian Jenkins having dropped back due to a problem with his shoe laces.

As the race wound its way through the energy-sapping mud and hills of Epping
Forest, it quickly became clear to the leading chasers that Ben was
unfortunately unable to maintain his early blistering pace and was now being
caught. By the time they reached the infamous “Gully” in High Beach, a
200m “vertical” climb, the 3 nearest rivals had overtaken Ben. It was now a
race to the finish.

As the men’s race reached its finale, it was neck and neck between the 2
Limerick born runners Brian Jenkins and Tom Grimes, but Tom's superior
technique on the final descent allowed him to just move ahead of Brian and
maintain a winning margin of a mere 20 seconds for the victory in a time of 1h
03mins 41secs. Despite his narrow defeat, Brian went away as the newly crowned
Orion Harriers cross country champion - Congratulations Brian!
Neil McGoun finished third and Ben Hall fourth.

parkrun # 56 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 10th March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Matthew Jones22.0616th - 58.82%
92 finishers.

parkrun # 43 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 10th March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown18.06 (course pb)4th - 71.27%
Mark Wyatt19.197th - 66.78%
Allan Todd20.009th - 66.75%
Derek Wright20.3911th - 66.59%
Richard Potter21.3912th - 59.66%
Sarah Burns25.0027th - 60.00%
Frank Brownlie26.0133rd - 61.63%
Jayne Browne27.1236th - 60.17%
Emiko Priest28.4944th - 51.47%
50 finishers. Yes we finally reached the 50 finisher barrier. A course record
for Patrick in 18.06. A visit from Frank getting back into it. First Sally and
now this week Martin from Valentine's & Ilford coming down to see our course in
action. A mention for a young lady who contacted us on the facebook page, Rocio
Navarro Jimenez who was 2nd lady in 23.59, and hopes to see us soon on

TSF West Ham Park 5km Series - Race 13 - Sunday 4th March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes16:591st
Dan Spinks19:293rd
21 runners this week

Essex 20 - Sunday 4th March 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Bedi2:09:47 pb27th
James Wilson2:37:04131st
Carlton DSouza2:38:58150th
Richard Guest2:46:23189th
403 Finishers.

Carlton's Race Report. This was my first ever 20 mile race, which quite
frankly filled me with some trepidation. The miserable weather only served to
exacerbate my nervousness: Cold, overcast and raining. However, my uneasiness
was greatly relieved on seeing the cheery faces of Richard Guest and James
Wilson (who kindly drove us to and from the Langham, Nr Colchester venue
some quite difficult driving conditions). We arrived with impeccable timing, so
as to allow us minimum time hanging around getting cold. In the event, the few
minutes we were waiting for the ‘off’ I, as many other runners, were shivering.
In the absence of chip timing, results were based on gun time and accurately
recorded manually. The race had a maximum quota of 500, with a 4 hour cut-off
time. The adequately marshalled new course comprised three laps with accurate
mile markers, travelling mainly on road, but also on country paths/tracks and
past open fields and farmland. There were 2 water stations on each lap. Because
of the hazardous weather conditions extra care was required underfoot, in case
of slipping and also whilst on roads, which remained open to traffic. Although
the route was fairly flat/undulating there were 2/3 steep hills that I found
particularly challenging. Myself, James, and Richard all started the race
together, with Richard taking an early lead. Manjit is a bit faster than us
so we never saw him during the race. Great result and a personal best for him.

For the first circa 13 miles James was more or less running with me. This
quite disconcerting, as due to suffering acute coryza, James was wearing a
hoodie which covered his race number. As James was moving seemingly
effortlessly, versus my clumsy running gait, he looked like my personal
trainer/pacer! At circa 13/14 mile we managed to meet up with Richard, who was
also running very comfortably. Shortly after this distance, despite injury and
cold James took off in the distance. Because of the persistent rain, puddles
seemed to be getting ever larger on each lap, which required a bit more
navigation as to avoid them. The overall atmosphere of this well organised
race was very friendly and welcoming, with many runners from fellow running
clubs. The support from volunteers and the general public was greatly received,
especially given the extra effort required due to the quite appalling weather
conditions. On completion of the race we were rewarded with a free cup of tea
and a technical running shirt in the warmth of Langham Village Hall.

Positives: A well organised and friendly race with accurate time and
distance measurements. Good quality running shirt as a memento. Having enough
‘oomph’ for a sprint finish to overtake a Witham RC girl on the finishing line,
which at first seemed an impossible task.

Not so positive: The weather!
Overall: An enjoyable and well organised marathon training race. The
friendliness and banter amongst volunteers, supporters and runners compensated
somewhat for the dismal weather. Would I do it again? Yes, if I was marathon

James, Richard and Carlton prior to the race!

Bideford Half Marathon - - Sunday 4th March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Sarah Burns1:54:51615th
Good run by Sarah just outside her Half Marathon pb of 1:54:05 at Maidstone in
November 2011.

Clapham Common 5k Series - Race 1 - Sunday 4th March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea21:014th

parkrun # 55 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 3rd March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Colin Purvis21.57 (course pb)11th - 61.28%

parkrun # 42 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 3rd March 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes18.324th - 69.96%
Daniel Gallacher19.04 (course pb)7th - 67.66%
Mark Wyatt19.468th - 65.26%
Dan Spinks20.149th - 66.47%
Derek Wright20.2110th - 67.57%
Richard Potter21.3013th - 60.08%
Samuel Browne22.4219th - 57.05%
Kieran Brown23.49 (course pb)26th - 63.96%
Rachel Coombs24.02 (course pb)27th - 62.62%
Jayne Browne26.3232nd - 61.68%
John Atkinson28.10 (parkrun debut)38th - 61.89%
Julie Creffield33.02 (course pb)46th - 45.01%
46 finishers.

Great turnout from East London Runners with 12 runners. Thomas
was 4th in 18.32. Daniel Gallacher did a pb. Rachel also a course pb. John
Atkinson made his parkrun debut and Julie did a pb in 33.02 knocking 2 min 43
from her time. Tommy Bower was 2nd in a pb of 17.00, and behind him in 17.13
was Danny Norman, sporting his "250" t-shirt and currently on tour. Mark Wyatt
overtook most of the field after starting late when most of the runners were
heading past the block of flats. His "real" time was around 19.25. Allan Todd
ran the first mile in around 6.12, but pulled out after the first lap - still
recovering from a chest infection. Good luck to him next time. Patrick
Brown was doing the timing and Jamie Coombs was spectating with son Luca.

Hotelympia 10km, Docklands - Sunday 26th February 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Ciaran Canavan35.392nd
Ciaran's Report Now I know most of the club were doing the Roding Valley
1/2 marathon today, but I had the Hotelympia 10k at the Excel centre in the

Ciaran received his prizes from GB 400m Athlete Nigel Levine and
legendary GB Olympian Steve Cram.

Having had a chesty cough all week, I was in two minds whether or not I would
run this morning, but despite my cough, I haven't been feeling unwell, just
frustrated with this lingering, dodgy, but dry cough. As I got up and showered
this morning, I really didn't think it would be a good idea to run today. I
could feel pain in my back from when I had been coughing all week, but at last,
this morning I did feel better. Albeit not 100%.
I drove to the Excel centre and arrived in plenty of time for the race,
collected my timing chip and race number, dropped off my bag, and then tried to
get myself into 'the zone' for racing. Mentally I wasn't with it. With each
cough I was reminded of the pain in my back, and instead of warming up, I kept
warm indoors and left leaving for the start until the very last minute.
As I entered the start area, the sun was shining on London's docklands, and it
did seem perfect conditions for racing. Something clicked, and with the start
of the race, I was off!
Having prepared myself for a disappointing result, I counted the runners in
front of me! I was in 6th place, but over the first km fell back to 7th, then
8th, and then to 9th place! When my Garmin clocked the first km, I was pleased
to find that I was within my target time, and despite everything was starting
to find my running legs. I settled into my pace, and allowed those in front of
me to drag me round. During the 2nd & 3rd kms, I kept my pace steady, and
regained a couple of places. Just after the 3rd km marker, there was a sharp
turn to the left, up a kerb, and as the two people in front of me parted to the
left and right, I was charging straight towards a bollard. I tried to skip and
dance to the left, but it was too late. I pushed myself away from the bollard,
but lost balance, and took a massive tumble. Almost in an instant, I recalled
judo lessons from my childhood, and remembered to roll over my shoulder. I
rolled over, hopped back up onto my feet, and kept running. This was mentally
tough though, as I had lost my rhythm, and had lost distance on the group in
front, but I still kept my place, just barely.
After this tumble, running from 3 to 5km played havoc with my mind. At the 5 km
point on this 2 lap course, I was very tempted to drop out, as I was struggling
to find my feet again! Thankfully I didn't, and in during the next km, I seemed
to become stronger, as those I trailed tired. I moved from 6th to 3rd. I'll be
happy with 3rd I told myself, but set my eyes on the the runner in second, just
a few yards in front. I caught him, and we continued to run to the 8km marker
together. There I made my move, taking control of the pace, and passing into
second place. First was out of sight, so all I had to do was concentrate on
retaining second.
Now I was determined to retain position, and the final 2 kms of the race seemed
the most enjoyable as I rode on on the adrenalin pumping through my body. As
9km clocked on my Garmin, I found my reserves, and gave everything I'd got,
storming home in 35:39. Not a PB, but I reckon the course was a good 200 meters
Over 10k. Well, that's what my watch told me!

2nd place in 35:39
709 finishers
Off to sweatshop to spend my vouchers now!

Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon - Sunday 26th February 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Helen Speedy1.39.24446th - 65.69%

Roding Valley Half Marathon - Sunday 26th February 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes1.18.57 pb9th - 75.0%
Manjit Bedi1.21.40 pb19th - 79.9%
Patrick Brown1.21.59 pb21st - 72.2%
Mark Wyatt1.26.06 pb39th - 68.8%
William Pearce1.28.03 pb60th - 71.3%
Shahib Miah Ali1.28.50 pb67th - 66.7%
Dan Spinks1.29.21 pb73rd - 68.0%
Mark Boulton1.31.2991st - 64.7%
Manjit Singh1.33.39112th - 64.5%
Peter Hatley1.37.30171st - 61.9%
Carrine Jay1.37.48177th - 75.5%
Richard Guest1.40.55 pb220th - 60.7%
Paul Thompson1.41.18 pb224th - 61.9%
Patrick Farren1.41.19225th - 66.1%
Matt Dean1.45.05304th - 56.4%
George Georgiou1.45.40315th - 59.3%
Miguel Martinez1.45.51317th - 57.0%
Lucy Jarvis1.46.41 pb332nd - 55.5%
Colin Purvis1.47.14340th - 56.6%
Ramesh Pala1.48.41 pb380th - 61.6%
Caroline Meaby1.49.15 pb387th - 62.4%
Suzanne Bench1.49.26392nd - 66.7%
Tom Woods1.51.44 pb427th - 64.2%
Emily Hart1.57.46564th - 55.9%
Dave Knight1.58.40587th - 59.5%
Jamee Gould1.58.59592nd - 55.5%
David Wyatt1.59.17 pb607th - 59.7%
Laura Thrower2.01.02633rd - 54.6%
Frances Branch2.02.39 pb654th - 53.8%
Andrew Rich2.02.48659th - 48.3%
Michael Rose2.02.56661st - 57.4%
Katherine Harris2.06.12 pb702nd - 52.2%
Don Bennett2.09.48742nd - 52.9%
Marie Burling2.14.55 debut half.799th - 48.4%
Julie Creffield2.42.51891st - 40.7%
910 finishers.

Manjit Bedi,Patrick Brown Will Pearce, Shahid Ali with in the front row,
Thomas Grimes, Mark Wyatt ad Dan Spinks, showing their medals after the race.

On a crisp but sunny morning over 1,000 runners lined up on the running track
Woodford Bridge for the local Roding Valley Half Marathon. Seen as a good part
of training for the London Marathon in April this race has always been popular
with East London Runners. This year was no exception with 36 on the start line.
Unfortunately Grant Conway suffered a heavy fall after only 4 miles or so and
was unable to continue. All our other runners were able to complete the course
including Dave Knight who also fell but finished with a cut/grazed knee and a
torn tee shirt!

Thomas about to cross the finish line.

Almost a third of our runners had joined the club in the last 12 months
including Thomas Grimes who was first home for ELR in 9th place overall quickly
followed by Manjit Bedi and Patrick Brown.As can be seen above there were many
personal bests and also a few who were running in their first ever half

Congratulations to everyone who ran and also to our many supporters including
Sarah Burns, Karen Levison (injured), Ava Lee, Andrea Waller and Julie Brown
plus family and friends. John Atkinson and Frank Brownlie took many photographs
which are now on our website and Facebook page.

Marie, Laura and Frances before the race.

Mark Wyatt said. Cheers for the support this morning and well done
everyone, loads of pbs, was a great race!
George Georgiou Well done everyone at Roding half today. Support was
fantastic as usual. Special mention to Grant. Sorry to hear about your fall
mate, hope all is well and you recover quickly. Enjoy the sunshine all!
Julie Creffield. Loved my first club run, so much support.
Mark Boulton. Fantastic morning, well done to all. East London Runners =
Easily best running club ever.

ELR Supporters Julie Brown, Sarah Burns, Ava Lee with new bike and Karen
Levison cheered our runners on at Woodford Bridge shops!

parkrun # 54 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 25th February 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Mary Connolly29.1831st - 57.22%

parkrun # 41 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 25th February 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes20:221st - 63.67 %
Derek Wright20:292nd - 67.13 %
Jamie Coombs22:18 (course pb)9th - 59.12 %
Tom Woods24.26 pb14th - 64.66 %
Jayne Browne26:5024th - 60.99 %
36 finishers.

Lovely weather for the parkrun, with the sun coming out towards the end. Most
of the sub-20 minute runners were away this week, doubtless saving themselves
for the Roding Valley half marathon on Sunday. Thomas was taking it easy, so
Derek led the field from the first lamppost until the last straight when Thomas
shot past him thereby taking the crown for the 11th time. Don was Race Director
this week.

Don:- Course pb's for Jamie before his travel's and Tom back from his

Wokingham Half Marathon - Sunday 19th February 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier1.33.31478th
2185 finishers.

Brighton Half Marathon - Sunday 19th February 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Patrick Brown1:23:33 pb85th - 1:25:36
Daniel Lee1.24.12 pb100th - 1.26.29
William Pearce1.28.24264th - 1.30.35
Samuel Browne1.32.17468th - 1.34.33
Ava Lee1.32.54 pb511th - 1.35.11
Carlton DSouza1.34.54669th - 1.37.14
Stephen O'Sullivan1.37.14875th - 1.39.37
Andrew Wood1.46.291963rd - 1.49.29
Jayne Browne2.00.344176th - 2.03.32
Note:- On Monday afternoon the organisers admitted that due to human
error a turnpoint between 4 - 5 miles was incorrectly placed and that made the
distance run as 13.42 miles. All times were adjusted using the chip timing and
results reissued. Adjusted times are shown above with original times next to
finish positions.

Ava Lee reports:- It's been a while since our last race and a couple of
years since our last half marathon, so Danny and I were looking forward to the
Brighton half marathon with some excitement and a bit of trepidation.
Thankfully, Saturday's horrible wet and windy weather gave way to beautiful
sunny and chilly conditions on Sunday. The route was mainly flat with some
undulations, up and down the coast so no danger of getting lost! Overall, the
race could have been perfect - if only the organisers had measured the route
correctly. I expect a few metres extra at the end, maybe even an extra 50
metres due to weaving in and out of the crowd - but an extra 600 metres!!
That's just sabotage!! I began to think my brand new Garmin had failed me but
glad to see the blogs all saying the same thing. Despite this, we were
delighted with new PBs of 1hr 35 for me and 1 hr 26 for Danny. Come on Brighton-
you owe us at least another 2 minutes!!

7367 finishers.

Carlton D'Souza race Report. I used this half marathon as a springboard
race for my marathon training, and also to test a niggling calf and knee issue.
Thus, I did not set out for a PB, and duly did not achieve one! For a February
race, the weather was near perfect: A crisp bright morning, with clear blue
skies, little breeze, and the sun bearing down and glistening on the sea. My
morning did not start of well: Having arrived late for the baggage drop-off, I
was worryingly running towards the last ‘starting pen’ after the starting gun
had already been fired. Due to my poor time management, I spent the first 4
miles meandering through many of the slower runners. On this note, apologies to
the girl in the ‘Water Aid’ running shirt who inadvertently tripped me up, and
who I than clumsily nearly knocked over! Much of the route afforded lovely
of the sea, which helped dissipate the miles and time. There was the odd
undulation/hill, which on first viewing looked quite challenging, but in the
event proved relatively OK. The support at the specified Spectator areas proved
very encouraging to keep my momentum in check. The race was fairly well
organised, bar one major and significant issue: Up until 4-5miles, my Garmin
pretty much in synch with the mile markers. After this distance, the organisers
have much to account for. At the end of the race, my watch (and everyone else’s
GPS watch) indicated circa >13.5miles. Even allowing for my initial zig-zagging
and the vagaries and anomalies of GPS this distance would suggest that
was quite not right. Well done to all the other ELR’s who finished the race,
especially Jayne Browne, who despite a nasty fall and a knock/cut to her knee
and eye, managed to finish and complete the race in good time.

Positives: A pleasantly scenic and enjoyable run with good support,
especially at designated spectator points. The good weather proved the icing on
the cake + Good marathon training, and a timely reminder to get my time
management skills right.

Not So Positive: Overall distance circa >13.5miles!

Overall: I found the race very enjoyable, forming a good basis for
marathon training. Disappointingly, the race was let down by poor distance
measurement. Would I do it again? Yes/Maybe, if the organisers get their act
together regarding what distance comprises a half marathon.

Sunday Cross Country League - Race 5 - Royston - Sunday 19th February 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes34.346th
Andrew Baxter39.4655th
Derek Wright41.4979th
Michael Wilson49.24184th
Terry (Sarbjit) Singh77.09261st
261 finishers.

This was the fifth and last race of this season's Sunday League series. After a
straightforward drive up the M11, it was cold and windy as we waited around
before and after the race, but not as bad as previous years - at least there
was some sunshine. The race is without doubt the hardest in the series and
contains a total of 16 hills, both short and long, over the course of a loop of
about a mile followed by two longer laps. Unlike last year, when the ground was
bone hard, this year it was soft in places though without puddles and we were
glad to be wearing our trail shoes.

Thomas held sixth place pretty much from the start and it was still that way at
the finish. Andrew capped a 50-mile week with a sub-40 minute time in his
native town, while Derek completed his fourth running of the course, and Mick
came home in under 50 minutes. We waited around drinking tea while Terry
heroically completed his final lap, after which the season was well and truly

Overall Final Rankings
Thomas Grimes 5-6-6-6=23pts 3rd Senior Men//

Sjarbit Singh 63-48-62-47= 220pts 18th Senior Men//

Derek Wright 29-34-37-44-30=130pts 22nd M40//

Michael Wilson 23-17-35-27-33=100pts 17th M50//

CHINGFORD LEAGUE - Fixture 6 - Victoria Park 5m - Saturday 18th February 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Spinks30.5858th
Peter Hatley32.4170th
174 finishers.

Human Race - Race Your Pace Half Marathon ,Dorney Lake - Saturday 18th February 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Harsh Pershad2.32.371042nd
1072 finishers. Congratulations to Harsh on completing his first Half
Marathon. Centred at Dorney Lake nr Eton it is a four lap course and the
organisers have pacemakers from Today's Runner doing 6-12 minute pacing to
help the runners keep a steady pace throughout the run. Harsh is in training
for this year's London Marathon.

parkrun # 53 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 18th February 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh20:003rd - 66.75 %

parkrun # 40 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 18th February 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright21:074th - 65.11 %
Richard Potter22:155th - 58.05 %
24 finishers.

Don reports:- There were technical problems with the
timer but the times were recorded with a stopwatch.

Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon - Sunday 12th February 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods4:35:04 pb360

Tom crossing the line on Christmas Day 2011 in the Chiang Mai Half Marathon
also in Thailand!

The race itself started at 03:00am and at that time it was already 26
celsius.The course, is for the most part on the elevated toll roads that run
through Bangkok for 15km heading out of town(I think !!) and then doubling back
again. Nothing particular to look at and dark anyway. Across the Chao Phraya
River twice using different bridges, the second bridge , I think called Rama IX
was quite spectacular lit up at night. As the race progressed the air
temperature got a bit cooler just before dawn ,drink stations were every 2
around the 32km mark, the course came down to ground level as we headed in to
the centre of the city and merged with runners doing the half and 10km races,
but not as congested as Singapore was.The final 8km was just a case of dragging
my body from one drink station to the next as the heat and humidity began to
take it's toll and the Sun began to rise.

Be back in Dear old Blighty next week!

There were 1,106 runners that started the race , of which 1,074 finished.I
finished in 360th place overall ,bib no. M783. In my age category (M40+) I
finished in 221st place out of 731 finishers.My net time was 04:35:04
Finish time was 04:36:29Time on my Garmin was 04:35:11.
Previous PB was 04:41:01 at Khon Kaen last Year 23 Jan 2010.

TSF West Ham Park 5km Series - Race 12 - Sunday 12th February 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Dan Spinks19.382nd 10pts/60pts
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea19.453rd 9pts/98pts
Sharon Springfield26.0221st 9pts/19pts
33 finishers.
Mohammed reports
I had a semi-decent run today at the Tessa Sanderson West Ham Park 5K run
today. I finished in roughly 19:45 in 3rd place and Dan Spinks finished a few
seconds ahead of me (2nd) in roughly 19:38 (tbc). Sharon ran today and finished
in 26.02. There were representatives from East End Road Runners, Ilford AC and
Dagenham 88 Runners running today, three of the clubs in the ELVIS.
The conditions were very cold and it made it hard. The park looked very pretty
with much of the snow left on the ground,but unfortunately there were some icy
patches en route.

There will be no runs for the next two Sundays, but will resume with three
more runs; Sunday 4th March, Sunday 11th March and Sunday 18th March.

parkrun # 39 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 11th February 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes18.491st - 68.91%
Patrick Brown18.582nd - 68.01%
Mark Wyatt19.053rd - 67.60%
Allan Todd20.245th - 65.03%
Dan Spinks20.546th - 64.35%
Colin Purvis22.308th - 59.78%
George Georgiou23.43 (snow pb)13th - 58.40%
Don Bennett29.5624th - 50.50%
29 finishers.Don reports:- George wanted a snow pb but in reality we
all got one. Snow covered the course and a slight course adjustment was made to
avoid a slippery tarmac path. East London Runners were trying for the top 5
finishers but only managed 5 in the first 6 instead. Colin came in 8th and
George had a break from Gunpowder Park ,which was cancelled looking for any pb
he could get.

parkrun # 2 - Mile End Park 5km - Saturday 11th February 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright20:333rd - 66.91 %
26 finishers.

Derek: This was the second running of this event, which is within easy
reach of Mile End tube station. The two lap course crosses the Green Bridge
across Mile End Road twice. The approaches to the bridge may be classified as
hills in both directions and they left us out of breath. There were a few other
little ups and downs, plus a brief stretch along the canal in the upper section
of the course. In spite of the snow earlier in the week, the paths were clear
apart from a few patches of ice.

parkrun # 38 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 4th February 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.332nd - 73.88%
Patrick Brown18.14 (course pb)3rd - 70.75%
Mark Wyatt19.296th - 66.21%
Dan Spinks19.37 (course pb)7th - 68.56%
Allan Todd19.49 (course pb)9th - 66.95%
Colin Purvis21.57 (course pb)14th - 61.28%
Jamie Coombs22.23 (course pb)15th - 58.90%
Jayne Browne26.21 pb30th - 62.11%
Jake Lear
45 finishers. Thomas came 2nd beaten by Tommy Bower by 8 seconds. For nearly
all the rest course pb's.

parkrun # 51 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 4th February 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh20.377th - 64.75%
56 finishers.

parkrun # 16 - Gunpowder Park 5km - Saturday 4th February 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Matt Dean22.34 (course pb)9th - 57.46%
George Georgiou23.1011th - 59.78%
39 finishers.

parkrun # 24 - Oak Hill, East Barnet 5km - Saturday 4th February 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright20:131st - 68.01 %
31 finishers.

Derek: This was another three-lap course, not far from
the Grovelands parkrun which I did last week. The course consisted of one
smaller lap followed by two larger laps, mainly flat and on paths. It was well
marshalled and signposted. It was a freezing cold morning and most of us had
our gloves and leggings on. There was another runner 10 seconds behind me who
kept me on my toes.

Run Richmond Park 5km Series - Race 1 - Saturday 2nd February 2013

57 finishers.

TSF West Ham Park 5km Winter Series - Sunday 29th January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes16.28 pb2nd 10/28 7th
James Wilson18.05 pb4th 8/48 5th
Dan Spinks19.03 pb6th 6/50 4th
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea19.11 pb7th 5/89 1st
Sharon Springfield25.3124th 10pts
43 finishers. 4 personal best's this week for ELR. Good to see Sharon getting
back into running.

Khon Kaen Half Marathon, Thailand - Sunday 29th January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Tom Woods1:53:08 pb243rd
712 finishers

Tom's Race Report. It went well , time on my
Garmin 1hr 53 min 43secs , waiting for official time , but expecting a new PB.
Weather was mild around 20 Celsius , 2 major hills first one at 6km and one
more at 14km , each of the hills went on for about 1km and the incline
increased the further you went on. , but I was pretty much prepared for them as
I had done the full marathon here last year and the 2nd hill which came at 34km
mark , all but put paid to me doing the time that I had been expecting.Nothing
too spectacular to look at and it was dark for the most part anyway , as it was
a 05:25am start and sun up is around 06:20 in these parts.They had guys up in
motorised parasails taking aerial photos, something I have not seen before
elsewhere, can't imagine that being allowed in Europe, with Health & Safety
concerns etc.

crossing the line on Christmas Day 2011 in the Chiang Mai Half Marathon also in

parkrun # 50 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 28th January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Manjit Singh20:062nd - 66.42 %
Matthew Jones22.408th - 57.35%
71 finishers. Don: Valentine Park reaches its 50th milestone. Winner
was Danny Norman from Stragglers in 16.49 in his 248th parkrun. Danny has also
done 201 Bushy runs and does the parkrun show podcast which is released every
Monday night. So Valentines Park should get a few mentions next time.

parkrun # 33 - Riddlesdown Park 5km - Saturday 28th January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Darren Speedy21.279th - 63.17%
68 finishers.

parkrun # 75 - Grovelands Park, Southgate 5km - Saturday 28th January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright20:415th - 66.48 %
62 finishers.

Derek: This is a well-established event and easy to get to from the
North Circular. The course consists of three laps of one side of the park on
tarmac, starting next to the lake and heading off downhill before a
long uphill for 600m, and heading gradually down or being flat for the rest of
the lap. It was a bit chilly and there was a breeze as the park is quite open.
There was some confusion at the end as the chips weren't ready in the right
order, so we had to remember our positions.

parkrun # 37 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 28th January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.411st - 73.33%
Mark Wyatt20.075th - 64.13%
Dan Spinks20.236th - 65.99%
Allan Todd20.38 (1st parkrun)8th - 64.30%
Richard Potter21.2711th - 60.22%
Colin Purvis22.28 (course pb)17th - 59.87%
David Wyatt26.4634th - 58.41%
Jayne Browne27.2536th - 59.70%
47 finishers. Don: Very chilly run with a lot of muddy spots to avoid.
1st place for Thomas in 17.41, also thanks to him for collecting the signs in
afterwards. Debut parkrun for new member Allan Todd who came 8th and became our
200th East London Runner finisher at Wanstead Flats. Course pb for Colin Purvis
on his 2nd run at Wanstead. I was Run Director.

Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5km - Friday 27th January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter18.5129th - 74.10%
Back on the 1 lap serpentine course now all the christmas fayre stuff has been
packed away.

Felt a bit heavy legged, from Benfleet and long mid-week miles, during 1.5 mile
run warm up run from work to start. First half mile confirmed my doubts and
realising that I wasn't going to threaten pb, focused on keeping an even pace
throughout race. Was pleasantly surprised to come in under 19 mins without
having to go guts out - something I wouldn't have thought possible 12 months ago

TSF West Ham Park 5km Winter Series - Run 10 - Sunday 22nd January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes17.13 pb2nd 10pts/18pts
Dan Spinks19.586th 8pts/44pts
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea20.027th 7pts/84pts
49 finishers. Thomas comes 2nd in his 3rd event of the weekend.
Dan comes 6th on his birthday to hold his 4th place overall.
Mohammed comes 7th to hold his 1st place overall in the Men 31 - 40
section after 10 events with 4 to go.

Benfleet 15m - Sunday 22nd January 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Andrew Baxter1:49:2735th
James Wilson1.49.3836th
Patrick Farren2.07.51146th
Richard Mainwaring2.11.41182nd
Jimmy Hartwell2.17.39206th
Dave Knight2.24.47276th
Suzanne Bench2.31.29315th - 55th lady
Sarah Burns2.33.21 pb327th - 60th lady
446 finishers.

Suzanne Bench

Firstly I would suggest that anyone planning to do this race next year reads no

The day started well-nice sunshine although cold and windy.

The first few miles were fairly pleasant, not too much mud and some hills to
get you warmed up. Sarah and I ran most of this stretch together. We were all
smiling at the 5 mile mark (Leigh station) where Geoff was taking pictures.

Then things deteriorated badly! As we turned back towards Benfleet, we ran
miles 5-9 along the sea wall directly into a strong head wind - this sapped
energy quickly and I was relieved when we turned out of the wind for a few
miles. However, the pain was not over for long and we soon had to turn back
into the headwind for miles 10-12, by which point any enthusiasm for the
race had disappeared.

Mile 13 encompassed a steep hill and then I was relieved to find the last
few miles were back on the muddy cross country paths. However, by this time
it was hard to keep going as legs were so tired. To cap it all, the change
of route this year meant that the race finished up a steep hill-that is
just cruel!

I finally finished at a snail's pace in approx 2 and a half hours. The
boys, however, had a great run with Andrew and James racing each other in
the last mile, both finishing in about 1 hour 48 (I think!). They kindly
waited for the rest of us and cheered us up the hill.

This was the hardest race I have ever done, and one I definitely won't be
repeating next year!

Suzanne and Sarah in mid race!.

CHINGFORD LEAGUE - FIXTURE 5 - Orion 7.7k Cross Country - Saturday 21st January 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes30:4833rd
Peter Hatley38:04114th
Only 2 runners from ELR for this race. Mild but blustery day over a muddy and
hilly 2 lap course saw good performances by both Thomas and Peter, supported by
Frank with his camera!

Thomas and Peter after the race!

parkrun #41 - Pymmes Park 5k - Saturday 21st January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Derek Wright20:542nd - 65.79 %
14 finishers.

Derek: The course was three laps of a park in Edmonton, mainly
flat with headwinds in places, and with plenty of greenery and some ornamental
waters to distract us. The winner and I got confused at a fork in the path on
the first lap as we were both parkrun tourists, but we correctly chose the
right hand route. With a little more than a dozen runners this week, it was a
bit of a lonesome run.

parkrun # 36 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 21st January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes18.271st - 70.28%
Patrick Brown18.35 (course pb)2nd - 69.42%
Mark Wyatt19.333rd - 65.98%
Richard Potter21.176th - 60.69%
Colin Purvis23.08 (1st WF run)12th - 58.14%
39 finishers. Thomas wins this week before his run in the afternoon at Orion.
Patrick comes 2nd with a course pb. Colin Purvis tries out Wanstead Flats to
have a change from Valentine's. East London Runners should pass the 200
run mark next week having reached 39 runners and 196 runs this week.

parkrun # 14 - Gunpowder Park 5km - Saturday 21st January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Matt Dean22.39 (course pb)7th - 57.25%
George Georgiou23.2410th - 59.19%
38 finishers.

parkrun # 84 - Hackney Marshes 5km - Saturday 21st January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jayne Browne26.42 (1st time)33rd - 61.30%
42 finishers. Jayne does a "Derek" this week and tries another parkrun.

parkrun # 78 - Crystal Palace 5km - Saturday 21st January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Helen Speedy22.09 (course pb)17th - 66.82%
78 finishers. Helen gives Crystal Palace run another go this week with a course
pb on her 3rd try at this event, but also faster than Riddlesdown & Roundshaw
Park's times as well.

parkrun # 88 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 19th January 2012

48 finishers.

TSF West Ham Park 5km Winter Series - Run No 9 - Sunday 15th January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Wilson18.474th 10pts/40pts
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea19.47 pb5th 9pts/77pts
Dan Spinks19.556th 8pts/36pts
49 finishers . Mohammed breaks 20 minutes. PB by 15 seconds.

Sunday Cross Country League - Race 4 - Tewin - Sunday 15th January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes35.039th
Derek Wright41.5397th
Michael Wilson49.31210th
Terry (Sarbjit) Singh63.53299th
After another frosty start to the day, almost perfect weather conditions
prevailed for this fourth race of the Sunday League - the sun was shining and
the ground was firm. The course was the same version as last year, consisting
of 5.7 miles over two laps, the first lap ending with a flat run across a field
and the second lap finishing with an 800m gallop down a country lane. The
term "Heartbreak Hill" has its origins here at Tewin - both times round it was
bearable this year as there was little mud. The merit of this course is that
once "HH" is out of the way, there is a decent downhill section for about a
mile to recover and get some speed going. There were four kissing gates per lap
which brought all but the fastest runners to a halt. On the first lap, the
first gate saw many of us lose 30 seconds as runners queued up to pass through
one by one or hurdled the adjacent fence like a pack of hounds (despite
warnings by the marshall that it was only a race). Though the ground was mainly
firm underfoot, trail shoes were called for on the sticky bits next to fields.

Thomas blasted ahead once again, finishing in an amazing 9th place. He was a
minute per mile faster than Derek who this year was ready with his trail shoes.
Mick put in a brave performance despite having a cold, and Terry scored again
for ELR. Doug meanwhile wasn't feeling well but was good enough to drive up and
spectated. Tea, coffee and cakes were served in the hall afterwards and we
then drove home.

parkrun # 48 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 14th January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Colin Purvis22.01 (course pb)13th - 61.09%
72 finishers.

parkrun # 13 - Gunpowder Park 5km - Saturday 14th January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Matt Dean22.48 (course pb)7th - 56.87%
36 finishers

parkrun # 31 - Riddlesdown Park 5km - Saturday 14th January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Darren Speedy21.16 (course pb)10th - 63.71%
Helen Speedy22.39 (course pb)14th - 65.34%
72 finishers. Darren & Helen both training for London and Berlin this year both
done course pb's this week. Darren's 4th run at Riddlesdown and Helen's 2nd
following her debut last week showed ther'e going to be a lot of rivalry in
that household this year.

parkrun # 35 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 14th January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes18.122nd - 71.25%
Patrick Brown18.453rd - 68.80%
James Wilson19.525th - 66.36%
Daniel Gallacher19.596th - 64.55%
Dan Spinks20.187th - 65.76%
Derek Wright20.409th - 66.53%
Richard Potter21.11 (course pb)10th - 60.98%
David daSilva Pereira21.15 (1st WF parkrun)11th - 60.86%
Rachel Coombs24.5627th - 60.36%
Jayne Browne27.2234th - 59.81%
David Wyatt27.4736th - 56.27%
45 finishers. It was an icy morning which made the ground very firm but the sun
came out. In a run won by Tommy Bower in 18.02, East London Runners had its
biggest turnout so far of 11 runners including 8 in the first 11. Thomas
finished 10 seconds behind Tommy with Patric

Tessa Sanderson Foundation West Ham Park - Winter Series Run No 8 - Sunday 8th January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
James Wilson19.263rd 10pts/30pts
Dan Spinks19.364th 9pts/28pts
Mohammed Aklaqul-Ambea20.055th 8pts/68pts
Mohammed still holds 1st place in the Men 31-40 results with James and Dan in
4th & 5th respectively.

Mornington Chaser 10km Winter Series. - Sunday 8th January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier42.0776th
440 finishers.

Essex Cross Country Championships - Gloucester Park, Basildon - Saturday 7th January 2012

Pictures available in Photo Gallery
NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes46:3057th
James Wilson50:1396th
Mark Boulton50:29101st
Derek Wright52:59121st
Paul Thompson56:05135th
171 finishers. Winner 36:57.

With three of us having run at the mudfest at Hadleigh Downs the year before,
it was with a sense of foreboding that we drove to this event in Basildon. It
was also rather chilly as we lined up at the start amidst jokes about us
staying together as a team. The race organiser announced that for the inter-
counties championships he'd be selecting the top five finishers (which didn't
turn out to be us).

This year, there was little mud to worry about and the ground was mainly firm
underfoot. The three-lap course was billed as 7.5 miles, but the readings of
two of our runners indicated that it was a little under seven. There were five
decent hills per lap, the last four being in sets of two, and the fifth being
the steepest. Inevitably, there were also lots of downhill and long flat
bits to recover on, especially at the end of the lap where we could watch other
runners for half a mile ahead of us in a strong headwind.

Thomas was first home for ELR once again, having also come first (in 19:20) in
the Wanstead Flats parkrun five hours earlier. James and Mark ran close
together, and Derek tracked Simon Morgan (52:30 in 117th
place) for most of the race. Paul ran a good race, no doubt toughened up by the
Ilford 10 miler the previous Saturday. Chairman Frank was on marshalling
duties, plus taking photos and supplying us with water. Though our race started
at 2pm, Frank had been out in the field since 11am to marshall all the other

Thomas,Derek,Paul, James and Mark after the race.

parkrun # 34 - Wanstead Flats 5km - Saturday 7th January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Thomas Grimes19.201st - 67.07%
Mark Wyatt19.383rd - 65.70%
Dan Spinks21.215th - 62.53%
Richard Potter21.436th - 59.48%
Rachel Coombs25.4218th - 58.37%
Caroline Meaby27.05 (1st parkrun)22nd - 55.88%
Sarah Burns27.2423rd - 54.56%
Jayne Browne27.4428th - 59.01%
45 finishers.

A slight course change was needed as the winds during the week brought a tree
down behind the garages. A win for Thomas with Mark not far behind. A rare
welcome back to Rachel after 17 weeks and a debut from Caroline as she starts
her marathon training. Carlton was a volunteer. Note :- Bushy Park
parkrun had 1,000 finishers this week.

parkrun # 30 - Riddlesdown Park 5km - Saturday 7th January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Darren Speedy22.2310th - 60.54%
Helen Speedy23.5416th - 61.92%
60 finishers. Helen's 1st run on this course.

parkrun # 12 - Gunpowder Park 5km - Saturday 7th January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
George Georgiou22.579th - 60.35%
Matt Dean23.1410th - 55.81%
45 finishers. Course pb's for George & Matt, both on there second outing's on
this run.

parkrun # 47 - Valentines Park 5km - Saturday 7th January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Colin Purvis22.3614th - 59.51%
72 finishers.

West Ham Park Winter Series - Race 10 - Sunday 6th January 2012

Sunday Runs 2012 -

Pictures available in Photo Gallery

Serpentine New Year's Day 10k - Sunday 1st January 2012

NameTimePositionGender Position
Jamie Xavier42:3778th - 64.8%
Thomas Whitney54.38271st
463 finishers.

Jamie commented that his Garmin time was faster at 41:51.